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Efficiency of Different Pollination Treatments on Solanaceae Yields Grown in Plastic House
Soud Yousef Ahmad Al-abbadi
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: The experiments were conducted to study the performance of Bombus terrestris L. and Apis mellifera L. different nuclei as pollinators on quality and quantity of the egg plant, sweet and chili pepper crops grown in plastic house compared with control. Bees showed no problem in visiting flowers at a temperature range between 16 and 36°C during daytime. Two honeybee nuclei pollinated plants produced significantly higher yield than the other treatments. Each section demarcated 15 plants labeled inflorescence; fruit set percentages for eggplant were 66, 59, 52 and 30%, for sweet pepper were 82, 69, 55 and 49% and for chili pepper were 83, 75, 61 and 35%, for the two honeybees nuclei, one honeybees nuclei, bumblebees and control treatments, respectively. The average weight and length of individual fruits collected randomly from the demarcated plant were higher for two honeybee’s nuclei, one honeybee’s nuclei, bumblebees and control treatments, respectively. Moreover, fruits average number related to the weight showed significant differences among the four treatments, lower fruits number and high weight for two honeybees’ nuclei and vice versa for control treatment. In conclusion, treatment of Solanaceous plants with honeybee’s nuclei increased fruits quality, quantity and exhibited better appearance.
The Major Insect Pests of Economic Importance on Vegetable Crops and Their Biology in Al-Qasir District-Karak-Jordan
Soud yousef Al-Abbadi
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: The major insect pests of economic importance on vegetable crops and their biology were investigated during three successive seasons (1997-1999). Twelve species belonging to eight different families and four different orders Hemiptera, Homoptera, Thysanoptera and Lepidoptera were recorded on different host plants. Homopterous and Lepidopterous species are the most abundant, representing 42 and 33% , respectively, followed by Hemipterous (17%) and Thysanoptera (8%) orders. Results showed the importance of many species of insects as pests of vegetable crops in the area. Most of them are known only to cause economic damage in the Mediterranean basin.
Body Mass Index and Breast Cancer Risk: A Retrospective Multi-Institutional Analysis in Saudi Arabia  [PDF]
Volker Rudat, Nuha Birido, Saleh Tuwaijri, Mousa A. Al-Abbadi
Advances in Breast Cancer Research (ABCR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abcr.2013.21002
Abstract: Background: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the association between the body mass index (BMI) of breast cancer patients and non-cancer females of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Methods: The weight, height and age was obtained from the patient records of 706 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and of 20,872 non-cancer female patients who consulted the two largest hospitals in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia between 2006 and 2012. Factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to assess the association between the BMI, age and breast cancer status. Results: The mean BMI of the non-cancer females was 29.4 and the percentage of obese patients of the different age groups ranged from 23.9% to 66.5%. The BMI increased significantly with age. The ANOVA revealed that breast cancer patients older than 50 years had a significantly lower BMI compared to their non-cancer counterparts (p = 0.01). Conclusion: Our data confirm the high BMI of the Saudi Arabian female population. The reason for our finding of a lower BMI of postmenopausal breast cancer patients compared to their non-cancer counterparts is unclear. Future studies are warranted to assess the impact of possible confounding factors on the association between obesity and breast cancer risk. An interesting factor to investigate in future studies would particularly be the use of the anti-diabetic and cancer-protective drug metformin considering that diabetes mellitus is endemic in Saudi Arabia with a prevalence of 30%.
On Subclass of Analytic Univalent Functions Associated with Negative Coefficients
Ma'moun Harayzeh Al-Abbadi,Maslina Darus
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/343580
Abstract: M. H. Al-Abbadi and M. Darus (2009) recently introduced a new generalized derivative operator , which generalized many well-known operators studied earlier by many different authors. In this present paper, we shall investigate a new subclass of analytic functions in the open unit disk which is defined by new generalized derivative operator. Some results on coefficient inequalities, growth and distortion theorems, closure theorems, and extreme points of analytic functions belonging to the subclass are obtained. 1. Introduction and Definitions Let denote the class of functions of the form and , which are analytic in the open unit disc on the complex plane ; note that and . Suppose that denote the subclass of consisting of functions that are univalent in . Further, let and be the classes of consisting of functions, respectively, starlike of order and convex of order in , for . Let denote the subclass of consisting of functions of the form defined on the open unit disk . A function is called a function with negative coefficient and the class was introduced and studied by Silverman [1]. In [1] Silverman investigated the subclasses of denoted by and for . That are, respectively, starlike of order and convex of order . Now denotes the Pochhammer symbol (or the shifted factorial) defined by The authors in [2] have recently introduced a new generalized derivative operator as follows. Definition 1.1. For the generalized derivative operator is defined by where . (1)Special cases of this operator include the Ruscheweyh derivative operator in the cases [3], the Salagean derivative operator [4], the generalized Ruscheweyh derivative operator [5], the generalized Salagean derivative operator introduced by Al-Oboudi [6], and the generalized Al-Shaqsi and Darus derivative operator where can be found in [7]. It is easily seen that , and also where By making use of the generalized derivative operator the authors introduce a new subclass as follows. Definition 1.2. For , let be the subclass of consisting of functions satisfying where , and . Further, we define the class by for , and . Also note that various subclasses of and have been studied by many authors by suitable choices of , and . For example, starlike of order with negative coefficients. And class of convex function of order with negative coefficients. Also The classes and were studied by Chatterjea [8] (see also Srivastava et al. [9]), whereas the classes and were, respectively, studied by Altinta? [10] and Kamali and Akbulut [11]. When or , or in the class , we have the class introduced and studied by Ahuja
Differential Subordination Defined by New Generalised Derivative Operator for Analytic Functions
Ma'moun Harayzeh Al-Abbadi,Maslina Darus
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/369078
Abstract: A new generalised derivative operator ,1,2 is introduced. This operator generalised many well-known operators studied earlier by many authors. Using the technique of differential subordination, we will study some of the properties of differential subordination. In addition we investigate several interesting properties of the new generalised derivative operator.
