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Evaluation of the Upper Paraná River discharge controlled by reservoirs
Souza Filho, EE.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842009000300024
Abstract: the building of large dams in the upper paraná river basin altered the discharge regime at the porto s?o josé river section. the discharge regime has been altered since 1972, but the changes intensified after the porto primavera damming, in late 1998. considering that discharge control affects the relationship between channel and floodplain, this work aimed to evaluate the intensity of the discharge control that resulted from the operation of the porto primavera dam. to achieve this objective, statistical analyses were carried out based on the porto s?o josé fluviometric station historical series of river level readings and discharge, between 1964 and 2007. results showed that the average discharge increased from 1964 to 1981 and diminished after river damming. the increase of average discharge rates was followed by an increase of the duration of higher discharges at different levels of geomorphologic and limnological importance, and the reduction of average discharge during the last observed period was followed by a disproportionate decrease in the duration of the abovementioned discharges. moreover, it is clear that the relationship between fluviometric level and fluvial discharge changed, which implies that a certain river level reading represents a higher discharge than necessary before river damming.
Representa??es sociais de ambientes sociais complexos através de desenhos e textos
Souza Filho, Edson de;
Revista Gaúcha de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-14472009000400019
Abstract: the objective of this work was to observe representations of complex social environments through drawings and texts. we adopted moscovici's theory, which supposes that the social representations phenomenon is a modern and democratic societies' manifestation. to overcame existing constraints/unequalities, we adopted drawings as a means of expression. we asked secondary students, self-defined as african-brazilians, mixeds and whites, to drawn the classroom. the material was analysed according to manifest themes. there was statistical diferentiation on objects, spatial perspectives, teacher, colleagues and student. among high academic performer african-brazilians we noticed more references to colleagues and conflict/negotiation with teachers.
Pobreza e riqueza segundo o grupo sociocultural: um estudo de representa es sociais
Souza Filho, Edson de
Psico , 2009,
Abstract: Observamos representa es sociais da pobreza e riqueza enquanto fen menos marcados por história e cultura de grupos, incluindo classe social e etnia. Foram 90 participantes sendo que 43 se autodenominaram Brancos (B), 47 Negros (N). Foi aplicado um questionário em escolas públicas de ensino médio sobre ser pobre/rico; como explica a pobreza/riqueza; como acabar com a pobreza. Houve diferencia o entre B e N quanto a ser pobre/rico. Sobre ser pobre/rico, os B manifestaram mais temas sobre condi o financeira/dinheiro e sustento (moradia, alimento), enquanto os N indivíduo psicológico, constrangimento civil e apropria o/vantagem. Sobre as explica es da pobreza, os B consideraram mais a dimens o financeira/dinheiro e dramatiza o/emocionalismo e, os N, ressaltaram governo/administra o pública. Para acabar com a pobreza, os N apontaram a o de governo/distribui o de renda e solidariedade/organiza o social na sociedade. Já para explicar a riqueza, os B mencionaram conquista individual, pecado, geran a, enquanto os N apropria o/vantagem, falcatrua/mentira.
Considera es sobre a História Política e suas intersec es ao longo do tempo
Argemiro Ribeiro Souza Filho
Ciência & Desenvolvimento , 2010,
Abstract: O objetivo deste artigo é discutir o processo de ascens o, descenso e rejuvenescimento da História Política enquanto campo temático historiográfico, considerando inclusive o quadro histórico no qual esteve inserida desde a Antiguidade. Nesse sentido, procurará compreender como a História Política se manteve imbricada com as formula es conceituais de política, Estado e liberdade, sem perder de vista o grau de coes o e discordancias no seu uso conceitual ao longo do Novecentos.
Investing on the CAPM Pricing Error  [PDF]
José Carlos de Souza Santos, Elias Cavalcante Filho
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2017.81006
Abstract: We tested an investment strategy based on the pricing error of the CAPM model. Starting with the Markowitz (1952) [1] methodology, we replaced the standard expected returns vector with the expected errors vector from the CAPM model, assuming that such errors are nonzero and persist over time. When evaluated over the entire examined period, all of the resulting portfolios outperformed the market portfolio. Except for some shorter periods, our hypothesis was fully confirmed. That is, the performance of our alpha portfolios was significantly better than the market portfolio. In other words, the pricing error of the CAPM model seems to be nonzero and to have an inertial component.
Auto-avalia??o psicossocial de professores
Souza Filho, Edson A. de;
Ensaio: Avalia??o e Políticas Públicas em Educa??o , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-40362005000400007
Abstract: this research aims at verifying the connection between the use of psychosocial criteria for the teacher's profession choice and ways to practise it. we adopted the theory of social representations, which supposes that individuals/social groups construct social knowledges/practices to reach their specifical goals, such as identitary, ideological, explanatory, among others. teachers of basic private schools (fp) (n=35), basic public schools (fpu) (n=42), and public universities (upu) (n=13) took part in the research, all of them from the city of rio de janeiro. we elaborated a questionnaire with questions about why they joined the profession, features of a good/bad teacher, descriptions of how it is their professional practise, among others. we noticed that teachers of basic private schools, whom criterion of professional choice was more centred on the teacher as an individual (option/vocation), tended to represent the ideal aspects (good/bad teacher) of professional practise, focusing on the individual student and on interpersonal relations with him/her. however, the same teachers did not maintain the same content (individual student) when describing how they do actually act. on the contrary, the university teachers that choosed their profession because of the activity of teaching, stressed more the teacher's duties/involvement and competence/actualization in terms of actual and ideal actions. finally, the basic public school's teachers, that presented a mixed profile of professional choice (option/vocation and social influence), gave an account of their action with predominance of socio-environmental aspects (context/mobilization and lack of external stimulus). in this sense, in the face of the professional/existencial dilemmas and difficulties they meet, basic private and public school teachers tended to seek a psychosocial self-evaluation as a form of ethical and professional improuvement.
