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Suprasellar cysts: clinical presentation, surgical indications, and optimal surgical treatment
Song-Bai Gui, Xin-Sheng Wang, Xu-Yi Zong, Ya-Zhuo Zhang, Chu-Zhong Li
BMC Neurology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2377-11-52
Abstract: We retrospectively reviewed the records of 73 consecutive patients with SSC who were treated between June 2002 and September 2009. Twenty-two patients were treated with VC and 51 with VCC. Outcome was assessed by clinical examination and magnetic resonance imaging.The patients were divided into five groups based on age at presentation: age less than 1 year (n = 6), 1-5 years (n = 36), 6-10 years (n = 15), 11-20 years (n = 11), and 21-53 years (n = 5). The main clinical presentations were macrocrania (100%), motor deficits (50%), and gaze disturbance (33.3%) in the age less than 1 year group; macrocrania (75%), motor deficits (63.9%), and gaze disturbance (27.8%) in the 1-5 years group; macrocrania (46.7%), symptoms of raised intracranial pressure (ICP) (40.0%), endocrine dysfunction (40%), and seizures (33.3%) in the 6-10 years group; symptoms of raised ICP (54.5%), endocrine dysfunction (54.5%), and reduced visual field or acuity (36.4%) in the 11-20 years group; and symptoms of raised ICP (80.0%) and reduced visual field or acuity (40.0%) in the 21-53 years group. The overall success rate of endoscopic fenestration was 90.4%. A Kaplan-Meier curve for long-term efficacy of the two treatment modalities showed better results for VCC than for VC (p = 0.008).Different age groups with SSCs have different main clinical presentations. VCC appears to be more efficacious than VC.Suprasellar cysts (SSCs) are benign developmental collections of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Their presence in utero and their high prevalence in children who have no history of trauma support the assumption that they are congenital [1-3]. Although their true histological nature is rarely known because their membranes are not often analyzed histologically, it is reasonable to think that the majority are arachnoid cysts. Suprasellar cysts constitute approximately 9% of all arachnoid cysts [4]. These cysts progressively enlarge from an abnormality in the membrane of Liliequist or in the interpeduncular
Comprehensive quantitative assessment models for ecological environment in arid area

SONG Song-Bai,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The quantitative assessment of local environmental conditions constitutes one of the most important issues for researchers in the area of sustainable development in arid areas. During the past two decades, a number of methods have been used to assess environmental quality. The methods include: comprehensive assessment methods, fuzzy assessment methods, gray system clustering, principle component analysis, factor analysis and projection pursuit algorithms. These models usually establish functions based on as...
Medicated serum prepared with Chinese herbal medicine Zhizhen Recipe down-regulates activity of nuclear factor-κB and expression of P-glycoprotein in human colorectal cancer multidrug-resistant cell line HCT-8/VCR
Song-bai Cai,Song-po Wang
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the effects of medicated serum prepared with Chinese herbal medicine Zhizhen Recipe (ZZR) on activity of nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) and expression and function of P-glycoprotein (P-gp) in human colorectal cancer multidrug-resistant cell line HCT-8/VCR.Methods: The multidrug resistance of HCT-8/VCR cells was detected by cell counting kit-8 method, and the experimental concentrations of ZZR-medicated serum were determined by the same way. HCT-8 and HCT-8/VCR cells were treated with ZZR-medicated serum of medium dose for 24 h. The activity of NF-κB was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The intracellular distribution of P-gp was detected by laser scanning confocal microscopy, and the mean fluorescence intensity of rhodamine 123 was detected by flow cytometry.Results: ZZR-medicated sera with volume fraction of 8%, 16% and 32% of medium dose were confirmed as the experimental sera. Compared with the untreated group, NF-κB activities of the ZZR-medicated serum groups (ZZR-medicated serum with volume fraction of 8%, 16% and 32% of medium dose) were obviously down-regulated (P<0.01), which had a negative correlation with the concentrations. After interfering HCT-8/VCR with ZZR-medicated serum of different concentrations for 24 h, P-gp in HCT-8/VCR transmitted gradually from cell membrane to cytoplasm and nuclei. Nuclei became pyknotic and cracking. Compared with the untreated group, the mean fluorescence intensities of ZZR-medicated serum groups declined with concentration gradients (P<0.01). The efflux of intracellular rhodamine 123 decreased, the wave crest shifted to right, and the intracellular fluorescence intensity strengthened (P<0.01).Conclusion: ZZR-medicated sera of experimental concentrations down-regulate activity of NF-κB and expression and function of P-gp in human colorectal cancer multidrug-resistant cell line HCT-8/VCR and the effect is related to the concentrations.
Research on Spreading Sequences with Chaotic Maps

