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Effect of sintering on the relative density of Cr-coated diamond/Cu composites prepared by spark plasma sintering
Wei Cui,Hui Xu,Jian-hao Chen,Shu-bin Ren,Xin-bo He,Xuan-hui Qu
- , 2016, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-016-1285-1
Abstract: Cr-coated diamond/Cu composites were prepared by spark plasma sintering. The effects of sintering pressure, sintering temperature, sintering duration, and Cu powder particle size on the relative density and thermal conductivity of the composites were investigated in this paper. The influence of these parameters on the properties and microstructures of the composites was also discussed. The results show that the relative density of Cr-coated diamond/Cu reaches ~100% when the composite is gradually compressed to 30 MPa during the heating process. The densification temperature increases from 880 to 915°C when the diamond content is increased from 45vol% to 60vol%. The densification temperature does not increase further when the content reaches 65vol%. Cu powder particles in larger size are beneficial for increasing the relative density of the composite.
Effect of Al2O3sf addition on the friction and wear properties of (SiCp+Al2O3sf)/Al2024 composites fabricated by pressure infiltration
Hui Xu,Gong-zhen Zhang,Wei Cui,Shu-bin Ren,Qian-jin Wang,Xuan-hui Qu
- , 2018, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-018-1581-z
Abstract: Aluminum (Al) 2024 matrix composites reinforced with alumina short fibers (Al2O3sf) and silicon carbide particles (SiCp) as wear-resistant materials were prepared by pressure infiltration in this study. Further, the effect of Al2O3sf on the friction and wear properties of the as-synthesized composites was systematically investigated, and the relationship between volume fraction and wear mechanism was discussed. The results showed that the addition of Al2O3sf, characterized by the ratio of Al2O3sf to SiCp, significantly affected the properties of the composites and resulted in changes in wear mechanisms. When the volume ratio of Al2O3sf to SiCp was increased from 0 to 1, the rate of wear mass loss (Km) and coefficients of friction (COFs) of the composites decreased, and the wear mechanisms were abrasive wear and furrow wear. When the volume ratio was increased from 1 to 3, the COF decreased continuously; however, the Km increased rapidly and the wear mechanism became adhesive wear.
Sintering behavior and thermal conductivity of nickel-coated graphite flake/copper composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering
Hui Xu,Jian-hao Chen,Shu-bin Ren,Xin-bo He,Xuan-hui Qu
- , 2018, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-018-1592-9
Abstract: Nickel-coated graphite flakes/copper (GN/Cu) composites were fabricated by spark plasma sintering with the surface of graphite flakes (GFs) being modified by Ni–P electroless plating. The effects of the phase transition of the amorphous Ni–P plating and of Ni diffusion into the Cu matrix on the densification behavior, interfacial microstructure, and thermal conductivity (TC) of the GN/Cu composites were systematically investigated. The introduction of Ni–P electroless plating efficiently reduced the densification temperature of uncoated GF/Cu composites from 850 to 650°C and slightly increased the TC of the X–Y basal plane of the GF/Cu composites with 20vol%–30vol% graphite flakes. However, when the graphite flake content was greater than 30vol%, the TC of the GF/Cu composites decreased with the introduction of Ni–P plating as a result of the combined effect of the improved heat-transfer interface with the transition layer, P generated at the interface, and the diffusion of Ni into the matrix. Given the effect of the Ni content on the TC of the Cu matrix and on the interface thermal resistance, a modified effective medium approximation model was used to predict the TC of the prepared GF/Cu composites.
Effect of graphite powder as a forming filler on the mechanical properties of SiCp/Al composites by pressure infiltration
Wei Cui,Hui Xu,Jian-hao Chen,Shu-bin Ren,Xin-bo He,Xuan-hui Qu
- , 2016, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-016-1272-6
Abstract: (38vol% SiCp + 2vol% Al2O3f)/2024 Al composites were fabricated by pressure infiltration. Graphite powder was introduced as a forming filler in preform preparation, and the effects of the powder size on the microstructures and mechanical properties of the final composites were investigated. The results showed that the composite with 15 μm graphite powder as a forming filler had the maximum tensile strength of 506 MPa, maximum yield strength of 489 MPa, and maximum elongation of 1.2%, which decreased to 490 MPa, 430 MPa, and 0.4%, respectively, on increasing the graphite powder size from 15 to 60 μm. The composite with 60 μm graphite powder showed the highest elastic modulus, and the value decreased from 129 to 113 GPa on decreasing the graphite powder size from 60 to 15 μm. The differences between these properties are related to the different microstructures of the corresponding composites, which determine their failure modes.
The Research of Railway Line State Detection Signal Processing Method Based on EMD  [PDF]
Wen-Fa Zhu, Hui-Zhen Ma, Xiao-Dong Chai, Shu-Bin Zhen
Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology (OJSST) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojsst.2015.52008
Abstract: In this paper, an EMD de-noising algorithm is proposed based on the statistical feature of random noise, which can eliminate the noise impaction digital integrator generated by the collected railway line state detection signals using strap-down inertial technology. Firstly, the first IMF component of the noise-dominant modes treated by the process “random sort-sum-average-reconstruc-tion”, the signal-to-noise ratio is improved while the noise power is weakened in this process. Then the signal-to-noise cut-off can be determined according to the characters of noise autocorrelation function. Finally, the global threshold could be selected by the noise-dominant mode component, so as to realize the function of filtering. The simulation and validation based on the collected railway line acceleration data using the EMD de-noising algorithm show that the noise in railway line state acceleration detection signals can be effectively eliminated using this method.
Investigation of Hollow Silica Spheres with Controllable Size and Shell Thickness
LI Zhen, WANG Shu-Bin
无机材料学报 , 2011, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2011.11159
Abstract: Hollow silica spheres were synthesized by template/Sol―Gel approach, using cationic polystyrene (PS) as template and tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) as precursor. The void size of hollow silica sphere was decided by the diameter of their PS templates. Hollow silica spheres with controllable size between 0.71 μm and 1.8 μm were obtained by varying the parameters of polymerization (the monomer, the initiator, the stabilizer and the polarity of the dispersion medium). The shell thickness of hollow silica spheres could be easily changed in the range of 20 nm to 60 nm by changing the TEOS concentration from 0.4 mmol/L to 0.8 mmol/L. Both the size and shell thickness of hollow silica spheres have effects on their bulk density, the thermal conductivity and strength of materials.
Modes of dryland ecological farming in Chengjiang County,Yunnan Province

