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A Method for Calculating the Association Degrees between Concepts of Concept Networks  [PDF]
Shi-Jay Chen
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.65005
Abstract: Depicting the associating degrees between two concepts and their relationships are major works for constructing a multi-relationship fuzzy concept network. This paper indicates some drawbacks of the existing methods of calculating associating degrees between concepts, and proposes a new method for overcoming these drawbacks. We also use some examples to compare the proposed method with the existing methods for calculating the associating degrees between two concepts in a multi-relationship fuzzy concept networks.
Calculating the Degree of Similarity between Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers based on Map Distance
Shi-Jay Chen,Zhi-Yong Wang,Wei-Rou Li
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2013,
Large deviations and renormalization for Riesz potentials of stable intersection measures
Xia Chen,Jay Rosen
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We study the object formally defined as \gamma\big([0,t]^{2}\big)=\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds-E\int\int_{[0,t]^{2}} | X_{s}- X_{r}|^{-\sigma} dr ds, where $X_{t}$ is the symmetric stable processes of index $0<\beta\le 2$ in $R^{d}$. When $\beta\le\sigma<\displaystyle\min \Big\{{3\over 2}\beta, d\Big\}$, this has to be defined as a limit, in the spirit of renormalized self-intersection local time. We obtain results about the large deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for $\gamma$. This is applied to obtain results about stable processes in random potentials.
Re-Parameterization the Logistic Model in Assessing Changes in the Baroreceptor Reflex  [PDF]
Shande Chen, Xiangrong Shi
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2011.22016
Abstract: The logistic model is frequently used to describe the nonlinear relationship between systemic arterial pressure (SAP) and carotid sinus pressure (CSP). In this paper, we propose using maximum gain and saturation as parameters in the logistic model. By this method, the estimates and standard errors together with confidence intervals for maximum gain and saturation are direct outputs from the curve fitting, which also makes it easy to perform various hypotheses testing on these quantities. The method is illustrated by real life data from a study on the carotid baroreflex function during infusion of sodium nitroprusside, in which seven healthy, young men who were clinically proved to be free from any disease were studied. Their heart rate, arterial blood pressure and central venous pressure were measured. Neck pressure and neck suction protocol was carried out to selectively elicit changes in CSP and the responsiveness of SAP. Data were analyzed and compare before and after nitroprusside infusion. Our results showed that nitroprusside significantly decreased arterial blood pressure and central venous pressure, and significantly increased heart rate, and significantly augmented maximum gain of the carotid baroreflex function.
Analysis on China’s Low Household Consumption
Canadian Social Science , 2011,
Abstract: Since the economic reform of China in the late 70s, China is going through a rapid economic development, however, the proportion of consumption in the national economy is declining over the past 30 years. In this paper, we first describe the current facts of China’s falling consumption rate. Then we propose the factors that lead to this decline and divide them to two categories. One category consists of structural factors, which corresponds to the declining proportion of the disposable income in GDP. The other category consists of behavior factors, and they describe how much the consumption rate is affected by consumer behavior. The research proposed in this paper is based on fundamental statistical data, using time series analysis on Chinese economy as well as international and inter-provincial panel-data analysis. To study on this problem, our research is comprised of two steps. In the first step, we focus on the change of China’s disposable income per GDP. In the second step, we study on the change of household consumption as percentage of disposable income. Key words: Consumption Rate; Economic Structure; National Income Distribution Résumé: Depuis la réforme économique à la fin des années 70, la Chine est en train de connaitre un développement économique rapide, cependant, la proportion de la consommation dans l'économie nationale est en déclin au cours des 30 dernières années. Dans cet article, nous décrivons d'abord les circonstances actuelles de la baisse du taux de la consommation de la Chine. Nous exposons ensuite des facteurs qui conduisent à ce déclin et les divisons en deux catégories. Une catégorie se compose des facteurs structurels, ce qui correspond à la proportion décroissante du revenu disponible dans le PIB. L'autre catégorie comprend des facteurs de comportement, et ils décrivent à quel point le taux de consommation est affecté par le comportement des consommateurs. La recherche proposée dans le présent article est basée sur des données statistiques fondamentales, en utilisant l'analyse des séries chronologiques sur l'économie chinoise et l’analyse des données de panel internationales et inter-provinciales. Afin d’étudier ce problème, notre recherche est composée de deux étapes. Dans la première étape, nous nous concentrons sur le changement du revenu disponible par unité de PIB de la Chine. Dans la deuxième étape, nous étudions le changement de la consommation des ménages en pourcentage du revenu disponible. Mots clés: Taux de consommation; Structure économique; Distribution du revenu national
