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Northern Exposure: The New Danish Model of Citizenship Test
Silvia Adamo
International Journal of Multicultural Societies , 2008,
Abstract: The paper begins with a discussion of the general context ofnaturalisation in Denmark from a politico-legal angle, and sets theframe for the current debate on the introduction of the citizenship test. The second section analyses the content of the citizenship test and the arguments that have accompanied its adoption. The third section offers a more theoretical approach to the use of citizenship tests,evaluating the arguments in favour and against this practice incitizenship regulation. In this analysis, comparisons are drawn withthe Canadian citizenship test and policy, and reference made to thetheoretical model of multiculturalism developed by Will Kymlicka.The conclusion is provisional and takes into consideration the factthat the citizenship test is a relatively new introduction in Denmark,which makes its impact difficult to measure in empirical terms. There is, however, some evidence to suggest that the test was introduced in Denmark as another rung on the ladder to achieving citizenship, adding to the other rather onerous requirements already in place (long residence, advanced language skills and renunciation of former citizenship). For many applicants it thus may play a gatekeeping role.
Comparación de dos técnicas de medición de peso en ni?os menores de cuatro a?os
Caino,Silvia; Adamo,Paula; Abeyá-Gilardon,Enrique O; Lejarraga,Horacio;
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2006,
Abstract: introduction. weight is a widely used anthropometric measurement as indicator of health and nutritional status in children. usually, an appropriate plate scale is used to weigh infants (direct weight) but in some occasions, it is necessary to measure weight in an indirect way. indirect weight is measured as the difference between the weight of the child held up by the mother and the actual weight of the mother alone. objective. to compare the two techniques of weight measurement (direct and indirect) in children younger than four years of age. population. a convenience sample of children younger than 4 years attending at hospital of pediatría "prof. dr. juan p. garrahan". material and methods. the same observer measured each child's weight with the direct method on a mechanical scale for infants at the laboratory of anthropometry (precision, 10 g) and with the indirect method on an electronic scale (precision, 50 g). both scales were previously calibrated. the intra-observer measurement error was of 37 g in the electronic scale (cv 0.06%) and 4.6 g in the mechanical plate scale (cv 0.05%). arithmetic mean, ci 95%, sd and cv of the differences between the direct method and the indirect method were calculated. a paired student t test was performed. results. 49 children between 0.17 and 3.97 years of age participated in the study (weight range: 3,61-15.55 kg). the observed average difference between both methods (direct-indirect) was of 26.5 grams (±106.6 g), cv 0.58%, ic95% 10.7-42.4 g. this difference was statistically significant (p: 0.0015). conclusions: weight measurement with an indirect technique underestimated the weight of child as compared with the direct technique. the importance of this difference will depend on the precision needed for evaluating the weight measurement.
La letteratura che non c'era: davanti alla legge
Sergia Adamo
Between , 2012,
Abstract: Presentazione del numero
Norepinephrine and octopamine: linking stress and immune function across phyla
SA Adamo
Invertebrate Survival Journal , 2008,
Abstract: In species from three widely divergent phyla (Arthropoda, Mollusca and Chordata) tyrosine derivatives (norepinephrine or octopamine) mediate a response to acute stress. Part of this response is a change in immune function that results in a decrease in resistance to pathogens. This decrease in disease resistance appears maladaptive. However, if the connections between norepinephrine/octopamine and immune function were maladaptive, they should have been selected against. None of the four commonly proposed adaptive explanations for acute stress-induced changes in immune function fit the available data for species from all three phyla. However, this result is probably due to the lack of information about acute stress-induced immunosuppression in invertebrates and a lack of ecologically valid studies in vertebrates. Understanding why immune function and disease resistance changes during acute stress will require greater comparative study.
The Imprints Of Galactic Environment On Cluster Formation and Evolution
Angela Adamo
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Young star clusters (YSCs) appear to be a ubiquitous product of star formation in local galaxies, thus, they can be used to study the star formation process at work in their host galaxies. Moreover, YSCs are intrinsically brighter that single stars, potentially becoming the most important tracers of the recent star formation history in galaxies in the local Universe. In local galaxies, we also witness the presence of a large population of evolved star clusters, commonly called globular clusters (GCs). GCs peak formation history is very close to the redshift (z~2) when the cosmic star formation history reached the maximum. Therefore, GCs are usually associated to extreme star formation episodes in high-redshift galaxies. It is yet not clear whether YSCs and GCs share a similar formation process (same physics under different interstellar medium conditions) and evolution process, and whether the former can be used as progenitor analogs of the latter. In this invited contribution, I review general properties of YSC populations in local galaxies. I will summarise some of the current open questions in the field, with particular emphasis to whether or not galactic environments, where YSCs form, leave imprints on the nested populations. The importance of this rapidly developing field can be crucial in understanding GC formation and possibly the galactic environment condition where this ancient population formed.
