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E itim Seviyesindeki Yükselmenin Geleneksel Aile Anlay n n De i imine Etkisi: Karabük üniversitesi rne i
Sinan Ylmaz
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zetGünümüzde aile ile ilgili yeni yakla mlar ortaya km ve geleneksel aile anlay lar de i meye ba lam t r. Evlilik ya n n yükselmesi, bo anmalar n artmas , nikahs z birlikte ya ama anlay n n yayg nla maya ba lamas , hanehalk say s n n kü ülmesi, ocuk say s n n azalmas vb. yeni yakla m ve anlay lar, s radan bir insan n bile g zlemleyebilece i l üde yayg nla m t r. Aile ile ilgili yeni anlay lar n ortaya kmas n tetikleyen elbette pek ok neden vard r. Bu ara t rmada, aile ile ilgili bu yeni anlay lar n ortaya kmas nda e itimin rolünün ne oldu u ara t r lmaktad r. Ara t rmada, aile anlay nda meydana gelen de i melerle ilgili olarak Tü K verilerinden yararlan ld gibi üniversite rencileri üzerinde yapm oldu umuz bir ara t rman n sonu lar na da yer verilmi tir. statistiksel veriler e itim seviyesinin dü ük oldu u d nemlerle kar la t r lm , b ylece e itim seviyesindeki yükselmenin nas l bir de i im ve d nü üme neden oldu u tespit edilmeye al lm t r. zellikle ikinci dünya sava sonras nda aile ile ilgili olarak Avrupa ve Amerika’da ya anan geli meler de incelenmi ve Türk ailesindeki geli melerle kar la t r larak benzer d nü ümlerin ya an p ya anmayaca tart lm t r. Today, new approaches about the family have emerged, and traditional family patterns have started to change. The increase of marriage age, the increase in the number of divorces, the tendency for cohabitation, the decrease in the number of family members and the decline in the number of offspring have become so wide-spread that these changes could be easily observed even by ordinary people. There are, of course, a lot of reasons that stimulate these new approaches about the family, yet this study focuses upon the role of education concerning the emergence of these new concepts about the family.In the study, the data taken from TUIK, as well as the results of a survey about the changes in the family patterns carried out on the university students are used. The statistical data are compared with the data of the previous periods in which the level of education was low. Additionally, the study examines how the increase in the level of education has brought about transformation in the traditional family patterns. Moreover, the transformations of family patterns in Europe and America, particularly after the Second World War, are studied, and these transformations are compared with the similar changes in the Turkish family patterns. The study also discusses whether the same transformations could be seen in Turkish family.RésuméAujourd’hui, de nouvelles approch
A k Dergi Yay nc l nda rnek Bir Uygulama: Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar Dergisi
Sinan Ylmaz
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zetKarabük üniversitesi Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar Merkezi bünyesinde kurulan Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar Dergisi, Mart 2012 say s yla yay n hayat na ba lad . Dergimiz, merkezin kurulu ama lar do rultusunda sosyal bilimlerin tüm alt bran lar na y nelik hizmet verecektir. Y lda 4 kez yay mlanacak olan derginin Türk e, ngilizce, Frans zca ve Arap a ara yüzleri sayesinde bu dillerin her birinde dergiye eri im mümkün olacakt r. Dergide yay mlanan makalelerin d rt farkl dilde zetleri bulunacakt r. Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar Dergisi A k Dergi Sistemlerine Arap a dil eklentisi ekleyerek bu konuda bir ilki ger ekle tirmi tir. Ayr ca derginin Türk e ara yüzünde bulunan pek ok problem de titiz bir al mayla giderilmi tir. A k Dergi Sistemlerini kullanan Türkiye’deki kullan c lar n talep etmeleri halinde yapm oldu umuz al malar kendileriyle payla mam z mümkündür. Sistemin Türk e ara yüzünü daha da geli tirmek i in al malar m z devam etmektedir. Ayr ca Arap a ara yüzünde de halen pek ok eksiklik bulunmaktad r. Bu al malar m z tamamlan nca Public Knowledge Project web sitesine g nderilerek tüm kullan c lar n bu al malardan faydalanmalar sa lanacakt r. Bu yaz da, A k Dergi Sistemleri kullan larak bir derginin nas l kurulaca ve dergimizin bu konuda yapm oldu u yenilik ve geli tirmeler ele al nm t r.Anahtar Kelimeler: A k Dergi Sistemleri, Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar DergisiA sample application for Open Journal Systems: The journal of History Culture and Art ResearchSummaryThe journal of History, Culture and Art Research founded within Karabuk University Research Center for History, Culture and Art began its life with the March 2012 edition. Our journal will serve all the sub-branches of social sciences, as per the foundation goals of the center. Thanks to the Turkish, English, French and Arabic interfaces, it will be possible to browse the journal which will be published four times a year in these four languages. Summaries of the articles in four different languages will be available. The journal of History, Culture and Art Research has put a stake in the ground in this respect by introducing an Arabic Language add-on. Also many problems of the Turkish interface were solved through a careful endeavor. If demanded, it is possible to share our knowledge with the users of Open Journal Systems in Turkey. Our studies are still being carried out to further enhance the Turkish interface of the system. Still, there are still many flaws in the Arabic interface. When these studies are completed, the outcome will be
eriat ve Tasavvuf Ba lam nda Din- evre li kisi üzerine Bir De erlendirme
Hür Mahmut Yücer,Sinan Ylmaz
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zet:Din- evre ili kisi, din ara t rmalarda ok say da al maya konu olmu tur. Bu al ma ise, di erlerinden farkl olarak, din evre ili kisinin sadece eriat ba lam nda de il, ayn zamanda tasavvuf ba lam nda da ele al nabilece ini ortaya koymaktad r. al man n birinci b lümünde din- evre ili kisi eriat ba lam nda ele al nm , din-fiziki evre, din-sosyal evre ve din-beden ili kisi incelenmi tir. Ayr ca, din-beden ili kisinin evre ba lam nda de erlendirilmesi konusunda baz a l mlar getirilmi tir. kinci b lümde ise, tasavvuf ba lam nda din- evre ili kisine de inilmi ve ilk b lümde ele al nan konular n tamam tasavvuf dü üncesi a s ndan yeniden ele al nm t r. Bununla birlikte, evre konusunda asl nda er’ ve tasavvufi dü üncenin birbirlerinden farkl argümanlara sahip olmad ortaya konulmaya al lm t r.Abstract:The relationship between religion and the environment has been discussed in numerous studies. However this study, unlike the others, presents that the relationship between religion and the environment could be dealt with not only in the context of the Shari’a but also in the context of Sufism.In the first part of the study, the relationship between religion and the environment is dealt with in the context of the Shari’a. In this part, the relation between religion and the physical environment, religion and the social environment and religion and the body has been examined. In this part, significant developments over examination of the relation between religion and the body in the context of the environment have been provided.In the second part, the relationship between religion and the environment is touched upon in the context of Sufism. In this part, all the issues that have been addressed in the first part have been re-examined in the context of the thought of Sufism. Meanwhile, it has been endeavored to prove that the thought of the Shari’a and that of Sufism have not produced different arguments regarding with the environment.