He Song-bai,Zhou Shang-bo,

电子与信息学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Spreading sequence for Frequency Hopping(FH) sequence can be generated with logistic map. This paper constructs a second-order chaotic map based on logistic map, proves its probability density distribution, and proposes a method to generate chaotic frequency-hopping sequence. It also analyzes character of even and odd correlations by numerical simulation. The results shows the sequence has excellent properties.
Gravitational quasinormal modes of the Reissner--Nordstr?m de Sitter black hole
Reissner-Nordstr?m de Sitte 黑洞的引力似正模

Jing Ji-Liang,Chen Song-Bai,

中国物理 B , 2005,
Abstract: By using the P\"oschl--Teller potential approximation, the quasinormal modes of the Reissner--Nordstr\"om de Sitter black hole for the axial and polar gravitational perturbations are investigated. It is shown that the magnitude of imaginary part decreases as the cosmological constant increases, but it increases as the charge, or the overtone number or the orbital angular momentum increases. The imaginary part is almost linearly related to the real part as cosmological constant changes for a fixed charge. It is also found that the gravitational quasinormal modes are the same for both the axial and polar perturbations, which proves that the quasinormal modes are determined only by the parameters of the black hole and are independent of the initial perturbations.
An experimental study on renal damage induced by melamine cyanurate
Guan-tian YU,Song-bai LIAO,Yong-gang YU,Ying-jie WU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To explore the nephrotoxicity of melamine cyanurate in SD rats.Methods Ninety SPF SD rats were randomly assigned into 3 groups(30 each) according to the doses of melamine cyanurate they received(0,200,400mg/kg),which were repectively given daily by gavage for 60 consecutive days.Six rats in each group were confined in metabolism cages for the first week,and urine samples were collected over a 24h period.Before drug administration,the blood samples and kidney pathology were evaluated in 6 rats of each group on day 4,14,31,45 and 60 to determine serum creatinine,blood urea nitrogen(BUN),serum uric acid and serum cystatin C.Results The urine volume of rats was significantly higher in 200mg/kg group than in normal controls(P < 0.05),while no statistical difference was found between 400mg/kg and control group.After administration of melamine cyanurate,the levels that of serum cystatin C increased significantly,while that of serum uric acid decreased markedly,as compared with the control group(P < 0.05).Significantly higher levels of BUN,serum cystatin C and creatinine were found in 200 mg/kg group(30-60 days) and 400mg/kg group(4th day) compared with that of control group(P < 0.01).On the 2nd day,specific crystals were found in the urinary sediment smears of melamine cyanurate group.The pathological changes in kidney included yellow discoloration and edema of the organ in 200mg/kg group(since 31st day) and 400mg/kg group(since 4th day).Examination of pathological sections showed that there was deposition of a number of yellow,semi-transparent and concentric round crystals in renal tubules.Conclusions Administration of melamine cyanurate by gavage may induce crystal formation and cause renal dysfunction.Meanwhile,melamine cyanurate may have some diuretic function,thereby influence the metabolism and decrease the concentration of uric acid in blood.
Impact of intrapelvic renal pressure on renal morphology in minimal damage percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Song-bai LIAO,Yong-gang YU,Xue-de LI,Ying-jie WU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To explore the impact of pelvis pressure on renal morphology in minimal damage percutaneous nephrolithotomy(MPCNL).Methods Fifty patients with renal calculi were cured by MPCNL.The intrapelvic renal pressure was monitored with urodynamic instrument,which was connected with ureteral catheter,and the data of kidney and perinephric morphological changes were analyzed by CT performed immediately and on the 1st,3rd and 5th day after the surgery.Those with intrapelvic pressure ≥40 cmH2O for 5 minutes were assigned to the high pressure group(n=21),and the remainders constituted the low pressure group(n=29).Results The average intrapelvic renal pressure was 26.5(13~149) cmH2O in high pressure group,and 22.4(11~125) cmH2O in