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Analysis of the Bacterial Communities in Lime Concretion Black Soil upon the Incorporation of Crop Residues  [PDF]
Shao-Qiang Tao, Qiang Xia, Lin Zhu, Jing-jing Chen, Ya- Nan Wang, Bing Qin
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2012.23037
Abstract: To analyze the bacterial communities in lime concretion black soil upon the incorporation of crop residues for two years in wheat-maize system, total DNA was directly extracted and PCR-amplified with the F357GC and R518 primers targeting the 16S rRNA genes of V3 region. The amplified fragments were analyzed by perpendicular DGGE. Analyzing of species richness index S and Shannon diversity index H revealed that there was a high diversity of soil bacterial community compositions among all treatments after incorporation of crop residues and fertilizing under field conditions. Eleven DGGE bands recovered were re-amplified, sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis of the representative DGGE fingerprints identified four groups of the prokaryotic communities in the soil by returning wheat residues and fertilizing under field conditions. The bacterial communities belonged to gamma proteobacterium, Cupriavidus sp, halophilic eubacterium, Acidobacterium sp, Sorangium sp, delta proteobacterium, Streptococcus sp and Streptococcus agalactiae were main bacterial communities. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showed that there were the differences in DNA profiles among the six treatments. It showed that wheat residue returning, maize residue returning and fertilizing all can improve bacterial diversity in varying degrees. As far as improvement of bacterial diversity was concerned, wheat residue returning was higher than fertilizing, and fertilizing higher than maize residue returning.
Leaf Nitrogen and Phosphorus Stoichiometry Across 654 Terrestrial Plant Species in NSTEC

REN Shu-jie,YU Gui-rui,TAO Bo,WANG Shao-qiang,

环境科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Stoichiometry of leaf N and P is a characteristic of plant to adapt to environment, and can provide data for process-based modeling at large scale. Leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry of NSTEC terrestrial plants were studied based on a NSTEC data set including leaf nitrogen and phosphorus observations for 654 plant species at 168 sites. The results showed that leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry in NSTEC exhibited large variations, primarily ranging 2.17-52.61 mg x g(-1) for N, 0.10-10.27 mg x g(-1) for P, 1.7-74.6 for N/P ratio. Geometric means for all plant species were 17.55 mg x g(-1), 1.28 mg x g(-1) and 13.5, respectively. Leaf P of NSTEC (ever across China) was lower than global level, therefore plant growth was more limited by P in China region comparing to global environment. For all functional groups, the difference of leaf N was largest, but that of N/P ratio was smallest, since leaf N and P closely related in most of functioning groups; for leaf N and P of the different phylogenic functional groups, the difference was largest for farthest relative (seed vs fern), least for closest relative (monocotyledon vs. dicotyledon) . There were obvious correlation between leaf N (or P) and latitude (or mean annual temperature, MAT). Leaf N and P significantly increased with latitude increasing (or MAT decreasing), but the relationship between N/P ratio and latitude (or MAT) wasn't significant (p = 0.386 and p = 0.342), and the reason maybe include, leaf N and P had the same tendencies and large variations, and region in this research was smaller than global research.
Ecological stoichiometry characteristics of ecosystem carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus elements

WANG Shao-Qiang,and YU Gui-Rui,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 生态系统元素平衡是当前全球变化生态学和生物地球化学循环的研究热点和焦点.在系统介绍生态化学计量学与碳氮磷元素循环研究进展的基础上,重点从土壤C:N:P化学计量比的分布特征、指示作用、对碳固定的影响,以及人类活动对C:N:P比的影响等方面探讨了C:N:P比在养分限制、生物地球化学循环、森林演替与退化等领域中的应用等问题,并展望了生态系统碳氮磷平衡的元素化学计量学未来研究的发展方向.通过对生态化学计量学理论和方法的研究,可以深入认识植物-凋落物-土壤相互作用的养分调控因素,对于揭示碳氮磷元素之间的相互作用及平衡制约关系,为减缓温室效应提供新思路和理论依据,具有重要的现实意义.
Transient and Stationary Simulations for a Quantum Hydrodynamic Model
HU Xin,TANG Shao-Qiang,

中国物理快报 , 2007,
Abstract: The transient and stationary characteristics of a one-dimensional quantum hydrodynamic model are comparatively studied for semiconductor charge transport in a resonant tunnelling diode. When the bias is not small, our numerical results show a deviation of the asymptotic transient solutions from the stationary ones. A dynamic instability accounts for such deviation. The stationary quantum hydrodynamic model is therefore unsuitable in general for simulating quantum devices.
Dynamic Simulation for Hysteresis in Shape Memory Alloy under Tension

WANG Ping,ZHAO Jian-Bo,TANG Shao-Qiang,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We demonstrate that the Suliciu model is capable to model the hysteresis phenomenon observed experimentally in NiTi shape memory alloy micro-tubes. This model allows a class of stationary phase interfaces. By a series of fully dynamic numerical simulations that mimic quasi-static loading and unloading, the nominal stress--strain curve exhibits a big hysteresis loop, which quantitatively agrees with the experimental results.
Blocky Geological Body Representation with Polyhedron and Its Interactive Modification

