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A New Governance Model for Independent Regulatory Agencies  [PDF]
Rui Nunes, Sofia B. Nunes, Guilhermina Rego
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.51002
Abstract: In a regulatory state the purpose of intervention by any Independent Regulatory Agency (IRA) is not only regulation in the strict sense but also the supervision of the activity of institutions providing a specific service, particularly the utilities. However, given the evolution of most market economies, namely in transition countries, it is necessary to design new governance arrangements that enable an effective, transparent and truly independent intervention of IRAs. The objectives of this study are a) to analyse of the institutional-design chosen for some independent regulatory agencies and its regulatory framework, namely in northern economies, and b) to suggest the need to strengthen governance arrangements to effectively guarantee regulatory independence, transparency and accountability, therefore promoting a true sunshine regulation in southern economies. The authors conclude that strengthening accountability arrangements is the most important mechanism to avoid regulators capture from the government and regulated organisations. It is also concluded that the way regulators have chosen can also influence the way IRA conducts its activity. Therefore, it is suggested that board accountability can be enhanced by the generalization of the principle of the public contest of regulators.
O comportamento profissional e pessoal dos enfermeiros em contexto cardiovascular
Nunes,Sofia; Rego,Guilhermina; Nunes,Rui;
Revista de Enfermagem Referência , 2011,
Abstract: background: cardiovascular diseases are very common, and include risk factors that may be exacerbated if there is no control of the situation. knowing what is done at the care level, including health education measures, is essential. methodology: a cross-sectional study was carried out to examine the facts about the professional and personal behavior of nurses in the cardiology service. aims: to analyze several aspects related to the professional and personal of nurses regarding the control of cardiovascular personal risk factors. results: the results of this study demonstrate that nurses think that is important to maintain personalized care to cardiovascular patients, teaching and educating in order to empower the person to control risk factors. nurses and all health professionals are very important because their competence, thoughtfulness and educational capacity are an essential aspect of this whole process. conclusions: for the patient the process of rehabilitation and health promotion is essential, because he will be limited at various levels. health professionals have a major role throughout the process, but especially in the phase of health education and prevention of risk behaviors.
O comportamento profissional e pessoal dos enfermeiros em contexto cardiovascular El comportamiento profesional y personal de los enfermeros en contexto cardiovascular The professional and personal behavior of nurses in the cardiovascular context
Sofia Nunes,Guilhermina Rego,Rui Nunes
Revista de Enfermagem Referência , 2011,
Abstract: Contexto: As doen as cardiovasculares s o cada vez mais frequentes e englobam uma série de fatores de risco que podem agravar esta situa o. Conhecer o que é realizado a nível de presta o de cuidados,tendo em conta as a es de educa o para a saúde, é essencial. Metodologia: Foi elaborado um estudo transversal para averiguar algumas informa es sobre os comportamentos profissionais e pessoais dos enfermeiros num servi o de cardiologia. Objetivos: Analisar vários aspetos relacionados com a atividade profissional e pessoal dos enfermeiros no que diz respeito ao controlo dos fatores de risco cardiovascular. Resultados: Os resultados deste estudo demonstram que os enfermeiros consideram importante manter o cuidado personalizado ao doente cardiovascular, ensinando e educando de modo a capacitar a pessoa no controlo dos fatores de risco. Os enfermeiros e todos os profissionais de saúde s o muito importantes, pois as suas competências, pondera o e capacidade educativa ser o focos essenciais em toda esta dinamica. Conclus es: Para o doente é essencial o processo de reabilita o e promo o da saúde, porque estará limitado a diversos níveis. Os profissionais de saúde têm um papel preponderante em todo o processo mas, sobretudo, na fase de educa o para a saúde e de preven o de comportamentos de risco. Contexto: Las enfermedades cardiovasculares son cada vez más y engloban una serie de factores de riesgo que pueden agravar esta situación.Conocer lo que está siendo realizado a nivel de la prestación de cuidados, teniendo en cuenta las acciones de educación para la salud, es esencial. Metodología: Fue elaborado un estudio transversal para obtener algunas informaciones sobre los comportamientos profesionales y personales de los enfermeros en un servicio de Cardiología. Objetivos: Analizar varios aspectos relacionados con la actividad profesional y activities de los enfermeros respecto al control de los factores de riesgo cardiovascular. Resultados: Los resultados de este estudio demuestran que los enfermeros consideran importante mantener el cuidado personalizado al enfermo cardiovascular, ense ándole y educándole de modo a capacitar a la persona para el control de factores de riesgo. Los enfermeros y todos los profesionales de la salud son muy importantes ya que sus competencias, ponderación y capacidad educativa serán focos esenciales en toda esta dinámica. Conclusiones: Para el enfermo son esenciales tanto el proceso de rehabilitación como el de promoción de la salud, porque estará limitado en diversos niveles. Los profesionales de la salud tienen un papel prepo