ZHANG Shu-Bin,

中国生态农业学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 1生态农业种植模式与关键技术生态农业种植模式。位于滇中的澄江县总人口14.6万人,耕地面积7565.6hm2,其中47.9%为旱地;受低纬高原季风气候的影响,该县光照较充足,≥10℃年积温4672~4887℃,年降雨量960.7~1235.9mm。1994~1999年进行旱作生态农业种植模式开发,共引进46个农作物(果树)良种和新农药、叶面肥、植物生长调节剂等,利用生态技术,采取间作、套种及轮作、复种方式进行立体多熟种植,研究探索出8种旱作生态农业种植模式并在全县示范推广。一是烤烟/菜豌豆/小麦(大麦)种植模式。4月上中旬收麦,5月上旬抓
An RLC interconnect analyzable crosstalk model considering self-heating effect

Zhu Zhang-Ming,Liu Shu-Bin,

中国物理 B , 2012,
Abstract: According to the thermal profile of actual multilevel interconnects, in this paper we propose a temperature distribution model of multilevel interconnects and derive an analytical crosstalk model for the distributed resistance-inductance-capacitance (RLC) interconnect considering effect of thermal profile. According to the 65-nm complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process, we compare the proposed RLC analytical crosstalk model with the Hspice simulation results for different interconnect coupling conditions and the absolute error is within 6.5%. The computed results of the proposed analytical crosstalk model show that RCL crosstalk decreases with the increase of current density and increases with the increase of insulator thickness. This analytical crosstalk model can be applied to the electronic design automation (EDA) and the design optimization for nanometer CMOS integrated circuits.
Gao-Jin Lv,Shu-Bin Wu,Rui Lou
BioResources , 2010,
Abstract: In order to study the thermal decomposition characteristics of hemicellulose, a highly efficient procedure was carried out to extract hemicellulose from corn stalk. Several different sugar units were observed by 13C NMR spectra to show the presence and species of hemicellulose. Following isolation of the hemicellulose, experimental research on its thermal behavior were carried out with a thermogravimetric analyzer under inert atmosphere at heating rates ranging from 10 to 50°C/min, and the kinetic parameters were calculated by the Kissinger and Ozawa methods, respectively. It was found that the thermal degradation of hemicellulose mainly occurred in the temperature range 180-340°C with a final residue yield of 24% at 700°C. An increase of the heating rate could slightly increase both the temperatures at which the peak weight loss rate was observed and the maximum value of weight loss rate. The activation energy (E) and the pre-exponential factor (lnA) obtained by the Kissinger and Ozawa methods were 213.3kJ mol-1, 211.6kJ mol-1 and 46.2min-1, 45.9min-1, respectively. Even though the data showed little difference, the fitting degree of the Ozawa method was better than that of the Kissinger method. The experimental results and kinetic parameters may provide useful data for effective design and improvement of thermochemical conversion units.
Rui Lou,Shu-bin Wu,Gao-jin Lv
BioResources , 2010,
Abstract: The characteristics of enzymatic/mild acidolysis lignin (EMAL) isolated from moso bamboo were investigated using pyrolysis-gas chromato-graphy/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS). Pyrolysis temperature as a factor on products was studied, and the pyrolysis mechanism was inferred with respect to the dominating products. Research results showed that pyrolysis products derived from EMAL pyrolysis were mainly heterocyclic (2,3-dihydrobenzofuran), phenols, esters, and a minor amount of acetic acid. Pyrolysis temperature had a distinct impact on yields of pyrolysis products. As pyrolysis temperature increased, the yield of 2,3-dihydrobenzofuran rapidly decreased; however, yields of phenols increased smoothly. It can be obtained that, at the low temperatures (250-400oC), pyrolysis products were mainly 2,3-dihydrobenzofuran, and the highest yield was 66.26% at 320oC; at the high temperatures (400-800oC), pyrolysis products were mainly phenols, and yields hit their highest level of 56.43% at 600 oC. A minor amount of acetic acid only emerged at 800°C. Knowledge of pyrolysis products releasing from EMAL and the pyrolysis mechanism could be basic and essential to the understanding of thermochemical conversion of EMAL to chemicals or high-grade energy.
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