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Optimal multi-sensor Kalman smoothing fusion for discrete multichannel ARMA signals

Shuli SUN,

控制理论与应用 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on the multi-sensor optimal information fusion criterion weighted by matrice s in the linear minimum variance sense,using whi te noise estimators,an optimal fusion distributed Ka lman smoother is given for discrete multi-channel AR MA (autoregressive moving average) signals.The smoothing error cross-covariance matrices between any two sen sors are given for measurement noises.Furthermore,th e fusion smoother gives higher precision than any local smoother does.
The Factors on Removal of Zinc Cation from Aqueous Solution by Bentonite  [PDF]
Shuli Ding, Juanjuan Shen, Bohui Xu, Qinfu Liu, Yuzhuang Sun
Natural Resources (NR) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2011.22015
Abstract: The removing zinc cation from aqueous solution by Ca-bentonite and Na-exchanged bentonite was studied. The factors such as the initial concentration of Zn2+, the liquid-to-solid ratio, pH, adsorption time, stirring speed, coexisting ions, temperature and bentonite particle size were investigated. The results show that the adsorption process of bentonite accorded with the Freundlich isotherm model, the removal of Zn2+ by Ca-bentonite and Na-exchanged bentonite reached equilibrium in 2 h, and adsorption of Na- bentonite was superior to Ca-bentonite. The adsorption rate of zinc increased with increasing pH, temperature, stirring speed, time span and with decreasing bentonite particle, the initial concentration of Zn2+ and the liquid-to-solid ratio. In mixed solution which contains Pb2+and Cr6+, Pb2+ has no influ- ence on the removal of Zn2+ by both the bentonites while Cr6+can decease it.
Quality Improvement Algorithm for Tetrahedral Mesh Based on Optimal Delaunay Triangulation  [PDF]
Shuli Sun, Haoran Bao, Minghui Liu, Yuan Yuan
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2013.56021

The concept of optimal Delaunay triangulation (ODT) and the corresponding error-based quality metric are first introduced. Then one kind of mesh smoothing algorithm for tetrahedral mesh based on the concept of ODT is examined. With regard to its problem of possible producing illegal elements, this paper proposes a modified smoothing scheme with a constrained optimization model for tetrahedral mesh quality improvement. The constrained optimization model is converted to an unconstrained one and then solved by integrating chaos search and BFGS (Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno) algorithm efficiently. Quality improvement for tetrahedral mesh is finally achieved by alternately applying the presented smoothing scheme and re-triangulation. Some testing examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

An Efficient Optimization Procedure for Tetrahedral Meshes by Chaos Search Algorithm
Sun ShuLi,and Liu JianFei,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2003,
Abstract: A simple and efficient local optimization-based procedure for node repositioning/smoothing of three-dimensional tetrahedral meshes is presented. The initial tetrahedral mesh is optimized with respect to a specified element shape measure by chaos search algorithm, which is very effective for the optimization problems with only a few design variables. Examples show that the presented smoothing procedure can provide favorable conditions for local transformation approach and the quality of mesh can be significantly improved by the combination of these two procedures with respect to a specified element shape measure. Meanwhile, several commonly used shape measures for tetrahedral element, which are considered to be equivalent in some weak sense over a long period of time, are briefly re-examined in this paper. Preliminary study indicates that using different measures to evaluate the change of element shape will probably lead to inconsistent result for both well shaped and poorly shaped elements. The proposed smoothing approach can be utilized as an appropriate and effective tool for evaluating element shape measures and their influence on mesh optimization process and optimal solution.
Age effect of deafening on stereotyped song maintenance in adult male bengalese finches Lonchura striata domestica
Yingyu SUN,Rui WANG,Shuli SHAO,Shaoju ZENG
Current Zoology , 2009,
Abstract: Birdsong is a complex learned vocal behavior that relies on auditory experience for development. However, it appears that among different species of close-ended songbirds, there are some variations in the necessity of auditory feedback for maintaining stereotyped adult song. In zebra finches, the deterioration of adult songs following deafness depends on the birds’ age. It is unknown whether this age effect is a general rule in other avian species as well. Therefore, we chose Bengalese finches, whose songs show more complexity and have much heavier dependency on auditory feedback than that of zebra finches, to compare the degree of song degradation after hearing loss in old (over 18 months old) and young adult birds (5–6 months old). We found that both syllable sequence and syllable phonology were much less severely affected by deafening in old adults than that in young ones. Moreover, young adults almost lost their capability to sing trills over 6 months following deafening, while old birds continued to sing plenty of trills and trilled syllables after the same period of deafening. Our results suggest that age plays an important role in affecting the dependency of adult song maintenance on auditory feedback in Bengalese finches. Furthermore, the age dependency may be a general phenomenon in different species of close-ended songbirds [Current Zoology 55(3):212–218, 2009].
Analysis of Cause of Death in Inner Mongolia of China, 2008-2014  [PDF]
Shuli Xing, Zhiqiang Sun, Maolin Du, Xuesen Shi, Hairong Zhang, Zhanlong Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Zhihui Hao, Zhuang Su, Ying Yang, Rong Liu, Yueling Hu, Juan Sun
Open Journal of Epidemiology (OJEpi) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojepi.2017.71002
Abstract: Objective: The aim of our study was to analyze the character of cause of death in Inner Mongolia of China from 2008 to 2014. Methods: We collected data from monitoring points of the Death Registry System (DRS) in Inner Mongolia. We calculated the mortality rates by gender, year and age-specific. We calculated the proportion, the mortality rate and potential years of life lost (PYLL) of various system deaths. Results: During the period 2008-2014, the average crude mortality rate of all cause of death was 539.33/105. The mortality rate increased semilogarithm linearly with age. The top four system deaths were circulatory system, neoplasm, respiratory system and injury. In 2014, the mortality rates of circulatory system were increased and the mortality rates of certain infectious and parasitic diseases, neoplasms, respiratory system, genitourinary system and injury were decreased compared to those in 2008. Conclusion: Through analysis the indicators of proportion, the mortality rate and PYLL indicated that health status of a population in Inner Mongolia was at a better level.