GC content around splice sites affects splicing through pre-mRNA secondary structures
Jing Zhang, CC Jay Kuo, Liang Chen
BMC Genomics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-12-90
Abstract: We observe that GC content around splice sites is closely associated with the splice site usage in multiple species. RNA secondary structure is the possible explanation, because the structural stability difference among alternative splice sites, constitutive splice sites, and skipped splice sites can be explained by the GC content difference. Alternative splice sites tend to be GC-enriched and exhibit more stable RNA secondary structures in all of the considered species. In humans and mice, splice sites of first exons and long exons tend to be GC-enriched and hence form more stable structures, indicating the special role of RNA secondary structures in promoter proximal splicing events and the splicing of long exons. In addition, GC-enriched exon-intron junctions tend to be overrepresented in tissue-specific alternative splice sites, indicating the functional consequence of the GC effect. Compared with regions far from splice sites and decoy splice sites, real splice sites are GC-enriched. We also found that the GC-content effect is much stronger than the nucleotide-order effect to form stable secondary structures.All of these results indicate that GC content is related to splice site usage and it may mediate the splicing process through RNA secondary structures.Pre-mRNA splicing in eukaryotes removes introns and joins exons together. It is catalyzed by the splicesome that is a large ribonucleoprotein complex with several hundred proteins and five small nuclear RNAs [1,2]. The recognition of splice sites requires multiple RNA binding proteins to bind to various splicing signals in pre-mRNAs. Genes can choose different sets of splice sites to produce multiple transcript isoforms, which further increases the complexity of splicing regulation. In eukaryotes, besides some short consensus sequence elements around the 5' splice site (5'ss), the 3' splice site (3'ss), the branch point, and the polypyrimidine tract, the splicing process needs other splicing regulatory elemen
Moderate deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the renormalized self-intersection local times of planar random walks
Richard F. Bass,Xia Chen,Jay Rosen
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Let B_n be the number of self-intersections of a symmetric random walk with finite second moments in the integer planar lattice. We obtain moderate deviation estimates for B_n - E B_n and E B_n- B_n, which are given in terms of the best constant of a certain Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequality. We also prove the corresponding laws of the iterated logarithm.
Large deviations for renormalized self-intersection local times of stable processes
Richard Bass,Xia Chen,Jay Rosen
Mathematics , 2005, DOI: 10.1214/009117904000001099
Abstract: We study large deviations for the renormalized self-intersection local time of d-dimensional stable processes of index \beta \in (2d/3,d]. We find a difference between the upper and lower tail. In addition, we find that the behavior of the lower tail depends critically on whether \beta
Moderate deviations for the range of planar random walks
Richard F. Bass,Xia Chen,Jay Rosen
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: Given a symmetric random walk in $Z^2$ with finite second moments, let $R_n$ be the range of the random walk up to time $n$. We study moderate deviations for $R_n -E R_n$ and $E R_n -R_n$. We also derive the corresponding laws of the iterated logarithm.
Hilbert Huang Transform for Predicting Proteins Subcellular Location  [PDF]
Feng SHI, Qiujian CHEN, Nana LI
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2008, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2008.11009
Abstract: Apoptosis proteins have a central role in the development and homeostasis of an organism. These proteins are very important for the understanding the mechanism of programmed cell death, and their function is related to their types. The apoptosis proteins are categorized into the following four types: (1) Cytoplasmic protein; (2) Plasma membrane-bound protein; (3) Mitochondrial inner and outer proteins; (4) Other proteins. A novel method, the Hilbert-Huang transform, is applied for predicting the type of a given apoptosis protein with support vector machine. High success rates were obtained by the re-substitute test (98/98=100%), jackknife test (91/98 = 92.9%).
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