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La importancia de la gastronomía en el turismo: Un ejemplo de Mealhada - Portugal
Estudios y perspectivas en turismo , 2007,
Abstract: food tourism is gaining importance internationally as well as in portugal. however, while there is many case studies form around the world this subject has not received much attention from portuguese scholars who mainly study the subject related to the hotel and restaurant business. based on a case study of mealhada, portugal, where food tourism is the basis of local economy, the purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of gastronomy as the main reason for visiting a certain destination.
La gastronomía como atractivo turístico primario de un destino: El Turismo Gastronómico en Mealhada - Portugal
Estudios y perspectivas en turismo , 2011,
Abstract: food tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon, although it has become important in portugal like in other countries mobilizing a considerable number of visitors who travel for food. portugal can be considered a destination with great potential for this kind of tourism because the relevance of his culinary heritage, but academic studies on this topic and on specific destinations are scarce in the country. not withstanding there are several opinion articles, not supported by academic studies, which can be imprecise. also in international terms the generality of academic models about touristic attractions, relegates to second place, or omits, gastronomy as a touristic attraction. this article focuses on a success case in terms of food tourism in portugal, the city of mealhada, seeking to demonstrate the reality of destinations where the food is the most relevant touristic attraction, and trying to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon which involves the movement of visitors because the gastronomy.
Infections by protozoa in immunocompromised hosts
Ferreira, Marcelo Simo;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762000000700026
Abstract: protozoa are among the most important pathogens that can cause infection in immunocompromised patients. they infect particularly individuals with impaired cell immunity, such as those with hematologic neoplasias, those submitted to transplant of solid organs, those under high-dose corticosteroid therapy, and carriers of the human immunodeficiency virus. among the protozoa that most commonly cause disease in immunocompromised individuals are toxoplasma gondii, trypanosoma cruzi, cryptosporidium parvum, isospora belli, cyclospora cayetanensis and microsporidia; the former two cause severe encephalitis and myocarditis, and the others cause gastrointestinal infections. early diagnosis and prompt institution of specific therapy for each of these organisms are basic measures to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with these infections.
Diagnóstico e tratamento da hepatite B
Ferreira, Marcelo Simo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822000000400010
Abstract: hepatitis b constitutes a serious public health problem. it has been estimated that 350 million people - approximately 5% of the world population - have been infected by this virus. of the people infected, in 90% to 95% of them there will be a spontaneous resolution of the disease. in 5% to 10% of the cases, though, the infection will persist and a chronic hepatitis will develop that may evolve leading, in the end, to liver cirrhosis, liver failure and/or carcinoma of the liver. the diagnosis of the different stages of the disease (i.e., acute, chronic infection) is performed using modern serologic techniques. physicians, more recently, are having access to a series of laboratory tests which permit them to evaluate the viral load, replication of the virus and to testing of the efficacy of new anti-viral drugs. for the treatment of chronic hepatitis b new agents have been tested and some are being used with different degrees of success, such as, alfa-interferon, lamivudine, famciclovir, and adefovir dipivoxil, among others. active immunization, using modern recombinant vaccines, are lately, the most important instrument of control of the infection caused by the hepatitis b virus.
Ferreira, Marcelo Simo;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0037-86822003000100012
Abstract: hantaviruses are zoonotic diseases that affect humans and have a worldwide distribution. the hemorrhagic fever associated with renal syndrome occurs endemically in the asian and european continents affecting housauds of people every year. hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome, recognized as a clinical entity since 1993, represents the prototype of emerging diseases and is distributed in countries of the american continent, including brazil. both diseases are transmitted to man through the inhalation of viral particles, which are shed in feces and urine of wild and domestic rodents. they comprise a group of febrile diseases that can affect many organs, particularly the kidneys in the hemorrhagic fever associated with renal syndrome and the lungs and heart in the hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome. the lethality of american hantaviroses reaches 50%. the diagnosis of these diseases is performed using serological tests such as immunoenzymatic assays which detect specific antibodies of the igg and igm classes. there is no specific treatment. therefore, special attention should be directed to restore and maintain fluid balance, timely indication of dialysis for renal failure and administration of vasoactive drugs during periods of hypotension and shock. the administration of corticosteroids and/or ribavirin are under evaluation. the number of cases of hantavirus infection has been increasing in brazil year after year, and it is important to alert health personnel to the occurrence of these entities throughout the country. awareness of their presence should improve the quality of medical care.
A participa??o autogestora e o cancelamento da subsun??o real do trabalho ao capital
Simo, Vilma Margarete;
Revista Katálysis , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-49802009000200002
Abstract: this articles analyzes the influences of the occupational trajectories in the formation of membership groups and on the management of cooperative labor, based on three experiences with productive cooperatives located in industrialized cities of santa catarina. the analysis used the category of self-managed participation and a marxian reading of the category of relative surplus-population, collective labor and real subsumption of labor. the longitudinal analysis showed that in occupational trajectories, the event of unemployment is present, as well as non-insertion in the labor market, and that, motivated by outside events, workers change their condition from members of the relative surplus-population to members of productive cooperatives. concerning the organization of labor, there is a trend toward the reproduction of the experience in the employing company.
