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Preliminary Data on Age Estimation and Body Size of the Dwarf Lizard, Parvilacerta parva (Boulenger, 1887) (Reptilia: Lacertilia) from Ak ehir, Konya (Turkey)
Batuhan Yaman Yakin,Mert Gürkan,Sibel Hayretda,Cemal Varol Tok
Ecologia Balkanica , 2012,
Abstract: In this study, age determination was done by using the skeletochronology method on Ak ehir, Konya (Turkey), 14 (5♂♂; 9♀♀) Parvilacerta parva specimens. Cross-sections of femurs were examined in total 14 individuals, the lowest number of LAGs was seen in one female and one male individuals as 4, the highest number of LAGs were seen in two female individuals as 8. Average SVL was found 50.8 mm (SD=2.27) in male individuals, and 53.1 mm (SD = 3.27) in females. For all the samples, the age-length equation was calculated as SVL (mm) = 37.82 + (2.47 * age). As a result of Pearson correlation analysis, a significant positive correlation (r=0.93, P 0.01) between age and SVL. Pileus length does not increase constantly with age (r=0.007, P=0.98), while pileus width increases normally together with age (r=0.212, P=0.46).
The Effect of Pollen on Some Reproductive Parameters of Male Rats
Güldeniz Selmano?lu,Sibel Hayretda,Dürdane Kolankaya,Asl? ?zk?k Tüylü
Pesticidi i Fitomedicina , 2009,
Abstract: Honeybee pollen is consumed as natural food in healthy human diet in many European and Asian countries. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of pollen use on some reproductive parameters. In this study, mature male rats were fed on pollen of three different plant sources (Trifolium spp., Raphanus spp. and Cistus spp.) at 60 mg/per animal/ per day over a 30-day period. At the end of the treatment, testosterone levels of rats were analysed and weights of testis, epididymis, prostate and seminal vesicle were recorded. In addition, epididymal sperms were counted. There were increases in testosterone levels, sperm counts and daily sperm production of rats fed with pollen of Raphanus spp. and Cistus spp. There were no significant changes in absolute weights, except in prostate weights. Also there were no changes in relative testis,prostate and seminal vesicle weights of rats fed on pollen, but relative epididymis weights of rats in pollen groups decreased. The results of this study show that bee pollen caused an increase in testosterone level and sperm counts of male rats. We suggest that bee pollen has an androgenic effect.
The Effects of Pollen on Serum Parameters, and Liver and Kidney Tissues on Rats
Güldeniz Selmano?lu,Sibel Hayretda,Dürdane Kolankaya,Asl? ?zk?k Tüylü
Pesticidi i Fitomedicina , 2007,
Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate any positive effects or possible side effects of the use of pollen. Mature male rats were fed pollen of three different plant sources (Trifolium spp., Raphanus spp. and Cistus spp.) at the rate of 60 mg/animal/day over a periodof 30 days. After treatment, biochemical parameters and serum enzyme activities were analysed and weights of liver and kidney measured. Liver and kidney tissues of rats were examined by light microscope.Serum cholesterol and HDL levels decreased in rats fed on pollen of Trifolium spp. and Cistus spp. Serum glucose levels increased in rats given pollen of Trifolium spp. and Raphanus spp. There was no change in serum enzyme levels in rats of any pollen group.While absolute liver weights of rats fed on pollen of Trifolium spp. and Cistus spp. increased, no change at all in absolute kidney weight and relative weight (organ weight/body weight) of liver and kidney of rats was found in any pollen group. Histopathological changes in theliver and kidney of rats given pollen were not observed. Although serum cholesterol and HDL levels decreased, we cannot suggest that pollen caused either adverse or beneficial effects because of the short tretment period of 30 days.
The Role of Child’s Temperament Predictor on Preschool Social Competence  [PDF]
Sibel Yoleri
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.513131
Abstract: This research has been conducted to examine the predictor effects that children’s temperament traits have on the social competence variable. In total of 112 preschool children (57 boys, 55 girls), and their mothers and teachers participated in the study. To collect data, the Social Competence and Behavior Evaluation scale, short form (SCBE-30) as well as the Short Temperament Scale for Children were completed by their mothers and teachers. According to the results, there is a significantly positive relationship between the level of social competence and the persistence and rhythmicity level of temperament traits. In other results there was found to be a significant positive relationship between the level of anger/aggression and the reactivity temperament trait. According to the results of the multiple regression analysis social competence also has a significant effect related to temperament traits.
Hybride Bibliothek – eine Begriffsneubestimmung
Sibel Ulucan
Libreas : Library Ideas , 2012,
Abstract: Bislang wurde das aus dem angels chsischen Kulturraum stammende Konzept Hybrid-Bibliothek‘ reduziert auf die Informationsversorgung und -angebote, die sowohl traditionell-materieller als auch zukunftsorientiert-elektronischer Art sind. Jedoch begründet meiner Meinung nach folgende Argumentationskette eine inhaltliche Erweiterung beziehungsweise Neuverortung des Begriffs Hybride Bibliothek.
The Impact of IFRS on the Value Relevance of Accounting Information: Evidence from Turkish Firms
Sibel Kargin
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2013, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v5n4p71
Abstract: Value relevance is being defined as the ability of information disclosed by financial statements to capture and summarize firm value. Value relevance can be measured through the statistical relations between information presented by financial statements and stock market values or returns. In many studies, Ohlson model (1995) has been adopted to explore relationships among the market value of equity and two main financial reporting variables, namely the book value of equity per share (represents balance sheet) and earnings per share (represents income statement). This study investigates the value relevance of accounting information in pre- and post-financial periods of International Financial Reporting Standards’ (IFRS) application for Turkish listed firms from 1998 to 2011. Market value is related to book value and earnings per share by using the Ohlson model (1995). Overall book value is value relevant in determining market value or stock prices. The results show that value relevance of accounting information has improved in the post-IFRS period (2005-2011) considering book values while improvements have not been observed in value relevance of earnings.
Sustaining Anti-Tobacco Cultures: Mission Impossible in Turkey?
Gogen Sibel
Tobacco Induced Diseases , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1617-9625-3-47
ERDEM, Mehmet Dursun - B LüK Ramazan 2011; Antalya ve Y resi A zlar , Turkish Studies Yay nlar , Ankara. (XXXIX+844 s.) ERDEM, Mehmet Dursun - B LüK Ramazan 2011; Antalya ve Y resi A zlar , Turkish Studies Yay nlar , Ankara. (XXXIX+844 s.)
Sibel üST
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Review
Other Psychiatric Problems, Can be Seen in Dermatological Diseases
Sibel Mercan
Turkderm , 2010,
Abstract: Borderline personality disorder, addictions, sexual dysfunction disorder and eating disorders are other psychiatric problems which can been seen by dermatological illnesses. Borderline personality disorder, alcohol or drug addiction or eating disorder patients may give harm to their skin as dermatitis artefacta or smoking and alcohol may give harm to skin with direct toxic effect. There is close relationship between skin and sexuality. Sexual dysfunctions in dermatological patients should be evaluated carefully.
Atopic Dermatitis
Turkderm , 2011,
Abstract: Atopic dermatitis is one of the important public health problems of the industrialized communities, and the prevalence of the disease has been increasing in our developing country. In this paper, etiopathogenesis, clinical characteristics and current therapeutic approaches of atopic dermatitis is reviewed under highlights of recently published guidelines and the literature. (Turk-derm 2011; 45: 168-73)

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