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Modular Hydrogels for Drug Delivery  [PDF]
Susana Simes, Ana Figueiras, Francisco Veiga
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2012.32025
Abstract: The development of novel drug delivery systems is an essential step toward controlled site-specific administration of therapeutics within the body. It is desirable for delivery vehicles to be introduced into the body through minimally invasive means and, these vehicles should be capable of releasing drug to their intended location at a controlled rate. Furthermore, it is desirable to develop drug delivery systems that are capable of in vivo to suffer degradation and to deliver the drug completely, avoiding the need to surgically remove the vehicle at the end of its useful lifetime. Hydrogels are of particular interest for drug delivery applications due to their ability to address these needs in addition to their good biocompatibility, tunable network structure to control the diffusion of drugs and, tunable affinity for drugs. However, hydrogels are also limited for drug delivery applications due to the often quick elution of drug from their highly swollen polymer matrices as well as the difficulty inherent in the injection of macroscopic hydrogels into the body. This paper presents an overview to the advances in hydrogels based drug delivery. Different types of hydrogels can be used for drug delivery to specific sites in the gastrointestinal tract ranging from the oral cavity to the colon. These novel systems exhibit a range of several peculiar properties which make them attractive as controlled drug release formulations. Moreover, such materials are biocompatible and can be formulated to give controlled, pulsed, and triggered drug release profiles in a variety of tissues.
Septic arthritis in an unusual localization  [PDF]
Lia Marques, André Simes, Sara úria
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2013.25088
Abstract: Septic arthritis is a rheumatological emergency due to its potential for rapid articular destruction and permanent functional loss. Its incidence ranges between 4 and 29 cases per 100,000 person-years, and depends on population variables and preexisting structural joint abnormalities. Clinical manifestations, severity, treatment and prognosis depend on the aetiologic agent, patient basal status and articulation involved. The sternoclavicular and condrosternal articulations are rarely affected. A 24 years old man presented with fever and right shoulder pain. Physical examination revealed swelling, redness, increased local heat, intense pain and functional impairment of the patient’s right shoulder. Laboratory inflammatory markers were elevated. Right sternoclavicular articulation ultrasound, right sternoclavicular articulation X-ray, and galium bone scan have shown sternoclavicular arthritis and medial clavicular osteomyelitis. Blood cultures identified Staphylococcus aureus methicillin sensitive. The patient completed a six week antibiotic regimen and physical rehabilitation program. Herein, the authors report a case of sternoclavicular septic arthritis complicated with osteomyelitis and review aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of this rare medical condition.
Acontecimento e Trajetória de Vida: A Constru o de uma Celebridade Carismática
SIMES, Paula Guimar?es
Contemporanea : Revista de Comunica??o e Cultura , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho é discutir o fim da carreira do jogador de futebol Ronaldo Nazário de Lima, um acontecimento que impulsionou relatos de natureza biográfica. A grade analítica utilizada é composta por três categorias: descri o; narra o; e constitui o de públicos. A análise da “morte simbólica” de Ronaldo permite apreender a trajetória de vida do jogador, assim como os valores e dons agregados à sua imagem – e que o configuram como uma celebridade carismática.
Papéis sexuais e hierarquias de gênero na História Social sobre infancia no Brasil
Minella, Luzinete Simes;
Cadernos Pagu , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332006000100013
Abstract: in this article i analyze, from the perspective of gender, some of the main contributions on childhood produced in the field of social history and historical sociology in brazil. based on a non-exhaustive bibliographical research, i examined several works about children in the colonial and imperial periods, collecting and organizing information on their daily lives. the analysis was inspired by several contributions of feminist epistemology and by a problematization of the concepts of childhood and of children.
