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Supersymmetric Electroweak Renormaliztion of the Z-Width in the MSSM (II)
D. Garcia,R. A. Jimenez,J. Sola
Physics , 1994, DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)00407-X
Abstract: We address the computation of \Gamma_Z and of the intriguing quantity R_b in the MSSM including full treatment of the Higgs sector. For a pseudoscalar Higgs mass m_{A^0}>70\,GeV and CDF limits on m_t, the bounds on R_b at 1\sigma level leave no room to the MSSM to solve the `R_b crisis' for any combination of the parameters, not even admitting the possibility of a light chargino and a light stop of O(50) GeV; however, for m_t not restricted by CDF, a `tangential' solution exists in the window 2<\tan\beta<10 with a light chargino and stop. In contrast, for a pseudoscalar mass 40\,GeVm_t/m_b. Our general conclusion is that, if there is a `R_b crisis' at all, its solution within the MSSM has to do more with the peculiar structure of the SUSY Higgs sector rather than with the spectrum of genuine supersymmetric particles. In view of the range predicted for m_{A^0}, LEP 200 should be able to definitely settle down this question.
Supersymmetric Electroweak Renormalization of the Z-Width in the MSSM (I)
D. Garcia,R. A. Jimenez,J. Sola
Physics , 1994, DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(95)00031-F
Abstract: Within the framework of the MSSM, we compute the complete set of electroweak one-loop supersymmetric quantum effects on the width $\Gamma_Z$ of the $Z$-boson in the on-shell renormalization scheme. Numerical analyses of the corrections to the various partial widths into leptons and quarks are presented. On general grounds, the average size of the electroweak SUSY corrections to $\Gamma_Z$ may well saturate the level of the present theoretical uncertainties, even if considering the full supersymmetric spectrum lying in the neighbourhood of the unaccessible LEP 200 range. Remarkably enough, for the present values of the top quark mass, the electroweak SUSY effects could be, globally, very close or even bigger than the electroweak SM corrections, but opposite in sign. Therefore, in the absence of theoretical errors, there are large regions of parameter space where one could find that, effectively, the electroweak SM corrections are ``missing'', or even having the ``wrong'' sign. This should be helpful in discriminating between the SM and the MSSM. However, an accurate prediction of the electroweak quantum effects on $\Gamma_Z$ will only be possible, if $\Delta r$ and $\alpha_s$ are pinned down in the future with enough precision.
Money Supply and Inflation in Nigeria: Implications for National Development  [PDF]
Olorunfemi Sola, Adeleke Peter
Modern Economy (ME) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/me.2013.43018

The study examines money supply and inflation rate in Nigeria. Secondary data that ranged between 1970-2008 were sourced from the CBN Statistical Bulletin. The study used Vector Auto Regressive (VAR) model. The stationary properties of the model were also explored. The results revealed that money supply and exchange rate were stationary at the level while oil revenue and interest rate were stationary at the first difference. Results from the causality test indicate that there exists a unidirectional causality between money supply and inflation rate as well as interest rate and inflation rate. The causality test runs from money supply to inflation, from the interest rate to inflation and from interest rate to money supply. The paper concludes that government should use the level of inflation as an operational guide in measuring the effectiveness of its monetary policy.

Uma vis?o evidente da prática baseada em evidências na medicina perinatal: ausência de evidência n?o é evidência de ausência
Sola, Augusto;Dieppa, Fernando Dominguez;Rogido, Marta R.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2007, DOI: 10.2223/JPED.1702
Abstract: objective: to provide valuable elements and some humor in this so-called era of "evidence-based practice" with the aim of helping clinicians make better choices in the care they deliver based on evidence, not simply or exclusively based on a randomized clinical trial (rct) or meta-analysis (which may not be evidence). sources: books and peer-reviewed articles are quoted and listed in the bibliography. evidence of life, learning from our own mistakes and many other evident facts that support this review are not quoted. summary of the findings: 1) "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" and "lack of evidence of effect does not mean evidence of no effect". 2) rcts with "negative" results and those with "positive" results, but without outcomes that matter, often cannot conclude what they conclude. 3) non-randomized clinical trials and practical trials may be important. 4) research to prove is different than research to improve. 5) clinical choice must assess effects on outcomes that matter to patients and their parents. 6) quantifying adverse outcomes, number needed to damage and to treat is not that simple. conclusions: significant challenges inherent to health service research must be correlated to possible clinical applications using tools to have a more "evident view of evidence-based practice" in perinatal medicine, recalling that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
Luciano R. Fernández Sola,Javier Avilés López
Revista de Ingeniería Sísmica , 2008,
Abstract: Las estructuras con planta baja flexible son muy vulnerables a la acción de sismos. Esto es debido, principalmente, a la falta de rigidez y resistencia en el piso blando. Las Normas Técnicas Complementarias para Dise o por Sismo del RCDF tratan el problema como una condición de irregularidad estructural, limitándose a reducir el factor de comportamiento sísmico que controla las resistencias de dise o. De esta forma se aumenta la capacidad de rigidez y resistencia de toda la estructura, pero no se corrige el contraste que existe entre el piso blando y el resto de los entrepisos. En este trabajo se desarrolló un modelo numérico para estimar la respuesta dinámica de estructuras con planta baja flexible desplantadas sobre suelo blando. El modelo es elástico y tiene en cuenta el alargamiento del periodo estructural debido a la flexibilidad del suelo, así como el incremento en el amortiguamiento debido a la disipación de energía por radiación de ondas en el suelo. Considerando que el amortiguamiento está distribuido a lo largo del edificio, se construye una matriz de amortiguamiento clásico para la estructura sola usando amortiguamiento modal. Para el suelo, en cambio, se considera amortiguamiento elemental haciendo uso de amortiguadores viscosos para los distintos modos de vibrar de la cimentación. Debido a que el sistema acoplado suelo-estructura carece de modos clásicos de vibrar, la respuesta estructural se obtiene con el método de la respuesta compleja en la frecuencia.