Sleep stage and obstructive apneaic epoch classification using single-lead ECG
Bülent Ylmaz, Musa H Asyal?, Eren Ar?kan, Sinan Yetkin, Fuat ?zgen
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-9-39
Abstract: For this purpose, PSG recordings (ECG included) were obtained during the night's sleep (mean duration 7 hours) of 17 subjects (5 men) with ages between 26 and 67. Based on these recordings, sleep experts performed sleep scoring for each subject. This study consisted of the following steps: (1) Visual inspection of ECG data corresponding to each 30-second epoch, and selection of epochs with relatively clean signals, (2) beat-to-beat interval (RR interval) computation using an R-peak detection algorithm, (3) feature extraction from RR interval values, and (4) classification of sleep stages (or obstructive apneaic periods) using one-versus-rest approach. The features used in the study were the median value, the difference between the 75 and 25 percentile values, and mean absolute deviations of the RR intervals computed for each epoch. The k-nearest-neighbor (kNN), quadratic discriminant analysis (QDA), and support vector machines (SVM) methods were used as the classification tools. In the testing procedure 10-fold cross-validation was employed.QDA and SVM performed similarly well and significantly better than kNN for both sleep stage and apneaic epoch classification studies. The classification accuracy rates were between 80 and 90% for the stages other than non-rapid-eye-movement stage 2. The accuracies were 60 or 70% for that specific stage. In five obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients, the accurate apneaic epoch detection rates were over 89% for QDA and SVM.This study, in general, showed that RR-interval based classification, which requires only single-lead ECG, is feasible for sleep stage and apneaic epoch determination and can pave the road for a simple automatic classification system suitable for home-use.Sleep is defined as the naturally recurring state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended [1]. Sleep is categorized into two types: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM). REM and NREM sleep alternate cyclically through
Noise-shaping Quantization Methods for Frame-based and Compressive Sampling Systems
Evan Chou,C. Sinan Güntürk,Felix Krahmer,Rayan Saab,?zgür Ylmaz
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Noise shaping refers to an analog-to-digital conversion methodology in which quantization error is arranged to lie mostly outside the signal spectrum by means of oversampling and feedback. Recently it has been successfully applied to more general redundant linear sampling and reconstruction systems associated with frames as well as non-linear systems associated with compressive sampling. This chapter reviews some of the recent progress in this subject.
A Research on the Impacts of Core Employees on the Performances of SME’s  [PDF]
Kurtulu? Ylmaz Gen?
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2014.43021
This study includes a research on the impacts of core employees on the perceived performances of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s). Employees, who are working at manufacturing department or basic function, were taken as core employees in the frame of the research. This research was conducted at the Middle and Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey; at 60 SME’s. The research was realised on the bases of the resource-based view of the firm; the relation between the characteristics of core employees as rareness, hardness to imitation and the perceived performances of SME’s were given. This study contributes to the literature for its regional focus to the topic and for the presentation of how SME’s perceive organizational performance as dimensional context. The results of the research didn’t support the hypothesis which claims that there is a positive relationship between the expertises of core employees, whose superior characteristics are specific to firms and the organizational performance.
Troponin and Anti-Troponin Autoantibody Levels in Patients with Ventricular Noncompaction
Hatice Betül Erer, Tolga Sinan Güven?, Ahu Sarbay Kemik, Hale Yaka Ylmaz, ?eref Kul, Servet Altay, Nurten Sayar, Yüksel Kaya, Mehmet Eren
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0057648
Abstract: Ventricular hypertrabeculation/noncompaction is a morphologic and functional anomaly of myocardium characterized by prominent trabeculae accompanied by deep recessus. Dilated cardiomyopathy with left ventricular failure is observed in these patients, while the cause or pathophysiologic nature of this complication is not known. Anti-troponin antibodies are formed against circulating cardiac troponins after an acute coronary event or conditions associated with chronic myocyte necrosis, such as dilated cardiomyopathy. In present study, we aimed to investigate cardiac troponins and anti troponin autoantibodies in ventricular noncompaction/hypertrabeculation patients with/without reduced ejection fraction. A total of 50 patients with ventricular noncompaction and 23 healthy volunteers were included in this study. Noncompaction/hypertrabeculation was diagnosed with two-dimensional echocardiography using appropriate criteria. Depending on ejection fraction, patients were grouped into noncompaction with preserved EF (LVEF >50%, n = 24) and noncompaction with reduced EF (LVEF <35%, n = 26) groups. Troponin I, troponin T, anti-troponin I IgM and anti-troponin T IgM were measured with sandwich immunoassay method using a commercially available kit. Patients with noncompaction had significantly higher troponin I (28.98±9.21 ng/ml in NCNE group and 28.11±10.42 ng/ml in NCLE group), troponin T (22.17±6.97 pg/ml in NCNE group and 22.78±7.76 pg/ml in NCLE group) and antitroponin I IgM (1.92±0.43 μg/ml in NCNE group and 1.79±0.36 μg/ml in NCLE group) levels compared to control group, while antitroponin T IgM and IgG were only elevated in patients with noncompaction and reduced EF (15.81±6.52 μg/ml for IgM and 16.46±6.25 μg/ml for IgG). Elevated cardiac troponins and anti-troponin I autoantibodies were observed in patients with noncompaction preceding the decline in systolic function and could indicate ongoing myocardial damage in these patients.
