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The Thematic Study of Time in Yeats’s Mystical System  [PDF]
Shenghua Yang
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/als.2015.31001
Yeats endeavors to set up the symbolic framework of time in the process of establishing his abstruse and systematic mysticism. A Vision not only provides a pattern according to which temporal events or human types occur or recur, but also reflects the close relation between Yeats’s mystical symbolism and the theme of time. The symbolic framework of time—the Gyres and the Great Wheel of mystical system together with their transformed shapes complement and elucidate each other in Yeats’s poetry so as to promote his thought of time to a higher level. Three distinctive features of Yeats’s poetry—a form of literature, a form of philosophy and a belief in nationality are hammered into the unity of the time theme in his mystical system.
Body Narrative of the Image of Satan in Paradise Lost  [PDF]
Shenghua Yang
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/als.2015.32005
Abstract: Paradise Lost is most widely admired and intensively studied in English literature. Very few of the critics have noticed the body narrative of Satan, the complex and subtle image in Paradise Lost. The gradual degradation of Satan’s body is closely linked with his disobedience of hierarchical nature of the universe and his downward moral path. Satan, with heroic qualities, is destined to be punished both in body and in spirit.
Lubrication Chemistry Viewed from DFT-Based Concepts and Electronic Structural Principles
Li Shenghua,Yang He,Jin Yuansheng
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2004, DOI: 10.3390/i5010013
Abstract: Fundamental molecular issues in lubrication chemistry were reviewed under categories of solution chemistry, contact chemistry and tribochemistry. By introducing the Density Functional Theory(DFT)-derived chemical reactivity parameters (chemical potential, electronegativity, hardness, softness and Fukui function) and related electronic structural principles (electronegativity equalization principle, hard-soft acid-base principle, and maximum hardness principle), their relevancy to lubrication chemistry was explored. It was suggested that DFT, theoretical, conceptual and computational, represents a useful enabling tool to understand lubrication chemistry issues prior to experimentation and the approach may form a key step in the rational design of lubrication chemistry via computational methods. It can also be optimistically anticipated that these considerations will gestate unique DFT-based strategies to understand sophisticated tribology themes, such as origin of friction, essence of wear, adhesion in MEMS/NEMS, chemical mechanical polishing in wafer manufacturing, stress corrosion, chemical control of friction and wear, and construction of designer tribochemical systems.
Transformation of plant young proembryos by electroporation
Shitao Li,Shenghua Wang,Hongyuan Yang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2000, DOI: 10.1007/BF02886080
Abstract: It is first reported that plant young proembryos expressed exogenous reporter genes by electroporation. Young proembryos with 8–32 cells and globular proembryos with 250–400 cells could be isolated by enzymatic maceration combined with microdissection. After electroporation withGUS orGFP genes, the proembryos were cultured for 1–2 d in KM8p medium. At the field strength of electroporation 500–1500 V/cm, blue reaction of GUS or green fluorescence of GFP could be observed in the proembryos. The highest transient expression frequency of young proembryos (2.2%) was obtained at the field strength of 750 V/cm, whereas the highest frequency of globular proembryos (5.9%) was obtained at the field strength of 1 250 V/cm. Taking the proportion of transformed cells in the whole cells of proembryos as efficient transformation frequency, the efficient transformation frequency of the young proembryos was 7 times that of the globular proembryos.
A Vision-Based Self-Calibration Method for Robotic Visual Inspection Systems
Shibin Yin,Yongjie Ren,Jigui Zhu,Shourui Yang,Shenghua Ye
Sensors , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/s131216565
Abstract: A vision-based robot self-calibration method is proposed in this paper to evaluate the kinematic parameter errors of a robot using a visual sensor mounted on its end-effector. This approach could be performed in the industrial field without external, expensive apparatus or an elaborate setup. A robot Tool Center Point (TCP) is defined in the structural model of a line-structured laser sensor, and aligned to a reference point fixed in the robot workspace. A mathematical model is established to formulate the misalignment errors with kinematic parameter errors and TCP position errors. Based on the fixed point constraints, the kinematic parameter errors and TCP position errors are identified with an iterative algorithm. Compared to the conventional methods, this proposed method eliminates the need for a robot-based-frame and hand-to-eye calibrations, shortens the error propagation chain, and makes the calibration process more accurate and convenient. A validation experiment is performed on an ABB IRB2400 robot. An optimal configuration on the number and distribution of fixed points in the robot workspace is obtained based on the experimental results. Comparative experiments reveal that there is a significant improvement of the measuring accuracy of the robotic visual inspection system.