Escola e Estudantes Da Europa
José Veiga Simo
Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas , 2012,
O uso ritual da ayahuasca
Mercante Marcelo Simo
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2003,
Boa governa o e estabilidade na vizinhan a da UE: Normas, discursos e instrumentos no contexto do Cáucaso Good Governance and Stability in the EU Neighbourhood: Norms, Discourses and Instruments within the Context of the Caucasus Bonne gouvernance et stabilité dans le voisinage de l’UE : normes, discours et instruments dans le contexte du Caucase
Licínia Simo
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.1790
Abstract: A Política Europeia de Vizinhan a, criada pela Uni o Europeia para gerir as suas rela es com os vizinhos da “Europa alargada”, tem enfrentado desafios importantes na sua aplica o ao Cáucaso do Sul, incluindo a Arménia, o Azerbaij o e a Geórgia. O artigo identifica as principais dinamicas subjacentes a esta política e argumenta que a expans o de uma comunidade de seguran a que englobe a UE e os Estados do Cáucaso tem encontrado obstáculos ao nível das normas, discursos e instrumentos. Embora os vizinhos de Leste se revejam na retórica de uma família europeia que a PEV procura consolidar, a falta de perspectivas de integra o na UE, a inadequa o das suas respostas às necessidades de curto prazo dos países do Cáucaso e o seu discurso securitário, que contradiz a Uni o como comunidade de princípios e valores, têm limitado a capacidade de atrac o da UE e a implementa o de reformas na regi o. The European Neighbourhood Policy created by the EU to manage relations with its neighbours in a “wider Europe”, has faced important challenges relating to its application to the South Caucasus region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. This article identifies the main dynamics underlying the policy and argues that the expansion of the security community which encompasses the EU and the Caucasus states has encountered obstacles in terms of norms, discourses and instruments. Although neighbouring states in the East are reflected in the rhetoric of the European family which the ENP seeks to consolidate, the lack of perspectives on EU integration, its inadequate responses to the short-term needs of the Caucasus countries and its security-focussed discourse, which contradict the idea of the Union as a community with principles and values, have limited the attractiveness of the EU and the implementation of reforms in the region. La Politique Européenne de Voisinage, créée par l’Union Européenne pour gérer ses relations avec les voisins de l’Europe élargie”, a été confrontée à des défis importants dans son application au Caucase du Sud, comprenant l’Arménie, l’Azerba djan et la Géorgie. L’article identifie les principales dynamiques sous-jacentes à cette politique et argumente que l’expansion d’une communauté de sécurité qui englobe l’UE et les états d Caucase a été confrontée à des obstacles au niveau des normes, discours et instruments. Bien que les voisins de l’Est se revoient dans la rhétorique d’une famille européenne que la PEV cherche à consolider, l’absence de perspective d’intégration à l’ UE, l’inadéquation de ses réponses aux nécessités à court terme de
Ferreira Marcelo Simo
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2003,
Abstract: As hantaviroses constituem infec es zoonóticas amplamente distribuídas em todo o mundo. A febre hemorrágica com síndrome renal mostra-se endêmica na ásia e Europa, acometendo milharea de pessoas anualmente. A síndrome cardiopulmonar pelo hantavírus, reconhecida como entidade clínica desde 1993, representa o protótipo das doen as emergentes e encontra-se distribuída em diversos países do continente americano, inclusive o Brasil. Ambas s o transmitidas ao homem através da inala o de partículas virais eliminadas nas fezes e urina de roedores domésticos e silvestres. Trata-se de doen as sistêmicas febris que podem acometer vários órg os, destacando-se o rim na febre hemorrágica com síndrome renal e os pulm es e o cora o na síndrome cardiopulmonar. A taxa de letalidade da hantavirose americana alcan a 50%. Diagnostica-se as hantaviroses através de provas sorológicas imunoenzimáticas ao identificar-se anticorpos específicos das classes IgM e IgG. N o há tratamento específico. Recomenda-se hidrata o cuidadosa, indica o precoce de diálise nas formas renais e administra o de drogas vasoativas nos períodos de hipotens o e choque. A administra o de corticoesteróides e da ribavirina está sendo avaliada em estudos controlados. O número de casos dessas viroses tem crescido no Brasil ano a ano, e cumpre alertar os profissionais de saúde sobre a ocorrência dessas entidades nos vários estados do país, possibilitando diagnóstico precoce e tratamento adequado nos casos suspeitos da doen a.

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