Generalized K?the-Toeplitz Duals of Some Vector-Valued Sequence Spaces
Ylmaz Ylmaz
International Journal of Analysis , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/862949
Abstract: We know from the classical sequence spaces theory that there is a useful relationship between continuous and -duals of a scalar-valued FK-space originated by the AK-property. Our main interest in this work is to expose relationships between the operator space and and the generalized -duals of some -valued AK-space where and are Banach spaces and . Further, by these results, we obtain the generalized -duals of some vector-valued Orlicz sequence spaces. 1. Introduction The idea of dual sequence space was introduced by K?the and Toeplitz [1]. Then, Maddox, [2], generalized this notion to -valued sequence classes where is a Banach space. This brings an important contribution to the operator matrix transformation of Banach space-valued sequence spaces. Remember that - and -duals of a (complex-valued) sequence space , denoted by and , respectively, are defined to be where is the space of all complex-valued sequences. The in the classical definitions of K?the-Toeplitz duals is replaced by a sequence of linear operators, not necessarily continuous, from into another Banach space . Thus, if is a nonempty set of sequences with , then generalized - and -duals of are defined to be respectively. It is clear that this notion depends on the space and if , then where is the space of all linear operators from into . Without the loss of generality we can restrict ourselves in this work to continuous operators and being the space of all continuous linear operators from into and being the space of all -valued sequences which is a natural generalization of . We know from the classical sequence spaces theory that there is a useful relationship between continuous and -duals of a sequence space whenever it has the AK-property. Related results are also expressed in [3, page 176]. Here, we are going to show that there is an analogue relationship for -valued sequence spaces in the context of generalized -duals with respect to another fixed Banach space . Further, by applying this result, we obtain generalized -duals of some vector-valued Orlicz sequence spaces. We think that our results give a fruitful way to find generalized duals of this kind of vector-valued sequence spaces. 2. Prerequisites We use the notations , and for the sets of all positive integers, complex numbers, and real numbers, respectively. For some locally convex (lc, for short) space denotes the continuous dual of and we denote by and the closed unit ball and the sphere of some normed space , respectively. An FH-space is an lc Fréchet space such that is a vector subspace of a Hausdorff topological vector space
A Dynamic Model of Mixed Duopolistic Competition: Open Source vs. Proprietary Innovation  [PDF]
Suat Akbulut, Murat Ylmaz
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.56085
Abstract: We model the competition between a proprietary firm and an open source rival, by incorporating the nature of the GPL, investment opportunities by the proprietary firm, user-developers who can invest in the open source development, and a ladder type technology. We use a two-period dynamic mixed duopoly model, in which a profit-maximizing proprietary firm competes with a rival, the open source firm, which prices the product at zero, with the quality levels determining their relative positions over time. We analyze how the existence of open source firm affects the investment and the pricing behavior of the proprietary firm. We also study the welfare implications of the existence of the open source rival. We find that, under some conditions, the existence of an open source rival may decrease the total welfare.
Industry Orientation, Exporting and Productivity  [PDF]
Ylmaz K?l??aslan, Levent Erdo?an
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.31012
Abstract: This paper aims to analyse the relation between exporting behaviour of the firms and productivity by testing for learning by exporting hypothesis in Turkish manufacturing industry. Moreover, this study examines whether exporting and productivity relations change with respect to the orientation of industry in which the firm operates. We use the data on the largest 1000 industrial enterprises of Turkey from 1997 to 2007. The results based on unbalanced dynamic panel data models estimated show that there is no evidence that exporting fosters productivity at the firm level in Turkish manufacturing industry. Disaggregation of industries with respect to their orientations does not change this result. Exporting, or increase in the exports of the firm, doesn’t seem to be one of the sources of productivity growth at least for the firms already exporting in Turkish manufacturing.
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