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Oil Film and Pressure Characteristics of the Friction Pair  [PDF]
Shan Hu
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105053
In order to improve the friction performance of the valve plate and improve the oil film bearing capacity of the valve plate, the influence of the fluid-solid coupling on the performance of the oil film of the valve plate was studied. The lubrication characteristics of the surface texture of the valve plate was studied systematically based on the theory, simulation and coupling effects. In this paper, the geometrical model of hydraulic drive valve plate is established, and the thickness and pressure equation of hydraulic film are deduced theoretically. The Reynolds equation is solved by the finite difference methods. The film thickness and pressure distribution under fluid-solid coupling of the port plate pair are obtained, and the correctness of the theory and programming is analyzed.
Traditional Chinese Medicinal Syndromes and Treatment in Colorectal Cancer  [PDF]
Shan Deng, Bing Hu, Hong-Mei An
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2012.326114
Abstract: Colorectal cancer remains the third most common malignancy worldwide. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), colorectal cancer is related to spleen-deficiency, damp-heat, and toxicity accumulation. Traditional Chinese medicine has been confirmed to effectively reduce toxic side effects and enhance curative effects of chemotherapy, palliate clinical syndrome, prevent recurrence and metastasis, improve quality of life and immune function, and prolong survival time in colorectal cancer. However, TCM theoretical and syndrome differentiation study has lagged far behind due to progression of therapy model in colorectal cancer. As a type of drug treatment, there are some common biological basis between chemotherapy, targeted therapy and anti-cancer herb therapy in colorectal cancer, such as apoptosis, cell senescence and autophagy. There are growing needs to explore the effect mechanism and compatibility of anti-cancer herbs, to further enhance the efficacy of TCM treatment in colorectal cancer.
Matrix Theory, AdS/CFT, and Gauge/Gravity Correspondence
Shan Hu,Dimitri Nanopoulos
Advances in High Energy Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/604637
Abstract: With ??being fixed, , the free energy of the Matrix theory on a supergravity background is a functional of , . We try to relate this functional with , the effective action of , where is translation invariant along . The vertex function is then associated with the connected correlation function of the current densities. From , one can construct an effective action for the arbitrary matrix configuration . is and thus independent. If , will give the supergravity interactions among theory objects with no light-cone momentum exchange. We then discuss the Matrix theory dual of the background generated by branes with the definite as well as the gauge theory dual of the background arising from the reduction. Finally, for SYM4 with the background field , we give a possible way to induce the radial dependent field . 1. Introduction Up to present, two kinds of nonperturbative formulation of /string theory are developed. The one is Matrix theory. The typical examples are BFSS Matrix model [1] and the plane wave Matrix model (PWMM) [2], describing a sector of M theory with the definite light-cone momentum on flat background and pp-wave background, respectively. M theory on a generic weakly curved background is described by BFSS Matrix model with the corresponding vertex operator perturbations added [3, 4]. PWMM could just be derived in this way [5]. For backgrounds that cannot be taken as the perturbations of the flat spacetime, the corresponding Matrix models are also known provided that certain amount of supersymmetries is preserved. The other is the correspondence [6–9], for which the correspondence is intensively-studied. gives a nonperturbative description of string theory on . It is natural to expect that with the vertex operator perturbations added then describes the string theory on with the corresponding field perturbations turned on. Although Matrix theory and AdS/CFT are obtained in entirely different ways, both of them use a gauge theory to describe M/string theory on a particular background. If the M theory background is , the dual gauge theory will become , which is Matrix theory compactified on [10–12]. As the nonperturbative description of M/string theory on a particular background, the Hilbert space of the gauge theory should be isomorphic to the Hilbert space of the M/string theory on that background. For , the one-to-one correspondence should exist between the state (spectrum) of the second-quantized string theory on and the state (spectrum) of . For Matrix theory, it is easier to establish the correspondence between configurations. The transition
Spectral Synthesis via Mean Field approach Independent Component Analysis
Ning Hu,Shan-Shan Su,Xu Kong
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we apply a new statistical analysis technique, Mean Field approach to Bayesian Independent Component Analysis (MF-ICA), on galaxy spectral analysis. This algorithm can compress the stellar spectral library into a few Independent Components (ICs), and galaxy spectrum can be reconstructed by these ICs. Comparing to other algorithms which decompose a galaxy spectrum into a combination of several simple stellar populations, MF-ICA approach offers a large improvement in the efficiency. To check the reliability of this spectral analysis method, three different methods are used: (1) parameter-recover for simulated galaxies, (2) comparison with parameters estimated by other methods, and (3) consistency test of parameters from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxies. We find that our MF-ICA method not only can fit the observed galaxy spectra efficiently, but also can recover the physical parameters of galaxies accurately. We also apply our spectral analysis method to the DEEP2 spectroscopic data, and find it can provide excellent fitting for those low signal-to-noise spectra.
Acoustic head wave on the borehole wall in a porous formation and the causes for its accompanying electromagnetic field

