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Pierced salt domes in the Persian Gulf and in the Zagros mountain ranges in southern Iran and their relationship to hydrocarbon and basement tectonics
J. Rahnama-Rad,G. Farhoudi,H. Ghorbani,Sh. Habibi Mood
Iranian Journal of Earth Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: The most enigmatic problems with the nearly 200 salt domes pierced in the Persian Gulf and in the Zagros Mountain Ranges (ZMR) in southern Iran, a unique morphology in the world, have been the matter of this study, which is based on a combination of field work, enhancement of satellite and aerial photographs etc. In the ZMR, structural anomalies are frequently associated with similar facies distribution patterns. In the eastern portion of the region, emergent salt plugs of Infra-Cambrian age exhibit the same alignment patterns. Such trends bear no apparent genetic relationship to the Tertiary folding responsible for the present Zagros fold belt, but rather indicate their affinity with linear basement features which are readily observable on Land sat imagery and aerial photographs. Bending of anticlines in the competent cover rock, combined with minor strike-slip faults and horizontal displacements of parts of folded structures, strongly point to the presence of these basement faults. The salt plugs, which have pierced cover rocks of up to 10000 m thick, are distributed on the Arabian Platform along regional basement faults. The area of diapir outcrops is bounded by the Oman Line to the east and by the Kazerun fault to the west. Pieces of the basement have been brought up to the surface on some of the salt domes. The fragments were transported by rotational ascent of the Hormuz Salt Formation to the present and former land surfaces. The recognition of features related to basement tectonics and realization of their implication in the control and modification of geological processes are important adjuncts to the search for hydrocarbon accumulations in this region. To our best knowledge, data of basement faults in the study area are scarce. Therefore, this study was carried out to determine basement faults and their relation to salt dome distribution. Considering the fold axes bending, the trend of the salt plugs and also the distribution of epicenters of the last century, numerous new basement faults are introduced in this paper.
Study on Saravan Fault Activities on the Basis of Earthquake and Morphotectonics Evidences  [PDF]
Shahram Habibi Mood, Mohsen Jami, Javad Shahraki, Nazanin Sarhaddi
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2016.62008
Abstract: Saravan Fault is the biggest fault in southeast of Iran. It is Right-Slip fault. It has been extended from northwest to southeast. It is important to evaluate tectonic activities along this fault because it is adjacent to the city and various villages. It’s found that there are various tectonic activities along this fault. In this paper, it has been studied on affecting this fault on geomorphology of the zone. Average values of some indices such as Mountain Font Sinuosity and V ratio have been studied that they are 1.76 and 0.77, respectively. It suggests that there are serious tectonic activities in the zone. There are some evidences such as Right-Slip fault along artificial river channel that indicates its youngest stage means Late Cenozoic. According to studies, Saravan Fault is more active in the middle zone than northwest and southeast ends.
Chronic health effects of sulphur mustard exposure with special reference to Iranian veterans
B Balali-Mood,SH Mousavi,M Balali-Mood
Emerging Health Threats Journal , 2008, DOI: 10.3134/ehtj.08.007
Abstract: The widespread use of sulphur mustard (SM) as an incapacitating chemical warfare agent in the past century has proved its long-lasting toxic effects. It may also be used as a chemical terrorist agent. Therefore, all health professionals should have sufficient knowledge and be prepared for any such chemical attack. SM exerts direct toxic effects on the eyes, skin, and respiratory tissue, with subsequent systemic action on the nervous, immunological, haematological, digestive, and reproductive systems. SM is an alkylating agent that affects DNA synthesis, and, thus, delayed complications have been seen since the First World War. Cases of malignancies in the target organs, particularly in haematopoietic, respiratory, and digestive systems, have been reported. Important delayed respiratory complications include chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, frequent bronchopneumonia, and pulmonary fibrosis, all of which tend to deteriorate with time. Severe dry skin, delayed keratitis, and reduction of natural killer cells with subsequent increased risk of infections and malignancies are also among the most distressing long-term consequences of SM intoxication. However, despite a lot of research over the past decades on Iranian veterans, there are still major gaps in the SM literature. Immunological and neurological dysfunction, as well as the relationship between SM exposure and mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and teratogenicity are important fields that require further studies, particularly on Iranian veterans with chronic health effects of SM poisoning. There is also a paucity of information on the medical management of acute and delayed toxic effects of SM poisoning—a subject that greatly challenges health care specialists.
