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Bone marrow-derived, alternatively activated macrophages enhance solid tumor growth and lung metastasis of mammary carcinoma cells in a Balb/C mouse orthotopic model
Han Cho, Jae Jung, Do Lim, Gyoo Kwon, Song Her, Jong Park, Jung Han Yoon Park
Breast Cancer Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/bcr3195
Abstract: 4T1 murine mammary carcinoma cells were injected either alone or coupled with M2-M?s into the mammary fat pads of syngeneic female Balb/C mice. M2-M?s were prepared by treating monocytes isolated from female Balb/C mouse bone marrow with IL-4. Tumor cell growth was determined using an in vivo imaging system and the expression of cell proliferation-related, angiogenesis-related, and lymphangiogenesis-related proteins in tumor tissues was immunohistochemically analyzed. To evaluate the effects of the crosstalk between 4T1 cells and M2-M?s on the secretion and mRNA expression of cytokines and the migration of monocytes, 4T1 cells and M2-M?s were co-cultured and cytokine antibody array, real-time RT-PCR, and trans-well migration assays were conducted.The co-injection of M2-M?s into the mammary fat pads of mice increased solid tumor growth and lung metastasis of 4T1 cells as well as the infiltration of CD45+ leukocytes into tumor tissues. The proportions of Ki-67+ proliferating cells and the expression of hypoxia inducible factor-1α, vascular endothelial cell growth factor A, CD31, vascular endothelial cell growth factor C, and lymphatic vessel endothelial receptor-1 were increased significantly in the tumor tissues of mice co-injected with 4T1 cells and M2-M?s. The in vitro results revealed that the proliferation of 4T1 cells, the migration of monocytes, and the secretion of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, IFNγ, IL-1α, IL-2, IL-16, IFNγ-induced protein-10, keratinocyte-derived chemokine, macrophage colony-stimulating factor, monocyte chemotactic protein-1, macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, and RANTES were increased when 4T1 cells were co-cultured with M2-M?s, as compared with when the 4T1 cells were cultured alone.The crosstalk between 4T1 cells and M2-M?s increased the production of cytokines, which may have induced immune cell infiltration into tumor tissues, tumor cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and lymph angiogenesis, thereby increasing solid tumor growth
TIMP-2 Fusion Protein with Human Serum Albumin Potentiates Anti-Angiogenesis-Mediated Inhibition of Tumor Growth by Suppressing MMP-2 Expression
Mi-Sook Lee, Jae-In Jung, Seung-Hae Kwon, Sang-Mok Lee, Kyoji Morita, Song Her
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0035710
Abstract: TIMP-2 protein has been intensively studied as a promising anticancer candidate agent, but the in vivo mechanism underlying its anticancer effect has not been clearly elucidated by previous works. In this study, we investigated the mechanism underlying the anti-tumor effects of a TIMP-2 fusion protein conjugated with human serum albumin (HSA/TIMP-2). Systemic administration of HSA/TIMP-2 effectively inhibited tumor growth at a minimum effective dose of 60 mg/kg. The suppressive effect of HSA/TIMP-2 was accompanied by a marked reduction of in vivo vascularization. The anti-angiogenic activity of HSA/TIMP-2 was directly confirmed by CAM assays. In HSA/TIMP-2-treated tumor tissues, MMP-2 expression was profoundly decreased without a change in MT1-MMP expression of PECAM-1-positive cells. MMP-2 mRNA was also decreased by HSA/TIMP-2 treatment of human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Zymographic analysis showed that HSA/TIMP-2 substantially decreased extracellular pro-MMP-2 activity (94–99% reduction) and moderately decreased active MMP-2 activity (10–24% reduction), suggesting MT1-MMP-independent MMP-2 modulation. Furthermore, HSA/TIMP-2 had no effect on in vitro active MMP-2 activity and in vivo MMP-2 activity. These studies show that HSA/TIMP-2 potentiates anti-angiogenic activity by modulating MMP-2 expression, but not MMP-2 activity, to subsequently suppress tumor growth, suggesting an important role for MMP-2 expression rather than MMP-2 activity in anti-angiogenesis.