CHEN Shao-qiang,LI Qi,

地球学报 , 2005,
Abstract: In the field of geological modeling for solid mineral resources, Chinese scientists invented a technique called "rubber membrane technique" for interactive modeling of the blocky geological body. On the basis of this technique, PandaCAEX, a computer ai-ded exploration system, was developed. As this technique remarkably simplifies geological modeling, users can efficiently construct a blocky geological body of arbitrary shape. However, this method is very complicated and has some shortcomings. This paper presents a method that uses polyhedrons directly to model the blocky geological bodies. The algorithm for editing the method is also given. This method, while preserving the advantages of the "rubber membrane technique", is much simpler and more perfect. Serving as the kernel of a newly revised system, this method proves to be practical.
Coverage control optimization algorithm in wireless sensor networks on time synchronization

CHANG Guang-qiang,FAN Xiao-ping,LIU Shao-qiang,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to achieve optimal control of network coverage, reduce energy consumption, this paper presented a distributed, energy efficient, and the node position independent of the sensor network coverage algorithm. In the algorithm, nodes exchanged information with neighbors and worked through the energy of running nodes, other nodes according to their distance from the node with the work, made judgments, or to enter the work state, or into sleep state.Simulation results show that the algorithm can significantly reduce the number of nodes working,thus to reduce energy consumption and prolong network lifetime.
The Effect of Land Cover Change on Carbon Cycle: A case Study in the Estuary of Yellow River Delta

WANG Shao-qiang,XU Jun,ZHOU Cheng-hu,

遥感学报 , 2001,
Abstract: Land cover change is a important effect on carbon cycle. In order to estimate changes in carbon pools and fluxes to the atmosphere, we used LandsatTMdata of 1992 and 1996 to calculate the extent of different land cover types and their change to each other in the estuary area ofYellowRiver delta. Image processing and unsupervised classification allowed the production of accurate land covermaps of 1992 and 1996, and then the changeswere detected. Estimation of carbon pools and fluxes to the atmosphere was carried out using the results of Landsat image analysis and published data about carbon stocks in vegetation and soil. The results showed that the vegetation carbon reserveswas 11.43×105t, the soil carbon reserves was 7.24×106t in 1992, while the area of forest increased 146.76×102hm2, and the vegetation carbon reserves increased 7.43×105t during the four years from 1992 to 1996. So the land cover change lead to an in- creasing in carbon reserves in this area. It is a carbon pools in the global change progress.
Preparation of Si-Al-Zr-O Composite Ceramics with Ultra Fine Grains by in situ Controlled Crystallizing from the Amorphous Bulk
非晶晶化法制备 Si-Al-Zr-O系超微细晶复相陶瓷

TAN Xiao-Ping,LIANG Shu-Quan,LI Shao-Qiang,TANG Yan,

无机材料学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 在1650-1700℃下制备了Si—ANZr-O(SAZ)溶胶,经快速冷却获得均匀致密的SAZ系非晶体,经梯度热处理得到SAZ系超微细晶复相陶瓷.结合示差扫描量热分析(DSC)、红外光谱(IR)、X射线衍射(XRD)和扫描电镜(SEM)等技术以及Vicker压痕法,研究了相关超微细晶复相陶瓷结构和性能随热处理温度的变化.结果表明,SAZ系非晶体在950℃时开始析出四方氧化锆,1100℃时晶化基本完成,主晶相为莫来石和四方氧化锆,晶粒尺寸为10-40nm:温度升高至1200℃,晶粒迅速长大至0.5μm左右,部分四方氧化锆向单斜氧化锆的转变.样品的显微硬度和断裂韧性经1150℃热处理后均达到最大,分别为12.6GPa和4.32MPa-m1/2.
Wavelength Conversion in All-Optical Bi-Directed Networks

ZHANG Shao-qiang,LI Guo-jun,LI Shu-guang,

软件学报 , 2002,
Abstract: In many models of optical routing, a set of communication paths (req uests) in a network are given, and a wavelength must be assigned to each path so that paths sharing an edge receive different wavelengths. The goal is to assign as few wavelengths as possible, in order to make as efficient use as possible of the optical bandwidth. Much work in the area has considered the use of wavelen gth converters: if a node of a network contains a converter, any path passing th rough this node may change its wavelength. Having converters at some of the nodes can reduce the number of wavelengths down to congestion bound. Thus Wilfong and Winkler defined a set S of nodes to be sufficient if, placing converters at the nodes in S, every set of paths can be routed with a number of wavelengths equal to its congestion bound. In this paper, the minimum sufficient set problem in bi-directed networks is studied. The problem is transformed into minimum vertex cover problem and some algorithms are developed for the problem.
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