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Numerical Simulations of Fractionated Electrograms and Pathological Cardiac Action Potential
Simona Sanfelici
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2002, DOI: 10.1080/1027366021000041377
Abstract: The aim of this work is twofold. First we focus on the complex phenomenon of electrogram fractionation, due to the presence of discontinuities in the conduction properties of the cardiac tissue in a bidomain model. Numerical simulations of paced activation may help to understand the role of the membrane ionic currents and of the changes in cellular coupling in the formation of conduction blocks and fractionation of the electrogram waveform. In particular, we show that fractionation is independent of INA alterations and that it can be described by the bidomain model of cardiac tissue. Moreover, some deflections in fractionated electrograms may give nonlocal information about the shape of damaged areas, also revealing the presence of inhomogeneities in the intracellular conductivity of the medium at a distance.
Limited Bandwidths and Correlation Ambiguities: Do They Co-Exist in Galileo Receivers  [PDF]
Elena Simona Lohan
Positioning (POS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/pos.2011.21002
Abstract: Galileo is the Global Navigation Satellite System that Europe is building and it is planned to be operational in the next 3-5 years. Several Galileo signals use split-spectrum modulations, such as Composite Binary Offset Carrier (CBOC) modulation, which create correlation ambiguities when processed with large or infinite front-end bandwidths (i.e., in wideband receivers). The correlation ambiguities refer to the notches in the correlation shape (i.e., in the envelope of the correlation between incoming signal and reference modulated code) which happen within +/– 1 chip from the main peak. These correlation ambiguities affect adversely the detection probabilities in the code acquisition process and are usually dealt with by using some form of unambiguous processing (e.g., BPSK-like techniques, sideband processing, etc.). In some applications, such as mass-market applications, a narrowband Galileo receiver (i.e., with considerable front-end bandwidth limitation) is likely to be employed. The question addressed in this paper, which has not been answered before, is whether or not this bandwidth limitation can cope inherently with the ambiguities of the correlation function, to which extent, and which the best design options are in the acquisition process (e.g., in terms of time-bin step and ambiguity mitigation mechanisms).
Efficacy and tolerability of propolis special extract gh 2002 as a lip balm against herpes labialis: a randomized, double-blind three-arm dose finding study  [PDF]
Simona Holcová, Marie Hladiková
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.31010
Abstract: A dose-finding study was performed with respect to the clinical applicability and tolerability of three different concentrations of propolis special extract GH 2002 in a lip balm (0.1%, 0.5% and 1%). The trial was designed as a double-blind, randomized dermatological study in 150 outpatients with Herpes labialis. The primary parameter was the duration in days until painless incrustation in 50% or 90% of the patients (observable in 121 patients). Secondary parameters were local pain (assessed on a visual analogue scale), itching, burning and tension/ swelling on a verbal rating scale, and tolerability. Visits were performed on days 2/3, 5/6 and 8/9. Best efficacy results with shortest healing time (3.4 and 5.4 days in the 50th and 90th percentile, respectively; p = 0.008 vs. 1% and 0.09 vs. 0.1%) and good tolerability were observed with the 0.5% concentration. All three concentrations achieved highly significant therapeutic results in comparison with baseline values (p < 0.0005) for all secondary parameters as early as day 2/3. Analgesia was the most prominent effect for the patients. Conclusion: The 0.5 % concentration of propolis special extract GH 2002 in a lip balm was found to have the best risk-benefit ratio for the treatment of Herpes labialis.
Analysis on Long Precipitation Series in Piedmont (North-West Italy)  [PDF]
Fiorella Acquaotta, Simona Fratianni
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2013.21002

This study analyses thirteen daily precipitation series of Piedmont, region of North-West Italy. The meteorological series have been chosen because they were meteorological observatories operating continuously from the beginning of 1900 until 2011. As the first step an historical research over each station has been carried out. In this way, the potential breaks, in the series, either due to changes of locations or instruments, have been determined and the missing values have been recovered. On the precipitation daily series a quality control have been effectuated and by metadata identification it was possible to assess the homogeneity of the meteorological series. In this way we have obtained the complete and correct series on which trends have been computed. In order to better understand the consequences of climate variations on our environment and society, we have calculated the climate indices proposed by “CCL/CLIVAR Working Group on Climate Change Detection” (dry and wet days, rainy days, intensity of precipitation…) over the time. The values of precipitation have also allowed beginning the climatic analysis with the aim at defining the principle local peculiarity in Piedmont.

