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Des baladeurs MP3 en classe d'allemand - L'effet de l'autorégulation matérielle de l'écoute sur la compréhension auditive en langue seconde MP3-player in the German classroom: Effect of self-controlled listening on auditory comprehension in second language
Stéphanie Roussel,Angelika Rieussec,Jean-Luc Nespoulous,André Tricot
ALSIC : Apprentissage des Langues et Systèmes d'Information et de Communication , 2008, DOI: 10.4000/alsic.413
Abstract: Nous rendons compte de plusieurs expérimentations au cours desquelles des élèves fran ais de secondes LV1 allemand ont écouté plusieurs documents sonores en allemand au format MP3 sur ordinateur. Pendant leur écoute, leur écran a été filmé. Les mouvements de la souris et donc précisément les codes temporels (time codes) des pauses, des retours en arrière et des avances rapides effectués pendant l'écoute ont ainsi été enregistrés, puis analysés. Cette méthode nous a permis de rendre compte des stratégies cognitives d'écoute autorégulée. Les données sont analysées d'un point de vue linguistique et psycholinguistique. Nous avons pu dégager quatre grands types d'écoute. Il en ressort que les auditeurs plus compétents ont une approche plus globale de la tache d'écoute et que les moins compétents s'arrêtent plus souvent et ont plus de difficultés à comprendre le message. Notre étude montre que la possibilité d'exercer un contr le sur l'input sonore améliore en règle générale la performance en compréhension. Cette performance dépend elle-même de la stratégie d'écoute utilisée et du niveau initial des auditeurs. Several experiments have been carried out in which L2 learners (L1: French) listened to a MP3-track in German on a computer while a video of the screen recorded "on-line" the movements of the mouse and its time-course. Such a new method enabled accurate analysis of the subjects'self-controlled cognitive strategies in information input/intake. Data were then analysed, from both a linguistic and psycholinguistic point of view, yielding a typology of learning strategies: we recognize four listening types. More skilled learners deal with the listening task globally; less skilled learners do indeed stop more often and have difficulties in grasping the meaning of the message. On the whole, our study nevertheless shows that self-control over information input/intake does improve the learners' information processing, although through different strategies depending upon their initial expertise level.
Crystal Structure and Self-Interaction of the Type VI Secretion Tail-Tube Protein from Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli
Badreddine Douzi, Silvia Spinelli, Stéphanie Blangy, Alain Roussel, Eric Durand, Yannick R. Brunet, Eric Cascales, Christian Cambillau
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086918
Abstract: The type VI secretion system (T6SS) is a widespread machine used by bacteria to control their environment and kill or disable bacterial species or eukaryotes through toxin injection. The T6SS comprises a central tube formed of stacked hexamers of hemolysin co-regulated proteins (Hcp) and terminated by a trimeric valine-glycine repeat protein G (VgrG) component, the cell puncturing device. A contractile tail sheath, formed by the TssB and TssC proteins, surrounds this tube. This syringe-like machine has been compared to an inverted phage, as both Hcp and VgrG share structural homology with tail components of Caudovirales. Here we solved the crystal structure of a tryptophan-substituted double mutant of Hcp1 from enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and compared it to the structures of other Hcps. Interestingly, we observed that the purified Hcp native protein is unable to form tubes in vitro. To better understand the rationale for observation, we measured the affinity of Hcp1 hexamers with themselves by surface plasmon resonance. The intra-hexamer interaction is weak, with a KD value of 7.2 μM. However, by engineering double cysteine mutants at defined positions, tubes of Hcp1 gathering up to 15 stacked hexamers formed in oxidative conditions. These results, together with those available in the literature regarding TssB and TssC, suggest that assembly of the T6SS tube differs significantly from that of Sipho- or Myoviridae.
