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Avalia o de frutos de laranjeira 'Pera' em fun o dos anelamentos de ramos em diferentes épocas
Simes Júnior Abel Rodrigues,Mour?o Filho Francisco de Assis Alves,Araújo Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues de,Piedade S?nia Maria de Stefano
Scientia Agricola , 1999,
Abstract: Avaliou-se os efeitos da técnica de anelamento em ramos na qualidade dos frutos de laranja `Pera' na época de ver o e outono. O trabalho foi desenvolvido em Piracicaba, SP, utilizando-se laranjeiras `Pera' enxertadas em limoeiro `Cravo', cultivadas no espa amento 8,0 x 4,0 m. Adotou-se quatro tratamentos (anelamento simples, duplo, paralelo e testemunha) em duas épocas (ver o e outono). O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado, sendo utilizados os seguintes parametros para avalia o: altura, diametro, massa, volume, espessura da casca, percentagem de suco, acidez, sólidos solúveis totais e "ratio". Observou-se que houve efeito do anelamento, destacando-se o anelamento simples, sobre a qualidade dos frutos na época de ver o.
Avalia??o de frutos de laranjeira 'Pera' em fun??o dos anelamentos de ramos em diferentes épocas
Simes Júnior, Abel Rodrigues;Mour?o Filho, Francisco de Assis Alves;Araújo, Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues de;Piedade, S?nia Maria de Stefano;Jacomino, ?ngelo Pedro;
Scientia Agricola , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90161999000300004
Abstract: the objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of girdling in summer and fall on fruit quality of `pera' sweet orange. the experiment was a 4 x 2 total randomized design and was conducted in piracicaba, sp, brazil. plants utilized in the experiment were chosen from a grove of `pera' sweet orange budded on rangpur lime, planted in a spacing of 8 x 4 m. four girdling methods were studied: simple, double, pararell and no girdling; as well as two girdling times: summer and fall. ten fruit parameters were evaluated: length, width, fresh weight, volume, rind, thickness, percentage of juice, total acidity, total soluble solids and ratio. girdling in summer had a significant effect on fruit quality, while the best girdling method was the simple.
Does gestrinone antagonize the effects of estrogen on endometrial implants upon the peritoneum of rats?
Lobo, Vera Lúcia Rodrigues;Soares Júnior, José Maria;Simes, Manuel de Jesus;Simes, Ricardo dos Santos;Lima, Geraldo Rodrigues de;Baracat, Edmund C;
Clinics , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-59322008000400019
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the effects of estrogen treatment in combination with gestrinone on an experimental rat model of endometriosis. methods: uterine transplants were attached to the peritoneum of female wistar rats via a surgical autotransplantation technique. the implanted area was measured during the proestrus phase and after hormonal treatment. we performed morphometric analysis and examined the macroscopic and morphometric alterations of endometrial implants after hormonal treatment in ovariectomized rats. results: the high dose of estrogen caused macroscopic increases in the endometrial implant group compared with other groups, which were similar to increases in the proestrus phase. the low dose showed morphometric development of implants, such as an increase in number of endometrial glands, leukocyte infiltration and mitosis. gestrinone antagonized both doses of estrogen. conclusion: our findings suggest that gestrinone antagonizes estrogen's effects on rat peritoneal endometrial implants.
Indoor Air Mycological Survey and Occupational Exposure in Libraries in Mato Grosso-Central Region—Brazil  [PDF]
Diniz Pereira Leite Júnior, Ronaldo Sousa Pereira, Washington Santos de Almeida, Sara de Almeida Alves Simes, Ana Caroline Akeme Yamamoto, Janaina Vasconcellos Ribeiro de Souza, Evelin Rodrigues Martins, Fábio Alexandre Leal dos Santos, Rosane Christine Hahn
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2018.84022
Abstract: Background: Indoor air quality in environments where there is great circulation of people, posing risks to the health of its occupants, including allergic problems, infections and contaminations, can be aided by climatic factors, chemicals and biological agents housed in these environments, influencing the location and providing favorable conditions for the degradation of bibliographic collections. The present study investigated the presence of fungi in indoor environments in seven public and private libraries in the central region of Brazil, Mato Grosso, and verified the impact on occupational health. Results: A total of 26,194 fungal specimens were isolated from 342 dust samples collected using three techniques: Andersen’s sampler (12.3%), exposure plate dish (25.1%) and sterile swab (62.6%). A total of 184 fungal species were identified: 156 (84.8%) mycelial fungi and 28 (15.2%) yeast fungi, belonging 54 fungal genera, 43 (79.6%) mycelial fungi and 11 (20.4%) yeast fungi. The genus Aspergillus (40.6%) was one of the main fungi present in indoor air. Aspergillus niger (12.3%) was identified as the most prevalent species in literary environments, followed by Cryptococcus spp. (7.1%) and Cladosporium cladosporioides (7.0%). In relation to seasonal distribution, there was a greater fungal isolation in the dry season (54%); followed by the rainy season (46%). Conclusion: These results suggest the substrates researched in the evaluated environments presented in the form of documents, books and papers associated with dust and air humidity become suitable for microbiological proliferation. These findings highlight the importance of minimizing the risk of exposure to fungal agents, identified in pathogenic and toxigenic microenvironments in library collections.
