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Prenatal diagnosis of partial trisomy 21 associated with maternal balanced translocation 46xx der 21 t(21q;22q) with pericentric inversion of chromosome 9.
Parmar R,Sira P
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine , 2003,
Abstract: This communication reports prenatal diagnosis of partial trisomy 21 resulting from balanced translocation (21q;22q) in a 36-year-old gravida 7, para 1 woman. The lady had only one living child and there was history of recurrent spontaneous first trimester abortions. Triple test was abnormal in the present conception. In addition, the woman had pericentric inversion of chromosome 9, a finding scarcely reported previously with carrier status in Indian literature. A few cytogeneticists consider this as a normal variant. However, many reports in the recent literature link pericentric inversion of chromosome 9 with infertility, recurrent abortions and a number of other abnormal conditions. A review of the relevant literature pertinent to the case is provided.
Necrotizing myelitis in an immunocompetent child : a case report with review of literature.
Parmar R,Bavdekar S,Sira P,Kamat J
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: A few cases of necrotizing myelitis have been reported in adults since its first description in 1973. No case has been described in the pediatric age group. A 12-year-old boy, who presented with acute flaccid paraplegia, loss of sphincter control and sensory loss showed features suggestive of necrotizing myelitis on magnetic resonance imaging. Investigations carried out could not reveal a specific etiological or pre-disposing factor. No clinical improvement occurred despite the therapy.
Mutation of torsion pairs in cluster categories of Dynkin type $D$
Sira Gratz
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated categories and its combinatorial interpretation for the cluster category of Dynkin type $A_n$ and of type $A_\infty$ have been studied by Zhou and Zhu. In this paper we present a combinatorial model for mutation of torsion pairs in the cluster category of Dynkin type $D_n$, using Ptolemy diagrams of Dynkin type $D_n$ which were introduced by Holm, J{\o}rgensen and Rubey.
Cluster algebras of infinite rank as colimits
Sira Gratz
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We formalize the way in which one can think about cluster algebras of infinite rank by showing that every rooted cluster algebra of infinite rank can be written as a colimit of rooted cluster algebras of finite rank. Relying on the proof of the posivity conjecture for skew-symmetric cluster algebras (of finite rank) by Lee and Schiffler, it follows as a direct consequence that the positivity conjecture holds for cluster algebras of infinite rank. Furthermore, we give a sufficient and necessary condition for a ring homomorphism between cluster algebras to give rise to a rooted cluster morphism without specializations. Assem, Dupont and Schiffler proposed the problem of a classification of ideal rooted cluster morphisms. We provide a partial solution by showing that every rooted cluster morphism without specializations is ideal, but in general rooted cluster morphisms are not ideal.
Energy Aware Processor Architecture for Effective Scheduling and Power Management in Cloud Using Inclusive Power-Cognizant Processor Controller  [PDF]
Suma Sira Jacob, C. Kezi Selva Vijila
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.78157
Abstract: The fast acceptance of cloud technology to industry explains increasing energy conservation needs and adoption of energy aware scheduling methods to cloud. Power consumption is one of the top of mind issues in cloud, because the usage of cloud storage by the individuals or organization grows rapidly. Developing an efficient power management processor architecture has gained considerable attention. However, the conventional power management mechanism fails to consider task scheduling policies. Therefore, this work presents a novel energy aware framework for power management. The proposed system leads to the development of Inclusive Power-Cognizant Processor Controller (IPCPC) for efficient power utilization. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, simulation experiments inputting random tasks as well as tasks collected from Google Trace Logs were conducted to validate the supremacy of IPCPC. The research based on Real world Google Trace Logs gives results that proposed framework leads to less than 9% of total power consumption per task of server which proves reduction in the overall power needed.
Delivering Diagnostic Quality Video over Mobile Wireless Networks for Telemedicine
Sira P. Rao,Nikil S. Jayant,Max E. Stachura,Elena Astapova,Anthony Pearson-Shaver
International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/406753
Abstract: In real-time remote diagnosis of emergency medical events, mobility can be enabled by wireless video communications. However, clinical use of this potential advance will depend on definitive and compelling demonstrations of the reliability of diagnostic quality video. Because the medical domain has its own fidelity criteria, it is important to incorporate diagnostic video quality criteria into any video compression system design. To this end, we used flexible algorithms for region-of-interest (ROI) video compression and obtained feedback from medical experts to develop criteria for diagnostically lossless (DL) quality. The design of the system occurred in three steps-measurement of bit rate at which DL quality is achieved through evaluation of videos by medical experts, incorporation of that information into a flexible video encoder through the notion of encoder states, and an encoder state update option based on a built-in quality criterion. Medical experts then evaluated our system for the diagnostic quality of the video, allowing us to verify that it is possible to realize DL quality in the ROI at practical communication data transfer rates, enabling mobile medical assessment over bit-rate limited wireless channels. This work lays the scientific foundation for additional validation through prototyped technology, field testing, and clinical trials.