Chen Pu,Sun Shuli,Yuan Mingwu,

力学学报 , 2002,
Abstract: In early nineteen seventy's, the skyline active column algorithm is considered as an efficient one for LDLT or Cholesky factorization of the positive definite sparse linear equations Ax = f. But beneath the skyline there are usually many zeros in almost each column. All these zeros occupied the storage allocations and participated operations. These zeros caused also extra I/O between the core and the secondary memory. As the size of linear equations increasing, the skyline approach encounters difficulties of storage shortage and lower efficiency. Comparing to conventional skyline and half-bandwidth storage schemes, the sparse storage scheme needs only allocations for non-zero entries of the stiffness matrix and the whole matrix is manipulated in a very smart way. Therefore sparse solver requires less disk space and is faster than conventional direct solvers with skyline or half-bandwidth storage scheme for large-scale problems. In reference 3] the super-equation was introduced to sparse matrix computation with the conventional sparse storage scheme for the factor Ll of K in order to perform one-way unrolling. In this paper, we extent the super-equation concept to the global stiffness matrix A of three dimensional FEA and proposes cell sparse storage scheme. The proposed cell sparse storage scheme provides an excellent data structure for two-way loop unrolling, to which we unrolled two outer loops of the triply nested loop in so-called JKI LDLr factorization. This essential changes led to a big improvement in efficiency and the disk space requirement. The cell sparse storage reduced about 70% of core memory as well as disk space requirement for engineering FEA in comparison with the skyline storage scheme. Even compared to conventional sparse storage scheme, 30% of memory requirement was reduced. The combination of the cell sparse technology and loop unrolling in the new solution strategy achieved very high efficiency in sense of elapsed time and disk space requirement. Eight examples showed that the proposed algorithm was 7-57 times faster than the skyline solver and the disk space requirement reduced to 1/3 for engineering FEA. The higher speed came from the following aspects: 1) the number of operations of the LDL1 factorization in the sparse storage scheme is much less than that in the skyline scheme; 2) the loop unrolling reduces the data traffic between RAM and cache, and even registers; 3) there are less indices in the cell sparse storage scheme, thus the index manipulations decreased; and 4) smaller disk and core space requirement reduces the I/O.
Earnings management and the quality of the financial reporting
Ingrid Shuli
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business , 2011,
Abstract: During the last time in the development of the financial reporting and frauds there have emerged several problems related to the quality of several indicators on the financial statements and especially the quality of the earnings indicator. According to the literature on the financial reporting it results that companies have the possibility to smooth earnings or manage earnings as a tool to avoid reporting a loss. While the economic entities are using the national and international accounting standards, the working practice of accountants/auditors shows episodes of the management of the earnings. One of the conclusions of this paper is that there is not enough information among accounting professionals regarding the practices of the earnings management. One of the recommendations is to include issues of fair and ethical reporting in the modules of the faculty of economics especially on the master level.Based on the many studies of this issue in other countries, this paper will show if this phenomenon is known in Albania and furthermore how important it is for the quality of the financial reporting in Albania. In order to achieve this objective it has been done a review of related studies. Because of the new legislation on the financial reporting being implemented in our country the recommendations of this paper may be valuable to the enforcement of the accounting standards mechanisms.
2+2 Program for Teachers’ Performance Appraisal in China
Shuli Zhao
English Language Teaching , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v2n2p60
Abstract: This study examined the impact of the 2+2 Alternative Teacher Performance Appraisal System that has been implemented in Shanxi province in China. A mixed research design was used to evaluate the program. Six high schools and a total of 78 teachers (13 teachers in each school) in Shanxi province were selected. Three of the schools participated in the 2+2 program while another three served as the comparison. The results showed that 2+2 program significantly improved teachers’ professional performance, enhanced teachers’ collaboration, and increased the feedback between the peers.
The Weak Stable Sets for Fuzzy Cooperative Games
Shuli Wang,Ning Jiang
Modern Applied Science , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v4n7p170
Abstract: In this paper, by expanding the definition of dominance, we present the new concepts of weak core and weak stable set for fuzzy cooperative game, and study the properties of them.
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