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Concurrent aflatoxicosis and caecal coccidiosis in broilers
A. M. Shareef
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: A farm of two broiler flocks fed from one day old to 56 days of age a diet naturally contaminated with high level of Aflatoxin (AF), were suffered from caecal coccidiosis at 35 days of age Aflatoxin levels in feed commodities and mixed feed were determined using ELISA test. Results of ELISA showed that the average level of corn, soybean and mixed feeds contamination with aflatoxin were 1915, ppb, 229 ppb and 860 ppb respectively. Diagnosis of caecal coccidiosis was confirmed by clinical signs, post-mortem findings, fecal oocyst excretion per gram, oocyt size, morphological characteristic of eggs, lesion score and schizonts size. The significance of AF as predisposing factor to coccidiosis infection was discussed.
Molds and mycotoxins in poultry feeds from farms of potential mycotoxicosis
A. M. Shareef
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Forty five finished poultry feed samples, collected from different broilers, broiler breeders and layers farms were divided into two parts, for mycological and mycotoxins examination. In counting of molds, dilute plate technique was used, whereas feed parts were used for mycotoxin estimation, they were subjected to four standard kits of Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, T-2 toxin and Fumonisins. Mold counts were around 105 cfu.g-1 sample. Fourteen mold genera were recovered. From the systematic point of view, 2 genera belonged to Zygomycetes (i.e. Mucor, Rhizopus,), 1 genus belong to Ascomycetes (i.e. Eurotium); the majority, within so-called mitotic fungi (formerly Deuteromycetes), encompassed 11 genera (i.e. Acremonium, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Paecilomyces, Penicillium, Scopulariopsis,, Trichothecium, Ulocladium and Aerobasidium). The most frequent fungi were those from the genus Aspergillus. The concentrations of the four analyzed mycotoxins in the poultry finished feeds, and the percentages of the recovered mycotoxins, revealed that aflatoxins was recovered in 91.1% of the examined samples, with a mean value of 179.1μg/kg. The same percentage was found with Ochratoxins, but with lower mean concentration of 159.4μg/kg. In the third order were Fumonisins mycotoxins were in the third order, and they were recovered in 51.1% of the tested samples with a mean value of 127μg/kg. In the fourth order was T-2 toxin, with a percentage of 2.2% and a value of 50.0μg/kg.
A Single Point Measurement Method for Evaluating Harmonic Contributions of Utility and Customer in Power Distribution Systems
M. Farhoodnea,A. Mohamed,H. Shareef
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: This study presents a method for determining the contribution of harmonic distortions generated by utility and customer at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) in power distribution systems. The method is known as the RLC method as the customer load is modeled with RLC components using measured voltage and current at the PCC and the system is represented by a Norton equivalent circuit. The contributions of harmonic voltage and current distortions from utility and customer sides of the system are derived by estimating the customer impedance and then calculating the harmonic currents at customer and utility sides. Several case studies have been made to verify the accuracy of the proposed RLC method in determining the contribution of utility and customer harmonic distortions by making a comparison with the IEEE1459–2000 standard based method. Results showed that the proposed RLC method can accurately determine the harmonic contributions of utility and customer for measurements made at the PCC.
Optimal Capacitor Placement in a Radial Distribution System using Harmony Search Algorithm
R. Sirjani,A. Mohamed,H. Shareef
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Capacitors in power systems are generally used to supply reactive power for the purpose of loss minimization and voltage profile improvement. The appropriate placement of capacitors is also important so as to ensure that system power loss and total capacitor costs can be reduced. The main objective of this study is to determine optimal placement of capacitors so as to reduce the power loss and improve the voltage profile. Presently, the capacitor placement problem is widely solved by using heuristic optimization methods. In this study, the Harmony Search (HS) algorithm which is a relatively new meta-heuristic method is applied to solve the optimal capacitor placement problem. An effective and simple power flow method based on the backward/forward sweep power flow is also employed for the power flow simulations. The performance of the proposed HS algorithm is validated on the 9 and 34-bus radial distribution systems and the obtained capacitor placement results using HS are compared with other optimization methods.
Ameliorative effect of mycofix plus 3.0 in reducing intensity of Eimeria tenella infection during aflatoxicosis in broiler chicks
D. M. Taher,A. M. Shareef
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: One hundred and sixty male broiler chicks were fed at one day of age aflatoxin (AF) at a rate of 3.5 mg/kg alone, or with groups injected with Eimeria tenella sporulated oocysts (40000) at 14 days of age. Adsorbent (Mycofix plus 3.0) was incorporated at a rate of 0.25% in the above mentioned groups from one day of age till the end of the experiment. The study was conducted to reveal the effect of a aforementioned different diets and treatments on live body weight, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, blood parameters (total red blood cells, hemoglobin, packed cell volume), biochemical profile of serum (alkaline phosphatase and β-carotin), liver weights, bursal and thymus indexes, caecal lesion scores and mortalities. The results indicated that AF was responsible for a significant (P<0.05) reduction. in body weigh gain (BWG), feed consumption, and an increase in feed conversion ratio. Afllatoxin was also responsible for reduction in blood parameters, β-Carotin, bursal and thymus indexes. While relative liver weight and alkaline phosphatase level were significantly (P<0.05) increased. Groups that fed AF at a rate of 3.5 mg/kg feed and exposed to sporulated oocysts of Eimeria tenella show a high significant (P<0.05) reduction in BWG, feed consumption and an increase in feed conversion ratio. Aflatoxin was also responsible for significant blood parameter, β-carotin, and also a significant (P<0.05) increase in caecal lesion scores, mortality, alkaline phosphatase level and relative liver weight, while they showed significant (P<0.05) decrease in bursal and thymus indexes in comparison with injected groups with E-tenella sporulated oocysts alone. The study approved that the groups maintained on mycofix plus 3.0 (0.25%) and contaminated with aflatoxin 3.5 mg/kg, revealed a positive noticeable effects in amelioration on BWG, feed consumption and feed conversion, blood parameter, β-carotin, alkaline phosphatase level, relative liver weight, bursal and thymus indexes in comparison with group fed aflatoxin alone. On the other hand, the groups fed on aflatoxin with mycofix plus 3.0 (1%) and injected with Eimeria tenella sporulated oocystes, showed some improvement in BWG, feed consumption, feed conversion, blood parameter, β-carotin, ALKP, bursal and thymus indexes, when compared with those fed AF and injected with doses of sporulated oocysts. It was concluded that the addition of mycofix plus 3.0 to broiler feeds had an alleviating effects in reducing the severity of coccidiosis during aflatoxicosis.
