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Soft tissue metastasis in basal cell carcinoma
Shrivastava Rajeev,Singh K,Shrivastava Minakshi
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 2007,
Abstract: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common of the cutaneous malignancies, accounting for 65-75% of all skin cancers. The natural history of this disease is one of chronic local invasion. Metastatic BCC Is a rare clinical entity, with a reported incidence of only 0.0028-0.5%. Approximately 85% of all metastatic BCCs arise in the head and neck region. We present a case of BCC that spread to the muscles of the cheek and nodes (intraparotid and internal jugular), in a man who had a lesion near the inner canthus of his right eye and adjoining nasal bridge.
Total Electron Content and Anomalous Appearance of GPS Satellites as Pointers to Epicentre Identification of Major Japan Earthquake of 2011  [PDF]
Minakshi Devi, Ananda Kumar Barbara
Positioning (POS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/pos.2012.31002
Abstract: The paper presents an analysis of variations in Total Electron Content (TEC) observed through Global Positioning System (GPS) at Guwahati (26?10'N, 91?45'E), in relation to the Japan Earthquakes (EQs) of March 9 and 11, 2011. For this purpose, the azimuthal positions and trajectories of abnormally increased number of satellites at the epicentre location appearing into the Field Of View (FOV) of GPS antenna at Guwahati and consequent pseudo enhancement in TEC are taken as inputs. The paper discusses how the analysis results could provide warning alarms of two earthquakes possibly one on March 8 or 9 and the other on March 11 or 12, 2011 with epicenter positions around 135?E to 145?E and 35?N to 40?N, that coincides with location of Japan Earthquakes. A projected forecast on EQ magnitude of M > 8.5 is also made. The explanations to the observed modifications in TEC features and abnormal increase in number of satellites are purported to be the result of coupling between lithosphere and troposphere forced in by pre-earthquake processes that had spread the zone of activities to as far as Guwahati.
Woman and Internet: A Philosophical Study of Gender Inequality between Male and Female
Minakshi Das
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: The present study will mainly try to explore the position of a woman in our modern society, which is technologically so advanced and updated. It can be stated that technology is giving us a signal of a post human future without having the traditional limitations of time; space and quantity on the availability and openness of information and communication. But the most important point is that though our society is showing tremendous growth but from the ancient time to the present women in most cultures has had to face lots of challenges to prove their potentialities. Not only in the real world but also within the virtual world women have been neglected from decades. The most interesting example of the same can be found within the video games. Thus, the article will try to focus some issues like the above and will seek to provide the philosophical interpretation of body and how the body as well as the female body has been neglected from the earlier philosophical tradition and how the present phenomenological interpretations are trying to overcome those problems. Finally, the article will try to find out a solution of the given problems by following the feminist ethics as well as the computer ethics.
Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) For Brain Tumor Detection
Minakshi Sharma
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Detection and segmentation of Brain tumor is very important because it provides anatomical information of normal and abnormal tissues which helps in treatment planning and patient follow-up. There are number of techniques for image segmentation. Proposed research work uses ANFIS (Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Inference System) for image classification and then compares the results with FCM (Fuzzy C means) and K-NN (K-nearest neighbor). ANFIS includes benefits of both ANN and the fuzzy logic systems. A comprehensive feature set and fuzzy rules are selected to classify an abnormal image to the corresponding tumor type. Experimental results illustrate promising results in terms of classification accuracy. A comparative analysis is performed with the FCM and K-NN to show the superior nature of ANFIS systems.
Primary Tuberculosis of Tonsils: A Case Report
Pooja Prasad,Minakshi Bhardwaj
Case Reports in Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/120382
Abstract: Tuberculosis is one of the major causes of ill health and death worldwide. Isolated tuberculosis of tonsil in the absence of active pulmonary tuberculosis is a very rare clinical entity. A 10-year-male child presented with recurrent episodes of upper respiratory tract infections, with 2-3 occurrences per month for the past 6 years. On general physical examination, bilateral tonsils showed grade III enlargement and congestion. Posterior pharyngeal wall was clear. Examination of the chest was within normal limits. Histopathological examination of bilateral tonsils revealed caseating and noncaseating epithelioid cell granulomas with Langhans giant cells. Ziehl-Neelsen stain for acid fast bacillus was positive. Features were consistent with a diagnosis of tuberculosis of tonsils. Tuberculosis of the oral cavity is uncommon and lesions may be either primary or secondary. Early detection and intervention is essential for cure. Isolated and primary tuberculosis of the tonsils in the absence of pulmonary tuberculosis is a rare entity, which prompted us to report this case.
Optimization of extracellular thermophilic highly alkaline lipase from thermophilic Bacillus sp isolated from Hotspring of Arunachal Pradesh, India
Bora, Limpon;Bora, Minakshi;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822012000100004
Abstract: studies on lipase production were carried out with a bacterial strain (bacillus sp lbn 2) isolated from soil sample of hotspring of arunachal pradesh, india. the cells were cultivated in a mineral medium with maximum production at 1% groundnut oil. the optimum temperature and initial medium ph for lipase production by the organism were 50oc and 9.0 respectively. the molecular mass was found to be 33kda by sds page. the optimal ph and temperature for activity were 10 and 60oc respectively. the enzyme was found to be stable in the ph range of 8-11 with 90% retention of activity at ph 11. the enzyme retained 90% activity at 60oc and 70% of activity at 70oc for 1h. the lipase was found to be stable in acetone followed by ethanol. the present findings suggested the enzyme to be thermophilic alkaline lipase.