The CF-CIRC study: a French collaborative study to assess the accuracy of Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis in neonatal screening
Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus, Delphine Roussel, Stéphanie Bui, Eric Deneuville, Frédéric Huet, Philippe Reix, Gabriel Bellon, Gérard Lenoir, Aleksander Edelman
BMC Pediatrics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2431-6-25
Abstract: We adapted the standard NPD protocol for young children, designed a special catheter for them, used a slower perfusion rate, and shortened the protocol to include only measurement of basal PD, transepithelial sodium (Na+) transport in response to the Na+ channel inhibitor amiloride, and CFTR-mediated chloride (Cl-) secretion in response to isoproterenol, a β-agonist in a Cl- free solution.The study will include 20 children with CF and 20 healthy control children. CF children will be included only if they carry 2 CF-causing mutations in the CFTR gene or have sweat chloride concentrations > 60 mEq/L or both. The healthy children will be recruited among the siblings of the CF patients, after verification that they do not carry the familial mutation.A preliminary study of 3 adult control subjects and 4 children older than 12 years with CF verified that the new protocol was well tolerated and produced NPD measurements that did not differ significantly from those obtained with the standard protocol. This preliminary study will provide a basis for interpreting NPD measurements in patients with suspected CF after neonatal screening. Earlier definitive diagnosis should alleviate parental distress and allow earlier therapeutic intervention and genetic counseling.Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most frequent life-limiting autosomal recessive disorder in the white [1]. It is caused by mutations in 2 alleles of the gene encoding for the CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) protein, which acts mainly as a cyclic AMP (cAMP)-activated chloride channel [2]. Classic CF is a multisystem disease characterized by elevated chloride concentrations in sweat, fat maldigestion due to pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, and chronic bacterial infection in the airways, which leads to terminal respiratory failure [3]. Newborn screening programs for CF (CFNBS) began in France 4 years ago because evidence shows that early diagnosis of this disease can prevent malnutrition and help to minimize
Emotion Regulation, Personality and Social Adjustment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders  [PDF]
Nathalie Nader-Grosbois, Stéphanie Mazzone
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.515182
Abstract: The study examines how emotion regulation and emotion dysregulation in 3 - 12 years old children with autism spectrum disorders (n = 39) are linked with the five factors of personality and their social adjustment. Children were assessed by means of the Differential Scales of Intellectual Efficiency-Revised edition (EDEI-R). The teachers have completed the CARS-T, the Bipolar Rating Scales based on the Five Factor Model (EBMCF) and the French version of Emotion Regulation Checklist (ERC-vf) and a Social Adjustment scale (including items related to Theory of Mind, EASE-ToM, and related to social rules, EASE-Social-Skills). Positive and significant correlations are obtained between emotion regulation scores and verbal developmental age, personality factors of openness, agreeableness, and extraversion. The emotion dysregulation score is negatively and significantly linked with the factor of emotional stability, but positively and significantly linked with extraversion. Moreover, emotion regulation scores are positively and significantly linked with scores in social adjustment. Linear regression by stepwise shows that both extraversion and agreeableness explain 66.5% of the variance of the emotion regulation score; and extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability explain 68.3% of the variance of the emotion dysregulation score. The openness explains 55.9% of the variance of the EASE-ToM score. Both agreeableness and extraversion explain 61.6% of the variance of the EASE-Social Skills score.
Theoretical and Methodological Contributions of a Multi-Situated Approach and the Analysis of Migration Routes: The Example of Migration between Morocco and Canada
Garneau, Stéphanie;
Frontera norte , 2010,
Abstract: based on a series of research results on moroccan migration to canada, this paper seeks to prove how focusing on the migration routes of a specific national group of migrants and using a multi-situated methodological approach will not lead to the "ethnisizing", culturalizing or nationalizing of the experienced realities, but rather to the placing of actions within their political, cultural, social and economic structuring contexts. by resorting to an inductive approach, this perspective allows us to identify frontiers (in a symbolic sense) other than cultural or national belonging, reminding us of the internal heterogeneity of the studied national group, allowing us to apprehend other decisive factors in the migration route, and favoring our understanding of the plurality of the space practices and integration strategies developed by social actors when facing the concrete opportunities and limitations found during the whole migration process.
Transnacionalización de la subsistencia familiar: El caso de los refugiados colombianos en Quebec
Arsenault, Stéphanie;
Migraciones internacionales , 2009,
Abstract: the movement of money between the province of quebec and colombia is managed primarily by relatives, usually for the purpose of daily family subsistence. the monetary flows between these places occur within heart of the families, their frequency is highly variable, and the amounts involved are modest. statements gathered from people who send money to relatives in colombia reveal that for most, the frequency and the amount sent diminish once the person has settled in quebec when compared to the situation prior to exile. for many, their role as the family's economic provider has declined considerably, and for some, it has entirely ceased. generally, we can assert that people do not make major changes in their intention to help their families economically once they have left colombia. instead, the changes arise from their specific ability to do so, which declines or disappears altogether.
