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A Linguagem e Diálogo do “Maravilhoso” no Ciberespa o: A Literatura e as Novas Tecnologias contribuindo para a Inclus o / Language and Dialogue "Marvelous" in Cyberspace: Literature and New Technologies contributing to the Inclusion
Sirlene Cristófano
Linguagens e Diálogos , 2010,
Abstract: The “imaginary” has a precise connotation in literature. This term refers us to a large number of concepts linked to the imagination, since ancient times and since the dynamics of the poiesis. Although Freud's theory has given you the dimension of fantasy that still open to the notion of illusory; with Lacan is that this concept is drawn as accurately register the fundamental mental structure alongside the “real” and “symbolic”, constituting the record of deception and identification. Beyond the pleasure and playful aspects, fairy tales and / or folk tales have a role of great symbolic importance as they provide the creative development and a healthy personality in children. From these, this article presents the important dialogue and interaction between the Literature and New Technologies , with respect to the advantage of reading these types of narratives, which provide the child's healthy psychological development, functioning well, as "doors that open to certain human truths.”
Definitions and boundaries of Fantasy in A Bolsa Amarela, by Lygia Bojunga: The right balance between freedom and limitations of the real
Sirlene Cristófano
Via Litterae , 2010,
Abstract: Lygia Bojunga Nunes, noted Brazilian writer, as I think of literature as an opportunity to contribute to the ideological formation of the Brazilian people through some of their literary and denounces encourages reflections on various issues such as prejudice against women and against children, social indifference, among others. To this end, the writer constructs his narratives using childhood as the main theme, but the writer has aimed not only works for children and youth, but also works with a focus on the adult audience, addressing the subjective issues of our universe, such as infidelity, suicide, abandonment, from the perspective of the small player: you listen and look of the child. In his works from the 90s onwards, we notice that the characters are turned to questions of the universe of adult maturity, even when the return to childhood and that the viewpoint of the narrator grows with the reader. In addition, his works are characterized by a marked violation of the boundaries between reality and fantasy, which may give the child a way to maturity and the search for his identity. From these, this paper aims to brief considerations on areas that touch as a fantastic, wonderful traditional tale and wonderful contemporary tale. This will allow us to highlight some of these elements present in the A Bolsa Amarela, of Lygia Bojunga. This article aims to reflect the importance of imagery as an important resource for self-knowledge that is what enables children to overcome their differences and their problems, thanks for reading these texts.
Sirlene Cristófano
Fólio : Revista de Letras , 2010,
Abstract: This article aims to contextualize the contemporary writer Lygia Bojunga Nunes in her time and her literary space in a political season when Brazil lived under a dictatorship, in which the writer was engaged in the ideological struggle. This paper aims to reflect on an important topic of one of her stories, A Bolsa Amarela, which deals with problems in human relations and offers a scathing critique of social reality.
Anatomical changes in Willow Wood Decayed by the brown rot fungus Coriolellus malicola (Basidiomycota)
Murace,Mónica A.; Luna,María L.; Keil,Gabriel D.; De Cristófano,Natalia N.;
Bolet?-n de la Sociedad Argentina de Bot??nica , 2006,
Abstract: in argentina, salix wood is employed mainly in pulp and paper industry. in this country, the brown rotter c oriolellus malicola was found in association with willow plantations. the purpose of this work was to study the anatomical changes caused by c. malicola in willow wood in order to provide information on the effects of brown rot decay in the yield and quality of pulp. two willow clones were employed: salix nigra 4 and salix babylonica x salix alba cv i 131-25 . two exposure times were used: 75 and 150 days. the percentages of weight loss produced by this fungus in both clones was ca. 30% at 75 days and ca. 60% at 150 days of decay. c. malicola degraded mainly fibre walls. microscopically, the loss of cell shape, the presence of transwall fractures and the loss of birefringence were the main anatomical modifications observed. according to our observations decayed salix wood by c. malicola seems to be inadequate for pulp industry.
Anatomical changes in Willow Wood Decayed by the brown rot fungus Coriolellus malicola (Basidiomycota) Modificaciones anatómicas en madera de sauce por acción Coriolellus malicola (Aphyllophorales) agente de pudrición casta a
Mónica A. Murace,María L. Luna,Gabriel D. Keil,Natalia N. De Cristófano
Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica , 2006,
Abstract: In Argentina, Salix wood is employed mainly in pulp and paper industry. In this country, the brown rotter C oriolellus malicola was found in association with willow plantations. The purpose of this work was to study the anatomical changes caused by C. malicola in willow wood in order to provide information on the effects of brown rot decay in the yield and quality of pulp. Two willow clones were employed: Salix nigra 4 and Salix babylonica x Salix alba cv I 131-25 . Two exposure times were used: 75 and 150 days. The percentages of weight loss produced by this fungus in both clones was ca. 30% at 75 days and ca. 60% at 150 days of decay. C. malicola degraded mainly fibre walls. Microscopically, the loss of cell shape, the presence of transwall fractures and the loss of birefringence were the main anatomical modifications observed. According to our observations decayed Salix wood by C. malicola seems to be inadequate for pulp industry. En la República Argentina la madera de Salix es empleada principalmente en la industria papelera. En este país el hongo de pudrición casta a C oriolellus malicola se encontró asociado a plantaciones comerciales de sauce. El objetivo de este trabajo fue estudiar las modificaciones anatómicas causada por C. malicola en la madera de sauce con el fin de aportar información sobre los efectos de la pudrición casta a en los rendimientos y calidad de la pulpa para papel. Se emplearon dos clones: Salix nigra 4 y Salix babylonica x Salix alba cv I. 131-25 . Se trabajó con dos tiempos de exposición: 75 y 150 días. Las pérdidas de peso producidas por esta cepa en ambos clones fueron de ca. del 30% a los 75 días y de ca. del 60% a los 150 días de incubación. C. malicola degradó principalmente las paredes de las fibras. Microscópicamente, las principales modificaciones anatómicas observadas fueron: deformación del tejido, presencia de fracturas transversales en las paredes celulares y pérdida de birrefringencia. De acuerdo con nuestras observaciones la madera de Salix degradada por C. malicola sería inadecuada para la industria del pulpado.