low pressure group.The perirenal effusion was found in all patients immediately after surgery,and the renal parenchyma was thickened by about 1.2~4.3mm,which was significantly different from that before surgery(P < 0.05).After surgery,the immediate thickness of the renal parenchyma was increased in high pressure group(17.4±1.7mm) compared with low pressure group(16.2±2.3mm,P < 0.05),hereafter the effusion was absorbed gradually,and the thickness of the renal parenchyma recovered to the level of that of before surgery.Conclusions The intrapelvic renal pressure of ≥40cmH2O is only maintained for a few minutes during MPCNL,and the phenomenon of regurgitation and extravasation of the perfusate is common.The higher the pressure,the severer the phenomenon,though the diffusate may be absorbed soon.
Saturation phenomenon of Ce and Ti in the modification of Al-Zn-Si filler metal
Jin-long Yang,Song-bai Xue,Wei Dai,Peng Xue
- , 2015, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-015-1059-1
Abstract: Cerium and titanium were added to an Al-42Zn-6.5Si brazing alloy, and the subsequent microstructures of the brazing alloy and the 6061 Al alloy brazing seam were investigated. The microstructures of filler metals and brazed joints were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray energy dispersion spectrometry. A new Ce-Ti phase formed around the silicon phase in the modified filler metal and this saturation phenomenon was analyzed. Interestingly, following brazing of the 6061 alloy, there is no evidence of the Ce-Ti phase in the brazing seam. Because of the mutual solubility of the brazing alloy and base metal, the quantity of the solvent increases, and the solute Ce and Ti atoms assume an undersaturated state.
Effect of trimetazidine treatment on the transient outward potassium current of the left ventricular myocytes of rats with streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes mellitus
Xiang, Yu-luan;He, Li;Xiao, Jun;Xia, Shuang;Deng, Song-bai;Xiu, Yun;She, Qiang;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2012007500019
Abstract: cardiovascular complications are a leading cause of mortality in patients with diabetes mellitus (dm). the present study was designed to investigate the effects of trimetazidine (tmz), an anti-angina drug, on transient outward potassium current (ito) remodeling in ventricular myocytes and the plasma contents of free fatty acid (ffa) and glucose in dm. sprague-dawley rats, 8 weeks old and weighing 200-250 g, were randomly divided into three groups of 20 animals each. the control group was injected with vehicle (1 mm citrate buffer), the dm group was injected with 65 mg/kg streptozotocin (stz) for induction of type 1 dm, and the dm + tmz group was injected with the same dose of stz followed by a 4-week treatment with tmz (60 mg·kg-1·day-1). all animals were then euthanized and their hearts excised and subjected to electrophysiological measurements or gene expression analyses. tmz exposure significantly reversed the increased plasma ffa level in diabetic rats, but failed to change the plasma glucose level. the amplitude of ito was significantly decreased in left ventricular myocytes from diabetic rats relative to control animals (6.25 ± 1.45 vs 20.72 ± 2.93 pa/pf at +40 mv). the dm-associated ito reduction was attenuated by tmz. moreover, tmz treatment reversed the increased expression of the channel-forming alpha subunit kv1.4 and the decreased expression of kv4.2 and kv4.3 in diabetic rat hearts. these data demonstrate that tmz can normalize, or partially normalize, the increased plasma ffa content, the reduced ito of ventricular myocytes, and the altered expression kv1.4, kv4.2, and kv4.3 in type 1 dm.
A Method of PA Behavioral Modeling Based on Cross-Correlation Sequence

Wang Hua-dong,He Song-bai,Bao Jing-fu,

电子与信息学报 , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper,a time delay estimate algorithm based on analysis of cross-correlation sequence of model error and input signal is proposed,and a method to build behavioral model of power amplifiers dynamically depend on the new delay estimate algorithm is discussed.Using this method,a non-union delay Memory Polynomial(MP) model is built.Simulation results show the new algorithm can find main delays in output signal effectively and reduce the delay length of traditional MP model from 6 to 2 at the cost of 3 d...
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