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Toxicity of Essential Oils Isolated from Achillea millefolium L., Artemisia dracunculus L. and Heracleum persicum Desf. Against Adults of Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Islamic Republic of Iran
Asgar Ebadollahi,Shabnam Ashouri
Ecologia Balkanica , 2011,
Abstract: The environmental problems caused by overuse of synthetic insecticide have been the matter of concern in recent years. Essential oils from aromatic plants are recognized as proper alternatives to conventional insecticides. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the Fumigant toxicity of essential oils from Achillea millefolium, Artemisia dracunculus and Heracleum persicum against adults of Plodia interpunctella under laboratory conditions and mortality was determined after 12, 24, 36 and 48 h from beginning of exposure. The essential oils were extracted from seeds of H. persicum and aerial parts from 1.5 cm of top of A. millefolium, A. dracunculus by hydrodistillation method using a Clevenger apparatus. All essential oil were highly effective against P. interpunctella and the mortality values reached 100% when the adults were exposed to 50, 65 and 80 μl/ l concentrations of A. dracunculus, A. millefolium and H. persicum essential oil, respectively. The LC50 (lethal concentration to kill 50% of the population) values of essential oils from A. dracunculus, A. millefolium and H. persicum were 22.24, 34.80 and 36.96 μl/ l after 24 h fumigation, respectively. On the other hand, A. dracunculus oil was more effective than the other essential oils against P. interpunctella adults. The LC50 values decreased with increasing of exposure times. In all cases, considerable differences in the mortality of insect to essential oils were observed with different concentrations and exposure times. These results suggest that the essential oils of A. millefolium, A. dracunculus and H. persicum have merit further studies as potential fumigants for the management of P. interpunctella or probably other stored-product insects.
Early Cretaceous Index Benthic Foraminifera from Northeast of Torbat-e-Heydarieh Area (Esfiyukh Section)  [PDF]
Nahid Khodashenas, Ali Asghar Aryaei, AliReza Ashouri
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2014.45016

The first study of early cretaceous succession in Northeast of Torbat-e-Heydarieh, led to recognition of 30 genera and 25 species of benthic foraminifera such as Rectodictyorbitolina sp., Dictyoconus arabicus, Orbitolina discoidea,Palorbitolina lenticularis, Mesorbitolina parva, Orbitolina kurdica,Praeorbitolina sp., Valvullammina picardi, Pseudocyclamina lituus, Charentia cuvillieri

Corrosion Behavior of Mild Steel and SS 304L in Presence of Dissolved Copper  [PDF]
M. Mobin, Hina Shabnam
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.912081
Abstract: The failure of steel components in multistage flash (MSF) desalination or power plants as a result of the deposition of carryover heavy metals/oxides is a common problem and reported by many authors. The present investigation was undertaken to study the corrosion behavior of mild steel and AISI 304L SS in presence of dissolved Cu ions under different experimental conditions. The experimental conditions include: variation in aqueous medium, Cu ion concentration, pH and flow condition. The corrosion rate of mild steel and SS 304L in presence of different concentration of Cu was determined by weight loss measurements and solvent analysis of iron ions into the test solution after completion of immersion. The amount of Cu ions present in the test solution after completion of immersion was also estimated using Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The pH of the test solution was monitored during the entire period of immersion. Electrochemical techniques like free corrosion potential measurements and potentiodynamic polarization measurements were carried to find out the role of Cu ions on the corrosion behavior of mild steel and SS 304L. The effect of Cu on corrosion rate of mild steel is quite pronounced and follows interesting trend. However, SS 304L is not affected either in distilled water or artificial seawater and do not show any significant variation in corrosion rates in presence of Cu ions.
A Comparative Study of the Persian Subtitles of American Historical Drama and Romantic Comedy Movies with the Originals
Shabnam Shakernia
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.6.740-743
Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the use of Vinay and Darbelnet’s direct and oblique translations strategies in the Persian subtitles of American historical drama and romantic comedy movies. The present study aimed also to investigate which of the two main categories of translation strategies (direct and oblique translation) in the main focus of subtitlers in historical drama and romantic comedy movies. In order to systematically conduct the study, six American historical drama and romantic comedy movies with their corresponding Persian subtitles were analyzed. The findings obtained from the analysis show that direct translation strategy is used more in historical drama movies and manifest that historical drama subtitlers tend to have translations which are literal, directional and faithful to the source language and culture. The findings also indicate that oblique translation strategy is applied more in the Persian subtitles of romantic comedy movies. It is obvious that the Persian subtitles of romantic comedy movies attempt to accommodate themselves more to the target language.
Why are differential equations used for expressing the laws of physics?
Shabnam Siddiqui
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Almost all theories of physics have expressed physical laws by means of differential equations. One can ask: why differential equations? What is special about them? This article addresses these questions and is presented as an inquiry-based lecture, where students and a teacher are engaged in discussion. It has two goals: (1) To help undergraduate students understand the rationale behind the use of differential equations in physics, (2) To show how meaningful and interactive presentation of mathematics can help students take pleasure in learning physics.
Cubic Thue Equations
Shabnam Akhtari
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We revisit a work by R. Okazaki and prove that for every cubic binary form F(x, y) with large enough discriminant, the Thue equation |F(x, y)| = 1 has at most 7 solutions in integers x and y.
The Method Of Thue-Siegel For Binary Quartic Forms
Shabnam Akhtari
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.4064/aa141-1-1
Abstract: We will use Thue-Siegel method, based on Pad\'e approximation via hypergeometric functions, to give upper bounds for the number of integral solutions to the equation $|F(x, y)| = 1$ as well as the inequalities $|F(x, y)| \leq h$, for a certain family of irreducible quartic binary forms.
Representation of Unity by Binary Forms
Shabnam Akhtari
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, it is shown that if F(x , y) is an irreducible binary form with integral coefficients and degree $n \geq 3$, then provided that the absolute value of the discriminant of F is large enough, the equation |F(x , y)| = 1 has at most 11n-2 solutions in integers x and y. We will also establish some sharper bounds when more restrictions are assumed. These upper bounds are derived by combining methods from classical analysis and geometry of numbers. The theory of linear forms in logarithms plays an essential role in studying the geometry of our Diophantine equations.
The Diophantine equation $aX^{4} - bY^{2} = 1$
Shabnam Akhtari
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: As an application of the method of Thue-Siegel, we will resolve a conjecture of Walsh to the effect that the Diophantine equation $aX^{4} - bY^2=1$, for fixed positive integers $a$ and $b$, possesses at most two solutions in positive integers $X$ and $Y$. Since there are infinitely many pairs $(a,b)$ for which two such solutions exist, this result is sharp.
Upper bounds for the number of solutions to quartic Thue equations
Shabnam Akhtari
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We will give upper bounds for the number of integral solutions to quartic Thue equations. Our main tool here is a logarithmic curve $\phi(x, y)$ that allows us to use the theory of linear forms in logarithms. This manuscript improves the results of author's earlier work with Okazaki by giving special treatments to forms with respect to their signature.

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