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China’s Sui Generis plus Oxymoron- its justification  [PDF]
Shaocheng Tang
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2011.11001
Abstract: In recent years, China’s overall performance stood out extraordinarily. Although the PRC is not only a socialist but also a developing country, it still has offered financial relief to European countries. None of Beijing’s leaders has been directly elected by the people, but most of them have been proven to be competent. Does this mean that the “Beijing Consensus” has taken over “Washington Consensus”? Given China’s vast population and its unique geographical environment and historical development, compared to European countries, China is sui generis. In the traditional Confucianism, benevolence (仁) is a virtue which human beings are born with, while the Western world is rooted deeply in the Christian culture of “original sin”. As a result the rule of virtue in China contrasts the rule of law in the West, harmony vs. contradiction. China’s “socialist market economy” and “Three Represents” are typical oxymorons but with great success. Since the implementation of a “socialist market economy” in 1992 there has been much more market economy than socialism. Currently, political, social and cultural sectors are lagging behind. Therefore, the gap between the rich and the poor must be reduced efficiently. Nonetheless, the corruption problem remains as another serious and important issue for the CCP. Without independent anti-corruption authorities, it would be extremely difficult for them to tackle this problem. For the time being the Mainland has to count on the leadership to set examples for others.
Robust adaptive fuzzy tracking control for a class of strict-feedback nonlinear systems based on backstepping technique

Min WANG,Xiuying WANG,Bing CHEN,Shaocheng TONG,

控制理论与应用 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, the robust adaptive fuzzy tracking control problem is discussed for a class of perturbed strict-feedback nonlinear systems. The fuzzy logic systems in Mamdani type are used to approximate unknown nonlinear functions. A design scheme of the robust adaptive fuzzy controller is proposed by use of the backstepping technique. The proposed controller guarantees semi-global uniform ultimate boundedness of all the signals in the derived closed-loop system and achieves the good tracking performance. The possible controller singularity problem which may occur in some existing adaptive control schemes with feedback linearization techniques can be avoided. In addition, the number of the on-line adaptive parameters is not more than the order of the designed system. Finally, two simulation examples are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.
Preparation and evaluation of a new releasable PEGylated tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) conjugate for therapeutic application
ChuanYun Dai,Ya Fu,ShaoCheng Chen,Biao Li,Bo Yao,WanHong Liu,LiQing Zhu,Nan Chen,Ji Chen,Qiang Zhang
Science China Life Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-012-4431-7
Abstract: To design a releasable PEGylated TNF-α (rPEG-TNF-α), a cathepsin B-sensitive dipeptide (Val-Cit moiety) was inserted into conventional PEG-modified TNF-α (PEG-TNF-α), facilitating its clinical use for anti-tumor therapy. Comparative pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies showed that the half-lives of both PEGylated forms of TNF-α were ~60-fold greater than that of unmodified TNF-α. In addition, the in vitro bioactivity of rPEG-TNF-α was greater than that of PEG-TNF-α with the same degree of PEG modification. Release of TNF-α from rPEG-TNF-α in vitro was dependent on the presence of cathepsin B and was inhibited by a cathepsin B inhibitor. Despite the potent cytotoxicity of unmodified TNF-α against normal cells, its PEGylated forms at higher TNF-α concentrations showed low cytotoxic activity against these cells. In contrast, both forms of PEGylated TNF-α showed potent cytotoxic activity against the B16 and L929 cell lines, with rPEG-TNF-α being 5- and 9-fold more potent, respectively, than PEG-TNF-α. Moreover, rPEG-TNF-α was a more potent in vivo antitumor agent than PEG-TNF-α.
On the Consistency and Confidence of Distributed Dynamic State Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shaocheng Wang,Wei Ren
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The problem of distributed dynamic state estimation in wireless sensor networks is studied. Two important properties of local estimates, namely, the consistency and confidence, are emphasized. On one hand, the consistency, which means that the approximated error covariance is lower bounded by the true unknown one, has to be guaranteed so that the estimate is not over-confident. On the other hand, since the confidence indicates the accuracy of the estimate, the estimate should be as confident as possible. We first analyze two different information fusion strategies used in the case of information sources with, respectively, uncorrelated errors and unknown but correlated errors. Then a distributed hybrid information fusion algorithm is proposed, where each agent uses the information obtained not only by itself, but also from its neighbors through communication. The proposed algorithm not only guarantees the consistency of the estimates, but also utilizes the available information sources in a more efficient manner and hence improves the confidence. Besides, the proposed algorithm is fully distributed and guarantees convergence with the sufficient condition formulated. The comparisons with existing algorithms are shown.

TONG Shaocheng,

自动化学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 针对一类未知非线性系统,利用模糊逻辑系统,H^∞控制和高增益观测器,提出了一种模糊自适应输出反馈控制方法。证明了所设计的输出反馈控制器可以获得状态反馈控制器的性能。仿真结果证明了所提出方法是有效的。
Information-driven Fully Distributed Kalman Filter for Sensor Networks in Presence of Naive Nodes
Shaocheng Wang,Wei Ren,Zhongkui Li
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We consider the distributed Kalman filtering problem for sensor networks where each node takes the measurement, communicates with its local neighbors, and updates its local estimate and estimation error covariance at the same frequency. In such a scenario, if the target is not directly observed by neither a certain node nor its local neighbors, this node is naive about the target. The well-known Kalman Consensus filter (KCF) has been shown to perform well if there exists no naive node in the network. The case in presence of naive nodes has been considered by the generalized KCF (GKCF) and the Information Weighted Consensus filter (ICF) later on. However, all these consensus-embedded filters require some global information such as the maximum degree of the graph, or the total number of the nodes. If these global information are changing over the time, such as time-varying topologies or unexpected sensor failures in the network, the performance of the GKCF or the ICF might be degraded. With communication topology changes, node failures, or addition of new nodes, the filter performance would be adversely affected. In this paper, we consider a novel local Weighted Least Square estimator for each node that utilizes its generalized measurement formed by not only its own and local neighbors' measurements but their prior local estimates to track the target. With some approximations in the derivation of the covariance matrix, we propose the Information-driven Fully Distributed Kalman filter (IFDKF), which is able to deal with the existence of naive nodes without knowing any global information. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm performs better than the existing algorithms in the considered realistic scenario.

