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Multitarget Tracking of Pedestrians in Video Sequences Based on Particle Filters
Hui Li,Shengwu Xiong,Pengfei Duan,Xiangzhen Kong
Advances in Multimedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/343724
Multitarget Tracking of Pedestrians in Video Sequences Based on Particle Filters
Hui Li,Shengwu Xiong,Pengfei Duan,Xiangzhen Kong
Advances in Multimedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/343724
Abstract: Video target tracking is a critical problem in the field of computer vision. Particle filters have been proven to be very useful in target tracking for nonlinear and non-Gaussian estimation problems. Although most existing algorithms are able to track targets well in controlled environments, it is often difficult to achieve automated and robust tracking of pedestrians in video sequences if there are various changes in target appearance or surrounding illumination. To surmount these difficulties, this paper presents multitarget tracking of pedestrians in video sequences based on particle filters. In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the detection, the algorithm firstly obtains target regions in training frames by combining the methods of background subtraction and Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) and then establishes discriminative appearance model by generating patches and constructing codebooks using superpixel and Local Binary Pattern (LBP) features in those target regions. During the process of tracking, the algorithm uses the similarity between candidates and codebooks as observation likelihood function and processes severe occlusion condition to prevent drift and loss phenomenon caused by target occlusion. Experimental results demonstrate that our algorithm improves the tracking performance in complicated real scenarios. 1. Introduction Video target tracking is an important research field in computer vision for its wide range of application demands and prospects in many industries, such as military guidance, visual surveillance, visual navigation of robots, human-computer interaction and medical diagnosis [1–3], and so forth. The main task of target tracking is to track one or more mobile targets in video sequences so that the position, velocity, trajectory, and other parameters of the target can be obtained. Two main tasks needs to be completed by moving target tracking during the processing procedure: the first one is target detection and classification which detects the location of relevant targets in the image frames; the second one is the relevance of the target location of consecutive image frames, which identifies the target points in the image and determines their location coordinates, thus to determine the trajectory of the target as time changes. However, automated detection and tracking of pedestrians in video sequences is still a challenging task because of following reasons [4]. (1) Large intraclass variability which refers to various changes in appearance of pedestrians due to different poses, clothing, viewpoints,
Multiobjective Optimization of Evacuation Routes in Stadium Using Superposed Potential Field Network Based ACO
Jialiang Kou,Shengwu Xiong,Zhixiang Fang,Xinlu Zong,Zhong Chen
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/369016
Abstract: Multiobjective evacuation routes optimization problem is defined to find out optimal evacuation routes for a group of evacuees under multiple evacuation objectives. For improving the evacuation efficiency, we abstracted the evacuation zone as a superposed potential field network (SPFN), and we presented SPFN-based ACO algorithm (SPFN-ACO) to solve this problem based on the proposed model. In Wuhan Sports Center case, we compared SPFN-ACO algorithm with HMERP-ACO algorithm and traditional ACO algorithm under three evacuation objectives, namely, total evacuation time, total evacuation route length, and cumulative congestion degree. The experimental results show that SPFN-ACO algorithm has a better performance while comparing with HMERP-ACO algorithm and traditional ACO algorithm for solving multi-objective evacuation routes optimization problem. 1. Introduction The evacuation planning in large-scale public area usually possesses two difficult points:(1)large scale: the large-scale public area has a complex flat structure. And it can hold thousands of people.(2)multisource and multisink: in evacuation process, the evacuees often start at different places in public area and run away from different exits. In a word, the evacuation planning in large-scale public area is a challenging problem. For solving this problem, researchers have put forward some effective methods. Shi et al. [1] used agent-based model to simulate and analyze evacuation process in large public building under fire conditions. Chen and Miller-Hooks [2] employed Benders decomposition to determine a set of evacuation routes and the assignment of evacuees to these routes for large building. Tayfur and Taaffe [3] utilized linear programming relaxation to model and solve a resource requirements and scheduling problem during hospital evacuations with the objective of minimizing cost within a prespecified evacuation completion time. Fang et al. [4] modeled evacuation process in a teaching building with multiexits, simulated it by cellular automata, and analyzed the multiexits choice phenomenon to find out the optimal exits choice combination for all evacuees. Usually, multiple macroscopic objectives are required to be considered in actual evacuation planning, and a set of nondominated plans are needed for decision making. Thus, evacuation planning problem could be transformed into multi-objective optimization problem. However, just a few researches, such as the literature [5–7], focused on that. Among these pieces of literature, the literature [7] successfully solved the multi-objective
On the Linear Complexity of Generalized Cyclotomic Quaternary Sequences with Length $2pq$
Minglong Qi,Shengwu Xiong,Jingling Yuan,Wenbi Rao,Luo Zhong
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, the linear complexity over $\mathbf{GF}(r)$ of generalized cyclotomic quaternary sequences with period $2pq$ is determined, where $ r $ is an odd prime such that $r \ge 5$ and $r\notin \lbrace p,q\rbrace$. The minimal value of the linear complexity is equal to $\tfrac{5pq+p+q+1}{4}$ which is greater than the half of the period $2pq$. According to the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm, these sequences are viewed as enough good for the use in cryptography. We show also that if the character of the extension field $\mathbf{GF}(r^{m})$, $r$, is chosen so that $\bigl(\tfrac{r}{p}\bigr) = \bigl(\tfrac{r}{q}\bigr) = -1$, $r\nmid 3pq-1$, and $r\nmid 2pq-4$, then the linear complexity can reach the maximal value equal to the length of the sequences.