Las políticas de salud reproductiva en el Perú: reformas sociales y derechos ciudadanos
Rousseau, Stéphanie;
Revista Estudos Feministas , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-026X2007000200003
Abstract: the article analyzes the case of reproductive health policy-making in peru in the context of recent social policy reforms. health-sector reforms have only partially redressed peruvian women's unequal access to family planning, reproductive rights and maternal care. the main sources of inequalities are related to the segmented character of the health-care system, with the highest burden placed on the public sector. the majority of women from popular classes, who are not protected by an insurance plan, are dependent upon what and how public services are provided. simultaneously, the continuing role of conservative sectors in public debates about reproductive health policy has a strong impact on public family planning services and other reproductive rights.
Caracterización de un acuífero kárstico por sísmica de reflexión de alta resolución
Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad Central de Venezuela , 2006,
Abstract: the present study was carried out in the pyrenean foothills (southwest of france) and shows a good application of high resolution seismic reflection to the knowledge of the first hundred meters of the subsurface. we have clearly characterized a karstic aquifer localized in the old glacial valley of ossau. all measurements were registered with a 24 channels seismograph, a sledgehammer stroked on a metallic plate or a shotgun and 24 vertical geophones. the processing of the seismic reflection data follows a traditional sequence: the signals were initially processed with frequency filters, fk filters and deconvolution; finally, a depth seismic migrated section was created. the subsurface coverage of the acquisition scheme and the complete processing sequence allowed us to produce seismic sections of high quality which show reflexions down to 200m depth. the geometric and geological context where the oasis springs emerge is now clearly defined. the springs are encountered in this part of the ossau valley because of the near outcrop of the upper aptien limestones. additionally, the lock of the glacial formed by the north pyrenean fault, represents an insuperable border that allow the oasis springs to emerge.
L’étranger d’ici venu d’ailleurs et ses langues face à la politique d’accueil des étrangers en France : l’exemple du Contrat d’Accueil et d’Intégration
Stéphanie Galligani
Synergies France , 2005,
Mobilités étudiantes et socialisations professionnelles en France et au Québec
Stéphanie Garneau
SociologieS , 2006,
Abstract: Cet article décrit le processus de construction d’une comparaison menée selon l’approche sociétale en recourant à une recherche ayant porté sur la mobilité internationale d’étudiants fran ais et québécois. Après avoir présenté les traits que prend le phénomène dans les deux contextes sociétaux, ce qui permet de mieux situer les choix théoriques et méthodologiques qui se sont imposés au fur et à mesure que l’enquête progressait, les résultats exposés ont pour vocation d’illustrer les modalités de construction d’une typologie en tant qu’instrument d’analyse comparative. On voit alors en quoi la démarche typologique permet d’identifier les paramètres qui interviennent dans la construction des pratiques de mobilité et des socialisations professionnelles dans deux sociétés. Student Exchange Programs and Career Strategies in France and Quebec. Construction of a Typology as a Tool for International ComparisonThis article describes the process of elaboration of a comparative study which follows the social approach, focusing on the international mobility of French and Quebecois exchange students. After presenting the different characteristics of this phenomenon within the two social contexts, which allows us to better situate the theoretical and methodological choices of this study, the results illustrate the different conditions and terms for the construction of a typology as an instrument of comparative analysis. This typological approach enables us to identify the parameters which come into play in the construction of practices of mobility and for selecting and obtaining a job in the two societies. La movilidad del mundo estudiantil y las socializaciones profesionales en Francia y en Canadá. La construcción de una tipología como instrumento de comparación internacionalEl artículo narra el proceso de elaboración de un estudio comparativo desarrollado a partir de la aproximación relativa a lo social, focalizado sobre la movilidad internacional de los estudiantes franceses y los canadienses de Québec. Después de haber presentado los diferentes aspectos del fenómeno en los dos contextos geográficos que permiten situar con precisión los elementos teóricos y metodológicos impuestos por el estudio, los resultados expuestos tienen como objetivo la ilustración de las modalidades de construcción de una tipología en tanto que instrumento de análisis comparativo. La aproximación tipológica hace posible la identificación de los parámetros que intervienen en la construcción de la movilidad y de la socialización en los dos países.
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