Estudo da Regenera??o Natural das Espécies Arbóreas Autóctones na Reserva Natural da Serra da Malcata
Meireles,Catarina; Gon?alves,Paula; Rego,Francisco; Silveira,Sofia;
Silva Lusitana , 2005,
Abstract: human activities practised over the centuries at serra da malcata nature reserve have lead to considerable deterioration of the native arboreal vegetation characteristic of the region: quercus suber (cork oak) and quercus pyrenaica (pyrenean oak) woodlands, and are found in the bazágueda river basin in the south and the meimoa stream and c?a river basins in the centre and the north, respectively. this climax vegetation has been substituted by large patches of shrubland, and in the quasi-inaccessible areas by arbutus unedo (strawberry tree) copses. the latter represents the first retrogressive seral stage of the above mentioned forests as well as in the secondary quercus rotundifolia (round-leafed oak) woods in the cork oak's geographic range. the restoration of native vegetation is one of the priorities of the protected area and is the reason why the restorative capacity of the climax communities was assessed from the natural regeneration of the four above-mentioned species in the main shrub and arboreal communities. the assessment was carried out on areas not managed in recent years (management regime known as "natural dynamics") as well as on those subjected to "fire" and "cutting". the effect of various ecological factors and community attributes on the implementation of natural regeneration was also studied. the results emphasise the need to plant quercus suber, quercus rotundifolia and arbutus unedo within their natural range, while the quercus pyrenaica woodlands of the centre and north can be maintained through an adequate management of the vegetative regeneration found in the understory.
A disguised Melanoma Melanoma disfrazado Um Melanoma “mascarado”
Cláudia Sofia Rego,Ana Luísa Silva,Elias Ribeiro
Revista Brasileira de Medicina de Família e Comunidade , 2012, DOI: 10.5712/rbmfc7(22)263
Abstract: Melanoma is a tumor that develops as a result of the malignant transformation of the melanocytes. There is a worldwide estimate of 132,000 new cases per year. This case study presents a 70-year-old male person with history of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 for 10 years and extensive psoriasis vulgaris for 6 years. The patient developed an ulcerated lesion in the plantar region of the right foot in one-year time period. The histological examination revealed an ulcerated malignant melanoma, Clark level V, 5.6 mm thick (Breslow). The lesion was surgically removed and the sentinel lymph node biopsy was negative. Initial conclusions revealed an advanced state of evolution of the primary tumor (TNM IIC). CAT scan detected gastric metastasis, reclassifying the illness as a TNM IV stage. Malignant melanoma may be difficult to diagnose, as it was possible to observe in this case study, where a foot ulcer was late diagnosed, delaying the diagnosis of a severe neoplasia with high mortality rate. El melanoma es un tumor que se desarrolla como resultado de la transformación maligna de los melanocitos, estimándose su incidencia global en 132,000 casos/a o. Este informe presenta a un paciente de sexo masculino de 70 a os, con antecedentes de Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2 desde hace diez a os y psoriasis vulgar extensa desde hace seis a os. En aproximadamente un a o el paciente desarrolló una lesión ulcerada en la región plantar del pie derecho, el examen histológico reveló un melanoma maligno, ulcerado, nivel V de Clark, de 5.6 mm de espesor (Breslow). Después de una escisión quirúrgica de la lesión, se realizó una biopsia de ganglio centinela que fue negativa. Las conclusiones iniciales revelaron una evolución avanzada del tumor primario (TNM IIC). Exámenes radiológicos detectaron una metástasis gástrica, reclasificando la enfermedad en una etapa TNM IV. El melanoma maligno puede ser de difícil diagnóstico, como se puede ver en este caso en que una úlcera en la planta del pie fue diagnosticada muy tarde, atrasando el diagnóstico de una neoplasia grave y de elevada tasa de mortalidad. O melanoma é um tumor que se desenvolve como resultado da transforma o maligna dos melanócitos, estimando-se a sua incidência global em 132.000 casos/ano. Este relato de caso reporta-se a um doente do sexo masculino com 70 anos, história de Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2 há dez anos e psoríase vulgar extensa há seis anos. Em aproximadamente um ano, este desenvolveu les o ulcerada da regi o plantar do pé direito, que ao exame histológico revelou melanoma maligno, ulcerado, nível V de Clark, com 5,6 mm de
Quisto de Duplica o Gástrica com Epitélio Pancreático Ectópico: Apresenta o na Idade Adulta Gastric duplication cyst with ectopic pancreatic epithelium: Presentation in the adult
Sofia Ribeiro,Ana Catarina Rego,Nuno Nunes,José Renato Pereira
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2012,