Production and characterization of cassava (manihot esculenta crantz) flours using different thermal treatments
Pérez Sira,Elevina Eduviges; Lares Amaiz,Mary; González,Zurima; Tovar,Juscelino;
Interciencia , 2007,
Abstract: the aim of this study was to produce flours from the edible portion of cassava (manihot esculenta crantz) roots, treat them by heat in different forms (normal and pressure cooking, in limited and excess water conditions, and in the presence or absence of nacl) and characterize them in their chemical composition, physical and functional properties. the flour preparation procedure affected both the chemical composition and gelatinization profile. the control (raw flour) and heat-treated samples displayed a set-back reduction. pregelatinized flours showed decreased consistency and absorption indices, and augmented departure time, stability, tolerance index and time to breakdown values, as compared to control sample. these flours are suggested as potential ingredients in new or conventional product development.
Un análisis de los modelos y métodos de optimización del tráfico urbano
Lema Fernández, Carmen S.,Pedreira Andrade, Luis P.,Allende Alonso, Sira
Rect@ , 2009,
Abstract: RESUMEN El problema del tráfico es un tema importante para la mayor parte de las ciudades industrializadas del mundo. No es solamente una cuestión social y económica sino también un factor muy importante de comodidad para una ciudad. En este artículo hacemos un análisis de los diferentes modelos y métodos de optimización del tráfico urbano. Hemos organizado los trabajos en tres clases: sistemas avanzados de información al viajero, sistemas avanzados de gestión del tráfico y sistemas avanzados de optimización del tráfico. Finalmente nos centramos en la optimización de los ciclos de los semáforos. Este es un problema NP-duro que no parece que tenga una solución determinística conocida en el momento actual. Proponemos un método híbrido de solución consistente en una heurística (recocido simulado) para fijar los valores del vector longitud de fase, más un algoritmo eficiente para resolver un problema de complementariedad lineal.ABSTRACT The traffic problem is a major issue for the most of the industrialized cities in the world. It is not just a social and economical matter but also a very important comfort factor for a city. In this paper we make an analysis of the different models and methods for optimization of the urban traffic. We have categorized works in three classes: Advanced traveller information systems, advanced traffic management systems and advanced traffic optimization systems. Finally, we concentrated in traffic lights cycles optimization. This is an NP-hard problem, which seems not to have a known deterministic solution at the present time. We propose a hybrid method of solution. This method will consist of a heuristic (simulated annealing) to fix the values of the phase length vector, plus an efficient algorithm to solve a linear complementarity problem.
Modelo de optimización con restricciones de equilibrio para el control de semáforos
Allende, Sira,Blanco Louro, Amalia,Lema Fernández, Carmen S.,Pedreira Andrade, Luís P.
Rect@ , 2006,
Abstract: En este trabajo analizamos un problema de control óptimo de semáforos para un cruce de dos carreteras con los dos sentidos de circulación. Exponemos primero, un modelo exacto y acíclico que describe la evolución de las longitudes de las colas como una función del tiempo y de los instantes de cambio (“switching”). Para obtener un modelo simplificado (más manejable para el análisis matemático) hacemos algunas hipótesis simplificadoras. Pretendemos calcular una sucesión temporal switching para semáforos que minimiza un criterio, tal como la longitud media de la cola sobre todas las colas, la longitud de la cola en el peor caso, el tiempo medio de espera, etc. Interpretamos las restricciones de nuestro problema como un problema de complementariedad lineal extendido (ELCP), por tanto para determinar la sucesión temporal switching óptima, debemos optimizar la función objetivo en la solución del ELCP, como éste es un problema NP-duro y además como los algoritmos para resolverlo no son factibles cuando el número de ciclos es grande, discutimos varias técnicas para calcular eficientemente subóptimos y aproximar sucesiones temporales switching. También, exponemos un modelo con restricciones de complementariedad y proponemos un método híbrido de solución.
Sobre el uso del problema de complementariedad lineal extendido para el control óptimo de semáforos
Allende Alonso, Sira,Lema Fernández, Carmen S.,Pedreira Andrade, Luís P.
Rect@ , 2007,
Abstract: En el trabajo titulado “Modelo de optimización con restricciones de equilibrio para el control de semáforos” que presentamos en las XIV Jornadas de ASEPUMA (2006) analizábamos un problema de control óptimo de semáforos para un cruce de dos carreteras con los dos sentidos de circulación; allí interpretábamos las restricciones del problema como un problema de complementariedad lineal extendido (ELCP). También proponíamos un método híbrido de solución basado en una propiedad que demostraba que mediante un cambio de variable adecuado, las restricciones de ELCP describen un problema de complementariedad lineal (LCP). Nos interesa pues, estudiar bajo que condiciones dichos problemas tienen solución y además única. Así introducimos tres propiedades importantes para los ELCP y como caso particular para los LCP: La propiedad de suficiencia en columnas que caracteriza la convexidad del conjunto solución. La propiedad de suficiencia en filas que describe una clase importante de pares de matrices (respecto a K) para las cuales la factibilidad del ELCP(M,N,K) implica su solucionabilidad. La P-propiedad (que para el caso del LCP(M,q) significa que M ha de ser una P-matriz), que caracteriza la unicidad de solución.
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