Dimorphic cypsela germination and plant growth in Synedrella nodiflora (L.) Gaertn. (Asteraceae)
Souza Filho, PRM;Takaki, M;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842011000300027
Abstract: synedrella nodiflora is a weed species that has dimorphic cypselas: winged peripheral and lanceolate shaped central. the aim of this work is to describe the reproductive capability by measuring dimorphic cypselas morphology, imbibition rates and germinative patterns under temperature, light quality and water availability gradients, and compare the plant growth between two light treatments. the central cypselas were lighter, longer and its pappi were more elongated than the peripheral ones, favoring its dispersion. neither type had deep dormancy and both of them germinated with the same pattern under the optimum conditions. both cypselas showed higher germinability in temperatures between 25 and 30 °c, under white light and high water availability, although there are some differences between the types, mainly at dark treatments. plants grown in direct sunlight accumulated more biomass, allowing for higher plant development and inflorescence production, although shaded light plants capitulum had a higher central: peripheral ratio than the direct sunlight treatment. s. nodiflora cypselas germinate better in unfiltered light places, although the plants are adapted to shady conditions. the species showed high germination potential over a wide range of environmental conditions, as well as fast plant development. all of these features favor distribution in environmental sites.
Costa de manguezais de macromaré da Amaz?nia: cenários morfológicos, mapeamento e quantifica??o de áreas usando dados de sensores remotos
Souza Filho, Pedro Walfir Martins;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2005000400006
Abstract: according to the world mangrove atlas, this ecosystem represents 8% of the world's coastline and one quarter of the tropical coastal zone shoreline, embracing 181,077 km2. the aim of this work is to map and to quantify the extension of macrotidal mangroves along the northeastern pará and northwestern maranh?o coasts, here named as amazon macrotidal mangrove coast (ammc). the identification of mangrove areas and their quantification were carried out using landsat-7 etm+ images acquired in 1999 and 2000 and a geographic information system (gis). the integration of remote sensing data, geological and oceanographic data allowed the recognition of five geomorphologic sectors, representing a total mangroves area of 7.591 km2. this area represents the largest continuous mangrove belt in the world and constitutes 56,6% of mangroves in brazil. prioritary measures for amazon mangrove conservation must be taken and research to enhance understanding of this complex and important ecosystem must be supported and developed.
Resenha: Reis, Heloisa Helena Baldy dos. Futebol e Violência. Campinas: Autores Associados, 2006. 126p.
Manuel Alves de Souza Filho
Pensar a Prática , 2007, DOI: 19806183/rpp.v10i1.435
Poder simbólico no reajuste tarifário do transporte metropolitano de passageiros de Porto Alegre na crise de 2004 Symbolic power in Porto Alegre metropolitan transit system fares readjustment process during 2004 crisis
Duarte de Souza Rosa Filho
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122011000300005
Abstract: Em julho de 2004 ocorreu uma crise no transporte coletivo metropolitano de passageiros da Regi o Metropolitana de Porto Alegre (RMPA), quando foram queimados nibus em protestos contra o aumento das tarifas. O presente trabalho visa analisar o exercício do poder simbólico nos discursos pronunciados na elabora o dos estudos do reajuste das tarifas, ou seja, poder da linguagem, como "o poder de constituir o dado pela enuncia o, de fazer ver e fazer crer, de confirmar ou de transformar a vis o do mundo" (Bourdieu, 2004a:14-15). A fim de potencializar a análise do poder simbólico, foram utilizados os conceitos da análise crítica do discurso (ACD). De acordo com a defini o de Fairclough (2001:90), discurso é "o uso de linguagem como forma de prática social". Para Fairclough e colaboradores (2000), baseados nas afirma es de Lemke (1995), a linguagem matemática também é usada para atender a objetivos ideológicos. O trabalho conclui que os discursos pronunciados utilizam a condensa o temática para incluir apenas aqueles atores sociais que disp em de recursos de poder, oriundos do acervo de conhecimentos sobre o processo de produ o dos servi os de transportes e do cálculo dos seus custos operacionais, que utilizam formaliza o matemática. In July 2004 a crisis arose in public transit system in the Porto Alegre Metropolitan Region (RMPA), buses were burned in protests against rising fares. This paper aims to analyze the exercise of symbolic power in the discourses of the studies of fares readjustment, i.e. the use of the power of language as "the power to constitute data through enunciation, to make see and make believe, to confirm or to transform the vision of the world" (BOURDIEU, 2004a:14-15). In order to strength the symbolic power analysis, concepts of critical discourse analysis (CDA) were used. According to the definition of Fairclough (2001:90), speech is "the use of language as a form of social practice". For Fairclough et al. (2000), the mathematical language is also used to serve ideological goals, based on claims of Lemke (1995). The paper concludes that the discourses used the thematic condensation to include only those social actors who have enough power resources from the knowledge about transit services production and about operating costs calculations, which uses mathematical formalization.
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