The Set R* and Its Properties
Shengwu Zhu
Journal of Mathematics Research , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/jmr.v1n1p8
Abstract: In this paper, we shall give a set R* and indicate its properties, and thus, some abnormal results, such as the limit number may be successor, the natural number may be transfinite, the infinite set can not be equipotent to its proper subset etc., will be obtained.
Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamic Model and Macro Control of Real Estate  [PDF]
Dan Ma, Shengwu Zhou, Haojin Lv
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2010.25038
Abstract: In this paper, according to economics of real estate and macro-control theory, combine with the characteristics of the real estate market, macro-control of the real estate market is studied. After giving the dynamic model of three-dimensional nonlinear differential equations based on the total number of houses on the real estate business, the government’s averages housing investment funds and the standard price, systematically established the stability conditions of equilibrium point for this model. What’s more, through the use of extreme value analysis model, government funds have been invested in real estate business building devotion principles and the construction base of the real estate businessmen has also been estimated successfully. This provides the corresponding theoretical basis for government macro control policy-making.
Activated ERM Protein Plays a Critical Role in Drug Resistance of MOLT4 Cells Induced by CCL25
Li Zhang, Ruijing Xiao, Jie Xiong, Jun Leng, Altaf Ehtisham, Yi Hu, Qianshan Ding, Hui Xu, Shengwu Liu, Jin Wang, Dean G. Tang, Qiuping Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0052384
Abstract: We have previously demonstrated that the CCR9/CCL25 signaling pathway plays an important role in drug resistance in human acute T-lymphocytic leukemia (T-ALL) by inducing activation of ERM protein with polarized distribution in T-ALL cell line MOLT4. However, the mechanism of action of the activated ERM protein in the drug resistance of MOLT4 cells induced by CCL25 remains uncharacterized. Here we investigated the mechanism of CCR9/CCL25-initiated drug resistance in CCR9-high-expressing T-ALL cells. Our results showed that 1) the function of P-gp was increased after treatment with CCL25; 2) P-gp colocalized and co-immunoprecipitated with p-ERM and F-actin in CCL25 treated cells; and 3) ERM-shRNA conferred drug sensitivity coincident with release of ERM interactions with P-gp and F-actin after treatment with CCL25. These data suggest it is pivotal that P-gp associate with the F-actin cytoskeleton through p-ERM in CCR9/CCL25 induced multidrug resistance of T-ALL cells. Strategies aimed at inhibiting P-gp-F-actin cytoskeleton association may be helpful in increasing the efficiency of therapies in T-ALL.
Locally risk-minimizing strategies in discrete time incomplete financial markets
Shengwu He,Jianming Xia
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1998, DOI: 10.1007/BF02883402
Abstract: For discrete time case a characterization of locally risk-minimizing strategies is given. Based on this characterization, it is evident that risk-minimizing strategies must be locally risk-minimizing.
Fertile organs andin situ spores of a matoniaceous fern from the Lower Jurassic of West Hubei
Yongdong Wang,Shengwu Mei
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02885857
Abstract: Fossil matoniaceous plants represented byPhlebopteris have been formerly described and illustrated from the Mesozoic of China mainly based on vegetative leaves, and no information is provided on the fine structure of fertile organs. Recent reinvestigation of the Hsiangchi Flora from the Lower Jurassic of West Hubei, China, obtained a rich collection of well preservedPhlebopteris specimens (both sterile and fertile). Studies onPhlebopteris polypodioides Brongniart using LM and SEM reveal not only the structures of sori and sporangia, but also the details ofin situ spores. Comparisons have been made between thein situ spores and other related fossil and extant matoniaceous spores, as well as the dispersed genera.
Outage Capacity Region of MIMO BC Channel under Long-term Average Power Constraint
Wang Liejun Wu Shengwu
Information Technology Journal , 2011,
Abstract: In this study, we derive the Outage capacity region of Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) Broadcasting Channel (BC) under long-term average power constraint. Assuming channel state information known both at transmitter and receivers, we use the concept of equivalent channel and water-filling method to obtain the minimum required power for given rate and given channel state. In optimal power allocation strategy, we apply the ratio of reward to the minimum required power as criterion and give a threshold. Afterwards, we give a tail power allocation strategy, which together with the threshold algorithm guarantees the maximal reward of the long-term power.
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