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Case Study in Contemporary Educational Research: Conceptualization and Critique
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3968/770
Abstract: As one of important research methods, case study research has been used for many years across a variety of disciplines. This paper tries to review the principles and processes of case study. First, I would like to define case study according to its principles. Second, attentions will be put to the features and classification of the research of case study. Third, I intend to explain the process of case studies and case study methods. Fourth, I would review the strengths and weaknesses of case study research. Last, I shall summarize and critique a case study of language learning. Key words: Case Study; Research Methods; Educational Research Résumé: Comme l'une des méthodes de recherche importante, la recherche d’études de cas a été utilisée pendant de nombreuses années à travers une variété de disciplines. Le présent article tente d'examiner les principes et les processus d’études de cas. D'abord, je tiens à définir la notaion d’études de cas selon ses principes. Deuxièmement, les attentions seront mises aux caractéristiques et à la classification de la recherche d’études de cas. Troisièmement, j'ai l'intention d'expliquer le processus et des méthodes d’études de cas. Quatrièmement, je voudrais passer en revue les forces et les faiblesses de la recherche d’études de cas. Enfin, je vais faire un résumé et des critiques d’une étude de cas sur l'apprentissage des langues. Mots-clés : études de cas; méthodes de recherche; recherche pédagogique
A Study of an ESP Curriculum for Airline Agents in China
Qi Shen
English Language Teaching , 2008, DOI: 10.5539/elt.v1n1p54
Abstract: English for specific purpose (ESP) has for about 30 years been a separate branch of English language Teaching (ELT). Recent years in China, with the development of international trade and foreign exchange, more and more in-service and pre-service staffs are expected to learn practical al and useful English language in order to adapt to the new situation. A course design in this case is initiated for a group of service agents from the airline. The aim of this course is to help the airline agents, whose services will inevitably involve communications with foreign guests in English, develop their language skills in air transport profession.
Globalization of English and English Language Policies in East Asia: a Comparative Perspective
Canadian Social Science , 2009,
Abstract: The last decade has witnessed the ever rising realization of the significance of English, which triggered the booming concept of teaching English as an International Language (EIL). English as a lingua franca has been playing an important role in the whole world since the 1950s in the twentieth century. In order to compete with western rivals in the new century, East Asian countries and regions in the expanding circle of English have to respond positively to the globalization of English and make adjustments to their respective ELT policies. This paper tries to review the global spread of English and discusses world Englishes and varieties of English. Besides, it would also describe and analyze the corresponding English language policies in East Asian contexts through a comparative perspective. A description analysis of ELT policies in Japan, Korea, Chinese Taiwan and China’s Mainland would be presented. Key words: globalization; ELT policy; East Asia; comparative study Résumé: La décennie dernière était témoin de la réalisation même croissante de la signifiance de la langue anglaise, ce qui a déclenché en plein essor le concept de l’enseignement de l’anglais comme une langue internationale.(EIL) L’anglais comme une lingua franca a joué un r le important dans le monde depuis 1950s pendant le 21e siècle. Dans le but de rivaliser avec rivaux occidentaux pour le nouveau siècle, les pays et les régions asiatiques dans le cercle en expansion de la langue anglaise a à répondre positivement à la mondialisation de la langue anglaise et à mettre en ajustement leurs politiques respectives ELT. Cette mémoire tente de revoir la diffusion mondiale de la langue anglaise et de discuter de l’anglais mondial et des variétés de l’anglais. D’ailleurs, elle décrira et analysera aussi la correspondance des politiques pour la langue anglaise dans le contextes des pays asiatiques par une perspective comparative. Une description et une analyse des politiques ELT au Japon, en Corée, à Taiwan et dans la Chine continentale sera présentée. Mots-Clés: mondialisation; politique ELT; asiatique; étude comparative
A Left-Handed, Stem-Twining Plant from the Miocene Shanwang Formation of Eastern China  [PDF]
Qi Wang, Si Shen, Zhenyu Li
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.45A003

Twining stems of plants are very common in extant tropical and subtropical forests, and the climbing growth habit of plants may be an evolutionary innovation and ecological adaptation to either closed, shady or open, edge environments. However, the origin of handedness in climbing plants remains unclear. Here we report a Miocene (ca. 16 million years ago) macrofossil from the Shanwang Formation of Shandong Province, Eastern China, unequivocally exhibiting the first direct fossil evidence for a left-handed, stem-twining growth habit in plants. This fossil plant bears a thicker, slightly curved supporting stem (2 - 3.5 mm wide), which is loosely, spirally twined by a thinner stem (1.5 - 2 mm wide), possibly representing part of distal branches from a liana or vine.

Gain-Assisted Negative Refractive Index in a Quantum Coherent Medium
Jian-Qi Shen
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER12072203
Abstract: A new scheme for overcoming losses with incoherent optical gain in a quantum-coherent left-handed atomic vapor is suggested. In order to obtain low-loss, lossless or active left-handed media (LHM), a pump field, which aims at realizing population inversion of atomic levels, is introduced into a four-level atomic system. Both analytical and numerical results are given to illustrate that such an atomic vapor can exhibit intriguing electric and magnetic responses required for achieving simultaneously negative permittivity and permeability (and hence a gain-assisted quantum-coherent negative refractive index would emerge). The quantum-coherent left-handed atomic vapor presented here could have four fascinating characteristics: i) three-dimensionally isotropic negative refractive index, ii) doublenegative atomic medium at visible and infrared wavelengths, iii) high-gain optical amplification, and iv) tunable negative refractive index based on quantum coherent control. Such a three-dimensionally isotropic gain medium with negative refractive index at visible and infrared frequencies would have a potential application in design of new quantum optical and photonic devices, including superlenses for perfect imaging and subwavelength focusing.
