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Optimum Design of Tilt Angle and Horizontal Direction of Solar Collectors under Obstacle’s Shadow for Building Applications  [PDF]
Shaoning Wang, Bo Hong
Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research (JBCPR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2015.32007
Abstract: Solar collectors can provide clean, renewable, and domestic energy. The tilt angle and horizontal direction of solar collectors significantly affect its efficiency. There are many good methods to search the optimum tilt angle and horizontal direction to realize the maximum total radiation on the solar collector within a particular day or a specific period. However, it is hard to realize it when solar collectors are placed under obstacle’s shadows; especially when some obstacles, such as trees, have irregular shapes. This paper presents algorithms to achieve the best tilt angle and horizontal direction for solar collector’s performance under the free-form surfaces 3D obstacle’s shadow. The solution process is composed of 4 steps. First, it creates a 3D scene, in which a unique color is given to the solar collector. Second, it employs orthographic projection from the point of view to get an image of the scene. Third, the number of pixels is used to represent the efficiency of the solar collector by counting the pixels of the unique color. Fourth, the efficiency of solar collector in each direction in a period of time is calculated with many images to further select the best direction.
Periodic Solutions of Cohen-Grossberg-Type BAM Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays  [PDF]
Qiming Liu, Shaoning Li
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2012.512085
Abstract: Sufficient conditions to guarantee the existence and global exponential stability of periodic solutions of a Cohen-Grossberg-type BAM neural network are established by suitable mathematical transformation.
Evaluation of ecosystem services of Chinese pine forests in China
Hao Guo,Bing Wang,XiangQian Ma,GuangDong Zhao,ShaoNing Li
Science China Life Sciences , 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-008-0083-z
Abstract: Evaluation of forest ecosystem services is a hot topic, both in China and at abroad, but it has not yet obtained a consistency of evaluation indicator systems and evaluation methods. Under the framework of evaluation criteria to be implemented for forest ecosystem services, years of consecutive observation data from Long Term Ecological Research Stations affiliated to Chinese Forest Ecosystem Research Network (CFERN), forest resource inventory and public data were applied to carry out a detailed and dynamic evaluation on the physical quantity and value of ecosystem services of Chinese pine forests in China. The results showed that the above services had the total value and unit value of 1144.9640 billion (1.1449640×1012) RMB and 52.074 thousand RMB per hectare per year, respectively during the 9th Five-year Plan (1996–2000), and of 1190.5461 billion RMB and 52.101 thousand RMB per hectare per year, respectively, during the 10th Five-year Plan (2001–2005). For Chinese pine forests, water conservation was 40.40 hundred million cubic meters annually, soil conservation was 67 million tons and C fixation 9 million tons annually, production of healthful negative ions was 1.96×1020, absorption of SO2 was 5.02 hundred million kilograms and dust-catching was 759.10 hundred million kilograms. Among the 15 provinces of China with Chinese pine forests, the biggest beneficiary from ecosystem services was Liaoning Province; while Hunan Province was the smallest beneficiary between the 9th Five-year Plan.
The Function of the Root Microecosystem in the Process of Dyeing Wastewater Treat ment by the Hyacinth

Sun Tianhu,Liu Zhenghong,Lin Shaoning,

环境科学 , 1990,
Abstract: It has been proved that there is a root microecosystem in the process of dyeing wastewater treatment by the hyacinth. With fout days' retention, the percentage of COD removal in the oxidation tank, where the hyacinth was planted and its root sterilized with chloride, was 13%. However the percentage of COD removal in ordinary biological oxidation pond without the hyacinth was 15%. In comparison with this, a water hyacinth oxidation tank without sterilization showed-higher COD removal percentage of 35% due to existence of a root microecosystem. Similar results were obtained when wastewater containing PVC, detergent and some dyes were treated with the three methods mentioned above. Some organic compounds that could scarcely be absorbed by the hyacinth, for example, those easy to be coagulated or floccules, could be sticked and fixed on the root surface, and then degraded by the root microecosystem.
BRCA1 mRNA Expression as a Predictive and Prognostic Marker in Advanced Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Cisplatin- or Docetaxel-Based Chemotherapy/Chemoradiotherapy
Yong Gao, Jing Zhu, Xiaohui Zhang, Qingquan Wu, Shaoning Jiang, Yangqing Liu, Zhibin Hu, Baorui Liu, Xiaofei Chen
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0052589
Abstract: Background The molecular backgrounds that determine therapeutic effectiveness in esophageal cancer remain largely unknown. Breast cancer susceptibility gene 1 (BRCA1) expression has been found to switch the response to cisplatin- or paclitaxel-based chemotherapy. It remains unclear how variations in BRCA1 expression influence clinical outcomes in esophageal cancer. Patients and Methods Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) was performed to examine BRCA1 mRNA expressions in paraffin-embedded specimens from 144 patients with advanced or metastatic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma who received cisplatin- or docetaxel-based first-line treatments. Results Low BRCA1 mRNA expression correlated with increased response rate (RR; P = 0.025 and 0.017, respectively) and median overall survival (mOS; P = 0.002 and P<0.001, respectively) in cisplatin-based chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy group and also correlated with decreased RR (P = 0.017 and 0.024, respectively) and mOS (both P<0.001) in docetaxel-based chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy group. Multivariate analysis revealed that low BRCA1 expression was an independent prognostic factor in cisplatin-based chemotherapy (HR 0.29; 95%CI 0.12–0.71; P = 0.007) or chemoradiotherapy (HR 0.12; 95%CI 0.04–0.37; P<0.001) group and higher risk for mortality in docetaxel-based chemotherapy (HR 5.02; 95%CI 2.05–12.28; P<0.001) or chemoradiotherapy (HR 7.02; 95%CI 2.37–27.77; P<0.001) group. Conclusions BRCA1 mRNA expression could be used as a predictive and prognostic marker in esophageal cancer who underwent first-line cisplatin- or docetaxel-based treatments.
Geometric Calibration and Validation of ZY3-02 Satellite Laser Altimeter System

