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THE ROLE OF DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTES IN THE STATE REGULATION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCING Роль институтов развития в государственном регулировании сельскохозяйственного производства
Sorokina I. A.,Sorokina L. V.
Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University , 2013,
Abstract: The role of development institutes in the state regulation of agricultural producing and the problems of its realization are considered in the article
Development prospects and stability limits of the mid-IR Kerr-lens mode-locked lasers
V. L. Kalashnikov,E. Sorokin,I. T. Sorokina
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: The Kerr-lens mode locking ability and the ultrashort pulse characteristics are analyzed numerically for the Cr-doped ZnTe, ZnSe, ZnS active media. The advantages of these materials for the femtosecond lasing within 2 - 3 $\mu$m spectral range are demonstrated.
Spectral Characteristics of Ultrashort Pulses in Kerr-lens Mode-Locked Lasers
V. L. Kalashnikov,E. Sorokin,I. T. Sorokina
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: A number of factors that influence spectral position of the femtosecond pulse in a Kerr-lens modelocked Cr:LiSGaF laser have been identified: high-order dispersion, gain saturation, reabsorption from the ground state, and stimulated Raman scattering. Using the one-dimensional numerical model for the simulation of the laser cavity, the relative contributions of different factors have been compared. The Raman effect provides the largest self-frequency shift from the gain peak (up to 60 nm), followed by the gain saturation (25 nm), while the high-order dispersion contribution is insignificant (5 nm). Comparison with the experimental data confirm that the stimulated Raman scattering is a main cause of the ultrashort pulse self-frequency shift observed in Cr:LiSGaF and Cr:LiSAF lasers
Problems of interaction between clinical facilities and morphologic departments in cases when lymphoproliferative disorders are suspected
Sorokina I.V.
Морфолог?я , 2013,
Abstract: The most important points of pathomorphologic investigation must be taken care in cases when lymphoproliferative disorders are suspected discussed. Attention is paid to clinical research, appointment card filling, quantity of biopsy material and its histological processing. Diagnostic conditions of routine histology and immunophenotyping were determined. It was concluded, that final pathomorphologic diagnosis of lymphoma according to WHO Classification of tumours of haematopoietic and hymphoid tissues 2008 is feasible only due to close interactions between clinical facilities and morphologic departments which, as result, lead to appropriate treatment.
MIP/Aquaporin 0 Represents a Direct Transcriptional Target of PITX3 in the Developing Lens
Elena A. Sorokina, Sanaa Muheisen, Nevin Mlodik, Elena V. Semina
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0021122
Abstract: The PITX3 bicoid-type homeodomain transcription factor plays an important role in lens development in vertebrates. PITX3 deficiency results in a spectrum of phenotypes from isolated cataracts to microphthalmia in humans, and lens degeneration in mice and zebrafish. While identification of downstream targets of PITX3 is vital for understanding the mechanisms of normal ocular development and human disease, these targets remain largely unknown. To isolate genes that are directly regulated by PITX3, we performed a search for genomic sequences that contain evolutionarily conserved bicoid/PITX3 binding sites and are located in the proximity of known genes. Two bicoid sites that are conserved from zebrafish to human were identified within the human promoter of the major intrinsic protein of lens fiber, MIP/AQP0. MIP/AQP0 deficiency was previously shown to be associated with lens defects in humans and mice. We demonstrate by both chromatin immunoprecipitation and electrophoretic mobility shift assay that PITX3 binds to MIP/AQP0 promoter region in vivo and is able to interact with both bicoid sites in vitro. In addition, we show that wild-type PITX3 is able to activate the MIP/AQP0 promoter via interaction with the proximal bicoid site in cotransfection experiments and that the introduction of mutations disrupting binding to this site abolishes this activation. Furthermore, mutant forms of PITX3 fail to produce the same levels of transactivation as wild-type when cotransfected with the MIP/AQP0 reporter. Finally, knockdown of pitx3 in zebrafish affects formation of a DNA-protein complex associated with mip1 promoter sequences; and examination of expression in pitx3 morphant and control zebrafish revealed a delay in and reduction of mip1 expression in pitx3-deficient embryos. Therefore, our data suggest that PITX3 is involved in direct regulation of MIP/AQP0 expression and that the alteration of MIP/AQP0 expression is likely to contribute to the lens phenotype in cataract patients with PITX3 mutations.