Problems That Lead to the Failure in Language Communication
Shenghua Yan
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n1p106
Abstract: A language is the most important tool for communication, yet misunderstanding of language often occurs in our daily communication. This paper illustrates some problems that lead to the failure of language communication and points out that it is necessary to avoid such problems for an effective and clear communication.
Effect of Light Intensity on Leaf Photosynthetic Characteristics and Accumulation of Flavonoids in Lithocarpus litseifolius (Hance) Chun. (Fagaceae)  [PDF]
Aimin Li, Shenghua Li, Xianjin Wu, Jian Zhang, Anna He, Guang Zhao, Xu Yang
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2016.65034
Abstract: The active compounds in herb drugs are mainly secondary metabolites, which are greatly influenced by external conditions. Particularly, light intensity has a great influence on the photosynthesis and accumulation of secondary metabolites. In this study, the light intensity was changed, and the influence of the light intensity on leaf photosynthetic characteristics, antioxidant enzyme activity and flavone contents of Lithocarpus litseifoliusp (Hance) Chun. was discussed. The results showed that (1) L. litseifolius is a typical heliophyte. As the light intensity decreased, the contents of chlorophyll a (Chl a), chlorophyll b (Chl b) and total chlorophyll (Chl a + b) all increased. However, the Chl a/b ratio gradually decreased. The daily variation of net photosynthetic rate changed from a double-peak curve under natural light to single-peak curve under 20% full light two shading nets. (2) As the light intensity decreased, the SOD and POD activities and the soluble proteins content decreased in the leaves. In contrast, the malondialdehyde content increased. (3) The flavone content was the highest in leaves at one shading nets 60% of full light, and the lowest occurred in leaves at two shading nets 20% of full light. A comprehensive analysis indicated that an appropriate shading could induce shade tolerance in the leaves of L. litseifolius, which promoted the accumulation of flavonoids. L. litseifolius should be planted in the lower position of sunny slope or the upper position of shady slope to increase the content of flavone in the leaves.
Expression of miR-21 in peripheral blood serum and mononuclear cells in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its clinical significance

XIE Lihua
, YANG Fangying, SUN Shenghua

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11817/j.issn.1672-7347.2016.03.003
Abstract: 目的:通过研究miR-21在慢性阻塞性肺疾病(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,COPD)患者外周血清及单个核细胞中的表达,探讨miR-21在COPD发病中的意义及机制。方法:将研究对象分为健康对照组(n=41)和COPD组(n=49),收集两组外周血清,分离其外周血单个核细胞并收集临床资料。运用实时荧光定量PCR法检测各组外周血清及单个核细胞中miR-21的表达水平。分析COPD组miR-21与肺功能的关系,并对miR-21与COPD患者一秒用力呼气容积(forced expiratory volume in one second,FEV1)进行相关性分析。结果:COPD组外周血清及单个核细胞中miR-21表达水平较健康对照组增高;COPD外周血清及单个核细胞中miR-21差异表达与肺功能相关;COPD患者miR-21表达水平与FEV1呈正相关。结论:COPD患者外周血清及单个核细胞中miR-21表达升高可能与COPD发病过程及病情严重程度相关
Katarzyna Abramczuk,Shenghua Luan
Decyzje , 2011,
Abstract: When decisions are made sequentially in a group, Bayesian players aiming to maximize individual payoffs often need to ignore their private information and imitate choices of earlier decision makers. This results in information cascades. Once formed, information cascades can be harmful to information aggregation and average payoffs in the group. Therefore, there is a potential dilemma facing players insuch situations. They can reveal private information and risk lower immediate payoffs but benefit the group in the long run, or join an information cascade. It has been shown that reciprocity (i.e., paying a cost at one time while being compensated at another) can lead to optimal solutions in such dilemmas. We hypothesized that it would be so for the present one, as well. This hypothesis was tested in an experiment in which we manipulated two factors: the stability of players' positions in a sequencethat determined whether reciprocity was possible, and the decision payoff structure that constrained to what extent revealing private information was beneficial to the group. The results show that both factors influenced the probabilities of private information revealing and the group payoffs in ways consistent with our predictions.
An Iterative Scheme with a Countable Family of Nonexpansive Mappings for Variational Inequality Problems in Hilbert Spaces
Cho YeolJe,Wang Shenghua
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2010,
Abstract: We introduce a new iterative scheme with a countable family of nonexpansive mappings for the variational inequality problems in Hilbert spaces and prove some strong convergence theorems for the proposed schemes.
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