Fifteen Years Experience with Pulmonary Hydatidosis in Zahedan, Iran
B Sharifi-Mood,A Fazaeli,Sh Izadi,B Sharifi-Mood
Iranian Journal of Parasitology , 2007,
Abstract: Background: Hydatid disease is a major world health problem and pulmonary hydatidosis is a widespread disease. It is presented with different clinical manifestations. In order to determine the most clinical manifestation, diagnostic methods and clinical outcome in our patients, we conducted this study.Methods: Forty-nine patients with pulmonary hydatid cysts who were admitted to our hospital in Zahedan (Southeast of Iran) between 1990 and 2005, evaluated. We retrospectively reviewed the patients' symptomatology, diagnostic studies, treatment options, and morbidity as well as mortality rate. Results: The ages of the patients ranged from 16 to 68 years (mean 43 years). Seventy-five percent of patients were from male gender. Hemoptysis was one of the most common clinical presentations in our patients. Radiological studies were the main diagnostic tool. The correct preoperative diagnosis was made in 92% of the patients by chest roentgenogram plus chest CT-Scan. Eighty seven percent of patients were treated by surgical route. Only one patient was expired during surgery. Conclusion: Upon the results emerged from this study, hemoptysis is one of the most prevalent clinical manifestation in patients with pulmonary hydatidosis and it can mimic pulmonary tuberculosis in endemic area.
Comparison Study of Memory Status in War-PTSD Veterans With Depression and Non- Veterans Depressed Patient
Radfar Sh,Tahereh Jazayeri S,Haghani H,Habibi M
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Cognitive problems in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) include poor concentration and impaired memory. Prevalence of PTSD in all aspects of life is 8% in USA. Regarding the importance of memory in functional levels, this study was performed to review memory status in these patients. Methods: Fifty male war veterans with PTSD and major depression and 50 male non-veterans with depression participated in this study performed at psychiatric outpatient ward in Baqiyatallah hospital during 2008-2009. The patients met the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. Depression severity, sex, age, educational level, and marital status were matched in both groups. A psychologist completed demographic and Mississippi questionnaires, PTSD checklist (PCL), beck depression Inventory and wechsler memory scale. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS software (version 11.0). A P-value smaller than 0.05 was considered significant.Results: The mean age of the veterans and non-veterans was 43.9±4.7 and 42±9.4 years, respectively. Memory status did not differ between the two groups (P>0.05). There was no statistically significant correlation between duration and severity of PTSD with memory impairment (P>0.05). A negative correlation was found between personal and general information with re-experiencing in the veterans (P<0.05). Impaired memory was correlated with age greater than 45, educational level lower than high school diploma, severity of depression and longer participation in war. Conclusion: Although both PTSD and major depression affected memory, but memory status did not differ between patients with PTSD and depression and patients with chronic depression.
Detection of anti-dsDNA by IgG ELISA test using two different sources of antigens: calf thymus versus E.coli
Mohammadi M,Mirjalili A,Habibi Gh,Falahi Sh
Tehran University Medical Journal , 2009,
Abstract: "nBackground: Anti-dsDNA antibodies frequently found in the sera Systemic Lupus Erythematosus patients, particularly in active disease stage. Nowadays exploit different eukaryotic and prokaryotic dsDNA as antigen source and different reagents as binder. The aim of this study to compared two dsDNA different sources and tow different kinds of reagents for binder in ELISA test. "nMethods: In this study bacterial genomic DNA from E.coli (ATCC 25922) and genomic DNA from calf thymus extracted with high purity and were used as antigens for IgG anti-dsDNA detection by ELISA. To coat dsDNA in microtiter wells, tow different kinds of reagents including methylated -BSA and poly-l-lysine (for pre-coating) are used. Sera from systemic lupus erythematosus patients and from normal blood donors are used to assess sensitivity and specificity of our ELISA test in compared with IF test and commercial kits. "nResults: Our results displayed pre-coating of microtiter plates with methylated -BSA reduce nonspecific binding reaction and the relative sensitivity and specificity of ELISA increased when calf thymus DNA is employed as antigenic source in compared with IF test and commercial kits 80%, 88% and 100%, 98% respectively, but when E.coli DNA is used 73%, 69% and 85%, 79%, respectively. "nConclusion: The genomic DNA from calf thymus is a potentially useful source of antigen for detection of anti-dsDNA by ELISA. Also the use of methylatted- BSA could have an effective role in reducing of nonspecific binding reactions.