Heran?a de caracteres relacionados à produ??o de frutos em Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum com base em análise dialélica de Hayman
Gon?alves, Leandro Simes Azeredo;Rodrigues, Rosana;Bento, Cintia dos Santos;Robaina, Renata Rodrigues;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902011000300012
Abstract: this work aimed to estimate genetic parameters related to the fruits production in a chilli pepper diallel (capsicum baccatum var. pendulum). five chilli pepper genitors were evaluated (uenf 1616, uenf 1624, uenf 1629, uenf 1639 and uenf 1732) and its respective hybrids f1, from a complete diallel without reciprocals. the experiment was carried out in a greenhouse covered with plastic film located in area from the consortium uenf/pesagro-rio, campos dos goytacazes, rj, from july/2009 to december/2009, in a randomized block design with three repetitions and nine plants by plot. the following agronomic traits were evaluated: canopy diameter (cd); plant height (ph); days for fruiting (df); number of fruits by plant (nfp); fruit average-weight (faw); fruit dry mass (fdm); dry matter (dm); fruit length (fl); fruit diameter (fd); fruit wall thickness (pt); total soluble solids (tss); and yield per plant (prod). only the faw, fdm and prod had absence of significance concerning the three tests of sufficiency for the additive dominant model, indicating that there is homogeneity among the variances and co-variances and, consequently, lack of epistasis in the control of character. for the faw and fdm traits, the additive genetic effects were the most important ones. nevertheless, in the prod the dominance effect was the most important. it was verified a partial dominance for faw and fdm, and an over-dominance for prod. the genitors uenf 1616 and uenf 1629 were the ones which had larger concentrations of favorable alleles for the three characteristics under study.
Efeitos do uso cr?nico do amprenavir sobre a prenhez da rata albina
Mota, Dunya Rodrigues;Simes, Manuel de Jesus;Amed, Abês Mahmed;Carvalho, Adelino Moreira de;Oliveira-Filho, Ricardo Martins de;Kulay Júnior, Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032004000300006
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the chronic effects of amprenavir on implantations, reabsorptions, fetuses, placentae, and maternal and fetal mortality in the albino rat. methods: five groups of epm-1 wistar pregnant rats were used: two controls: contr1 (control of stress) and contr2 (drug vehicle control), and 3 experimental groups that were treated once a day throughout gestation with 46mg/kg (exper1), 138mg/kg (exper2) and 414mg/kg (exper3) of oral solution of amprenavir. the drug and the vehicle (propyleneglycol) were administered by gavage. the evaluations included maternal body weight gain, number of implantations, reabsorptions, fetuses, placentae and of intrauterine deaths as well as fetal and placental mean weight and major malformations. fragments of lungs, kidneys, liver and intestines were collected and prepared for histopathological evaluation. results: exper3 group tended to show lesser maternal body weight gain during gestation (p = 0.07), but amprenavir did not affect the intrauterine contents. the cytotoxic effect of the drug was observed with regard to the histopathological analyses of pregnant rat viscerae and to the maternal mortality rate: 50% in exper1 and exper2 groups, and 70% in exper3 group. conclusion: amprenavir exerted adverse side effects on maternal lung, gut, kidney and liver, and significantly increased maternal mortality rates in all administered doses and especially at 414 mg/kg.
