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The Professional Medical Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of the study was to assess the existing beliefs and practices regarding food during pregnancy. Design:Cross-sectional study. Place and duration of study: The present study was conducted in Antenatal Clinic, Department of Gynecology andObstetrics at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. This study was conducted in four months time from September 1st to December 31st, 2008.Patients and methods: Sample size was 189 pregnant females who were attending the Antenatal Clinic, Department of Gynecology andObstetrics at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. This was calculated by computer software called Raosoft- a sample size calculator by keepingconfidence level 95%, margin of error 5%, and response rate 86%. Simple Convenience Sampling technique was used. Results: 89% believedthat there is an effect of food on pregnancy and 11% did not. Despite of high literacy rate (93%) there are certain strong food beliefs regardingpregnancy which have been practiced by pregnant ladies, which were effecting their food intake like hot, cold, badi and having difficult labour.Conclusions: All available resources for creating awareness among the masses regarding the importance of diet during pregnancy should beused properly by using all means of communication (especially mass media).
Effect of Firm Structure on Corporate Cash Holding (Evidence from Non-Financial Companies)  [PDF]
Sher Khan, Zhuangzhuang Peng, Sohail Ahmad, Shahid Mahmood, Ijaz Ahmad
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2019.81001
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of firm structure (whether diversified or focused firms) on corporate cash holding. Samples of 80 non-financial companies were selected including diversified and focused firms which were listed on Karachi stock exchange for a period 7 years from 2006 to 2013. These diversified and focused firms were selected on the basis of equal proportionate method. Random effect model and descriptive statistics were used for the analysis of these variables. The results of these models showed that there is negative and significant effect of firm structure on corporate cash holding. We also find negative and significant relationship of leverage and Networking capital with the corporate cash holdings and the relation between growth opportunities and corporate cash holding was examined to be positive and significant. We also find a negative and insignificant relationship between firm size and corporate cash holding. The descriptive statistics showed that there was significant difference between the cash holding of diversified and focused firms. The diversified firms keep a smaller amount of cash as compare to the single segment companies (focused firms), which is in support of the trade-off theory. This paper contributes to current literatures with regard to organization structure (whether diversified or focused firms) on cash holding in a developing economy like Pakistan.
Multi-Agent Task Scheduling In University Environment
Tariq Mahmood,M. Shahid Farid
IAES International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJ-AI) , 2012, DOI: 10.11591/ij-ai.v1i4.708
Abstract: Task scheduling problems are involved in almost every field of life from industry, where scheduling of employees on different machines with different shifts with respect to various constraints, to universities where scheduling involved in time tabling of classes and faculty, in examination scheduling, laboratory scheduling, staff scheduling and so on. Scheduling problem involves scheduling of different resources under various constraints to attain optimal results. In this paper we present a multi-agent based solution to Task Scheduling Problem (TSP) in university environment. It involves two main scheduling problmes; first, time tabling probelm (TTP) and second examination scheduling problem (ESP). In time tabling problem, a time table of classes is consturcted subject to different constraints; like rooms, subjects, teachers, degrees and semester with in a degree program. in examination scheduling problem is central to scheduling issue to every university. In ESP, the schedule of the examination of different courses of different degrees invigilated by different faculty members each with his/her availability constraints, is carried out. The problem is even worse when students of different degrees takes a shared course and when there are add-drops students in a course. In this case, the complexity of the scheduling problem doubles, now scheduling has to done with respect to the constraints of faculty, degree and also to decrease the number of clashes in examination. An agent based solution to TSP is proposed in this paper which is also implemented and tested over different scenarios and optimal results are achieved in negligible amount of time.
Path Coefficient Analysis in Different Genotypes of Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merril)
Shahid Iqbal,Tariq Mahmood,Tahira,Muhammad Ali
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: Interrelationships between yield and its components were determined by genotypic correlation and path coefficient analysis in ten soybean varieties. The results indicated that seed yield plant ̄1 was positively and significantly associated with all parameters studied. The results also showed that pods plant ̄1 has maximum positive direct effect on yield plant ̄1. It was followed by 100 seed weight and seeds pod ̄1. Plant height had negative direct effect on yield plant ̄1. It was concluded that pods plant ̄1, seeds pod-` and 100 seed weight were the main yield components.