Mycofix ameliorative effect on Newcastle disease antibody production in broiler chickens during aflatoxicosis
M. T. Gargees,A. M. Shareef
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Three experiments were conducted to elucidate the alleviation effects of Mycofix plus 3.0 on Newcastle antibody formation during aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens. Three levels of Mycofix (0.05%, 0.15%, and 0.25%) and aflatoxin (2.5ppm, 3.5ppm, and 5ppm) were used. Chickens were vaccinated at 8 and 18 days of age. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Haemagglutination inhibition tests were employed for determination Newcastle antibody titers at 28 days. The results showed that, Mycofix , and only at its high level of addition (0.25%) was effective in ameliorating the negative effect of aflatoxin at the rates 2.5ppm and 3.5 ppm levels of inclusion on antibody production but not at the high level of 5ppm on antibody production, comparing with titers in control groups.
Soliton Solutions and Numerical Treatment of the Nonlinear Schrodinger’s Equation Using Modified Adomian Decomposition Method  [PDF]
Abeer Al-Shareef, Alyaa A. Al Qarni, Safa Al-Mohalbadi, Huda O. Bakodah
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2016.412215
Abstract: In this paper, the improved Adomian decomposition method (ADM) is applied to the nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation (NLSE), one of the most important partial differential equations in quantum mechanics that governs the propagation of solitons through optical fibers. The performance and the accuracy of our improved method are supported by investigating several numerical examples that include initial conditions. The obtained results are compared with the exact solutions. It is shown that the method does not need linearization, weak or perturbation theory to obtain the solutions.
Detection of streptomycin residues in local meat of bovine and ovine
O. A. Abdullah,A. M. Shareef,O. H. Sheet
Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: From meat retails in Mosul province, forty-five meat samples of local ovine and bovine (23 bovine samples and 22 ovine samples) were collected. The period of collection was during November 2010 to May 2011, by means of multistage random sampling for detection of streptomycin residues. Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used for detection of streptomycin residues. The results revealed that eleven ovine meat samples (50%) were positive to streptomycin residue, with a mean value 35.06 μg kg-1, while 14 bovine meat samples (60.86%) were positive to residual streptomycin with a mean value 59.56 μg kg-1. From the results, it is clear that all tested meat samples (ovine and bovine) were safe enough for human consumption.
Formulation and development of targeted retentive device for the treatment of periodontal infections with Amoxycillin trihydrate
Ahuja Alka,Ali J,Shareef A,Khar R
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In the present study, an attempt was made to develop a low-dose controlled-release delivery system for the treatment of periodontal infections. Nylon fibres were taken as core material. The coating solution contained polyvinyl acetate and amoxycillin trihydrate. The fibres were coated five times to maximize drug loading. The coating composition was optimized and fibres were subjected to in vitro release studies. For the study, a continuous-flow-through apparatus for in situ drug release, simulating the in vivo conditions of periodontal pocket, was designed in a manner that the drug released was well above the minimum inhibitory concentration of amoxycillin trihydrate. In situ samples were further subjected to microbiological evaluation against the microorganisms which are implicated in periodontal infections. Optimized fibre was further subjected to permeation rate study using modified Franz diffusion cell. The drug-coated fibres provided sustained effect up to a period of 11 d (264 h) and followed first-order release. The drug release followed Fickian diffusion mechanism. In situ samples revealed that the drug level at different time intervals remained above its minimum inhibitory concentration (1.5 μg/ml) for a period of 11 d. In situ release samples when subjected to microbiological evaluation against microorganisms inhibited the growth of S. aureus, S. mutans and B. cereus . Permeation rate studies through bovine cheek pouch membrane revealed that only a low level of drug permeated through the membrane and it followed zero-order permeation rate. The retentive fibres were shown to provide controlled delivery of amoxycillin trihydrate.
Thermal Adsorption and Catalytic Photodegradation Studies of Carbendazim Fungicide in Natural Soil and Water
Sulaiman G. Muhamad,Kafea M. Shareef,Heman A. Smail
International Journal of Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ijc.v3n2p218
Abstract: Adsorption characteristics and catalytic photodegradation of carbendazim (methyl benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamate) have been investigated in Kurdistan natural soil and different natural waters (drinking, river, lake and ground water). Physico-chemical properties of the natural soil and water were determined. The equilibrium adsorption of carbendazim onto studied soil samples described by Freundlich adsorption model. The catalytic photodegradation processes were studied in aqueous Titanium dioxide (TiO2) suspensions under UV radiation. The kinetic study was done by monitoring the concentration during the degradation process, using High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), coupled with UV-visible spectrophotometer. It was found that the photocatalytic degradation process in this work exhibited pseudo first-order kinetics. The rates of catalytic photodegradation of carbendazim in natural water were lower than that in distilled water.
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