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Towards methodology of humanities on the way to reform in logic
Soboleva M. E.
Kantovskij Sbornik , 2012,
Abstract: The article discusses several options for developing the methodology of the humanities by means of the "reform of logic" which is understood as the "organon" of cognition. I argue that the theories of Hermann Cohen, Wilhelm Windelband and Ernst Cassirer deliver the examples for the transition from epistemology to philosophy of culture, and the theories of Wilhelm Dilthey and Georg Misch modify the theory of knowledge into hermeneutics of life.
Rayleigh-Darcy convection in a porous layer: A comparison of near-critical and normal fluid phases
E. B. Soboleva
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Gravity-driven convection of fluid at parameters near its thermodynamic critical point inside a porous layer heated from below (Rayleigh-Darcy convection) is studied. The fluid having the temperature slightly above the critical one is one-component. The hydrodynamic model describing a high compressible fluid phase at variable physical properties inside a solid matrix at a uniform porosity is analyzed. A near-critical fluid is assumed to be the van der Waals gas. In the limit of small variations in the density and thermodynamic coefficients where the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation is applicable, the correlation relations for the key criteria of similarity under the stratification effect are obtained. These relations connect the model parameters (the Rayleigh-Darcy and Prandtl numbers appearing in the dimensionless governing equations) with the criteria of similarity (the real Rayleigh-Darcy and Prandtl numbers characterizing convection actually). Steady-state Rayleigh-Darcy convection near the stability threshold in conditions of the Oberbeck-Boussinesq approximation to be valid is simulated numerically. A set of solutions is analyzed with the use of the correlation relations resulting in a universal dependency of the corrected Nusselt number on the real Rayleigh-Darcy number described by a single curve. Convection of near-critical fluid is compared with that of normal fluid. The temperature difference at boundaries corresponding to the convection onset and depending on the Schwarzschild and Rayleigh criteria is analyzed analytically. As obtained, near the critical point, the threshold temperature difference at boundaries becomes independent of solid matrix and is determined solely by the critical adiabatic temperature gradient of fluid phase.
Anomalous ion diffusion within skeletal muscle transverse tubule networks
Paul R Shorten, Tanya K Soboleva
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1742-4682-4-18
Abstract: Using our model we found that the t-tubule network geometry reduced the K+ diffusion coefficient to 19–27% of its value in free solution, which is consistent with the experimentally observed value of 21% and is significantly smaller than existing theoretical values that range from 32–50%. We also found that diffusion in the t-tubules is anomalous for skeletal muscle fibres with a diameter of less than approximately 10–20 μm as a result of obstructed diffusion. We also observed that the [K+] within the interior of the t-tubule network during high-frequency activation is greater for fibres with a larger diameter. Smaller skeletal muscle fibres are therefore more resistant to membrane depolarization. Because the t-tubule network is anisotropic and inhomogeneous, we also found that the [K+] distribution generated within the network was irregular for fibres of small diameter.Our model explains the measured effective diffusion coefficient for ions in skeletal muscle t-tubules.Skeletal muscle fibres contain transverse tubular (t-tubule) networks that provide for rapid propagation of electrical signals into the fibre and ensures near simultaneous contraction in the constituent myofibrils. These t-tubule networks are highly branched space-filling networks that are located near sarcomere Z-lines in amphibians and the A-I junction in mammals. The t-tubule network therefore largely lies in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the muscle fibre. The electrical signals that propagate along the planar t-tubules are generated by the transport of ions across the t-tubule membranes and this can result in significant changes in ion concentrations within the t-tubules during muscle excitation. In particular, K+ ions accumulate within the t-tubule network as a result of voltage-gated K+ channels that repolarize the membrane during action potentials. This K+ accumulation can result in membrane depolarization and reduced membrane excitability as a result of Na+ channel inactivation and con
The Subgrid Modeling for Maxwell's Equations with Multiscale Isotropic Random Conductivity and Permittivity
Ekaterina Petrovna Kurochkina;Olga Nikolaevna Soboleva
PIER B , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIERB12120308
Abstract: The effective coefficients for Maxwell's equations in the frequency domain are calculated for a multiscale isotropic medium by using a subgrid modeling approach. The correlated fields of conductivity and permeability are approximated by Kolmogorov's multiplicative continuous cascades with a lognormal probability distribution. The wavelength is assumed to be large as compared with the scale of heterogeneities of the medium. The permittivity ε() and the electric conductivity σ() satisfy the condition σ()/(ωε()) < 1, where ω is the cyclic frequency. The theoretical results obtained in the paper are compared with the results from direct 3D numerical simulation.
THE ACHIEVING OF META-OBJECTIVE EDUCATIONAL RESULTS IN THE PROCESS OF SOLVING TASKS ON COMPUTER SCIENCE AT SECONDARY SCHOOL Формирование метапредметных образовательных результатов в процессе решения задач по информатике в основной школе
Soboleva E. V.,Khomyakova D. A.
Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University , 2013,
Abstract: The brief analysis of the new educational requirements is given in the article; the proof of the possibility of their achievement at school lessons of Computer Science by solving tasks is done. The example of organization of the task solving process aimed to achieve meta-objective educational results is given
Transient Exciplex Formation Electron Transfer Mechanism
Michael G. Kuzmin,Irina V. Soboleva,Elena V. Dolotova
Advances in Physical Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/813987
Abstract: Transient exciplex formation mechanism of excited-state electron transfer reactions is analyzed in terms of experimental data on thermodynamics and kinetics of exciplex formation and decay. Experimental profiles of free energy, enthalpy, and entropy for transient exciplex formation and decay are considered for several electron transfer reactions in various solvents. Strong electronic coupling in contact pairs of reactants causes substantial decrease of activation energy relative to that for conventional long-range ET mechanism, especially for endergonic reactions, and provides the possibility for medium reorganization concatenated to gradual charge shift in contrast to conventional preliminary medium and reactants reorganization. Experimental criteria for transient exciplex formation (concatenated) mechanism of excited-state electron transfer are considered. Available experimental data show that this mechanism dominates for endergonic ET reactions and provides a natural explanation for a lot of known paradoxes of ET reactions.
Anatomically based lower limb nerve model for electrical stimulation
Juliana HK Kim, John B Davidson, Oliver R?hrle, Tanya K Soboleva, Andrew J Pullan
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-6-48
Abstract: This paper describes the development of an anatomically based computer model of the motor neurons in the lower limb of the human leg and shows how it can be used to simulate electrical signal propagation from the beginning of the sciatic nerve to a skeletal muscle. One-dimensional cubic Hermite finite elements were used to represent the major portions of the lower limb nerves. These elements were fit to data that had been digitised using images from the Visible Man project. Nerves smaller than approximately 1 mm could not be seen in the images, and thus a tree-branching algorithm was used to connect the ends of the fitted nerve model to the respective skeletal muscle. To simulate electrical propagation, a previously published mammalian nerve model was implemented and solved on the anatomically based nerve mesh using a finite difference method. The grid points for the finite difference method were derived from the fitted finite element mesh. By adjusting the tree-branching algorithm, it is possible to represent different levels of motor-unit recruitment.To illustrate the process of a propagating nerve stimulus to a muscle in detail, the above method was applied to the nerve tree that connects to the human semitendinosus muscle. A conduction velocity of 89.8 m/s was obtained for a 15 μm diameter nerve fibre. This signal was successfully propagated down the motor neurons to a selected group of motor units in the muscle.An anatomically and physiologically based model of the posterior motor neurons in the human lower limb was developed. This model can be used to examine the effect of external stimulation on nerve and muscle activity, as may occur, for example, in the field of FES.Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a technique, using external electrical stimulation, which is capable of rehabilitating or restoring functionality of skeletal muscles that has been paralysed, for instance, by central nervous system lesions. The stimulation electrode can be located on t
Оptimization of periodontitis treatment in patients with chronic brucellosis infection
L.A. Soboleva,R.R. Syakin,N.V. Bulkina,A.A. Shuldyakov
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: For the purpose to determine the clinical pathogenetic efficacy of Cycloferon liniment in the combined therapy of parodontitis in patients with chronic brucellosis medical examination and treatment of 50 patients was carried out. It was established that use of liniment Cycloferon in the combined treatment of patients with pariodontitis against chronic brucellosis allowed to accelerate process of normalization of parameters of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant potential of blood, to decrease infection load (herpes symplex virus I, candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus) in parodontal recess and evidence of local inflammation with reduction of activity of tumour necrosis and interleukin 1b, that provided acceleration of recovery processes, lowering in frequency of pariodontitis recurrences
Clinical and pathogenetic approaches to development of parodontitis therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis С
E.N. Blinnikova,L.A. Soboleva,N.V. Bulkina,A.A. Shuldyakov
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: The research goal in to determine clinical and pathogenetic efficacy of Cycloferon liniment in the combined therapy of parodontitis in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Examination and treatment of 50 patients were conducted. It was revealed that the use of Cycloferon liniment in the combined treatment of patients with parodontitis accompanied by chronic hepatitis C allowed to accelerate process of normalization of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant potential of blood, to decrease infectious inflammation (herpes simplex virus I, candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus) in parodontal recess and local inflammation. The described method of treatment provided process of recovery and decrease in frequency of parodontitis recurrences
Modern approaches to parodontitis therapy in HIV patients
Oseeva А.О.,Soboleva L.A.,Bulkina N.V.,Shuldyakov A.A.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2011,
Abstract: The research goal is to determine the clinical pathogenetic efficacy of Cycloferon liniment in the combined therapy of periodontitis in patients with subclinical stage of HIV-infection. Medical examination and treatment of 40 patients has been carried out. It is established that use of liniment Cycloferon in the combined treatment of patients with subclinical stage of HIV-infection allows to accelerate process of normalization of lipid peroxidation parameters and antioxidant potential of blood and to decrease infection (herpes symplex virus I, Candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus) in par-odontal recess and evidence of local inflammation. The considered method of therapy has been proved to improve convalescence period and to decrease frequency of parodontitis recurrences
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