Hankel determinant for certain class of analytic function defined by generalized derivative operator
Ma'moun Harayzeh Al-Abbadi,Maslina Darus
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.5556/j.tkjm.43.2012.445-453
Abstract: The authors in cite{mam1} have recently introduced a new generalised derivatives operator $ mu_{lambda _1 ,lambda _2 }^{n,m},$ which generalised many well-known operators studied earlier by many different authors. By making use of the generalised derivative operator $mu_{lambda _1 ,lambda _2 }^{n,m}$, the authors derive the class of function denoted by $ mathcal{H}_{lambda _1 ,lambda _2 }^{n,m}$, which contain normalised analytic univalent functions $f$ defined on the open unit disc $U=left{{z,inmathbb{C}:,left| z ight|,<,1} ight}$ and satisfy egin{equation*} {mathop{ m Re} olimits} left( {mu _{lambda _1 ,lambda _2 }^{n,m} f(z)} ight)^prime > 0,,,,,,,,,,(z in U). end{equation*} This paper focuses on attaining sharp upper bound for the functional $left| {a_2 a_4 - a_3^2 } ight|$ for functions $f(z)=z+ sumlimits_{k = 2}^infty {a_k ,z^k }$ belonging to the class $mathcal{H}_{lambda _1 ,lambda _2 }^{n,m}$.
Adequate reimbursement is crucial to support cost-effective rapid on-site cytopathology evaluations
Al-Abbadi Mousa,Bloom Leonard,Fatheree Lisa,Haack Lori
CytoJournal , 2010,
Studies on Physical and Chemical Analysis of Various Honey Samples and Their Antioxidant Activities
O.M. Atrooz,M.A. Al-Sabayleh,S.Y. Al-Abbadi
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Results of this study intended to determine the different properties of various honey samples collected from different regions in Jordan. These results proved that there were differences in some properties of honey samples and were found to meet the major national and international honey specifications. The thermal behavior of honey samples showed differences in the onset of degradation temperature (124-130°C) and in the degradation temperature (137-148°C). The levels of flavonoids were found to be in the range of 7.4-106 μg g-1, this difference depends on the origin where honey sample collected. Results of antioxidant activities were also evaluated by determining the 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging ability and they were found to be significant (21.5-21.8 mg g-1).
Mucinous cystic neoplasm of the pancreas with neuroendocrine cells and malignant stroma
Don E. Asberry,George A. Youngberg,Mousa A. Al-Abbadi
Saudi Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Mucinous cystic neoplasms (MCN) with malignant sarcomatous stroma are rare aggressive tumors and there are few recorded cases. We report a case of MCN that had adenocarcinoma in situ and invasive adenocarcinoma with foci of sarcomatous stroma in a 40-year-old woman. Clear transition from adenocarcinoma areas into sarcomatoid foci was noted. The stromal component showed immunoreactivity for CK7 and Cam 5.2 supporting epithelial origin of the sarcomatoid areas. Associated areas of cytologically benign MCN epithelium were present and were immunoreactive for positive staining with pan-cytokeratin (AE1/AE3), cytokeratin 7 (CK 7), cytokeratin 20 (CK 20), pan-cytokeratin (Cam 5.2), epithelial membrane antigen (EMA), muscle specific actin (MSA), and carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA). Interestingly, definite scattered pear-shaped neuroendocrine cells, as evidenced by strong immunoreactivity for chromogranin and synaptophysin, were identified in the cytologically benign MCN lining but not in the malignant epithelial component. We found that these tumor cells probably arise from a single precursor cell capable of divergent differentiation.
The Diffusion of Performance Evaluation Measures: An Empirical Study in Jordanian Banks
Munther Al-Nimer,Nimer Sleihat,Haitham Al Abbadi,Soud Almahamid
International Journal of Business and Management , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v7n14p76
Abstract: This research aims to provide a view of the present role of performance evaluation measures, to identify the extent of usage of performance evaluation measures, and finally to examine the contingent variables in order to find out their effect upon the extent of usage in the Jordanian banks. In order to achieve these objectives, the research used a questionnaire method; 80 (out of 140) valid questionnaires were returned, giving a (57.14%) response rate. Several statistical tests were used to analyze the data, namely, descriptive and bivariate correlation analysis (Kendall`s tau test). The results revealed that there is a lack of use of non-financial measures that are considered as contemporary management accounting practices. However, the financial measures were considered as the highest practice being utilised. In addition, the results confirmed the hypothesized relationships between contingency variables and the extent of usage, namely; age of the company; net sale growth, number of employees; sophistication of operations; professional certificates; and academic certificates. Finally, it can be concluded that the traditional Performance evaluation measures are still widely used.
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