张过, 李少宁, 黄文超, 李德仁
, LI Shaoning, HUANG Wenchao, LI Deren

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13203/j.whugis20160514
Abstract: 星载激光测高仪安装误差、激光指向和激光测距误差等导致最终激光测高精度不高,对激光器进行在轨几何检校可以有效提升激光测高精度。针对资源三号02星(ZY3-02)激光测高仪的工作模式,以裸露地表的航天飞机雷达地形测绘任务(shuttle radar topography mission,SRTM)数字高程模型(digital elevation model,DEM)数据约束同轨激光测距值,通过逼近地形起伏趋势线实现了卫星激光器出射方向的初始检校,实验证明不同轨激光指向的相对检校精度在20 m以内。利用地面铺设激光靶标的方法对星载激光测高系统进行几何精检校,并通过外业测量验证了ZY3-02激光器在平坦区域的测高精度优于0.5 m
Preparation and Evaluation of 2,6-di-O-Pentyl-β-Cyclodextrin Bonded Silica Stationary Phase for High Performance Liquid Chromatography

LIU Liwen,LUO Aiqin,DAI Rongji,GE Xiaoxia,YANG Shaoning,

色谱 , 2004,
Abstract: In order to improve the chiral separation capability of the conventional beta-cyclodextrin bonded-silica gel stationary phase, 2,6-di-O-pentyl-beta-cyclodextrin bonded stationary phase (PCDS) was prepared via a long spacer. The resulted bonded-silica stationary phase was characterized by three methods, namely Fourier transform infrared, Molisch color reaction, X-ray optical electrical energy spectrogram. The chromatographic performances of PCDS were investigated by using liquid chromatography with toluene, dimethyl phthalate, and phenanthrene as solutes, and their retention mechanism was investigated and discussed. The results show that the introduction of pentyl to beta-cyclodextrin leads to enhancement of the retention of the solutes. The chiral separation capability of the new bonded-silica stationary phase was evaluated by using liquid chromatography with some chiral drugs. Some of the enantiomers such as chlorphenamine maleate and bupropion hydrochloride were separated by heptakis (2,6-di-O-pentyl)-beta-cyclodextrin bonded silica stationary.
Coring Tests of Core Drilling Tool and Analysis of Drilling Parameters

Li Dafo
, Yan Shen, Lei Yan, Xu Shaoning, Tan Songcheng

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2016, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2016.119
Abstract: 我国探月工程第3期工程的核心任务是实现月球钻探取样和返回,明确采用钻取方式获取深2 m的月壤样品.针对月表极端钻进环境,提出一种内外管联合取心螺旋钻具,即内管软袋提拉取心,外管螺旋集输取心.模拟月壤钻进试验结果表明,该取心钻具能实现有效钻进可靠取心,特别适合小于0.6 m浅层模拟月壤钻取.试验研究了钻进规程对模拟月壤取心率和钻进功耗的影响规律,得出了钻进转速、进给速度值域与功率值域的关联性,对月球环境下取心钻具研制和钻进规程制定具有实际工程应用价值.
The core task of the third stage of China's Lunar Exploration Program is to realize the lunar drilling and sampling and returning to the earth. 2 meter deep lunar soil sampling is required through drilling method. Due to the extreme environment on the lunar surface, an auger core drillig tool with joint inner and outer pipe is proposed in this paper. The core in the inner pipe is obtained by pulling the soft bag, and the core in the outer pipe is transported to the collector by the helical blade. Drilling tests on the lunar soil simulant indicate that the auger drilling tool is reliable for coring, especially for the superficial lunar soil with depth less than 0.6 meters. The influences of drilling parameters on core recovery and drilling power consumption in the tests are studied Relationships between rotation speed, the range of drilling footage speed and power are concluded, which can facilitate the development of core drilling tools and the determination of drilling parameters in the lunar environment
Software Industry Cluster be Disagreement on Theory and Practice  [PDF]
Yang Wang, Luqian Wang
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2010.210069
Abstract: In the view of traditional industry cluster theory, it is easy to copy the software industry cluster pattern, or it is easy to copy another Silicon Valley, due to low reliability of the resources and the guidance factors of locations in software industry. But it is much more difficult to copy a Silicon Valley mode practically than imaginatively and the difficulties of bringing up and supporting high-tech initiatives is more than theoretic anticipation. In China, the software companies have just gathered together geographically and therefore no initiative center can be formed. All these above signify that software industry cluster is distinct from the traditional industry clusters, but the cognition of the reasons of software industry cluster is not clear yet. Furthermore, reasonable explanations of the bewilderment in the economical practice of software industry cluster are urgently needed.
The Economic Growth Effect of Logistics Industry FDI Analysis  [PDF]
Yang Wang, Luqian Wang
iBusiness (IB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2010.24049
Abstract: Based on the direction of the international FDI changed, from manufacturing to service industries, we should concern about the influence of the introduction of China’s logistics industry FDI to the national economy. The paper sets up regression model to examine logistics FDI and GDP in two aspects of time series and growth rate, we find that the logistics FDI reaches a high correlation with GDP, and logistics FDI is one of the major driving forces of economic development. Therefore, China should expand the introduction of logistics FDI, improve the quality of foreign investment, develop the positive economic growth effect of logistics FDI and promote the change of China’s economic growth pattern to ensure the development of China’s economy.
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