Functional analysis of human mutations in homeodomain transcription factor PITX3
Satoru Sakazume, Elena Sorokina, Yoshiki Iwamoto, Elena V Semina
BMC Molecular Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2199-8-84
Abstract: We studied the PITX3 mutant proteins S13N and G219fs to determine the type and severity of functional defects. Our results demonstrate alterations in DNA-binding profiles and/or transactivation activities and suggest a partial loss-of-function in both mutants with the G219fs form being more severely affected. No anomalies in cellular distribution and no dominant-negative effects were discovered for these mutants. Interestingly, the impairment of the G219fs activity varied between different ocular cell lines.The G219fs mutation was found in multiple families affected with congenital cataracts along with anterior segment malformations in many members. Our data suggest that the presence/severity of anterior segment defects in families affected with G219fs may be determined by secondary factors that are expressed in the developing anterior segment structures and may modify the effect(s) of this mutation. The S13N mutant showed only minor alteration of transactivation ability and DNA binding pattern and may represent a rare polymorphism in the PITX3 gene. A possible contribution of this mutation to human disease needs to be further investigated.Cataracts remain a leading cause of blindness worldwide accounting for 42% of all blindness [1,2]. In one large study, about 30% of all congenital/infantile cataracts was attributed to genetic factors as identified by the presence of multiple affected family members or the association of other dysmorphology suggestive of a genetic syndrome [3]. The etiology of about 87% of unilateral and 50% of bilateral cataracts remains unknown [3], and is likely to have some genetic basis as well. In recent years, multiple genes underlying human congenital cataracts have been identified and opened the way to functional studies and a better understanding of lens development [4].PITX3 is a homeodomain transcription factor found to be responsible for human congenital cataract that can be associated with abnormal development of the anterior segment
Morphological features of adenohypophysis stillborn from HIV-infected mothers
Sherstiuk S.A.,Sorokina I.V.
Морфолог?я , 2012,
Abstract: Adenohypophysis stillborn from HIV-infected mothers had a high functional stress for long periods of fetal devel-opment, leading to inhibition of its functional state, as evidenced by the decrease in the diameter of cells, reducing their se-cretory granules, and increased nuclear-cytoplasmic index. In the antenatal period of development in the adenohypophysis of stillbirths from HIV-infected mothers apparently failed embryo genesis, which appeared violation of a population growth of acidophilic cells. Inhibition of functional activ ity of the entire population of cells of the adenohypophysis indicate a failure of compensatory possibilities of the body, which in future may be the cause of severe endocrinopathies.
Morphological features of a pancreas of children who have died aged till 6 months from a HIV-infected of mothers
Sorokina I.V.,Sherstiuk S.A.
Морфолог?я , 2011,
Abstract: In a pancreas of children who have died aged till 6 months from a HIV-infected of mothers thanks to morphological and morphometric to researches it is taped failure of compensatory possibilities of an organ shown by stroma growth, inhibition of functional activity of the exocrine apparatus, in a kind of reduction of diameter of an acinus, hypotrophy of exocrine cells and augmentations of a nuclei-cytoplasm index, and also population reduction в - cells against reduction of their functional activity.
Morphological features of thyroid gland of children who have died aged till 6 months from a HIV-infected of mothers
Sherstiuk S.A.,Sorokina I.V.
Морфолог?я , 2011,
Abstract: In a thyroid gland of children who have died aged till 6 months, from a HIV-infected of mothers thanks to morphological and morphometric researches it is taped reduction of internal diameter of follicles, heights follicular cells, and as increase the stromal and reduction colloid components, testifying about change secretion type, apparently, caused by influence antenatal and a postnatal hypoxia.
Poisson structures on manifolds with singularities
Maria Sorokina
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Configuration spaces of many real mechanical systems appear to be manifolds with singularity. A singularity often indicates that geometry of motion may change at the singular point of configuration space. We face conceptual problem describing even mechanics of ideal models since the configuration space is not a smooth manifold, thus, the fully developed means of Hamiltonian Mechanics cannot be applied. In this report we present a way of conquering the aforementioned conceptual problem by considering a certain algebra instead of the configuration space. In this approach configuration space is the real spectrum of the algebra. The structure of this algebra is completely determined by the geometry of the singularity. For a broad class of singularities the desired algebra can be described directly since it is the pullback of two already known algebras. Availability of the algebra enables to use Differential Operator Theory. The elementary examples of mechanical systems to which this algorithm is applicable are flat linkages. In the frames of the presented approach we build a Poisson structure on a manifold with a one-dimensional singularity. The same result can be obtained to some other kinds of singularities. For instance,at the end the we give some specific results for the case of configuration space consisting of two curves on the plane with arbitrary order of contact at the intersection point.
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