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Hydro and Wind Power Integration: A Case Study of Dargai Station in Pakistan  [PDF]
Shahbaz Awan, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Asif, Amjad Ullah
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2012.44028
Abstract: Pakistan is facing acute energy crises since last few years. Due to shortage of fuel oil and its sky touching prices, it seems very uneconomical to generate electricity from fuel oil. In order to generate cheap electricity we have to rely on renewable energy resources. To address these challenges, wind power generation is among the popular options in the world which is now being considered in Pakistan as well. However unremitting change in wind speed from calm to stormy introduces real challenges. Storing wind energy in batteries during the periods of low demand seems an expensive option, especially when dealing with large scale power generation. Due to incessantly varying nature of wind speed, it is not feasible to rely only on wind power for cheap power production. Also, it is not thriftily possible to construct separate transmission line. However if we integrate wind power with hydro power, we can utilize the maximum possible transmission capacity. Existing hydro power station operating in that area or pumped storage scheme can be used. This paper is an attempt to analyze coordination of wind generation with hydro power in those areas of Pakistan where both wind and hydro power sources exist. In this paper, different issues have been analyzed taking case study of Dargai. This paper is first attempt in Pakistan about integration of wind and hydro power to draw some general conclusions and to point out some areas in which further research can be done.
Improve Communication Quality by Understanding Customer Switching Behavior in China’s Telecom Sector  [PDF]
Salman Awan, Yanxia Cheng
iBusiness (IB) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2016.84008
Abstract: This paper analyzes telecom consumer relationship by exploring customer switching behavior and classifying communication categories to support companies in planning applicable communication to thwart the consumer switching and improving consumer loyalty. Quantitative research is carried out by surveying 383 telecom consumers who have experienced the switching process. Findings uncover that telecom consumers selected distinct information methods before making switching decision. Active consumers prefer newsletter based on quality of service while passive consumers select newsletter largely based on competitive prices.
Prevalence of Racism and Exploitation of Pakistani Immigrant Workers in the Workplace in Ireland An Exploration of the Role of Social Work with Pakistani Immigrant Workers
Shahbaz Khan
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Relationship between racial prejudices with the exploitation of Pakistani migrant workers in the Irish workplaces was studied by conducting four case studies including one female in Dublin, Ireland. Findings of the case studies demonstrated the prevalence of racial prejudice in the Irish workplaces leading to exploitation of Pakistani migrant workers. Mostly, the Irish employers/supervisors were reported to be harsh, using derogatory language and showing resentment while dealing with them. In addition to the denial to their legally entitled holidays employers were used to detain the migrant workers for long unpaid working hours. Most of the time the employers charged the renewal charges of their work permits unlawfully. Their discrimination while nominating for on job sponsored training opportunities was also their serious concern that hindered the chances of their promotion and increments in salary. However, the arbitrary and discretionary powers of the Irish employers/supervisors, dependency for the renewal of their work permits and inability to communicate in English language were the major reported reasons of their exploitation. Further, they were not familiar with any Pakistani organization rending social work services for their guidance and protection of their legal rights and privileges in the work places but they desired such services.
comment: Seborrheic dermatitis eye lid involment (seborrheic blepharitis) in children not a rare clinical observation
Shahbaz Janjua
Our Dermatology Online , 2012,
Shahbaz Nazir
The Professional Medical Journal , 2000,
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of MCP-induced hyperprolactinemia onfood intake and weight gain in this species. SETTINGS: Three groups of female, virgin, albino rats(10/group). MATERIAL & METHODS: They were treated differently with saline (control group), MCPHCI(experimental group I) and ovine PRL (experimental group II). To all these groups injections weregiven subcutaneously twice daily for a period of 10 days. Food intake was assessed daily. Weight gain andserum PRL levels were determined before and after the treatment of animals with saline, MCP or ovine PRL.RESULTS: Both the MCP-treated and PRL-injected animals displayed significant (P<0.001)hyperprolactinemia. The prolactin treated rats in addition also showed increased food consumption andincreased weight gain, whereas the MCP-treated animals did not show any increase in weight or food intake.CONCLUSIONS: The results of our study suggest that the endogenously stimulated hyperprolactinemiaby MCP does not mimick the metabolic effects of exogenously produced hyperprolactinemia.
A new method of determining the inclination angle in interacting binaries
Tariq Shahbaz
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.1998.01618.x
Abstract: We describe a method of determining the system parameters in non-eclipsing interacting binaries. We find that the extent to which an observer sees the shape of the Roche-lobe of the secondary star governs the amount of distortion of the absorption line profiles. The width and degree of asymmetry of the phase-resolved absorption line profiles show a characteristic shape, which depends primarily on the binary inclination and gravity darkening exponent. We show that, in principle, by obtaining high spectral and time resolution spectra of quiescent cataclysmic variables or low mass X-ray binaries in which the mass-losing star is visible, fitting the shape of absorption line profiles will allow one to determine not only the mass function of the binary, but also the binary inclination and hence the mass of the binary components.
