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Anticuerpo anticitrulina y manifestaciones extra articulares en artritis reumatoidea Anticitrulin antibody and the extra-articular manifestations in rheumatoid arthritis
María Jezabel Haye Salinas,Soledad Retamozo,Lorena Vetorazzi,Natalia Peano
Medicina (Buenos Aires) , 2013,
Abstract: Los pacientes con artritis reumatidea (AR) pueden desarrollar manifestaciones extra articulares (MExA), relacionadas a su morbi-mortalidad. Los anticuerpos anti-péptidos citrulinados cíclicos (ACCP) son específicos para la AR y estan relacionados con el da o articular; y podrían tener rol patogénico en las MExA. Nuestro objetivo fue determinar la relación entre los anticuerpos ACCP y MExA en pacientes con AR. Se incluyeron 74 pacientes con diagnóstico de AR (ACR 1987) mayores de 18 a os, de más de 6 meses de evolución, con MExA, y un control apareado por sexo y edad sin MExA por cada paciente. Las variables demográficas, clínicas y de laboratorio se compararon con test t, chi cuadrado o Mann-Whitney. Se realizó análisis multivariado; p ≤ 0.05. Los pacientes con MExA presentaron mayor título de anticuerpo ACCP (116 vs. 34, p < 0.01) y de factor reumatoideo (FR) (108 vs. 34.5, p < 0.01). En el análisis multivariado hubo asociación entre la presencia de MExA y tabaquismo activo (p = 0.02, OR: 3.78, IC 95%: 1.17-12.2), FR positivo (p = 0.04, OR: 3.23, IC95%: 1.04-11.8) y anticuerpo ACCP positivo (p = 0.04, OR: 3.23, IC 95%: 1.04-10). Presentaron mayor título de anticuerpo ACCP que los controles los pacientes con xerostomía (109 vs. 34, p = 0.04), xeroftalmia (150 vs. 34, p < 0.01), nódulos sub-cutáneos (NSC) (141 vs. 34, p < 0.01) y fibrosis pulmonar (158 vs. 34, p = 0.04). En conclusión, el anticuerpo ACCP positivo, el FR positivo y el tabaquismo activo fueron factores de riesgo independientes para el desarrollo de MExA. A large proportion of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients develop extra-articular manifestations (EAM), which are associated with morbidity and early mortality. Anti cyclic citrullinated peptide (ACCP) antibody has proven to be highly specific for the diagnosis of RA, associated with severe joint damage and may have some role in the pathogenesis of EAM. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between ACCP antibody and the presence of EAM in RA patients. Seventy four RA patients (ACR 1987) with EAM, > 18 years, more than 6 months duration were included, and an EAM free control, matched by sex and age, for each patient. Demographic, clinical and laboratory variables were compared using t-test, chi-square or Mann-Whitney test. Multivariate analysis was performed: p ≤ 0.05. Patients with EAM presented a greater value of ACCP antibody (116 vs. 34, p < 0.01) and rheumatoid factor (108 vs. 34.5, p < 0.01). Independent association with current smoking habit (p = 0.02, OR = 3.78, 95%: 1.17-12.2), RF positive (p = 0.04, OR 3.23, CI 95
Ideas y Valores , 2011,
Abstract: the problem of decision and of political subjects was addressed in the field of 20th century political philosophy by authors such as carl schmitt, hannah arendt, and jacques derrida, who related it closely to the concepts of sovereignty, freedom, and contingency. the works of ernesto laclau and slavoj zizek have currently turned to the issue of decision in order to address the constitutive aspects of the political. in a context dominated by deconstruction, post-marxism, and post-structuralism, the article inquires into the relation between decision and political subjects in a contemporary setting, examining in depth the difference between subjectivity, subjectivization, and subject.
La Ciencia Política contemporánea: ?constricción de la ciencia y aniquilamiento de lo político? Apuntes críticos para los estudios políticos en América Latina
Retamozo, Martín;
Andamios , 2009,
Abstract: giovanni sartori's essay "where is political science going?" has generated an important polemic. in this context, this article deals with theoretical and metodological aspects of contemporary political science, especially the discussion in the latin-american field. this article argues that a restricted vision of the "science" and of the "politics" (forgetting the "political") has led north american political science to a crisis. nevertheless, this situation is not a tragedy for the study of politics in latin america, but an opportunity to check research methods and to overcome the current limits.