Intracellular ATP Assay of Live Cells Using PTD-Conjugated Luciferase
Mi-Sook Lee,Wan-Soon Park,Young Han Kim,Won Gyeong Ahn,Seung-Hae Kwon,Song Her
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s121115628
Abstract: Luciferase is a sensitive, reliable biological sensor used for measuring ATP. However, its widespread application in drug discovery and toxicology studies has been limited due to unavoidable cell extraction processes, which cause inaccurate measurements of intracellular ATP and obstruct the application of homogenous high-throughput screening. Recently, we developed a protein transduction domain-conjugated luciferase (PTD-Luc) for measuring cellular uptake efficacy. In this study, we evaluated the applicability of PTD-Luc to an intracellular ATP assay of live cells. The predominant fluorescence of Alexa 647-PTD-Luc was in the cytosol, whereas the fluorescence of Alexa 647-Luc was visualized surrounding the cell membrane, as confirmed by Western blot analysis. In vitro, PTD-Luc could detect less than 10–9 M ATP, and the correlation between the luciferase activity of PTD-Luc and the ATP content was strong (R = 0.999, p < 0.001). In vivo, luminescence signals of PTD-Luc detected intracellular ATP in as few as 50 HeLa cells, with a strong correlation between luminescence and cell number, suggesting high sensitivity and reliability. Furthermore, two blockers of the glycolytic pathway (2-deoxyglucose and iodoacetic acid) inhibited the signal in a dose-dependent manner, whereas potassium cyanide, an inhibitor of oxidative phosphorylation, had no effect on intracellular ATP in vivo, as seen with the PTD-Luc sensor. These data show that PTD-Luc can directly measure the intracellular ATP content in live cells, allowing real-time kinetic studies, suggesting that it is a promising tool for high-throughput drug screening and cytotoxicity assays.
Codrin HER?ANU
Journal of Defense Resources Management , 2011,
Abstract: Humankind has constantly evolved for the past two millenia. Even though the term development may suggest a smooth and ascending trajectory, the serious economic problems confronting countries nowadays prove otherwise. Thus, the economic forecasts seem to point out that in the 21st century environmental and resource constraints are to halt the global economic growth. As a result, austerity will reach the military budgets as well, even though the security challenges, both intra and extra-territorial, will remain more or less unchanged, for the next period.
Comparison of Turkish and Western children’s songs in terms of measure keys
Feyzan G?her Vural
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Children songs are one of the factors helping children love music, develop their music skills, contributing to cognitive development particularly during early childhood. Although it is considered that most children’s songs are similar in terms of voice area and musical structure, the musical and cultural components of the society where they belong may be reflect in some differences in the children’s songs. There are essential similarities and differences between Turkish and Western children’s songs. They can be seen in several factors such as theme, tonal and rhythmic structures. The measure keys of the songs may also display both difference and similarity in this respect.This study, based on “general scanning model” and “relational scanning model”, has been conducted on 1000 Turkish Children's songs and 1000 Western children’s songs. As a result of the study, determined that measure key counts are highly different but the most frequently used measure keys are parallel.
Hmong Cosmology: Proposed Model, Preliminary Insights
Vincent K. Her
Hmong Studies Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Is there an underlying structure to Hmong cosmology? What are its components? And how might these interrelate? In this paper, I will show that the Hmong cosmos consists of three separate realms and that these are connected together by the cycle of the human soul. Using zaaj qhuabke, I will trace the journey of the deceased and look at how ritual movement is expressive of human agency, narrative experience and community history. My insights are based on primary fieldwork research carried out for a doctoral dissertation on Hmong funeral rites in the Midwest.