3 Factor Securities based on RFID, GSM and face Recognition for Visitor Identification
Minakshi Gupta,Ketki Deshmukh
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Now a day’s everything is moving from Manual to automatic so it is necessary to developed automatic security system involving more than one electronic device to make it more reliable. In the coming future ubiquitous society, RFID tags will be affixed to every person. This technology is anticipated to be a key technology that will be utilized by various ubiquitous services where these tags will be used to identify people and will automatically take advantage of contextual information. On the other hand, a problem is arising where the excellent tracking ability of RFID is abused and personal privacy is being violated. Due to this reason I have decided to build a system involving more security factor, which has fewer disadvantages and involve very less human resources. Existing security system has only one or two electronic Device which can be easily manipulated by anyone. so the system is not reliable and not highly secured so I have implement and add one more Electronic device in the existing system which will provide more security.This paper clarifies the active tag privacy problem and proposes a method for protecting personal privacy regarding the active RFID tags.
Rapid, sensitive and cost effective method for isolation of viral DNA from feacal samples of dogs
Savi.,Minakshi and Prasad,G.
Veterinary World , 2010,
Abstract: A simple method for viral DNA extraction using chelex resin was developed. The method used was eco-friendly and cost effective compared to other methods such as phenol chloroform method which use health hazardous organic reagents. Further, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based detection of canine parvovirus (CPV) using primers from conserved region of VP2 gene was developed. To increase the sensitivity and specificity of reaction, nested PCR was designed. PCR reaction was optimized to amplify 747bp product of VP2 gene. The assay can be completed in few hours and doesn’t need hazardous chemicals. Thus, the sample preparation using chelating resin along with nested PCR seems to be a sensitive, specific and practical method for the detection of CPV in diarrhoeal feacal samples. [Vet. World 2010; 3(3.000): 105-106]
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2013,
Abstract: The present paper deals with aerobiological investigation carried out with continuous Tilak air sampler aiming to determine the concentration of aerospora over groundnut crop field in relation to meteorological parameter as well as diseases incidence. The air sampling was carried out during kharif season (rainy season) from 15th July2011 to 14th November 2011 at Patan. The Patan is earthquake prone area having heavy rainfall and is located in the vicinity of Koyana Dam in Western Ghats of Maharashtra.This study revealed incidence of 56 spore types belonging to different classes of fungi and other bio components. Occurrence of some of the dominant spores types in decreasing order are Leptosphaeria(14.66%), Cercospora (10.34%), Aspergillus (7.18%), Pringsheimia (6.57%), Nigrospora (5.43%), Rust Spore (4.68%),Cladosporium(3.26%) while lowest percent concentration was encountered is Diplocladiella (0.011%),Haplosporella (0.063%),Sporormia (0.074%), Hypoxylon (0.14%) and Spermospora (0.74%).Out of this Diplocladiella (0.11%) is very rare in occurrence of aerospora while Spermospora (0.74%) and Ceratosporium (0.1%) are new to aerobiology. The maximum aerospora have been recorded during October 2011. Daily qualitative and quantitative estimation of aerospora revealed maximum incidence on 13 TH October 2011. (13th Oct. D 4039+ N 4567=8606) Incidence of higher concentration of Cercospora ( 13th Oct 2011 N)is 768, when temp was 250C rainfall 3000mm and R/H was 58% while on 12TH Oct 2011 N. Incidence of Rust spore 625 was highest when R/H 55% temp 250C and which coincide with incidence of Rust and Tikka diseases of groundnut.This finding clearly indicates that wet aerospora is dominant in this area.
Changing Dimensions in IR- Need for New Strategy: Lessons to Be Learnt From Maruti Violence
Pardeep Jain,Minakshi Garg
International Journal of Research in Management, Science & Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Labour unrest in the country is steadily leadingto violence. The protests of the workers against theiremployers are not confined to the peaceful carrying out ofprocessions. Strikes have become the bane of society. Thegap between the workers and the management is growingwith each passing day and thus leading to violentincidents. Poor living conditions of contract workers inindustrial clusters could be blamed for the recent troublesat Manesar, which saw a major violence at Maruti's plant.So lesson learnt is that there is a need to introspect thereasons behind such violent acts and to reformulate andproperly execute HR policies so that such terrific acts canbe avoided. The need of the hour is personal touchbetween the management and workers and timely redressof grievances. Labour reforms is a long-pending issue andyet another symptom of policy paralysis that has engulfedthe wider polity. Unless our political and corporate classshows greater resolve and will to carry forward reformsagenda in the labour market, there is every possibility thatwhatever progress India has made in past two decadeswould be lost. Organizations must create a workplaceenvironment based on transparent conversation so thatemployees do not have to seek help from unions.
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