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Flexible Learning: A New Tendency in Distance Learning
Sirin Karadeniz
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This study analyzes the future of distance learning (dLearning). To this aim, the educational process that started with classroom learning (cLearning) and continued with distance learning (dLearning), electronic learning (eLearning), mobile learning (mLearning) and blended learning (bLearning) which combines the strengths of these different applications and flexible learning (fLearning) which is lately the leading trend were examined. Finally, emerging technologies, pedagogies, characteristics of future learners were analyzed. In addition, nature of the future dLearning and role of fLearning in future education systems.
Cooperar en Marruecos: entre la acción y la construcción del estereotipo
Adlbi, Sirin
Revista de Estudios Internacionales Mediterráneos , 2009,
Abstract: The Development Cooperation moves an interests which generates a series of speeches within the Non-Governmental Organizations for Development. Technicians of development of NGODs perceive in the field, the reality of the Morocco’s Cooperation, and they build speeches in relation to the development and the “Other”. These speeches are articulated based on economic interests. But also they are based on a prior cultural baggage and a previous certain perception of the country in which they will work. A previous certain perception of the “Moroccan” particularly, and of the “Arabic” and “Muslim” in general.
On the Deterministic Code Capacity Region of an Arbitrarily Varying Multiple-Access Channel Under List Decoding
Sirin Nitinawarat
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We study the capacity region $C_L$ of an arbitrarily varying multiple-access channel (AVMAC) for deterministic codes with decoding into a list of a fixed size $L$ and for the average error probability criterion. Motivated by known results in the study of fixed size list decoding for a point-to-point arbitrarily varying channel, we define for every AVMAC whose capacity region for random codes has a nonempty interior, a nonnegative integer $\Omega$ called its symmetrizability. It is shown that for every $L \leq \Omega$, $C_L$ has an empty interior, and for every $L \geq (\Omega+1)^2$, $C_L$ equals the nondegenerate capacity region of the AVMAC for random codes with a known single-letter characterization. For a binary AVMAC with a nondegenerate random code capacity region, it is shown that the symmetrizability is always finite.
Relation Functions Evaluated from Unique Coefficient Patterns
Alperen Sirin
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we study polynomials of the form $f(x)=(x^n+x^{n-1}+...+1)^l$ for $l=1,2,3,4$ to generate a pattern titled "unique coefficient pattern". Namely, we analyze each unique coefficient patterns of $f(x)$ and generate functions titled "relation functions". The approach that we follow will allow us to evaluate desired coefficients for such polynomial expansions by simply using these relation functions.
The Effects of Some Alpha-1 Adrenergic Antagonists on Trigone Smooth Muscle of Rat Bladder
Ali Karadeniz
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: This study was performed for investigating of the effects of tamsulosine and doxazosine in vitro on trigone smooth muscle of rat bladder. Fifty rats which were 250-300 gr were used for this study. One strip shape trigone preparat was prepared for each of the isolated bladder. At first, 1 gram of strecth was applied to tissues and after waiting for training to media. Next, determination of the level of electrical stimulation which created submaximal contraction after training time and this stimulation was performed with adding different concentrations of phenylephrine. At the end of this process, effective dosage was found, for trigone was determined by applying different concentrations of phenylephrine (10-8 M, 10-7 M, 10-6 M, 10-5 M) respectively. Firstly 10-9 M dosage of doxazosine was added as a adrenergic receptor antagonists which tamsulosine (10-8M, 10-7M, 10-6M, 10-5M) and doxazosine (10-9M, 10-8M, 10-7M, 10-6M) and waited for 20 minute. Then, effective dosage of phenylephrine (10-5 M) was added to the solution and waited for 7 minute, again. After this process, electrical stimulation was applied for contraction of the tissue. After stimulation, tissue was washing once for every two minute twice and by resting, tissue was waited until it got its starting strecting value. Same processes were performed for tamsulosine and doxazosine other dosages. As a result, when we compared the amplitutes of the responses of all concentrations of doxazosine at trigone smooth muscle with amplitute of a response of effective concentration of phenylephrine. Alone, a decrease in the amplitites were found in the ration of 10 % (10-9M), 14 % (10-8M) 21 % (10-7M), 28 % (10-6M) respectively related to increase of concentration. Similarly, when we compared the amplitutes of the responses of all concentrations of tamsulosine with amplitute of a response of effective concentration of phenylephrine. Alone, a decrease in amplititues were found in the ration of 32 % (10-8M ), 37 % (10-7M) 41 % (10-6M), 46 % (10-5M) respectively related to increase of concentration. Prevention of contractions which was done with tamsulosine hydrochloride more effectively than doxazosine mesylate was determined. With these results, we showed that doxazosine and tamsulosine inhibited noradrenaline based contractions at the rat trigone smooth muscle and this results can be used both for in vitro and in vivo for future studies.