O pensamento político de éric Weil
Cardoso Simes,Mauro;
Enfoques , 2010,
Abstract: my puropose is to analyze the peculiar thinking of weil, according to the categories of reasoning, as a choice to avoid violence. in his definition of man, weil recovers the notion of realization, with which man is redefined in terms of what he must be and not merely for what he is. thereto, man is interpreted as formed by a political and social dimension. through language, men is capable of projecting and skipping his present reality towards the other temporal dimensions, since it is only there where he can express what he has not yet become and what he is not anymore, his own history. man is violent because he is not essentially reason. on this basis, the aim of philosophical reflection is to turn him, reasonably, into a less violent person.
Epistemología, ética y política según Karl Popper
Cardoso Simes,Mauro;
Enfoques , 2009,
Abstract: this paper looks to examine popper’s view of the critical discussion which, ultimately, is responsible for the creation of daring speculations both in epistemology and in the political and social fields. the author introduces the fallibilist presupposition of our assertions regarding truth. this popperian concern, according to the testability of our hypotheses, moved him to suggest a method which includes the natural and social sciences. for popper, the fundamental principle of unity in science was that the testing of hypotheses in social sciences had to be applied using the same method than in natural science. it is out of these popperian assertions supporting a methodological unity, the principle of fallibility, a sensible discussion and the search for truth-considered by popper both epistemological and ethical principles-that we suggest an analysis of these principles, thus linking epistemology and ethics in popper’s thought.
Redescription of Tijubina pontei, an Early Cretaceous lizard (Reptilia; Squamata) from the Crato Formation of Brazil
Simes, Tiago R.;
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0001-37652012000100008
Abstract: the record of gondwanan mesozoic lizards is very poor. among the few species described for this region there is tijubina pontei, an early cretaceous lizard from the crato formation (late aptian) of northeast brazil. its description is very brief and lacks most of its diagnostic characters and clear delimitation from other lizard species. here, a full redescription of the holotype is provided. t. pontei is demonstrated to be a valid species and a new diagnosis is provided with reference to olindalacerta brasiliensis, a contemporary species of the crato formation. it lacks the posteroventral and posterodorsal processes of the dentary; the tibial/fibular length equals the femoral length and its posterior dentary teeth are robust, cylindrically based, unsculptured and bear no cuspids. the systematic position of t. pontei still needs further clarification, but preliminary analyses indicate that it lies in a rather basal position among the squamata, similarly to o. brasiliensis.
Da priva??o socio-económica à falência dos conceitos de suporte social e desenvolvimento: reflex?es para uma práxis interventiva
Análise Psicológica , 2002,
Abstract: in this paper, we discuss the social economical privation and its possible causes. focusing the general context of social exclusion and marginality, we argue that science may have a role on the origin of some of these social problems, and the ?globalisation? as a solution is a fallacy.
Representa??es sociais da Escola rural de meados do século XX em Portugal
Análise Psicológica , 2007,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to understand and analyse the contents of the social representations about the rural school in the middle of the twentieth century in portugal, in the dimensions of "information" and "attitudes", produced by a group of persons born between 1926 and 1936 and who attended school in a village, in the municipality of ferreira do zêzere, not going beyond the four years of the elementary school. the research focuses a qualitative exploratory research, using as a conceptual and methodological framing the social representations theory, in particular the study of the school representation anchorage until the fourth decade of the twentieth century, depending on the mental picture/ representation of the school of today and taking as a basis of analysis the discursive contents of this group of elderly people. in conclusion: these people, after selection, construction and organization of the information and attitude, built up their school social representations, that have been expressed in homogeneous and heterogeneous contents at information level, revealing different social insertions in terms of social identities. these aspects have been articulated with different ways of life, different ways of relationship with the school, and also due to the fact that this is a period that is far away from now in about half a century.
A economia das institui??es agrícolas em Portugal: contributo para um quadro conceptual de análise
Análise Social , 2004,
Abstract: this article outlines a conceptual framework for analysing agricultural institutions in portugal on the basis of the corporative organization which prevailed under the estado novo and the co-operative structures of the democratic regime. the origins, structure and operation of the country?s main agricultural organizations during this time is studied using an institutional economics approach.

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