Signaling-mediated control of ubiquitin ligases in endocytosis
Simona Polo
BMC Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-10-25
Abstract: Ubiquitination modifies proteins in a variety of ways, the significance of which we only partially comprehend. Ubiquitin can be attached: as an individual moiety to a single or multiple lysine residues of substrate (mono- or multiple monoubiquitination); as chains of ubiquitin moieties that are interlinked through any one of the seven lysine residues of ubiquitin (for example K48- or K63-linked chains); or as branched chains, to name but a few [1]. The cell interprets each of these modifications as a distinct signal. The first described role of ubiquitination as mediating protein degradation through targeting to the proteasome has now been complemented with numerous other functions [2]. For example, the signal encoded by K63-linked chains can mediate functions as diverse as receptor endocytosis [3,4], activation of protein kinases in the NF-κB pathway and the initiation of error-free DNA repair [2].Signal transduction from transmembrane cell surface receptors to nuclear transcription factors is regulated at multiple levels by protein ubiquitination. The covalent attachment of one, or often more, ubiquitin moieties has emerged as the principal mechanism for termination of signaling, by targeting the receptor for endocytosis and, ultimately, degradation in the lysosome [3]. This device controls a vast array of mammalian signaling receptors, such as receptor tyrosine kinases, G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), growth hormone receptors, the major histocompatibility complex I, NOTCH, various channels and transporters, and cytokine and interferon receptors [3]. Receptors that are internalized after activation are directed first into the endosomes of the endocytic pathway, and then into multivesicular bodies (MVBs), which undergo a process of maturation that ends with fusion with the lysosome and delivery of the contents for degradation. Ubiquitination of the receptor provides the crucial signal for entering this pathway [3,5-7].Subsequent delivery of membrane receptors
Os museus históricos e pedagógicos do estado de S?o Paulo
Misan, Simona;
Anais do Museu Paulista: História e Cultura Material , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-47142008000200006
Abstract: this paper analyzes the creation of the historical and pedagogical museums network in the state of s?o paulo between 1956 and 1973, mainly taking into consideration the concept for creation, the program, and the role of the museum in society. this work covers a period until the end of the 1990's, when the curators of the museums, which belonged to the state until that time, was transferred to the municipalities by means of a "municipalization" process coordinated by the department of museums and archives of the state department of cultural affairs (dema-sec). it also shows that the implementation of this museums network - among other initiatives in the fields of education and of culture - addressed earlier needs of asserting an identity, emphasizing through projects of this type the hegemonic character of the state. this allowed to align the initiative of creating the museums with others actions carried out by the state before, and also enabled that this topic was take out from its long isolation from the study of state history. it also considers the web of relationships existing among the various sectors with which museums were connected, such as education, culture, and the s?o paulo historical and geographical institute, the government, and society. the implementation of historical and pedagogical museums by means of state action, through its departments of education (from 1956 to 1968) and cultural affairs (from 1968 to 1998) was one of the ways through which the government orientated its activities during those years in the fields of history, education and culture. the central thesis is that the implementation of these museums has fully addressed the aspirations of society at the time, while, at the same time, underscoring the logic behind the ideation that has oriented the characteristic mode of operation of museums during the years in which their curatorship was exercised by the government, and proposes to consider them as a paradigm for "historical museums of
Analysing & Critically Evaluating Spencer Stuart's Company Strategy
Simona Valentova
Bulletin - Prague College Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10284-012-0007-x
Bologna Process – reform of tertiary education
Chuguryan Simona
Technológia vzdelávania , 2011,
Abstract: The Bologna process is the most widely reform in tertiary education area. In this time it includes 47 countries from around the world, which illustrates its importance. The main goal is to improve the quality of tertiary education in higher education institutions, with the focus on harmonization of the systems of higher education in the signatory countries.
La notion de rythme entre poésie et musique
Simona Pollicino
Synergies Espagne , 2011,
Abstract: Musique et poésie sont intimement liées depuis toujours. La musicalité ne dépend pas seulement de l’accompagnement d’un instrument ou de la voix, mais aussi des sonorités et du rythme des mots de la langue. D’un c té la musique, dans son univocité, est l’art de combiner les sons, caractérisés par la fréquence, l’intensité et le timbre; ceux-ci ont une structure métrique qui est le rythme et se développent de fa on linéaire dans la mélodie ou simultanément, donc verticalement, obéissant aux règles abstraites de l’harmonie. De l’autre, la poésie est plus difficile à cerner à cause de l’ambivalence fondamentale du langage verbal pivotant sur l’articulation signifiant/signifié. La notion de rythme définie chacun à sa manière par Benveniste, Meschonnic et Bonnefoy se situe à mi-chemin et synthétise l’ancienne alliance entre les deux arts cousins.
Private Administration – Favorable Environment for Implementing Programs and Campaigns of Public Relations?
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: This paper refer to decision of the private administration organizations from the region northeast of Romania to implement programs and public relations campaigns from the socio-economic context in the current period. This decision of organizations above mentioned is strongly influenced by nature non-profit purposes they have, more precisely, to be involved in carrying out the public interest or community.

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