Ankara’daki Halk Kütüphanelerinde Halkla li kiler =Public Relations of Public Libraries in Ankara
Karadeniz, ?enol
Bilgi Dünyas? , 2010,
Abstract: Bu al mada Ankara'daki halk kütüphanelerinin, kullan c lar n sunulan hizmetler hakk nda neden yeterince bilgilendiremedikleri ve kendilerini kullan c lar na neden yeterince tan tamad klar konusu irdelenmi tir. Ara t rman n amac , halk kütüphanelerinde uygulanabilecek halkla ili kiler y ntemlerinin neler oldu unu, halk kütüphanelerinin planl halkla ili kiler faaliyetlerinde bulunmamalar n n nedenlerini ve bu nedenlerin boyutunu, zelliklerini ortaya koymakt r. Ara t rman n evrenini Ankara Büyük ehir Belediyesi s n rlar i inde hizmet veren Kültür ve Turizm Bakanl 'na ba l halk ve ocuk kütüphaneleri olu turmaktad r. nceden yap land r lm g rü me kapsam nda halk kütüphanesi y neticileriyle g rü ülmü , ayr ca ara t rma kapsam ndaki kütüphanelerde g zlem tekni i uygulanm t r. Ara t rmadan elde edilen bulgular nda, halk kütüphanelerinin sistematik halkla ili kiler programlar uygulamamalar nedeniyle, kütüphaneyi tan tmada ve sunulan hizmetlere ili kin kullan c larda olumlu g rü olu turmada yetersiz kald klar anla lm t r In this study the answers to the question "why the public libraries in Ankara could not inform their users about services off ered properly, and could not introduce themselves to users suffi ciently ?" were explicated. The goal of the study is to fi nd out which public relations methods can be used in libraries, and why libraries could not conduct planned public relations activities. The research universe consists of public libraries being administratively connected to Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which lie within the borders of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For the collection of data, pre-confi gured talks were applied to the managers who were working for the public libraries, and moreover the fulfi llment of library activities were observed. The fi ndings of the study indicate that, since the public libraries could not apply systematic public relations programs, they become inadequate in introducing themselves and hence are not able to create a positive feedback on their users.
The recreational potential of S z r Waterfall and its environment in terms of sustainability
Vedat Karadeniz
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Tectonic feature, lithological and topographical structure, climatic conditions and river regimes of our country result in obsessing a great potential in terms of waterfalls. But it cannot be stated that this potential is being used touristic enough. Whereas, these natural water bodies attracting people with the beauty of landscapes, can be evaluated as alternative to coastal tourism in the range of tourism by protecting natural appearance, overcoming the lack of infrastructure and advertising.S z r Waterfall, which is the subject to our research, is located in the boundaries of S z r town of Gemerek district of Sivas Province. Waterfall, is located 19 km away Sivas-Kayseri highway, can be reached any time of year. Closeness to main road and accessibility to the waterfall arise the attractiveness of touristic.S z r Waterfall consists of G ksu stream (S z r water), is one of the branches of the Red River, with water falling over travertine step. Approximately 22-meter-high waterfall water falls in line of seven drops. This may vary according to the seasons and the amount of water passing through the waterfall.Although S z r Waterfall and the surrounding are known by local people, it is insufficiently known across the country. We believe that this touristic value will take its rightful share of the tourism pie with the introduction of the scope of nature-based ecotourism at the second degree natural site that has been declared by Sivas Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Regional Office in 2001 and that has the necessary infrastructure facilities. At this point, we hope that our study will contribute to increasing the introduction and awareness of the waterfall.