El movimiento de los trabajadores desocupados en Argentina: cambios estructurales, subjetividad y acción colectiva en el orden social neoliberal
Retamozo, Martín;
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2006,
Abstract: in the crisis of a model of hegemony which upset sociability during the nineties, one finds in argentina several experiments of collective action. between newest one finds the movement of unemployed. this essay wants to rebuild the elements -especially around subjectivity which produced the action of unemployed like a response to the changes of social relations. at the same time, one makes the analysis of actions of social movements to confront the social order of domination. particularly, one underlines the political aspects (forms of working representation) and cultural (collective identities and subjectivities) to understand the eruption of a particular social actor at the time neoliberal argentinean: "piqueteros".
Cinta de moebio , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-554X2009000200003
Abstract: the concern of social sciences for mobilization and protests processes has resulted in the conformation of a peculiar field on social movements. nevertheless, in spite of theoretical interest and intense methodological debate in reference to qualitative techniques, it is possible to say that discussion of these movements still remains open. in this perspective, according to ernesto laclau, this article suggests to identify social demands or the study of the conformation of social movements as political actors that dispute the social order. this implies a theoretical discussion but also an epistemological debate on the demands for the study of these movements.
Movimientos sociales, política y hegemonía en Argentina
Polis (Santiago) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-65682011000100014
Abstract: this article aims to analyze the relationship between social movements and political dynamics in argentina. it analyzes first the actions of resistance movements in the neoliberal hegemony, then during the crisis period and finally in the ?post-neoliberal? phase where new conditions of historical action appear. the view over the political logics embedded in the processes will enable us to bring understanding of the scope of the action of social movements in shaping current political order in argentina, as part of wider historical events that take place in countries of latin america.
Populismo y teoría política: de una teoría hacía una epistemología del populismo para América Latina
Revista Venezolana de Economía y Ciencias Sociales , 2006,
Abstract: once again, as though it were a cyclical necessity, the question of populism is back on the social science agenda. this article proposes to broach the problem by way of a critical discussion of ernesto laclau?s writings, from the earliest to the most recent. after identifying the advances and the key questions that remain problematic, the article suggests how to approach the search for an appropriate epistemology of populism for studying the phenomenon in latin america. in particular, the author insists on the need to establish a firm theoretical base for analyzing popular subjectivities and popular identities, of central importance for understanding populism in latin america.
Enrique Dussel: Hacia una Filosofía política de la Liberación. Notas en torno a ?20 tesis de política?*
Utopìa y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2007,
Abstract: the objective of this article is to present certain coordinates inscribed in enrique dussel?s ?20 political thesis ? the publication of which constituted an invitation to debate themes such as politics, what is political, power, institutions and practical praxis on the part of the oppressed. based on the presentation of the successive theses and the structural architecture of dussel, a discussion of the coordinates for debate proposed by the author and the philosophical dialogues involved were undertaken. also the urgent need to advance in some of the themes proposed is promoted as a manner of exercising thought oriented towards the transformational criticism of situations of present day domination.
El movimiento de los trabajadores desocupados en Argentina: cambios estructurales, subjetividad y acción colectiva en el orden social neoliberal
Martín Retamozo
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2006,
Abstract: En el marco de la crisis del modelo hegemónico que trastocó las condiciones de sociabilidad de amplios sectores durante la década de 1990, en Argentina surgieron distintas experiencias de acción colectiva. Entre las más novedosas está la movilización de grupos de desocupados. Este artículo busca reconstruir analíticamente los elementos especialmente ligados a las subjetividades que hicieron posible la acción de los desempleados como respuesta a los cambios en la estructuración de las relaciones sociales. Asimismo, analiza las implicaciones del movimiento social y sus acciones para la interpelación del orden social de dominación. En particular, se subraya la relevancia de aspectos políticos (nuevas y viejas formas de representación de los trabajadores) y culturales (identidades y subjetividades colectivas), que junto con la apropiación de un repertorio de protesta, contribuyen a comprender el surgimiento de uno de los actores sociales particulares de la era neoliberal argentina: los piqueteros . La reconstrucción de los aspectos relacionados con la estructura, la subjetividad y la acción permitirá avanzar en la comprensión de las implicaciones del movimiento en la disputa por la conformación del orden social.
Movimientos sociales, política y hegemonía en Argentina
Martín Retamozo
Polis : Revista de la Universidad Bolivariana , 2011,
Abstract: Este artículo tiene como objetivo analizar la relación entre los movimientos sociales y la dinámica política en la Argentina. Para ello se analizan primero las acciones de resistencia de los movimientos durante la hegemonía neoliberal, luego durante el período de crisis y finalmente en la etapa "posneoliberal", donde aparecen nuevas condiciones de acción histórica. La mirada sobre las lógicas políticas imbricadas en los procesos nos permitirá aportar a la comprensión de los alcances de la acción de los movimientos sociales en la configuración del orden político actual en Argentina, como parte de acontecimientos históricos de mayor alcance que tienen lugar en países de América Latina.
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