Tong Shaocheng,Chai Tianyou,

自动化学报 , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper, a fuzzy adaptive control scheme for a class of MIMO nonlinear dynamic systems is presented. In the design, fuzzy logic systems are utilized to approximate the unknown functions, and state feedback controller and parameter adaptive law are obtained without considering modeling error. Finally, the stability and robustness analysis of the closed loop system is given.
Sensitivity of aerosol indirect effects to cloud nucleation and autoconversion parameterizations in short-range weather forecasts during the May 2003 aerosol IOP
Catherine C. Chuang,James S. Boyle,Shaocheng Xie
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems , 2012,
Abstract: Aerosol-cloud interactions begin with the direct involvement of aerosols in cloud nucleation followed by its indirect contribution to the formation of precipitation through autoconversion. Since the treatments of cloud microphysics in climate models are highly parameterized, a thorough study is needed to examine the range of simulations associated with different parameterizations of aerosol-cloud interactions. Unlike previous studies focused on climate-mode simulations, our interest is in short-range model response before the development of model bias and the compensation of multiple feedback mechanisms. In this study, we modified CAM4 to explore model sensitivity to treatments of cloud nucleation and autoconversion over the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Southern Great Plains (SGP) facility during the May 2003 Aerosol Intensive Operations Period (IOP) under the Cloud-Associated Parameterizations Testbed framework. Simulated liquid water path and low cloud fraction were sensitive to the choice of parameterization; however, change of modeled precipitation was insignificant with varying parameterization in short-range (~3 day) simulation. In general, simulated cloud properties were more sensitive to the treatment of autoconversion than nucleation. Calculations of sulfate indirect effects indicate that the change of shortwave fluxes from cloud lifetime effect is much more sensitive to cloud parameterizations than cloud albedo effect. Microphysical feedbacks complicate the local response of the climate system and can yield a positive 2nd indirect sulfate forcing that counters the expectation that increases in aerosol concentration decrease the shortwave fluxes. As a result, the calculated total sulfate indirect forcing over SGP varies widely ranging from 0.1 to 2.1 W m 2 during the IOP.
Detection of Chemerin and It’s Clinical Significance in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Lung Cancer
Xiaohan QU,Libo HAN,Shaocheng WANG,Qigang ZHANG
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2009,
Abstract: Background and objective Chemerin was recently found a chemoattractant just like a chemotatic factor. It can induce immune chemotaxis to dendritic cells and macrophages by binding to its receptor ChemR23. It has been known that the activation of Chemerin could enhance the phagocytosis and antigen presentation of APC. Along with this observation, the contribution of Chemerin in the genesis and development of a tumor attracts more attention. We explored the relation between Chemerin and lung cancer through detecting the expression of Chemerin in peripheral blood of patients. Methods The experiment selected samples of lung cancer patients and normal people. The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood was detected by ELISA method. T test was used to compare the statistic difference. We compared the concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood with age, sex, pathological type, degree of differentiation, metastasis of lymphonode, UICC staging and other clinicopathological index, and analyzed by t test and one-way ANOVA. Results The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood of 42 patients with lung cancer (1 965.81 pg/mL±374.03 pg/mL) were significantly higher than the concentration of 31 healthy examination (1 111.44 pg/mL±250.72 pg/mL)(P < 0.001). The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood of patients with lung cancer had no relationship with clinicopathological factors. Conclusion Chemerin has the potential to lung cancer diagnosis as a marker.
X-Ray Dose Reduction in Abdominal Computed Tomography Using Advanced Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms
Peigang Ning, Shaocheng Zhu, Dapeng Shi, Ying Guo, Minghua Sun
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092568
Abstract: Objective This work aims to explore the effects of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASiR) and model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) algorithms in reducing computed tomography (CT) radiation dosages in abdominal imaging. Methods CT scans on a standard male phantom were performed at different tube currents. Images at the different tube currents were reconstructed with the filtered back-projection (FBP), 50% ASiR and MBIR algorithms and compared. The CT value, image noise and contrast-to-noise ratios (CNRs) of the reconstructed abdominal images were measured. Volumetric CT dose indexes (CTDIvol) were recorded. Results At different tube currents, 50% ASiR and MBIR significantly reduced image noise and increased the CNR when compared with FBP. The minimal tube current values required by FBP, 50% ASiR, and MBIR to achieve acceptable image quality using this phantom were 200, 140, and 80 mA, respectively. At the identical image quality, 50% ASiR and MBIR reduced the radiation dose by 35.9% and 59.9% respectively when compared with FBP. Conclusions Advanced iterative reconstruction techniques are able to reduce image noise and increase image CNRs. Compared with FBP, 50% ASiR and MBIR reduced radiation doses by 35.9% and 59.9%, respectively.
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