Efeitos da administra??o diária da associa??o estavudina/nelfinavir sobre os fetos e placentas da rata albina
Carvalho, Gisela Maria Vieira Rodrigues de;Nakamura, Mary Uchiyama;Simes, Ricardo Santos;Antonio, Eliana Maria Restum;Wagngner, Adriana;Fontes, Tereza Maria Pereira;Kulay Júnior, Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011000500004
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the effect of administration of a stavudine/nelfinavir combination on the rat pregnancy by assessing maternal and concepts weights, as well as the number of implantations, fetuses, placentas, resorptions and maternal and fetal mortality. methods: forty adult pregnant wistar rats of the epm-1 strain were randomly divided into four groups: control (gctrl - drug vehicle control, n=10), and three experimental groups, which were treated with an oral solution of stavudine/nelfinavir (expi - 1/40 mg/kg b.w., n=10; expii - 3/120 mg/kg b.w., n=10; expiii - 9/360 mg/kg b.w., n=10) from day 0 to the 20th day of pregnancy. maternal body weights were determined at the start of the experiment and on the 7th, 14th and the 20th day thereafter. at term (20th day) the rats were anesthetized and, upon laparotomy and hysterotomy, the number of implantations, resorptions, living fetuses, placentae and intrauterine deaths were recorded. the collected fetuses and placentae were weighed and the concepts were examined under a stereomicroscope for possible external malformations. statistical analysis was performed by analysis of variance (anova) complemented by the kruskal-wallis test (p<0.05). results: there was a progressive and gradual increase in body weight during the course of pregnancy in all groups, which was more evident in the final period, but with no significant difference between groups. the mean number of fetuses, placentas, implantations, and fetal and placental weights showed no significant differences between groups. also, no resorptions or external malformations were found in the experimental groups. however, between the 8th and 14th days of gestation, there was one case of maternal mortality in each experimental group. conclusions: the administration of a stavudine/nelfinavir combination had no deleterious effects on the concepts.
Sele??o de pré-cultivares de milho-pipoca baseado em índices n?o-paramétricos
Vittorazzi, Cássio;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;Gon?alves, Leandro Simes Azeredo;Candido, Liliam Silvia;Silva, Thiago Rodrigues da Concei??o;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2013, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902013000200019
Abstract: the present study aimed to select pre-cultivars of popcorn maize for registration in mapa based on different characteristics, using the garcia and total-classification indices, giving priority to grain yield and expansion capacity. sixteen genotypes of popcorn maize: eight open-pollinated varieties (brs angela, ufvm2 - bar?o de vi?osa, vi?osa, beija-flor, sam, unb2u-c3, unb2u-c4 and unb2u-c5) and eight hybrids (zelia, jade, iac 112, p1 x p3, p1 x p7, p2 x p4, p2 x p9 and p3 x p7) were evaluated in five environments. the experimental design was of randomized blocks with three replications, where the characteristics of plant height, growth, droop, expansion capacity and grain yield were evaluated. the effects of genotype and environment were significant for all characteristics, while their interactions were only significant for droop and grain yield. the garcia and the total-classification indices correlated positively in the classification of genotypes, both indicating the pre-cultivars unb2u-c5 and p1 x p7 as having the best performance for regions in the north and northwest of the state of rio de janeiro.
Quantification of the diversity among common bean accessions using Ward-MLM strategy
Cabral, Pablo Diego Silva;Soares, Taís Cristina Bastos;Gon?alves, Leandro Simes Azeredo;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;Lima, Andreia Barcelos Passos;Rodrigues, Rosana;Matta, Frederico de Pina;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2010001000011
Abstract: the present work aimed at evaluating the divergence among common bean accessions by their agronomic, morphological and molecular traits, based on the ward-mlm procedure. a collection of 57 accessions from the gene bank of universidade federal do espírito santo was used in this study, from which: 31 were landraces belonging to the community fortaleza, in the municipality of muqui, es, brazil; 20 accessions were provided by embrapa trigo; and 6 were commercial cultivars. five agronomic traits (plant cycle, number of seeds per pod, number of pods per plant, weight of 100 seeds, and grain yield), five morphological traits (growth habit, plant size, seed shape, seed color, and commercial group) and 16 microsatellite primers were evaluated. high genetic variability was detected considering morphological, agronomic and molecular traits in the 57 common bean accessions studied. the ward-mlm procedure showed that the ideal number of groups was five, according to the pseudo f and pseudo t2 criteria. the accessions from andean origin had heavier seeds than others and formed a cluster. the ward-mlm statistical procedure is a useful technique to detect genetic divergence and to cluster genotypes by simultaneously using morphological, agronomic and molecular data.
Biblioteca de arte: circula??o internacional de modelos de forma??o
Gomes Júnior, Guilherme Simes;
Novos Estudos - CEBRAP , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-33002008000200012
Abstract: the paper is part of a set of studies on the social articulation of literate and artistic practices. it deals with the library of academia imperial das belas-artes (imperial academy of fine arts) in rio de janeiro in the state it was in the middle of the 19th century. created on the initiative of félix-émile taunay and manuel araújo porto-alegre, the library is one of the expressions of the international circulation of artistic education models. the study analyzes the space, the place's decoration and the system of thought underlying the book collection.
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