Hu Heng-Shan,

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: To understand the propagation mechanism of the acoustic head wave and its accompanying electromagnetic field during logging in a porous formation, we studied the displacement characteristics of the wave. Calculations by both the fast compre ssional branch-cut-integral and the real-wavenumber-integral methods show that the head wave travels along the borehole wall with the fast compressional wave velocity, but it differs from a plane compressional wave in two aspects. First, the head wave causes radial displacement as well as axial displacement. Second, it is composed of the gradients of the fast and slow compressional potentials and the rotation of the shear potential. The gradient of the slow compressional potential constitutes the dominating part of the fluid filtration. It is the slow compressional potential that induces electric field that accompanies the acousti c head wave during acousto-electric well logging. And it is the shear potential that induces magnetic field that accompanies the acoustic head wave.
Data Collection Method with A Mobile Sink Node in Wireless Sensor Network
Hu Chang Jun,Yao Shan Hua
International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies , 2012, DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2012. 04.07
Abstract: this paper resent a data collection method of using mobile sink and static sink together against “thermal region” in wireless sensor network. The mobile sink visits the remote-cluster and communicates with the head node directly, thus reducing both the energy cost of multi-hop transmission in long distance and the frequency of data forwarding in clusters near the static sink. Simulation results showed that the added mobile sink extendedthe network lifetime and expanded the capacity of network.
An LC-MS/MS Method for Determination of Imperatorin and Isoimperatorin in Rat Plasma and Application to a Pharmacokinetic Study  [PDF]
Junbo Xing, Hong Cao, Yumin Chen, Caihong Shui, Tingting Shan, Dan Hu
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2013.45059
Abstract: A highly sensitive liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric (LC-MS/MS) method was developed for the de-termination of imperatorin and isoimperatorin in rat plasma using psoralen as internal standard. Analyses were performed on a Shimadzu HPLC system using a Shimadzu C18 column eluted with a mobile phase of methanol-water (25:75), containing 0.1% formic acid at a flow rate of 0.4 ml/min. The detection was performed by positive ion elec-trospray ionization in multiple reactions monitoring mode, monitoring the transitions m/z 203→147 and m/z 203→159 for imperatorin and isoimperatorin, respectively. The method was validated over the concentration range of 2.5 -1000.0 ng/mL for imperatorin and isoimperatorin. The limits of detection and quantification were 1.0 and 3.0 ng/mL, repectively for both analytes. The intra-day and inter-day accuracy and precision of the assay were less than 10.9%. This method has been applied successfully to a pharmacokinetic study involving the intragastric administration of extract of Angelicae Dahuricae Radix to rats.
Atypical Femoral Fractures in a Patient with Continuous Decreasing BMD after Only 1.5 Years of Bisphosphonate Treatment  [PDF]
Chia-Jung Hu, Jenn-Huei Renn, Shan-Wei Yang, Kai-Cheng Lin
Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases (OJRA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojra.2014.41004
Abstract: Objective: Bisphosphonates were accepted first line treatment for osteoporosis. Long-term bisphosphonate treatment has been reported to be complicated with osteonecrosis of jaw (ONJ) and atypical fracture of femur. It is proposed to be the result of impaired remodeling of minor injury of bone. An atypical fracture occurs on a patient received only 1.5 years of bisphosphonate treatment with continuous decreasing bone mineral density. Case Presentation: This is a 53-year-old female Taiwanese. She has rheumatoid arthritis and has received long-term glucocorticoid treatment. Continuous decrease of bone mineral density in the serial BMD examination after alendronate treatment can be found. Thigh pain occurs after only 1.5 years of bisphosphonate treatment and it progresses to atypical fracture. Conclusions: Atypical fracture can occur in patients receive only short-term bisphosphonate treatment even BMD is still decreased after bisphosphonate treatment. Autoimmune disease, glucocorticoid treatment, Asian and female may be the possible risk factors.
The effects of age on cerebral activations: internally versus externally driven processes
Sien Hu,Chiang-shan R. Li
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2012.00004
Abstract: Numerous studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have described increased or decreased regional brain activations in older as compared to younger adults. This seeming inconsistency may reflect differences in the psychological constructs examined across studies. We hypothesized that behavioral tasks/contrasts engaging internally and externally driven processes are each associated with age-related decreases and increases, respectively, in cerebral activations. We examined the fMRI data of 103 healthy adults, 18–72 years of age, performing a stop signal task (SST), in which a frequent “go” signal triggered a prepotent response and a less frequent “stop” signal prompted inhibition of this response. Greater internally driven processes lead to stop successes (SS) as compared to stop errors (SE), and to speeding up instead of slowing down in go trials. Conversely, externally driven processes contribute to SE trials, which resulted from habitual, unmonitored responses triggered by the go signal (as compared to SS trials), and involved perceptual and cognitive processes elicited by the stop signal (as compared to go trials). Consistent with our hypothesis, the results showed age-related decreases and increases in cerebral activations each during these respective internally and externally driven processes. These findings further elucidate the influence of age on cognitive functioning and provide an additional perspective to understand the imaging literature of aging.
A Triple-Error-Correcting Cyclic Code from the Gold and Kasami-Welch APN Power Functions
Xiangyong Zeng,Jinyong Shan,Lei Hu
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Based on a sufficient condition proposed by Hollmann and Xiang for constructing triple-error-correcting codes, the minimum distance of a binary cyclic code $\mathcal{C}_{1,3,13}$ with three zeros $\alpha$, $\alpha^3$, and $\alpha^{13}$ of length $2^m-1$ and the weight divisibility of its dual code are studied, where $m\geq 5$ is odd and $\alpha$ is a primitive element of the finite field $\mathbb{F}_{2^m}$. The code $\mathcal{C}_{1,3,13}$ is proven to have the same weight distribution as the binary triple-error-correcting primitive BCH code $\mathcal{C}_{1,3,5}$ of the same length.

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