Analysis of Combining Ability in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Using F2 Generation
Asif Javaid,Shahid Masood,Nasir Mahmood Minhas
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: The F2 data from a 4 parent half diallel cross was used for combining ability analysis. Significant genetic variability existed for days to heading, days to maturity, plant height, number of spikes per plant, number of grains per spike, grain yield per plant and 1000 grain weight. The major portion of the total genetic variability for these traits was due to additive type of gene action. Small, but significant SCA estimates for most of the traits with the exception of days to heading and maturity suggests that some of the total genetic variability was due to non-additive type of gene action. The cross Faisalabad-85 x Rawal-87 had the best specific combining ability for grain yield per plant, while the best specific combining ability for number of spikes per plant, number of grains per spike and 1000 grain weight was found in case of the cross Faisalabad-83 x Rawal-87. Faisalabad-83 proved to be the best general combiner for grain yield per plant, number of grains per spike and 1000 grain weight. This cultivar offers the best possibility of exploitation in breeding programs to develop high yielding varieties.
Determination of the Potency of Extracted, Purified and Formulated Insulin from the Pancreatic Organs of the Sudanese Beef Cattle  [PDF]
Abdella Emam Abdella Baragob, Waleed Hassan AlMalki, Imran Shahid, Ragia Mahmood Hegazy, Khojali Salwa Muhammed, Samia Abdella
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2013.46067
Abstract: The treatment of type 1 diabetes is mainly dependent on insulin therapy and current formulated insulin formulations are used for its control all over the world. The presented study was designed to evaluate the potency of extracted, purified and formulated insulin from the pancreatic organs of the Sudanese beef cattle. Twenty healthy rabbits were used to conduct the study following subcutaneous administration of the sample insulin, to determine the hypoglycemic effect and to analyze the potency of the testing insulin by the hypoglycemic seizure method, blood sugar method and glucose enzymatic colorimetric test (GOD-PAP) respectively. The potency of the injected insulin samples was estimated by comparing the variation in blood glucose levels produced in the treated animals with that produced by a standard insulin preparation under the suitable conditions of the blood sugar method. The results revealed that the potency of the testing beef insulin samples was slightly higher (i.e., 2.2 USP units/ml, 9%) compared to the standard and assumed potency of the prepared insulin preparations (i.e., 1-2 USP units/ml) which indicated that the solvents and diluents used to prepare the assay dilution might be of higher potency and must be diluted to such an extent that the testing insulin potency must be compatible with the standard dilutions. Furthermore, to determine the choice of an assay to analyze the potency of insulin preparations, not only the accuracy of the result but also the purpose for which the test is to be used and the time limit must be taken into consideration.
Growth, Yield and Quality Performance of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum americanum L.)  [PDF]
Mahmood Ul Hassan, Azraf-ul-Haq Ahmad, Shahid Ibni Zamir, Ihtishamul Haq, Farhan Khalid, Tassadduq Rasool, Adil Hussain
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.515235

Livestock industry of Pakistan is expanding day by day. To meet its growing demand high fodder yielding and nutritious varieties of fodder crops are needed. Pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum L.) is an excellent choice for this purpose. In order to explore the possibility of the better yield potential varieties of pearl millet performed in a good manner under agro ecological conditions of Faisalabad during the year 2012. A field experiment was conducted at Agronomic Research Area, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Randomized complete block design was used with three replications; the net plot size was 1.8 m × 6 m. The experiment was comprised of nine millet varieties named Cholistani Bajra, Barani Bajra, MB-87, Sargodha Bajra 2011, 18-BY, Super Bajra-1, PARC-MS-2, 86-M-52 and FB-822. All other agronomic practices were kept normal and constant. Data on yield and yield components were recorded by standard procedure. Significant results were recorded among the varieties for forage growth and yield. The variety 86-M-52 produced maximum forage and dry matter yield because of more number of leaves (14), leaf area (3540.1 cm2) followed by Sargodha Bajra-2011. All cultivars have statistically significant differences in respect of quality characteristics. However, non-significant differences were observed among cultivars regarding ash

Characterization of seed oils from different varieties of watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.)] from Pakistan
Raziq, S.,Anwar, F.,Mahmood, Z.,Shahid, S. A.