Her?ko Ivan
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 1997,
Abstract: Slovakia, with its interesting geological structure and many various ore deposits and minerals, has been the centre of the scientific interest both of domestic extensiv get geologists foreign. It is not only chance that there were preserved hundreds short as well as various studies from this region dealing with different subjects and specific problems. The slovak historiography has not evaluated them properly untill now. The first step was done only recently. The aim of the article is to offer a detailed summary of present study of sthe developing views and investigationd of some practical questions in the geological research in Slovakia. The present literature, related to the problems of the history of the geological, mineralogical and deposit research is very modest compared with how the other scientifical literature was presenting the different field of the natural science in Slovakia, especially the historiography of the geological science is still far behind.
Datos del material tipo de Culicoides (Drymodesmyia) bakeri Vargas (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
Herón Huerta
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2007,
Abstract: Los adultos macho y hembra de Culicoides bakeri Vargas son redescritos basados en la revisión del material tipo y de otros ejemplares procedentes de la localidad tipo, depositados en la Colección de Artrópodos con Importancia Médica (CAIM).
Nuevo registro de Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) incubans (Macfie) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) como parásito de Odonata
Herón Huerta
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2006,
Abstract: This is the first record of Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) incubans (Macfie) on Dythemis sterilis Hagen (Libellulidae, Odonata) from Veracruz State, Mexico.
Die elektronische Gesundheitsakte (ELGA) in sterreich Eine Evaluierung in Bezug auf funktionale Benutzeranforderungen
Alexander Str?her
Zeitschrift für Nachwuchswissenschaftler , 2010,
Abstract: Die Einführung der elektronischen Gesundheitsakte, kurz ELGA, in sterreich ist ein seit l ngerer Zeit kontrovers diskutiertes Thema. Gerade in den letzten Monaten waren vermehrt Lebenszeichen der ELGA in der Presse zu finden, deren Umsetzung Teil der aktuellen Regierungsvereinbarung ist. Zudem wurden in vielen Gespr chen im Rahmen des Studiums immer wieder Vorwürfe ge u ert, dass die Vorgaben seitens der Arbeitsgemeinschaft ELGA (ARGE ELGA) zu sehr techniklastig seien, w hrend die Forderungen der einzelnen zukünftigen Benutzer nicht oder zu wenig Beachtung finden. Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde erarbeitet, wie sehr sich wirklich die Vorgaben seitens der ARGE ELGA auf den Bereich Technik konzentrieren bzw. welche Benutzeranforderungen bereits definiert wurden. Im n chsten Schritt wurden mittels eines problemzentrierten Interviews verschiedene Benutzergruppen der geplanten ELGA zu deren funktionalen Benutzeranforderungen befragt. Die ausgew hlten Stakeholder waren: rzte, Apotheker, Soziale Dienste und Vertreter von Selbsthilfeorganisationen.Aus den durchgeführten 29 Interviews wurde im Anschluss eine Auswertung von funktionalen Benutzeranforderungen für die bislang beschriebenen Kernanwendungen der ELGA (Portal, e-Arztbrief, e-Befund Labor/Radiologie und e-Medikation) erstellt. So wurde am Vordringlichsten die Einführung einer elektronischen Medikamentenübersicht bzw. der e-Impfpass gewünscht. Aber auch die M glichkeit zur Pr sentation der Selbsthilfe im Rahmen des ELGA-Portals war ein Punkt mit hoher Zustimmung. Demgegenüber wurde der Vorschlag des Versteckens von Dokumenten bzw. der Online-Kontakt mit dem behandelnden Arzt deutlich abgelehnt. Als Ergebnis wird zusammengefasst, dass derzeit keine ausreichende Definition von funktionalen Benutzeranforderungen für die elektronische Gesundheitsakte verfügbar ist. Die aus den Interviews erarbeiteten Anforderungen stellen aufgrund des geringen Stichprobenumfangs aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach auch nur die Spitze eines Eisberges dar.
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