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The Integration of 3D GIS and Virtual Technology in the Design and Development of Residential Property Marketing Information System (GRPMIS)
Siti Aekbal Salleh,Wan Mohd Naim Wan Salleh,Abdul Hadi Nawawi,Eran Sadek Said Md. Sadek
Computer and Information Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v1n4p37
Abstract: This paper discusses about a research with the aim of investigating the potential integration of 3D GIS and virtual technology in designing and developing residential property marketing information system. The method adopted in this research is a standard system development lifecycle; commencing with the user requirements study, followed by the system design, the system development, the system implementation and finally the system evaluation. This research uses an informal method i.e. semi-structured interview, survey questionnaire and review of the existing information system to establish the user requirements. Ten user requirements were outlined alongside with the examination of four 3D integration and three virtual reality methods. Three out four methods of 3D features integration are selected for the system development. The developed system is tested using the black box and white box testing methods. The prototype system can be used by the real estate agents and property developer as the concept, framework and references for future development of a better conducive property marketing information system as well as simplifying the traditional flow of housing selection which gives positive impacts in the marketing transaction.
Combining Mahalanobis and Jaccard Distance to Overcome Similarity Measurement Constriction on Geometrical Shapes
Siti Salwa Salleh
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: In this study Jaccard Distance was performed by measuring the asymmetric information on binary variable and the comparison between vectors component. It compared two objects and notified the degree of similarity of these objects. After thorough pre- processing tasks; like translation, rotation, invariance scale content and noise resistance done onto the hand sketch object, Jaccard distance still did not show significance improvement. Hence this paper combined Mahalanobis measure with Jaccard distance to improve the similarity performances. It started with the same pre-processing tasks and feature analysis, shape normalization, shape perfection and followed with binary data conversion. Then each edge of the geometric shape was separated and measured using Jaccard distance. The shapes that passed the threshold value were measured by Mahalanobis distance. The results showed that the similarity percentage had increased from 61% to 84%, thus accrued an improved average of 21.6% difference.
Science teaching for enlightenment: A holistic approach in developing a teacher's guide for best practices to teach at secondary level
SITI HENDON Sheikh Abdullah,KHALIJAH Mohd Salleh
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2007,
Abstract: The ultimate goal of teaching is to produce enlightened students. It is believed that this is possible provided that teachers approach teaching in a holistic manner that exercises the best practices. They however need to have some form of guidance to teach in this manner. The paper describes the development of a teachers guide to teaching-learning (TGTL) at upper secondary school level. It is based on a holistic conceptual framework of best practices derived from the literature and empirically. The paper is made up of three parts: the descriptions of (1) the basic concepts: of enlightenment, best practices and holistic approach, (2) the framework and a holistic model for best practices (HOBP), assessment through classroom activities and refinement and (3) the construction of the TGTL based on findings in (2). This paper however does not include the assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of TGTL.
