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Sistemas de coberturas de solo no inverno e seus efeitos sobre o rendimento de gr?os do milho em sucess?o
Silva, Adriano Alves da;Silva, Paulo Regis Ferreira da;Suhre, Elias;Argenta, Gilber;Strieder, Mércio Luiz;Rambo, Lisandro;
Ciência Rural , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000400002
Abstract: the black oats use (avena strigosa) as species of soil covering in the winter, cause immobilization of the nitrogen (n), that reduces the plant development and grain yield of maize cultivated in succession. thus, the black oat intercropped systems with leguminous as common vetch (vicia sativa) and brassicas as oilseed radish (raphanus sativus) is aimed at increasing nitrogen (n) disponibility in the system and the permanence timing of its residues in the soil. two experiments were carried out in the growth seasons of 2001/2002 and 2002/2003, in rio grande do sul, brazil. the first one was aimed at evaluating the effect of three winter species of soil covering, grown as a single culture and as intercropped crops on maize grain yield, with and without nitrogen side-dressed. the second one was aimed at determining the most adequate seed ratio of oilseed radish and black oat in intercropped systems, as soil covering crops in the winter preceding maize, under different nitrogen levels side-dressed. in experiment i, treatments were composed by n application of 180kg ha-1, a control without n side-dressed and seven winter soil covering systems. in the experiment ii, treatments consisted of two levels of n side-dressing application in maize, a control without n side-dressed, and of three seed ratio of oilseed radish and black oat, as single and as intercropped crops and a control without crop in the winter. in all intercropped systems, independently of seed ratio used, the oilseed radish was mostly responsible for the yield of dry mass of the systems. the intercropped systems of common vetch or oilseed radish with black oat minimize the negative effect of oat on maize grain yield cultivated in succession in systems with low n availability and, even with high n supply, maize grain yield also increases when grown after common vetch.
A síntese do aduto binuclear [Fe(CNBut)(CO)4(HgSO4 )]
Morigaki Milton K.,Silva Elias M. da,Santos Eliana A. dos,Larica Carlos
Química Nova , 2001,
Abstract: The binuclear [Fe(CNBu t)(CO)4(HgSO4 )] adduct was obtained in the reaction of HgSO4 with [Fe(CNBu t)(CO)4] in methanol. This adduct, without a similar in the homoleptic pentacarbonyliron, was characterized by analytical and spectroscopic data. Further M ssbauer and molar conductivity studies have confirmed it's adduct nature.
Novel neutral iron(II) isocyanide maleonitrile dithiolate [Fe(S2C2(CN)2)(t-BuNC) 4] compound
Morigaki Milton K.,Silva Elias M. da,Melo Carlos V. P. de,Larica Carlos
Química Nova , 2004,
Abstract: FeBr2 reacts with the S2C2(CN)2(2-) ion (1:1 ratio) in the presence of an excess of t-BuNC in THF to give the mixed ligand [Fe(S2C2(CN)2)(t-BuNC) 4] compound. This neutral product with a formal oxidation state of two for the iron atom was characterized by conductivity measurements, and, i.r., M ssbauer, 13C and 1H n.m.r. spectroscopy. There is a Fe-C pi back-donation strengthened towards isocyanide ligands, according to the data of 13C, 1H n.m.r. and M ssbauer spectroscopy.
Description of a widespread outbreak of aseptic meningitis due to echovirus 30 in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil
Pinto Junior, Vitor Laerte;Rebelo, Maria Cristina;Costa, Eliane Veiga da;Silva, Edson Elias da;Bóia, Márcio Neves;
Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-86702009000500011
Abstract: echovirus 30 belongs to the genus enterovirus and is widely associated with aseptic meningitis (am) outbreaks. in brazil epidemics due to this serotype were reported in several states but in rio de janeiro, before this study, it was only involved in sporadic episodes. we retrospectively collected data from am notifications charts and enterovirus isolation database from rio de janeiro state health department (rjshd) and enterovirus reference laboratory in the year of 2005. an outbreak of am was detected during march, april and may associated with a high cell culture isolation rate for echovirus 30 (17.4%). male children with ages varying from 1 to 9 years were more affected. of the 22 patients with confirmed echovirus 30 disease, clinical information was available in eight; fever, headache and vomiting were the most common manifestations. csf analysis showed a typical pattern of viral infection with median of cellularity of 100 cells/mm3 and mononuclear cell predominance in 64.7% of the cases. the median of protein and glucose levels of 49 mg/dl and 56.5 mg/dl. the fatality rate was null. despite its benign course and the lack of treatment options, aseptic meningitis surveillance is crucial for early identification of causative agents of outbreaks, which helps to avoid additional testing and inappropriate use of antimicrobials.