Health Research Evaluation and Its Role on Knowledge Production
Sh Djalalinia,P Owlia,A Setareh Forouzan,E Habibi
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Knowledge production and evaluation are two important functions of health research system (HRS). In this article, we aimed to reveal the correlation between evaluation of health research organizations and health knowledge production promotion.Methods: A comprehensive evaluation system was developed to evaluate the academic performance of national medical science universities on an annual basis. It assess following domains; stewardship, capacity building and knowledge production. Measurable indicators for each domain were assigned, a research profiles; for each department was provided. In this study, we compared the results of annually national Health Research System evaluation findings during 2005-2008.Results: The number of scientific articles has been increased from 4672 to 8816 during 2005 to 2008. It is mentionable that, the number of articles which has been published in indexed data bases has risen too. This fact could be related to directed policy for more international publication of scientific articles from Iran. The proportion of total articles to the number of academic members was 1.14 in 2008, comparing to 0.84 in 2005. It means that this proportion have increased about twice (0.7 Vs 0.45) during mentioned time. Moreover, other scientific products such as authored books based on domestic researches and cited articles in textbooks have increased according to special attention to knowledge production by policy makers.Conclusion: We conclude that Health System Research evaluation could be used as a mean for implementing policies and promoting knowledge production.
A Note on Change Point Detection Using Weighted Least Square  [PDF]
Reza Habibi
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.210182
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the application of weighted least square method in change point analysis. Testing shift in the mean normal observations with time varying variances as well as of a GARCH time series are considered. For both cases, the weighted estimators are given and their asymptotic behaviors are studied. It is also described that how the resampling methods like Monte Carlo and bootstrap may be applied to compute the finite sample behavior of estimators.
Investigating the Impact of Climate Changes on Qualitative and Quantitative Growth of Oak Trees (Case Study: Central Zagros)  [PDF]
Morteza Habibi
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2016.66034
Abstract: The present study is an attempt to investigate the impact of climate changes on quantitative and qualitative growth of oak trees in central Zagros region. After we selected the study region, 35 discs were taken from trees felled in each height class (e.g. 1400 - 1600, 1600 - 1800, 1800 - 2000 m above the sea level). We used climate index spi. For the data analysis, we employed SPSS software and inferential statistics tests of Kolmogroff Smirnov and the one-way ANOVA. During the recent 15 years, rainfall has shown a decreasing trend and amount of haze and frequency of occurring haze has been increased. The ANOVA results indicated that diameter growth of trees in three height classes revealed a significant difference. The average annual diameter growth in the first, second and third classes were 1.8 mm, 2.5 mm, and 2.2 mm, respectively. Additionally, the results indicated that hillsides and slope aspect has a statistically meaningful effect on the size of canopy area, basal area and number per hectare. Several different studies have reported that during the recent 15 years, qualitative and quantitative growth of central Zagros oak trees strongly correlate with climate parameters in the three habitats.
The Conductivity of Indium Phosphide Irradiated by Fast Electrons  [PDF]
Sh. Sh. Rashidova
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.411183

In this work, studied electrical conductivity(s) and annealing of radiation defects in crystals of n-InP are irradiated by electrons energy of 6 MeV and doses of 1017 el/cm2 (centimeter) and 2 × 1017 el/cm2 (centimeter). It is shown that alongside point defects (in the form of complexes with impurity atoms in crystals of n-InP) also form the complex defects of the type of disordered areas, annealing of which proceeds at T > 300°C that binds accumulating radiation defects.

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