Multidimensional Business to Business E-Commerce Maturity Application: Assessment on Its Practicality  [PDF]
Norjansalika Janom, Mohd Shanudin Zakaria, Noor Habibah Arshad, Siti Salwa Salleh, Syaripah Ruzaini Syed Aris
iBusiness (IB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2014.62009

In most countries, Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) are known as main players in generating domestic-led investment and stimulate economic expansion. They are vital for economic growth and innovation, poverty reduction, local employment and development, and social cohesion. However, in the current digitally-connected trading economy, SMEs have face many new challenges that change the way SMEs business-to-business (B2B) trading operates. Among these challenges ARE the level of B2B e-commerce implementation and utilization that able to facilitate B2B trading process. However, the implementation of B2B e-commerce is being categorized as a system with high degree of difficulty since it involves complexity of the multiple relationships and interactions between trading partners. The interactions are not just complicated by their volume and variation in processes, but also by the complexity inherent in the dependencies exist between different trading parties. Based on this, for SMEs to partake in the B2B e-commerce activities, they need to have attained some reasonable level of maturity or readiness measurement in order to participate in B2B e-commerce initiatives. To overcome this, the robust multidimensional B2B e-commerce maturity application to assess the e-readiness level is needed. This paper describes the development of B2B e-Commerce Maturity Application (BeMA) which involves

Moving One Dimensional Cursor Using Extracted Parameter
Norlaili BT Mat Safri,Norlaili Mat Safri,Siti Hajar Aminah Ali,Siti Zuraimi BT Salleh
Signal Processing : An International Journal , 2009,
Abstract: This study focuses on developing a method to determine parameters to control cursor movement using noninvasive brain signals, or electroencephalogram (EEG) for brain-computer interface (BCI). There were two conditions applied i.e. Control condition where subjects relax (resting state); and Task condition where subjects imagine a movement. During both conditions, EEG signals were recorded from 19 scalp locations. In Task condition, subjects were asked to imagine a movement to move the cursor on the screen towards target position. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) was used to analyse the recorded EEG signals. To obtain maximum speed and accuracy, EEG data were divided into various interval and difference in power values between Task and Control conditions were calculated. As conclusion, the present study suggests that difference in delta frequency band between resting and active imagination may be use to control one dimensional cursor movement and the region that gives optimum output is at the parietal region.
Influence of different probability based models on oil prospect exploration decision making: A case from southern Mexico
Hajar Salleh, Siti;Rosales, Eduardo;Flores-de la Mota, Idalia;
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas , 2007,
Abstract: petroleum exploration is a high risk business. in this paper, we apply several fundamental concepts of petroleum prospect probability evaluation, illustrating the topic with a case study from southern mexico. prospect is a small geographic area where geotechnical evidence predicts the probable economic existence of oil and/or gas. risk assessment helps to estimate discovery probabilities before drilling. several geologic chance factors, i.e., reservoir facies, pore volume, geologic structure, seal, source rock, migration and retention were rated to obtain prospect probabilities for the potential accumulation for zones a to d. zone a is composed of upper jurassic rocks, and includes a real reservoir(s). zones b to d are hypothetical but based on geological facts of the same geologic province. they are respectively composed of cretaceous, miocene and pliocene rocks and located in the same geographic area of zone a. based on the prospect geological framework and its associated geologic chance factors, we defined and calculated the corresponding common factor as well as the individual probabilities, thereby allowing us to build a clear picture of discovery probabilities. three models, representing contrasting source rock concepts generated a range of discovery probabilities for each zone (a to d). our results show that the discovery ranking begins with model 2, followed by model 1, and lastly by model 3. using those probabilities results we defined the best geological scenario and point out what we believe are the most appropriate next steps for an improved, less risky exploratory effort.
Blastocystis infection in Malaysia: Evidence of waterborne and human-to-human transmissions among the Proto-Malay, Negrito and Senoi tribes of Orang Asli
Anuar Tengku Shahrul,Ghani Mohamed Kamel Abdul,Azreen Siti Nor,Salleh Fatmah Md
Parasites & Vectors , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1756-3305-6-40
Abstract: Background Blastocystis has been described as the most common intestinal parasite in humans and has an increased impact on public health. However, the transmission of this parasite has not been conclusively determined. Methods To contribute to a better comprehension of the epidemiology of this infection, a cross-sectional survey aimed at providing the first documented data on the prevalence and risk factors associated with Blastocystis infection was carried out among three Orang Asli tribes (Proto-Malay, Negrito and Senoi) in selected villages at Negeri Sembilan, Perak and Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. Faecal samples were examined by formalin-ether sedimentation and trichrome staining techniques. Results Of 500 individuals, 20.4% (102) were detected positive for Blastocystis; 13.3% (20/150) of Proto-Malays, 21.6% (30/139) of Negritos and 24.7% (52/211) of Senois were positive for Blastocystis, respectively. The positive cases showed a decrease with increasing age and most of the positive cases were observed in individuals less than 15 years old. Multivariate analysis confirmed that drinking untreated water and the presence of other family members infected with Blastocystis were significant risk factors of infection among the three tribes and overall population studied. Conclusion Essentially, the findings highlighted that Blastocystis infection is prevalent among Orang Asli communities in Malaysia. Further studies using molecular approaches to distinguish the subtype of Blastocystis is needed. The present study also revealed that this infection may be transmitted through waterborne and human-to-human contact. Therefore, interventions with the provision of clean water supply for the communities and health education especially to the parents are urgently required.