Determining the spectroscopic mass ratio in interacting binaries: Application to X-Ray Nova Sco 1994
T. Shahbaz
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2003.06258.x
Abstract: We present a model for determining the mass ratio in interacting binaries by directly fitting the observed spectrum with synthetic spectra. We make direct use of NextGen model atmospheres intensities which are the most comprehensive and detailed models available for cool stars. We fully take into account the varying temperature and gravity across the secondary star's photosphere, by incorporating the synthetic spectra into the secondary star's Roche geometry. As a result, we determine the exact rotationally broadened spectrum of the secondary star and so eliminate the need for a limb-darkening law, and the uncertainties associated with it. As an example we determine the mass ratio for the well studied soft X-ray transient Nova Sco 1994. In order to obtain a more accurate determination of the mass ratio, which does not depend on assumptions about the rotation profile and limb-darkening coefficients, we use our model to compute the exact rotationally broadened model spectrum, which we compare directly with the observed intermediate resolution spectrum of Nova Sco 1994. We determine the mass ratio of Nova Sco 1994 to be 0.419+/-0.028 (90 percent confidence), which is the most accurate determination of the binary mass ratio in an X-ray binary. This result combined with the binary mass function and inclination angle gives a refined black hole mass of 5.99+\-0.42 Mo (90 percent confidence). We also perform simulations which show that, for an F-type secondary star, the standard rotation profile with zero and continuum value for the line limb-darkening coefficient gives a value for q that brackets the value found using the full geometrical treatment.
Applied Similarity Problems Using Frechet Distance
Kaveh Shahbaz
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In the first part of this thesis, we consider an instance of Frechet distance problem in which the speed of traversal along each segment of the curves is restricted to be within a specfied range. This setting is more realistic than the classical Frechet distance setting, specially in GIS applications. We also study this problem in the setting where the polygonal curves are inside a simple polygon. In the second part of this thesis, we present a data structure, called the free-space map, that enables us to solve several variants of the Frechet distance problem efficiently. Our data structure encapsulates all the information available in the free-space diagram, yet it is capable of answering more general type of queries efficiently. Given that the free-space map has the same size and construction time as the standard free-space diagram, it can be viewed as a powerful alternative to it. As part of the results in Part II of the thesis, we exploit the free-space map to improve the long-standing bound for computing the partial Frechet distance and obtain improved algorithms for computing the Frechet distance between two closed curves, and the so-called minimum/maximum walk problem. We also improve the map matching algorithm for the case when the map is a directed acyclic graph. As the last part of this thesis, given a point set S and a polygonal curve P in R^d, we study the problem of finding a polygonal curve Q through S, which has a minimum Frechet distance to P. Furthermore, if the problem requires that curve Q visits every point in S, we show it is NP-complete.
Bharti Awan
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2013, DOI: 10.7897/2230-8407.04339
Abstract: Herbal medicines have good efficacy, safety, and lesser side effects. They have great demand in developed world for primary health care. India has rich traditional knowledge, heritage of herbal medicines and large biodiversity but despite it India has dismal share of world market. Many Pharma companies marketed herbal preparation as neutraceutical and took excuses from quality control parameter set by W.H.O. India has thousands of medicinal plants but in Indian Pharmacopoeia. Quercetin, one of the most abundant natural flavonoids, presents in daily food. Quercetin is of interest because of its pharmacological function. The quantitative determination of flavonoids compound in seeds of Elaeocarpus ganitrus was carried out in high performance thin layer chromatography. Concentration of quercetin in Elaeocarpus ganitrus seeds was calculated based on calibration curve.
The Problem with Defining Terrorism and the Impact on Civil Liberties – Britain is Beginning to Create a Monster with Large Claws, Sharp Teeth and a Fierce Temper?
Imran Awan
Journal of Politics and Law , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/jpl.v1n2p2
Abstract: After the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001, the United States reacted by enacting legislation, that was hoped would fight terrorism. The events of September 11 not only caused great distress and shock to many people but the reverberations across the world caused panic. The threat of terrorism has mainly come from small groups of people regarded as “extremists” or “fanatics” pursuing political, ideological and social goals. Few of us will forget the horrific pictures of the Twin Towers collapsing amidst the dust and carnage or the grotesque television images and telephone conversations on board the doomed aircraft. So began ‘The war on terror’ and the challenge for western democracy who now have the unenviable responsibility to safeguard national security and liberty. It does appear that counter terror policy has become instinctive and not well though out. This article will examine the changes faced by the new Terrorism Act with the notion of civil liberties and innocence.
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