T Karadeniz
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2006,
Abstract: The study determines the graft take of walnut in Ordu province located in the East Black Sea Region. Grafting studies were carried out in nursery conditions in late August from 1993 to 2000. During these years, a total of 87 264 applied grafts were evaluated by using patch-grafting method. The graft take varied from 29% to 64 % depending on years. Relations between the graft take and climate conditions were also considered. Graft take under nursery conditions was affected by especially relative moisture (%) in addition to the mean and maximum temperature (°C) in August and September months.
La cooperación no gubernamental espa ola en Marruecos y la construcción de la “islamofobia” en las Relaciones Internacionales | Spanish non-governmental cooperation in Morocco and the construction of “Islamophobia” in International Relations
Relaciones Internacionales , 2012,
Abstract: Este artículo redefine el concepto de “islamofobia” desde el marco teórico “decolonial” con el objeto de analizar cómo se produce la construcción de la misma en las Relaciones Internacionales. El estudio de caso que aborda este trabajo es el de los discursos de los técnicos de la cooperación no gubernamental espa ola en Marruecos. Las dos hipótesis que muestra este estudio son, en primer lugar, que la “islamofobia” es generizada en tres sentidos: quién la produce, cómo se produce y sobre quién incide en mayor grado. En segundo lugar, que la “islamofobia” en las relaciones internacionales o en un nivel macro-político, pasa necesariamente por su construcción en el nivel micro-político y discursivo, en la construcción de las subjetividades de los individuos. This paper redefines the concept of Islamophobia from a decolonial perspective. The objective of this research is to analyze how islamophobia is built within international relations. The case study in this paper looks at the discourse of the technical Spanish non-governmental cooperation in Morocco. The two hypotheses resulting from this study are, primarily, that Islamophobia is produced in three ways: who produces it, how it occurs and who affects it to a major extent. Secondly, that Islamophobia in international relations or at a macro-political level, will necessarily be built in the micro-political and within the discursive construction of individual subjectivities.
On the X-ray Outbursts of Transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsars and Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters
Sirin Caliskan,Unal Ertan
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/758/2/98
Abstract: We show that the X-ray outburst light curves of four transient anomalous X-ray pulsars (AXPs) and soft gamma-ray repeaters (SGRs), namely XTE J1810-197, SGR 0501+4516, SGR 1627-41 and CXOU J164710.2-455216, can be produced by the fallback disk model that was also applied to the outburst light curves of persistent AXPs and SGRs in our earlier work. The model solves the diffusion equation for the relaxation of a disk which has been pushed back by a soft gamma-ray burst. The sets of main disk parameters used for these transient sources are very similar to each other and to those employed in our earlier models of persistent AXPs and SGRs. There is a characteristic difference between the X-ray outburst light curves of transient and persistent sources. This can be explained by the differences in the disk surface-density profiles of the transient and persistent sources in quiescence indicated by their quiescent X-ray luminosities. Our results imply that a viscous disk instability operating at a critical temperature in ~ 1300 - 2800 K range is a common property of all fallback disks around AXPs and SGRs. The effect of the instability is more pronounced and starts earlier for the sources with lower quiescent luminosities, which leads to the observable differences in the X-ray enhancement light curves of transient and persistent sources. A single active disk model with the same basic disk parameters can account for the enhancement phases of both transient and persistent AXPs and SGRs. We also present a detailed parameter study to show the effects of disk parameters on the evolution of the X-ray luminosity of AXPs and SGRs in the X-ray enhancement phases.
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