Use of Information and Communication Technology in Enhancing Teaching and Learning
Siti Maliza Hj Salleh,Suriani Jack,Zubaidah Bohari,Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff
International Education Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v4n2p153
Abstract: The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education has been peripheral, with new technologies being added to the traditional teacher centred model of instruction. Students in the global economy of the 21st Century need to be creative thinkers and innovators. Thus, this paper provides an overview of the integration of innovation and education which plays an important role in propelling the human capital to a higher level to realize the objectives of Vision 2020.The integration of teaching and research is becoming a key issue in higher education, not only in order to differentiate the character of universities from other teaching and learning institutions, but also in order to find ways to create the kind of knowledge needed in a world characterized by a turbulent environment and increasing change in daily life.The right blend of pedagogies, tools and media needs to be created, quality assurance at various stages of planning, design and implementation should be embedded at every stage to ensure that we produce the desired graduates.
An Empirical Assessment of Hotel Departmental Managers Turnover Intentions: The Impact of Organizational Justice
Salleh Mohd Radzi,Siti Zuraini Alan Ramley,Mohd Salehuddin,Zulhan Othman
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n8p173
Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between organizational justice (OJ) and turnover intentions (TI) among the lower and middle-level hotel departmental managers. Organizational justice, comprising three-dimensional measures of distributive justice (DJ), procedural justice (PJ), and interactional justice (IJ) was measured through inferential statistics. Distributive justice and procedural justice had a significant negative effect on managers’turnover intentions while interactional justice did not support the proposed relationship. The perceptions of fairness of reward allocation and procedure received in organizations prompt the lower and middle hotel departmental managers to reciprocate their turnover intention behaviour. These research findings offer some insight for the hotel top management into how to prevent their valuable managers from leaving the organization.
BIOTROPIA : the Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology , 2009,
Abstract: Fusarium is one of the important genera associated with grasses as saprophytes, endophytes and pathogens. A study was carried out on distribution and diversity of Fusarium species associated with two groups of grasses in 10 states throughout Peninsular Malaysia i.e. agricultural grasses (Oryza sativa and Saccharum officinarum) and non-agricultural grasses (Axonopus compressus, Centhotheca lappacea, Chloris barbata, Crysopogon aciculatus, Cyanadon dactylon, Dactyloctenium aegyptium, Digitaria ciliaris, Echinochloa colona, Eleusine indica, Eragrostis amabilis, Eragrostis malayana, Eragrostis uniloides, Ischaemum magnum, Panicum brevifolium, Panicum millaneum, Panicum repens, Paspalum commersonii, Paspalum conjugatum, Paspalum orbiculare, Pennisetum purpureum, Sacciolepis indica, Sporobolus diander and Sporobolus indicus). A total of 474 isolates were single-spored and identified by morphological characteristics. F. semitectum was frequently isolated (23.6%), followed by F. sacchari and F. fujikuroi with 15.4% and 14.6%, respectively. The other nine species were F. solani (10.3%), F. proliferatum (8.9%), F. oxysporum (7.4%), F. subglutinans (6.5%), F. equiseti (5.5%), F. verticillioides (3.4%), F. compactum (2.5%), F. chlamydosporum (1.1%) and F. longipes (0.8%). Based on the Shannon-Weiner Index, F. solani was the highest (H' = 2.62) isolated from grasses. Species of Fusarium from O. sativa were widely diverse with 11 species, followed by non-agricultural grasses with nine species and S. officinarum with only six species. This is the first report on diversity of Fusarium associated with grasses in Malaysia.
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