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Geographical, meteorological and vectorial factors related to malaria re-emergence in Huang-Huai River of central China
Shui S Zhou, Fang Huang, Jian J Wang, Shao S Zhang, Yun P Su, Lin H Tang
Malaria Journal , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2875-9-337
Abstract: The geographic information of 357 malaria cases and 603 water bodies in 113 villages were collected to analyse the relationship between the residence of malaria cases and water body. Spearman rank correlation, multiple regression, curve fitting and trend analysis were used to explain the relationship between the meteorological factors and malaria incidence. Entomological investigation was conducted in two sites to get the vectorial capacity and the basic reproductive rate to determine whether the effect of vector lead to malaria re-emergence.The distances from household of cases to the nearest water-body was positive-skew distributed, the median was 60.9 m and 74% malaria cases were inhabited in the extent of 60 m near the water body, and the risk rate of people live there attacked by malaria was higher than others(OR = 1.6, 95%CI (1.042, 2.463), P < 0.05). The annual average temperature and rainfall may have close relationship with annual incidence. The average monthly temperature and rainfall were the key factors, and the correlation coefficients are 0.501 and 0.304(P < 0.01), respectively. Moreover, 75.3% changes of monthly malaria incidence contributed to the average monthly temperature (Tmean), the average temperature of last two months(Tmean01) and the average rainfall of current month (Rmean) and the regression equation was Y = -2.085 + 0.839I1 + 0.998Tmean0 - 0.86Tmean01 + 0.16Rmean0. All the collected mosquitoes were Anopheles sinensis. The vectorial capacity and the basic reproductive rate of An. sinensis in two sites were 0.6969, 0.4983 and 2.1604, 1.5447, respectively.The spatial distribution between malaria cases and water-body, the changing of meteorological factors, and increasing vectorial capacity and basic reproductive rate of An. sinensis leaded to malaria re-emergence in these areas.Malaria is an important cause of death and illness in children and adults in tropical countries. According to World Malaria Report 2009[1], half of the world's popula
Lateral Entry Guidance for Lunar Return Vehicles
zunshi shui,jun zhou,zhilei ge
Modern Applied Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v6n3p100
Abstract: A lateral entry guidance is designed based on azimuth error and crossrange error for a low L/D ratio lunar return vehicle. The conventional technique to determine the bank sign is according to the crossrange error, which might cause large crossrange deviation during Kepler phase if azimuth error at skip out point is large. This paper develops a combined lateral guidance logic to minish accumulate crossrange error caused by azimuth error during Kepler phase. The lateral logic decides the value of crossrange threshold by constantly predicting the crossrange at skip out point. The azimuth error at skip out point is regulated to a small value by only one bank reverse through online adjusting reversal threshold. The effect of earth rotation is compensated by moving the landing site to opposite direction. During the second entry, the lateral logical is designed based on the crossrange error to achieve precise lateral control. The lateral guidance logic is validated by numerical simulations. Monte Carlo simulations show that the proposed lateral guidance logic can deliver the vehicle to the desired landing site in the presence of large initial dispersions and disturbance.
Numerical Simulation of Random Close Packing with Tetrahedra

LI Shui-Xiang,ZHAO Jian,ZHOU Xuan,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: The densest packing of tetrahedra is still an unsolved problem. Numerical simulations of random close packing of tetrahedra are carried out with a sphere assembly model and improved relaxation algorithm. The packing density and average contact number obtained for random close packing of regular tetrahedra is 0.6817 and 7.21 respectively, while the values of spheres are 0.6435 and 5.95. The simulation demonstrates that tetrahedra can be randomly packed denser than spheres. Random close packings of tetrahedra with a range of height are simulated as well. We find that the regular tetrahedron might be the optimal shape which gives the highest packing density of tetrahedra.
Treatment of high-strength ammonium fecal wastewater by aeration biological fluidized bed