Pedro A. Zeinsteger,María A. De Cristófano,Alberto A. Gurni
Boletín Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Plantas Medicinales y Aromáticas , 2007,
Abstract: Muchas sustancias naturales causan intoxicaciones en el hombre y los animales. Las que derivan del reino vegetal pueden provocar graves lesiones cuando son consumidas. Senecio grisebachii (Asteraceae) se encuentra presente en Argentina. Posee en su composición alcaloides pirrolizidínicos hepatotóxicos, que afectan al hígado causando enfermedad veno-oclusiva y cirrosis. Los objetivos del presente trabajo fueron realizar los estudios micrográfico y fitoquímico. Se procedió a la disociación leve de hojas, y cromatografía en capa delgada. Se determinó que S. grisebachii presenta en el disociado células epidérmicas, estomas, pelos tectores en forma de látigo, pelos glandulares de pie de cuatro o más células y cabeza secretora de varias células, cuerpos resinosos verdes, fragmentos de parénquima asimilador y de nervaduras. La cromatografía corroboró la presencia de retrorsina y senecionina. Este trabajo aporta a los veterinarios información útil para el conocimiento de especies vegetales tóxicas.
Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in isolated pancreatic islets: Multiphysics FEM model calculations compared to results of perifusion experiments with human islets  [PDF]
Peter Buchwald, Sirlene R. Cechin
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.65A006
Abstract: Because insulin released by the β-cells of pancreatic islets is the main regulator of glucose levels, the quantitative modeling of their glucose-stimulated insulin secretion is of obvious interest not only to improve our understanding of the processes involved, but also to allow better assessment of β -cell function in diabetic patients or islet transplant recipients as well as the development of improved artificial or bioartificial pancreas devices. We have recently developed a general, local concentrations-based multiphysics computational model of insulin secretion in avascular pancreatic islets that can be used to calculate insulin secretion for arbitrary geometries of cultured, perifused, transplanted, or encapsulated islets in response to various glucose profiles. Here, experimental results obtained from two different dynamic glucose-stimulated insulin release (GSIR) perifusion studies performed by us following standard procedures are compared to those calculated by the model. Such perifusion studies allow the quantitative assessment of insulin release kinetics under fully controllable experimental conditions of varying external concentrations of glucose, oxygen, or other compounds of interest, and can provide an informative assessment of islet quality and function. The time-profile of the insulin secretion calculated by the model was in good agree- ment with the experimental results obtained with isolated human islets. Detailed spatial distributions of glucose, oxygen, and insulin were calculated and are presented to provide a quantitative visualization of various important aspects of the insulin secretion dynamics in perifused islets.
Texto e Persus o: Uma Análise Discursiva
Sirlene Duarte
OPSIS : Revista do Departamento de História e Ciências Sociais , 2003,
Abstract: Pretende-se evidenciar, neste trabalho, alguns efeitos persuasivos sotopostos em textos de auto-ajuda. Nesse sentido, a reflex o feita se pauta sobre algumas estratégias discursivas que (re)velam a persuas o.
Metabolitos del efavirenz como probable causa de falsos-positivos en test inmunológico para benzodiacepinas en orina
Quiroga,Patricia N.; Mirson,Daniel J.E.; Ridolfi,Adriana S.; Fuentes,Silvia; De Cristófano,María de los Angeles; Navoni,Julio; Villaamil Lepori,Edda C.;
Acta toxicol?3gica argentina , 2007,
Abstract: efavirenz (efv) is an antiretroviral drug used in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) treatment. immunoassay techniques have been widely used for abuse drug screening test. the presence of structurally related substances in urine samples can interfere by cross reactions causing false positive results. high percentage of false positive results (78%) for benzodiazepines (bdz) had been established for 18 urine samples assayed by immunoassay test triage? (ascend multi immune assay). gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) evaluation was negative for bdz for all cases. one hundred percent (100%) of the positive results came from patients treated with efv. with the aim to determine the cause of this cross- reaction, efv and its metabolites were isolated by solid phase extraction (spe) and high performance thin-layer chromatography (hptlc) and then, identified by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (gc-ms and gc-ms/ms/ms). gc-ms/ms/ms analysis showed that efv metabolites (8-oh-efv and/or 7-oh-efv) could probably be responsible for the cross reaction observed in the immunologic assays.
Sirlene Ribeiro Alves
Revista Digital do LAV , 2013, DOI: 10.5902/19837348
Abstract: Com o advento da lei 10.639/2003, e posteriormente da lei 11.645/2008, a jun o Arte e etnia sai da condi o de uma possibilidade tornando-se uma obrigatoriedade, o que prop e um novo olhar sobre o currículo de Arte. A Educa o de Jovens e Adultos tem se afirmado como uma modalidade específica de ensino. Por serem sujeitos que possuem marcas de exclus o, os alunos da EJA trazem para sala de aula quest es étnico-raciais. Dessa forma, esse estudo irá apresentar autores que pensaram o currículo escolar, a EJA e o ensino de Artes, criando conex es com a temática étnico-racial.
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