Twistor actions for gauge theory and gravity
Tim Adamo
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: This is a review of recent developments in the study of perturbative gauge theory and gravity using action functionals on twistor space. It is intended to provide a user-friendly introduction to twistor actions, geared towards researchers or graduate students interested in learning something about the utility, prospects, and shortcomings of this approach. For those already familiar with the twistor approach, it should provide a condensed overview of the literature as well as several novel results of potential interest. This work is based primarily upon the author's D.Phil. thesis. We first consider four-dimensional, maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory as a gauge theory in twistor space. We focus on the perturbation theory associated to this action, which in an axial gauge leads to the MHV formalism. This allows us to efficiently compute scattering amplitudes at tree-level (and beyond) in twistor space. Other gauge theory observables such as local operators and null polygonal Wilson loops can also be formulated twistorially, leading to proofs for several correspondences between correlation functions and Wilson loops, as well as a recursive formula for computing mixed Wilson loop / local operator correlators. We then apply the twistor action approach to general relativity, using the on-shell equivalence between conformal and Einstein gravity. This can be extended to N=4 supersymmetry. The perturbation theory of the twistor action leads to formulae for the MHV amplitude with and without cosmological constant, yields a candidate for the Einstein twistor action, and induces a MHV formalism on twistor space. Appendices include discussion of super-connections and Coulomb branch regularization on twistor space.
Present Water Crises in Iraq and Its Human and Environmental Implications  [PDF]
Nadhir Al-Ansari, Nasrat Adamo
Engineering (ENG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2018.106021
Abstract: Iraq is facing a serious water shortage problem now, which has not been experienced before. This is because of the reduction of flow of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers which is due to the implementation of hydrological projects within the upstream part of the catchment and climate change. Mismanagement of water resources within Iraq made the problem graver. It is believed that serious discussion with all riparian countries to reach an agreement to share the water of the two rivers and their tributaries is desperately needed. In addition, a prudent scientific strategy should be implemented and put into practice to overcome this problem in Iraq. In addition, the key positions within the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources should be given to people having real experience in the water resources sector to ensure discreet and prudent management of the problem.
High prevalence of human bocavirus 1 in infants with lower acute respiratory tract disease in Argentina, 2007 - 2009
Ghietto, Lucía María;Cámara, Alicia;Zhou, Yumei;Pedranti, Mauro;Ferreyra, Silvia;Frey, Teryl;Cámara, Jorge;Adamo, Maria Pilar;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702012000100007
Abstract: human bocavirus (hbov) is a parvovirus whose association with respiratory disease is currently under investigation. objective: to determine hbov prevalence in children with lower acute respiratory infection. methods: we investigated hbov in 433 nasopharyngeal aspirates collected in 2007-2009 from children 0 to 5 years old hospitalized with bronchiolitis or pneumonia in córdoba, argentina. results: the general prevalence of hbov was 21.5% and the positive cases (hbov+) were more frequent during winter and spring. the mean age of hbov+ patients was 6.9 months, with 87.1% of the detections corresponding to infants less than 1 year old (among which the prevalence of hbov was 26.3% in patients < 3 months of age, 22.1% in 3 to 6 months, 25.3% in 6 to 9 months, and 18.8% in 9 to 12 months). the sequence analysis of the np1 coding region of 15 isolates showed that all isolates from cordoba were hbov1 which exhibited a homology of nearly 100% both among themselves and with the originally discovered virus from 2005. conclusion: overall, our results indicate that hbov is a significant pathogen that contributes to acute respiratory infection both on its own and during coinfection with other viruses.
Doen?a de Hallervorden-Spatz: descri??o de um caso
Adamo Jr., J.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1993000100021
Abstract: it is reported the case of a male patient with 19 years old presenting progressive behavior disturbance and dystonic posture beginning on right, with approximately five years of evolution. extrapyramidal and pyramidal syndrome was evidenced at examination. this finding suggests hallervorden-spatz disease which was confirmed by resonance imaging (mri). the purpose of reporting this case is to call attention for the importance of mri in the study of degenrative diseases of the nervous system.
Diálogo del rebusque: una mirada circunfleja de Latinoamérica
Balestrino De Adamo,Graciela;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2001,
Abstract: el teatro de latinoamérica ha recurrido frecuentemente a la práctica de la reescritura para dar testimonio de la realidad social. a tal efecto, los clásicos de ayer o la narrativa actual suelen convertirse en un valioso arsenal para nuevas escrituras dramáticas y/o escénicas, como dan cuenta numerosos trabajos de grupos teatrales como el galpón de uruguay, la candelaria y el local de colombia, rajatabla de venezuela, teatro del sol de perú y el centro de pesquisa teatral de brasil. específicamente proponemos en esta comunicación, que forma parte del proyecto no 312 del consejo de investigación de la universidad nacional de salta, una lectura de diálogo del rebusque, reescritura de el buscón y de otros textos satíricos, narrativos y poéticos de francisco de quevedo. diálogo del rebusque resulta un texto esclarecedor para reflexionar sobre una veta del complejo territorio reescritural del teatro latinoamericano de hoy: las adaptaciones de ?clásicos?. para abordar esta cuestión, formulamos diversas hipótesis sobre el por qué de la adaptación de textos temporal y culturalmente lejanos y ajenos y en los cuales pareciera predominar una actitud eminentemente lúdica, sin conexión con la realidad social de su tiempo. el análisis de diversas estrategias discursivas de transposición del hipotexto, nos permite formular la siguiente conclusión. así como en la escritura de quevedo, la construcción de la realidad no se produce en línea recta sino por un camino circunflejo (como diría el científico loco de el buscón), especularmente, diálogo del rebusque -relanzando la escritura de un clásico a nuevos circuitos de sentido-, también oblicuamente, por caminos circunflejos, construye nuestra realidad.
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