Shui Chunyu,Zhou Huaidong,

环境工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 应用好氧曝气生物流化床反应器处理动车集便器粪便污水,研究反应器同步硝化反硝化脱氮及去除COD效能,以及DO对处理效能的影响,通过镜检观察反应器内微生物特性,探究反应器同步硝化反硝化脱氮机理。结果表明,反应器维持DO在2.5 mg/L左右时,对粪便污水中氨氮、TN和COD的去除率分别达99.8%、84.1%和95.5%,在好氧曝气生物流化床反应器中,实现同步硝化反硝化脱氮并去除有机物。分析认为,反硝化脱氮主要发生在生物膜内的厌氧微环境,反硝化反应主要由厌氧反硝化菌完成,曝气生物流化床反应器同步硝化反硝化脱氮机理主要从微环境理论解释。
Bis[(2-chloro-4-fluorobenzyl)triphenylphosphonium] bis(1,2,5-thiadiazole-3,4-dithiolato)nickelate(II)
Zhou-Hua Zeng,Shui-Bin Yang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812003625
Abstract: The title ion-pair complex, (C25H20ClFP)2[Ni(C2N2S3)2], was obtained by the direct reaction of (4-F,2-ClBzTPP)+·Br [4-F,2-ClBzTPP+ is (2-chloro-4-fluorobenzyl)triphenylphosphonium], NiCl2·6H2O and Na2tdas (tdas2 is 1,2,5-thiadiazole-3,4-dithiolate) in methanol. The asymmetric unit of the title structure comprises one (4-F,2-ClBzTPP)+ cation and half of an [Ni(tdas)2]2 complex anion, with the NiII ion situated on a center of symmetry, leading to a slightly distorted square-planar coordination of the latter. In the cation, the tetrahedral angles around the P atom are nearly undistorted. In the crystal, the cations and anions are linked by C—H...S, C—H...N and C—H...Cl hydrogen bonds.
Genuine tripartite entanglement monotone of $(2\otimes 2\otimes n)-$ dimensional systems
Chang-shui Yu,L. Zhou,He-shan Song
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.77.022313
Abstract: A genuine tripartite entanglement monotone is presented for $(2\otimes 2\otimes n)$-dimensional tripartite pure states by introducing a new entanglement measure for bipartite pure states. As an application, we consider the genuine tripartite entanglement of the ground state of the exactly solvable isotropic spin-1/2 chain with three-spin interaction. It is shown that the singular behavior of the genuine tripartite entanglement exactly signals a quantum phase transition.
Reversibility of Interacting Fleming-Viot Processes with Mutation, Selection, and Recombination
Shui Feng,Byron Schmuland,Jean Vaillancourt,Xiaowen Zhou
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: Reversibility of the Fleming-Viot process with mutation, selection, and recombination is well understood. In this paper, we study the reversibility of a system of Fleming-Viot processes that live on a countable number of colonies interacting with each other through migrations between the colonies. It is shown that reversibility fails when both migration and mutation are non-trivial.
Influence Prediction for Continuous-Time Information Propagation on Networks
Shui-Nee Chow,Xiaojing Ye,Hongyuan Zha,Haomin Zhou
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: We consider the problem of predicting the time evolution of influence, the expected number of activated nodes, given a set of initiative nodes on a propagation network. To address the significant computational challenges of this problem on large-scale networks, we propose to aggregate the activation states of the network adaptively and establish a system of differential equations governing the dynamics of density functions on the resulting graph, which can be considered as an analogue to the Fokker-Planck equation in continuous space. The influence is then estimated by the solution of such a system of differential equations. This approach gives rise to a class of novel and scalable algorithms that work effectively for large-scale and dense networks. Numerical results are provided to show the very promising performance in terms of prediction accuracy and computational efficiency of this approach.
Identification of genes associated with nitrogen-use efficiency by genome-wide transcriptional analysis of two soybean genotypes
Qing N Hao, Xin A Zhou, Ai H Sha, Cheng Wang, Rong Zhou, Shui L Chen
BMC Genomics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-525
Abstract: Two soybean genotypes were grown under N-limited conditions; a low-N-tolerant variety (No.116) and a low-N-sensitive variety (No.84-70). The shoots and roots of soybeans were used for sequencing. Eight libraries were generated for analysis: 2 genotypes × 2 tissues (roots and shoots) × 2 time periods [short-term (0.5 to 12 h) and long-term (3 to 12 d) responses] and compared the transcriptomes by high-throughput tag-sequencing analysis. 5,739,999, 5,846,807, 5,731,901, 5,970,775, 5,476,878, 5,900,343, 5,930,716, and 5,862,642 clean tags were obtained for the eight libraries: L1, 116-shoot short-term; L2 84-70-shoot short-term; L3 116-shoot long-term; L4 84-70-shoot long-term; L5 116-root short-term; L6 84-70-root short-term; L7 116-root long-term;L8 84-70-root long-term; these corresponded to 224,154, 162,415, 191,994, 181,792, 204,639, 206,998, 233,839 and 257,077 distinct tags, respectively. The clean tags were mapped to the reference sequences for annotation of expressed genes. Many genes showed substantial differences in expression among the libraries. In total, 3,231genes involved in twenty-two metabolic and signal transduction pathways were up- or down-regulated. Twenty-four genes were randomly selected and confirmed their expression patterns by quantitative RT-PCR; Twenty-one of the twenty-four genes showed expression patterns consistent with the Digital Gene Expression (DGE) data.A number of soybean genes were differentially expressed between the low-N-tolerant and low-N-sensitive varieties under N-limited conditions. Some of these genes may be candidates for improving NUE. These findings will help to provide a detailed understanding of NUE mechanisms, and also provide a basis for breeding soybean varieties that are tolerant to low-N conditions.Plants require large amounts of nitrogen (N) for their growth and survival [1]. This N accounts for approximately 2% of total plant dry matter. N is a necessary component of proteins, enzymes, and metabolic products in
4,9,12,15-Tetraoxa-3,5,8,10,14,16-hexaazatetracyclo[,6.07,11]hexadeca-1(16),2,5,7,10,13-hexaen-3-ium-3-olate monohydrate
Yan-Shui Zhou,Bo-Zhou Wang,Kang-Zhen Xu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s160053681200774x
Abstract: The organic molecule in the title monohydrate, C6N6O5·H2O, presents an almost planar configuration, the greatest deviation from the least-squares plane through the atoms being 0.061 (1) for the O atom within the seven-membered ring. Each water H atom is bifurcated, one forming two O—H...N hydrogen bonds and the other forming O—H...N,O hydrogen bonds. The result of the hydrogen bonding is the formation of supramolecular layers with a zigzag topology that stack along [001].
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