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A Study of Rooting Characteristics and Anatomical Structure of Feijoa Cuttings
Meng Zhang,Hao-Ru Tang,Dan Wang,Shao-Xiong Ren,Ren-Dao Liu
Agricultural Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Softwood and 1-year-old hardwood from 4-year-old mother trees of feijoa cultivar ‘Unique’ were used to study the rooting capacity of cuttings during their development. The result showed that the rooting of softwood cuttings was better than that of hardwood cuttings. The secondary structure of stems and the development process of adventitious root were observed by means of paraffin section and microscopy on feijoa cuttings. The result of the observation showed that the adventitious root primordium of feijoa cuttings is a type of induced root primordium. This adventitious root primordium originated from the junction of the vascular cambium and pith rays. There were cyclical and sequential sclerenchyma cells in the phloem and no root primordium in the stems. The adventitious roots of cuttings generated from the edge of the cut section to 0.1-2 cm above the cut. These structural features may be one of the main reasons that our feijoa cuttings showed a low rooting rate.
Effects of Feijoa Cutting Diameter on Seedling Quality
Meng Zhang,Dan Wang,Shao-Xiong Ren,Li-Zhang Fan,Ren-Dao Liu
Agricultural Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/aj.2010.139.141
Abstract: In order to understand the effect of feijoa cutting quality on seedling plants, different diameter cutting of cultivar Unique was used as materials for cutting propagation. The results showed that cutting diameter has a remarkable influence on the rooting rate, rooting traits (sum of adventitious roots and average length of roots), germination rate and growth quantity of shoot of Feijoa sellowiana; the rooting rate, traits, germination rate and growth quantity of shoot obtained from using the diameter from 2.5-3.0 mm are significantly greater than those using the diameter 2.0-2.5 and 1.5-2.0 mm; thus the cutting slips of >3.0 mm in diameter are the best choice for seedling growth.
Study on Growth Characteristics of Young Feijoa Trees in Different Propagation Methods
Meng Zhang,Dan Wang,Shao-Xiong Ren,Li-Zhang Fan
Botany Research Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.3923/brj.2011.26.28
Abstract: In this experiment, Feijoa sellowiana Berg. was grown with the multiplication from seeds, grafting, cutting and layering, its germination period, growth of shoot and seedling information after 2 years were studied. The results showed that the growth characteristics of young feijoa trees obviously influenced by four propagation methods. The germination period, length of shoot and seedling information after 2 years of seeds and grafting were superior to that of cutting and layering. In production practice, seeds and grafting should be chosen according to productive purpose.
Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase from Feijoa Fruit
Li-Zhang Fan,Meng Zhang,Dan Wang,Shao-Xiong Ren
Agricultural Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/aj.2012.323.326
Abstract: The activity of feijoa fruit Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) was determined by spectrophotometer at 420 nm using catechol as substrate.The effects of the pH, temperature, substrate concentration and inhibitors on PPO were studied. A range of pH 3.0-8.0 was tested and the highest enzyme activity was at pH 5.5. The optimum temperature was determined by measuring the enzyme activity at various temperatures over the range of 10-70°C with 10°C increments. The optimum temperatures were found to be 30°C. The Vmax and Km value of the reaction were determinedand found to be 137 U min-1 protein and 0.38 mM. The three inhibitors as ascorbic acid, NaHSO3 and EDTA had different effects on inhibiting enzymatic browning. Inhibitors used for investigation in this study were placed in relative order of inhibition: NaHSO3>ascorbic acid>EDTA.
Magnetic properties of amorphous Fe74Al4Sn2P10C2B4Si4 powder prepared by water atomization and powder core made from it

Lu Cao-Wei,Lu Zhi-Chao,Sun Ke,Li De-Ren,Zhou Shao-Xiong,
,卢志超,孙 克,李德仁,周少雄

物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Fe74Al4Sn2P10C2B4Si4 powder were prepared by water atomization. It has been shown that this alloy has big glass-forming ability (GFA) and high stability against heating. Amorphous alloy powder can be got in size smaller than 400 mesh. Quality factor of the powder core made from this amorphous powder is remarkably higher than that of MPP in high frequency range, which means the core loss of the amorphous powder core is lower than that of MPP. The electrical resistivity of amorphous powder is much higher than that of MPP powder, that is why the amorphous powder core has lower core loss in the high frequency range.

TU Shao-xiong,

地球学报 , 1993,
Abstract: The Erijia-Bumo gold belt is located in Changjiang and Dongfang Counties of western Hainan Island and is structurally situated on the Baoban rise of the Qiongzhong geosynclinal folded area. The gold belt stretched along the nor-east direction is composed of Tuwaishan, Baoban, Beiniu, Erjia and Bumo gold deposits. All of the gold deposits occur in favourable structural locations. They are long-term evolutional products of different geological functions under specified structual conditions.

TU Shao-xiong,

地球学报 , 1984,
Abstract: <正> 有关太古代绿岩带的构造环境和变质作用,近年来国内外都讨论得十分热烈。本文根据作者参加河南中部地区晚太古代变质铁矿研究过程中所收集的资料,对这个地区的成岩构造环境和变质带进行讨论。
A Study of the Relationship Between Serum Esterase Polymorphism and Reproductive Performance of Saba Pig
撒坝猪血清酯酶多态性与繁殖性能关系的研究 A Study of the Relationship Between Serum Esterase Polymorphism and Reproductive Performance of Saba Pig

LIAN Lin-sheng,LU Shao-xiong,
,鲁绍雄LIAN Lin-sheng,LU Shao-xiong

遗传 , 1999,
Abstract: Serum esterase polymorphisms of 115 Saba pigs were investigated by using the method of vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis The genotype frequency, gene frequency and heterozygosity of this locus were calculated The relationship between the serum esterase polymorphism and reproductive performance was analyzed by the least square analysis of two factors (ES genotype of boar and sow) with interaction The results demonstrated that the genotype frequency of AA, AB and BB was 0 2696, 0 5826 and 0 1478 respectively, the gene frequency of the allele A and B was 0 5609 and 0 4391 respectively The heterozygosity of this locus was 0 4926 There are significant differences (P<0 05) on litter size, litter weight at birth, litter weight at 20 days, litter size at weaning and litter weight at weaning of different genotypic sows The significant differences (P<0 05) were showed on litter size, litter size at weaning, weaning weight and litter weight at weaning of different genotypic mating combinations It indicated that the serum esterase polymorphism was expected to be the genetic marker of pig reproductive performance
Development and Characterization of 20 Microsatellite Markers for Chinese Black Sleeper, Bostrychus sinensis
Hang-Jun Wang,Hung-Du Lin,Li-Yan Zhang,Shao-Xiong Ding
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12129570
Abstract: Twenty microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized from the Chinese black sleeper, Bostrychus sinensis. Loci were screened in 30 individuals from Taiwan. For each locus, the number of alleles varied from 4 to 22 with mean expected and observed heterozygosity of 0.79 and 0.66, respectively. One locus significantly deviated from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium after Bonferroni correction and no significant linkage disequilibrium was detected. This set of microsatellites will provide a suitable tool for population genetic studies of Chinese black sleeper.
Approximation of Convex Functions on the Dual Spaces

RUAN Ying-Ban,CHEN Shao-Xiong,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2004,
Abstract: In this paper, the authors prove that for every \$w\+*\$ lower semicontinuous Lipschitzian convex function on the dual of a bistrictly convexifiable Banach space can be uniformly approximated by a sequence of \$w\+*\$ lower semicontinuous monotone nondecreasing Lipschitzian convex function with the dense very smooth point set.
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