Vitamin B6 status, deficiency and its consequences: an overview Estado de vitamina B6, deficiencia y sus consencuencias: una revisión
A. Spinneker,R. Sola,V. Lemmen,M. J. Castillo
Nutrición Hospitalaria , 2007,
Abstract: Background: Vitamin B6 is thought to be a most versatile coenzyme that participates in more than 100 biochemical reactions. It is involved in amino acid and homocysteine metabolism, glucose and lipid metabolism, neurotransmitter production and DNA/RNA synthesis. Vitamin B6 can also be a modulator of gene expression. Nowadays, clinically evident vitamin B6 deficiency is not a common disorder, at least in the general population. Nevertheless, a subclinical, undiagnosed deficiency may be present in some subjects, particularly in the elderly.Objective: This review gives a complete overview over the metabolism and interactions of vitamin B6. Further, we show which complications and deficiency symptoms can occur due to a lack of vitamin B6 and possibilities for public health and supplemental interventions. Methods: The database Medline (www.ncvi.nlm.nih.gov) was searched for terms like "vitamin B6", "pyridoxal", "cancer", "homocysteine", etc. For a complete understanding, we included studies with early findings from the forties as well as recent results from 2006. These studies were summarised and compared in different chapters. Result and conclusion: In fact, it has been proposed that suboptimal vitamin B6 status is associated with certain diseases that particularly afflict the elderly population: impaired cognitive function, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular disease, and different types of cancer. Some of these problems may be related to the elevated homocysteine concentrations associated to vitamin B6 deficiency, but there is also evidence for other mechanisms independent of homocysteine by which a suboptimal vitamin B6 status could increase the risk for these chronic diseases. Antecedentes: se piensa que la vitamina B6 es la coenzima más versátil que participa en más de 100 reacciones bioquímicas. Está implicada en el metabolismo de los aminoácidos y de la homocisteína, el metabolismo de la glucosa y los lípidos, en la producción de neurotransmisores y en la síntesis de ADN/ARN. Esta vitamina también puede ser un modulador de la expresión génica. Hoy en día, la deficiencia clínicamente evidente de vitamina B6 no es una afección habitual, al menos en la población general. Sin embargo, puede ocurrir una deficiencia subclínica no diagnosticada en algunos individuos, especialmente en los ancianos. Objetivo: esta revisión aporta una visión de conjunto completa sobre el metabolismo y las interacciones de la vitamina B6. Además, mostramos qué complicaciones y síntomas por deficiencia pueden ocurrir por la falta de vitamina B6 y las posibilidades de intervencion
Risk of a first communityacquired spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotics with low ascitic fluid protein levels
. Guarner C.,Sola R.,Soriano G.,Andreu M.
Annals of Gastroenterology , 2007,
Dark energy: a quantum fossil from the inflationary Universe?
Sola, Joan
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/41/16/164066
Abstract: The discovery of dark energy (DE) as the physical cause for the accelerated expansion of the Universe is the most remarkable experimental finding of modern cosmology. However, it leads to insurmountable theoretical difficulties from the point of view of fundamental physics. Inflation, on the other hand, constitutes another crucial ingredient, which seems necessary to solve other cosmological conundrums and provides the primeval quantum seeds for structure formation. One may wonder if there is any deep relationship between these two paradigms. In this work, we suggest that the existence of the DE in the present Universe could be linked to the quantum field theoretical mechanism that may have triggered primordial inflation in the early Universe. This mechanism, based on quantum conformal symmetry, induces a logarithmic, asymptotically-free, running of the gravitational coupling. If this evolution persists in the present Universe, and if matter is conserved, the general covariance of Einstein's equations demands the existence of dynamical DE in the form of a running cosmological term whose variation follows a power law of the redshift.
The African Novel and the Integration of Oral Lores: An Evolution of African "Lit-Oral-Ture"
Sola Afolayan
Lumina , 2011,
Abstract: From a study of the African novel, one notices the possibility of establishing some intertextual connections among the extant African narratives. This is because the African novel is a hybrid genre that ineluctably presents contexts that are cut out of certain religio-political and social essences that are peculiarly African. Apart from this, African literature is further made distinctive by the indigenous oral-loric outlook of the African world-view which embellishes the thematic contents for the most African writers whose interest is the reflection of the pre-colonial contexts. It is thus possible to establish inevitable intertextual connectives spreading among some of the existing literary narratives that form the canon of the African novel. This essay thus sets out to evaluate such level of connectedness between the works of two Nigerian novelists Fagunwa and Tutuola - by externalizing their unmistakable reliance on the indigenous oral artefacts which are often found to festoon them. With this commitment, we hope to explicate Tutuola's The Palm Wine Drinkard as an evident recapitulation of the oral artifacts that gave vent to Fagunwa's first two novels. This, we hope, will help us draw unparaphraseable intertextual relationship between the literary topographies of the two authors. By prosecuting what we set as goal in this essay, it is believed that we can successfully establish the skilful interplay of oral features in the African novel.
Review of the literature on radiotherapy for early breast cancer
Antonio Sola
Medwave , 2010,
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