Grasas y Aceites , 2012, DOI: 10.3989/gya.022212
Abstract: This paper reports the physicochemical characteristics of the seed oils from different varieties of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) cultivated in Pakistan, namely Sugar Baby, Q-F-12, D-W-H-21 and Red Circle-1885. The oil and crude protein contents from watermelon seeds, within the range of 28.25 to 35.65% and 20.50 to 35.00%, respectively, varied significantly (p < 0.05) among the varieties tested. The levels of moisture, ash, and crude fiber in the seeds tested were found to be 2.16-3.24%, 1.95-3.42% and 4.29-6.60%, respectively. The physicohemical characteristics of the extracted oils were: free fatty acid contents (1.17-2.10% as oleic acid), iodine value (97.10-116.32 g of I2 100g-1 of oil), saponification index (190.20-205.57 mg KOH g-1 of oil), unsaponifiable matter (0.54-0.82%) and color (1.12-4.30 R + 12.20-33.40 Y). The oils revealed a reasonable oxidative parameter range as depicted by the determinations of specific extinction at 232 and 270 nm (2.90-4.40 and 2.05- 3.09, respectively), p-anisidine value (5.60-7.70) and peroxide value (2.90-5.06 meqO2 kg-1 of oil). Linoleic acid was the major fatty acid found in all the seed oils with contributions of 45.30-51.80% of the total fatty acids (FA). Other fatty acids detected were known to be oleic acid (20.2- 23.5%), palmitic acid (15.1-16.9%) and stearic acid (11.5- 14.4%). The contents of α- and δ-tocopherol in the oils accounted for 120.6-195.6 and 9.1-58.3 mg kg-1, respectively. The physicochemical attributes of the watermelon seed oils showed a wider variation among the varieties tested. The results of the present study indicate that the seeds of the tested watermelon varieties from Pakistan are a potential source of high-linoleic oil and thus can be explored for commercial use and value addition. Se presentan las características físico-químicas de aceites de diferentes variedades de semillas de sandías (Citrullus lanatus) cultivadas en Pakistán: Sugar Baby, QF-12, DWH-21 y Círculo rojo-1885. El aceite y el contenido de proteína cruda de las semillas de sandía están dentro de los rangos: 28,25-35,65% y 20,50-35,00%, respectivamente y varian significativamente (p < 0,05) entre las variedades ensayadas. Los niveles de humedad, fibra cruda y cenizas en las semillas se encontró entre 2.16-3.24%, 1.95-3.42% y 4.29-6.60%, respectivamente. Las características fisico-químicas estudiadas de los aceites extraídos fueron: contenido de ácidos grasos libres (1.17-2.10% de ácido oleico), índice de yodo (97,10-116,32 g de I2 100 g-1 de aceite), índice de saponificación (190,20-205,57 mg de KOH g-1 de aceite), i
Announcement Effects of Seasoned Equity Offerings in China
humera shahid,Xinping Xia,Faiq Mahmood,Muhammad Usman
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v2n3p163
Abstract: By taking a longer period (1998-2008) this study examines the stock price reaction to the announcement of different equity issues in China. Initially, the study documents the announcement effects of Right issues and Public Offerings (SEOs). Secondly, it adds to the previous literature by keeping in view three successive announcement dates for SEOs as event dates i.e. Board of directors meeting date (BOD), shareholders’ meeting date and announcement date to public. Findings suggest that market react positively to the announcement of right offerings while SEOs convey negative signals to market. Consistent with earlier studies on Right issues announcement effects around different event dates, SEOs price effects are also more significantly negative around BOD date. For shareholders’ meeting date less significant response is observed while around announcement date again more negative significant returns are observed, more than shareholders’ meeting date but less than BOD meeting date.
Baking and Storage Stability of Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A) Fortified Cookies
Shahid Mahmood,Masood Sadiq Butt,Faqir Muhammad Anjum,Haq Nawaz
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition , 2008,
Abstract: Cookies were prepared from commercially available straight grade flour using Retinyl acetate (RA) as fortificant @ 30, 40 and 50% of Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). The product was packed in Bioriented poly propylene (BOPP) and analyzed on monthly basis for physico-chemical and sensory attributes including baking and storage stability of the fortificant up to three month. The results revealed the non-significant influence of fortification on physico-chemical composition and sensory characteristics and the cookies containing 50% of RDA; Retinyl acetate were found the best in overall acceptability. Baking loss of Retinyl acetate was 9.30% while 8.33% loss was observed during storage.
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