Centralidade do dinheiro na espiritualidade neopentecostal
Drance Elias da Silva
Horizonte : Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religi?o , 2009, DOI: 10.5752/421
Abstract: O presente Artigo tem como centro de sua reflex o a espiritualidade centrada no dinheiro. O referido objeto é “ferramenta de Deus” presente nos cultos diários das igrejas neopentecostais. E como tal comp e o arsenal das coisas ofertadas em altar. é símbolo religioso a costurar a rela o vertical Deus-igreja-fiel. Mas, n o está selecionado como objeto qualquer a tomar parte, como media o, dessa rela o. O dinheiro n o é dana o ou algo considerado como tal, mas é santificado, quando imolado para se tornar oferta e, assim, contribuir para multiplicar as obras de Deus. Alguns textos – e contextos – tenderiam a afirmar que a penetra o do dinheiro, no campo do sagrado, seria para profaná-lo, destruí-lo. Seria verdadeiro? O dízimo é dinheiro, é algo que pertence a Deus. Percebe-se uma mística que se desenvolve a partir de um processo constante de ressignifica o. A perspectiva simbólica comp e a análise compreensiva desse objeto chamado dinheiro que, no espa o de culto neopentecostal, ganha importancia e expressividade na fé dos que buscam vitória, conquista, prosperidade. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Espiritualidade; Dinheiro; Neopentecostalismo; Vinculo social; Dádiva. Abstract This Article is centered, in its reflection, SPIRITUALITY CENTRALIZED IN MONEY. The above-mentioned object money is an instrument in god’s hands, present in Neo-pentecostal churches daily cult. And in such a perspective, it – money – coumponds things arsenal, offered at altar. It is a religious symbol fitting to sew GOD – CHURCH – FAITHFUL vertical rapport . But it is not selected as any object at all in order to take part, as a kind of mediation, in this rapport. Money is not a curse, but, sanctified, when immolated to be offered and to multiply the work of God. Some would tend to say that, the entry into the money into the space of the sacred would be to profane God, to destroy him. Can this be so? The tithe is money. It is something that belongs to God. One perceives a certain Mystic, developed fron a resignification constant process. Symbolical perspective compounds this object, called, nominated money, comprehensive analysis, money that, in neo-pentecostal cult space, increases in inportance and expressiveness in faith regarding to those ones who look for victony, conquest, prosperity. KEYWORDS: Spirituality; Money; Social Bond; Gift; Neopentecostalism.
Elias Gomes da Silva
Revista Eletr?nica Espa?o Teológico , 2010,
Abstract: O ensaio estabelece uma vis o panoramica do que venha a ser a chamada ecoteologia. A idéia principal, esta pautada em demonstrar que após as críticas formuladas por alguns ambientalistas no século XX, a teologia no exercício de suas fun es, passou a estabelecer uma leitura dos textos can nicos, profundamente pautada, em uma postura hermenêutica de caráter ecológico. A relevancia em se abordar uma temática como essa, constitui algo de grande importancia, principalmente na medida em que é justamente na América latina onde se encontra os grandes celeiros teóricos do pensamento crist o, voltados eminentemente para a atual crise ecológica.
Justi a e sociedade
Elias Norberto da Silva
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 1991,
A síntese do aduto binuclear [Fe(CNBu t)(CO)4(HgSO4 )]
Morigaki, Milton K.;Silva, Elias M. da;Santos, Eliana A. dos;Larica, Carlos;Biondo, Armando;Dias, Gilson H. M.;
Química Nova , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422001000300002
Abstract: the binuclear [fe(cnbut)(co)4(hgso4 )] adduct was obtained in the reaction of hgso4 with [fe(cnbut)(co)4] in methanol. this adduct, without a similar in the homoleptic pentacarbonyliron, was characterized by analytical and spectroscopic data. further m?ssbauer and molar conductivity studies have confirmed it's adduct nature.
Desempenho agron?mico e econ?mico do milho em diferentes níveis de manejo e épocas de semeadura
Forsthofer, Everton Leonardo;Silva, Paulo Regis Ferreira da;Strieder, Mércio Luiz;Minetto, Tarcísio;Rambo, Lisandro;Argenta, Gilber;Sangoi, Luis;Suhre, Elias;Silva, Adriano Alves da;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2006000300005
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate agronomic and economic performance of maize in five management levels and three sowing times. the experiment was conducted in 2001/2002 and 2002/2003, in eldorado do sul, rs, brazil. treatments consisted of three sowing times (august, october and december) and five management levels (low, average, high, potential i and ii) which varied in relation to the soil winter cover, cultivar, plant arrangement and the level of chemical fertilizer, water supply and weed, insect and disease control. a randomized block design was used with split-plots and four replications. sowing times were located in the main plots and the management level in the split-plots. the increments in maize yield in response to investments in management and cultivar were higher in august and october, and resulted in higher economic return, mainly in october. in december sowing, there was no economic return for the highest investment in management level. in august and october, it was possible to associate maximal economic and technical efficiencies through the management level increase and the choice of the greater potential yield cultivar.
Quantifica??o do linalol no óleo essencial da Aniba duckei Korstermans utilizando uma nova coluna capilar POLYH4-MD em Cromatografia Gasosa
Silva, Denise Domingos da;Chierice, Gilberto Orivaldo;Galhiane, Mário Sérgio;Chaar, Jamal da Silva;Mouchrek-Filho, Victor Elias;
Química Nova , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422003000400002
Abstract: in the present work a polyurethane polymer derived from castor oil was used as stationary phase for capillary gas chromatography. the polymer was obtained by reaction of hydroxylated compound and isocynate (nco), forming urethane. columns of 7 m x 0,25 mm were then coated with this stationary phase (film thickness of 0,25 μm) using static coating method. the grob test was also performed. samples of essential oil of the aniba duckei korstermans was then analysed in polyh4-md capillary column in order to evaluate its chromatographic perfomance. the linalool was found to be the major component and has been used as compound of departure for many important syntheses. results show that the experimental columns give higher resolution and can be employed for analysis of essentials oils.
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