Abstract: Os quistos de duplica o gastrointestinal s o malforma es congénitas raras que podem surgir ao longo de todo o tubo digestivo. S o mais frequentes no íleon e jejuno, sendo a localiza o gástrica das mais raras (4%)1. A maioria dos casos é diagnosticada na infancia. Os autores descrevem o caso de um quisto de duplica o gástrica com epitélio pancreático ectópico diagnosticado na idade adulta, submetido a cirurgia de resse o Gastrointestinal duplications cysts are a rare congenital disease and may arise anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract. The ileum and the jejunum are the most common sites and gastric localization is rare, comprising about 4 % of all alimentary tract duplications. Most of them are diagnosed early in life. The authors report a case of gastric duplication cyst with ectopic pancreatic epithelium diagnosed in an adult submitted to surgery
Quisto de Duplica??o Gástrica com Epitélio Pancreático Ectópico: Apresenta??o na Idade Adulta
Ribeiro,Sofia; Rego,Ana Catarina; Nunes,Nuno; Pereira,José Renato; Paz,Nuno; Carneiro,Vítor; Duarte,Maria Antónia;
Jornal Português de Gastrenterologia , 2012,
Abstract: gastrointestinal duplications cysts are a rare congenital disease and may arise anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract. the ileum and the jejunum are the most common sites and gastric localization is rare, comprising about 4 % of all alimentary tract duplications. most of them are diagnosed early in life. the authors report a case of gastric duplication cyst with ectopic pancreatic epithelium diagnosed in an adult submitted to surgery
How Travels a Bohmian Particle?  [PDF]
Sofia Wechsler
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.312231
Abstract: Bohm’s mechanics was built for explaining individual results in measurements, and mainly for getting rid of the enigmatic reduction postulate. Its main idea is that particles have at any time definite positions and velocities. An additional axiom is that particles follow continuous trajectories that admit the first derivative in time, the velocity. In the quantum theory, if the position of a quantum object is well-defined at some time, a Δt time later the object may be found anywhere in space, so, the velocity defined as Δx/Δt is completely undefined. This incompatibility is regarded in standard quantum theory as nature’s property. The disagreement between quantum and Bohm’s mechanics is particularly strong in wave-like phenomena, e.g. interference. For a particle traveling through an interference fringe, Bohm’s velocity formula shows a dependence of the time-of-flight on the fringe length. Such a dependence is not supported by the quantum theory. Thus, for deciding which prediction is correct one has to measure times-of-flight. But this is a problem. If one detects a particle at two positions and records the detection times, the time difference is meaningless, because the first position measurement disturbs the particle’s Bohm velocity (if exists). This text suggests a way around: instead of measuring positions and times, the particles are raised to an excited, unstable level, by passing them through a laser beam. The unstable level will decay in time, s.t. the density of probability of the excited atoms will indicate the time elapsed since excitation. For comparing the Bohmian and quantum predictions, this text proposes in continuation to send the beam of excited particle upon a mirror. Bohm’s velocity leads to anomalies in the reflected wave.
Adaptive Behaviour on the Portuguese Curricula: A Comparison between Children and Adolescents with and without Intellectual Disability  [PDF]
Sofia Santos
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.57059

The main objective of this study was to assess and compare the adaptive behaviour level of children and adolescents with and without intellectual disability trying to understand how the differences in this area could be influenced by contents and curricula. The sample was composed by 589 children and adolescents with and without intellectual disabilities (both ages 6 to 16, randomly selected from special and regular schools, respectively). The Portuguese version of Adaptive Behaviour Scale was used and administered through an interview, to a proxy who knew the individual being evaluated. Controlling for age, gender, diagnosis, and living area we found that there were statistical significant differences between both groups on most of adaptive behaviour domains in all variables. One of the conclusions is that curricula in special and regular schools differ a lot on contents and in participation activities within the community and that might be one of the causes of the non-skills acquisition by the children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities.

Qualified for Power? On Epistemology in Voting  [PDF]
Sofia Wiman
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2015.53022
Abstract: Equal distribution of suffrage is given a nearly “quasi-religious” status by democrats. However, the right to vote rests on a presumption of capacity, and knowledge and competence therefore are important features of democratic arrangements. Democratic theory often assumes that, in order for (representative) democracy to work properly, the average citizen should be interested in, and pay attention to, politics. In reality, however, only a minority of citizens live up to these standards. This paper examines whether demands of uncontroversial knowledge, that is, knowledge about what it means to vote, can be demanded of voters in order for them to be allowed to vote. It is concluded that, for reasons of justice and “issues of mutual concern”, such demands can be raised regarding such uncontroversial knowledge (but perhaps not for knowledge more controversial in kind).
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