Conversation Analysis as Discourse Approaches to Teaching EFL Speaking
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2010, DOI: 10.3968/1005
Abstract: Conversation has been of primary interest to language researchers; since natural, unplanned, everyday conversation is the most commonly occurring and universal language “genre”, in that conversation is a speech activity in which all which all members of a community routinely participate Among approaches to discourse analysis in speaking, conversation analysis is one of the practical devices in teaching spoken English in EFL classroom. This paper tries to look at the theoretical basis for conversational analysis and explore the feasibility of applying a discourse approach to speaking in teaching a group of learners. Key words: Conversation Analysis; Discourse Approach; EFL; Spoken English Resumé: La conversation a été d'un intérêt primordial pour les chercheurs de langue, parce qu'une conversation naturelle, non planifiée et quotidienne est le genre de langue le plus fréquent et universel. La conversation est une activité de discours dans lequelle tous les membres d'une communauté participent régulièrement. Parmi les approches d'analyse du discours dans l'oral, l'analyse de conversation est l'un des dispositifs pratiques dans l'enseignement de l'anglais en oral pour les étudiants qui apprennent l'anglais comme une langue étrangère. Cet article tente d'examiner les fondements théoriques de l'analyse de conversation et d'explorer la possibilité d'appliquer une approche discursive à l'oral dans l'enseignement d'un groupe d'apprenants.Mots-clés: analyse de conversation; approche discursive; anglais en tant qu'une langue étrangère; anglais parlé
A Novel Health Evaluation Strategy for Multifunctional Self-Validating Sensors
Zhengguang Shen,Qi Wang
Sensors , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/s130100587
Abstract: The performance evaluation of sensors is very important in actual application. In this paper, a theory based on multi-variable information fusion is studied to evaluate the health level of multifunctional sensors. A novel conception of health reliability degree ( HRD) is defined to indicate a quantitative health level, which is different from traditional so-called qualitative fault diagnosis. To evaluate the health condition from both local and global perspectives, the HRD of a single sensitive component at multiple time points and the overall multifunctional sensor at a single time point are defined, respectively. The HRD methodology is emphasized by using multi-variable data fusion technology coupled with a grey comprehensive evaluation method. In this method, to acquire the distinct importance of each sensitive unit and the sensitivity of different time points, the information entropy and analytic?hierarchy process method are used, respectively. In order to verify the feasibility of the proposed strategy, a health evaluating experimental system for multifunctional self-validating sensors was designed. The five different health level situations have been discussed. Successful results show that the proposed method is feasible, the HRD could be used to quantitatively indicate the health level and it does have a fast response to the performance changes of multifunctional sensors.
Frequency-independent effective rest mass of photons in the 2TDLM model
Jian-Qi Shen
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1088/1464-4258/6/2/015
Abstract: A physically interesting {\it effective rest mass} of photons in electromagnetic media, which is independent of wave frequency $\omega$, is defined in the present paper. It is verified that this frequency-independent effective rest mass of photons can be easily read off from the optical refractive index squared $n^{2}(\omega) $ of commonly-seen electromagnetic media. As an illustrative example, we extract the frequency-independent effective rest mass of photons from $n^{2}(\omega) $ in the {\it two time derivative Lorentz material} (2TDLM) model. The connection between effective rest mass and electromagnetic parameters of electric permittivity ($\epsilon $) and magnetic permeability ($\mu $) in left-handed media is also briefly discussed.
An Experimental Realization of Quantum-vacuum Geometric Phases by Using the Gyrotropic-medium Optical Fiber
Jian Qi Shen
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2004-00082-6
Abstract: The connection between the quantum-vacuum geometric phases (which originates from the vacuum zero-point electromagnetic fluctuation) and the non-normal product procedure is considered in the present Letter. In order to investigate this physically interesting geometric phases at quantum-vacuum level, we suggest an experimentally feasible scheme to test it by means of a noncoplanarly curved fiber made of gyrotropic media. A remarkable feature of the present experimental realization is that one can easily extract the nonvanishing and nontrivial quantum-vacuum geometric phases of left- and/or right- handed circularly polarized light from the vanishing and trivial total quantum-vacuum geometric phases.
Optical Refractive Index of Massive Particles and Physical Meanings of Left-handed Media
Jian Qi Shen
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: In this Letter the expression for the refractive index of de Broglie wave in the presence of a potential field is obtained and based on this, the physical meanings of negative index of refraction is revealed. We demonstrate that the electromagnetic wave propagation in a left-handed medium with negative refractive index behaves just like that of antiphotons, which is required of the complex vector field theory. It is believed that the complex vector field theory is helpful in considering the wave propagation and photonic band gap structure in the left-handed medium photonic crystals with a periodicity in negative and positive index of refraction.
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