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Acute Urinary Retention in Children
Seyyed Alaeddin Asgari,Mandana Mansour Ghanaie,Nasser Simforoosh,Abdolmajid Kajbafzadeh
Urology Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Purpose: Acute urinary retention in children is a relatively rare entity. There are a variety of causes that are poorly defined in the literature. We review our cases of acute urinary retention in children at three major pediatrics centers in Iran. Materials and Methods: Between 1996 and 2003, children (up to 14 years old) who had been referred due to acute urinary retention were examined. Urinary retention was defined as inability to empty the bladder volitionally for more than 12 hours with a urine volume greater than expected for age or a palpably distended bladder. All data from the patients’ past medical history, physical examination, and laboratory and radiographic assessments were collected. Also, cystourethroscopy and urodynamic procedures had been carried out according to patient’s conditions. Patients with secondary urinary retention, including those with surgical history, immobility or chronic neurological disorders, mental retardation, and drugs or narcotics consumption were excluded from study. Results: There were 86 patients meeting the inclusion criteria, consisting of 58 males with a median age of 4 years (range 1 month to 14 years) and 58 females with a median age of 4 years (range 4 month to 14 years). Etiologies were lower urinary tract stone in 27.9%, neurological disorders in 10.4%, trauma in 10.4%, local inflammatory causes in 9.1%, urinary tract infection in 7.4%, ureterocele in 7.4%, benign obstructing lesions in 5.8%, iatrogenic in 5.8%, constipation in 4.6%, imperforated hymen in 3.5%, and large prostate utricle, urethral foreign body, and rhabdomyosarcoma each in 1 case (1.1%). Conclusion: The most common cause of acute urinary retention was lower urinary tract stone in our pediatric cases. Ureterocele and stone were the main findings in girls and boys, respectively, and urinary retention in boys was twice as prevalent as that in girls.
Effects of Varicocele Repair on Spontaneous First Trimester Miscarriage: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Mandana Mansour Ghanaie,Seyyed Alaeddin Asgari,Nassrin Dadrass,Aliakbar Allahkhah
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of varicocelectomy on semen parameters, pregnancy rates, and live birth in couples with first term recurrent miscarriage. MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred and thirty-six women with recurrent miscarriage were recruited into this study. All of the husbands had normal semen parameters according to World Health Organization criteria and clinical varicocele. In order to evaluate the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss, we looked for chromosomal abnormalities and endocrine, chronic inflammatory, and infectious diseases. Both groups were well matched according to male/female age, varicocele grade, and smoking history. These couples were assigned randomly into two groups: group one (n = 68), in which male partners underwent varicocele repair, and group two (n = 68), which underwent expectant therapy. All of the couples were followed up monthly up to 12 months. All of the women who conceived were followed up until delivery. In each 3-month follow-up visits, two semen analyses were performed. RESULTS: Mean sperm concentration, sperm progressive motility, and sperm with normal morphology improved significantly after elapsing 6 months from varicocelectomy by 75.0%, 15.9%, and 14.3%, respectively, versus the expectant group (P < .01). The overall pregnancy rate was 44.1% and 19.1% within a 12-month period in groups 1 and 2, respectively (P = .003). Of women who conceived in groups 1 and 2, 13.3% and 69.2% developed miscarriage (P = .001). Sperm density/mL (r = 0.072; P = .001), time elapsed from varicocelectomy (r = 0.068; P = .001), and female age (r = -0.062; P = .002) were three most significantly related independent factors to pregnancy rate by multiple regression analysis. CONCLUSION: Varicocelectomy improves semen quality, increases pregnancy rate, and decreases miscarriage rate significantly. Further controlled studies to confirm our results seem warranted.
Diagnostic Accuracy of C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate in Patients with Acute Scrotum
Seyyed Alaeddin Asgari,Gholamreza Mokhtari,Siavash Falahatkar,Mandana Mansour-Ghanaei
Urology Journal , 2006,
Successful Medical Treatment of Emphysematous Pyelonephritis
Seyed Alaeddin Asgari
Urology Journal , 2004,
Labor induction in nulliparous women: a randomized controlled trial of foley catheter with extra-amniotic saline infusion
Mandana M. Ghanaei,Hajar Sharami,Alaeddin Asgari
Journal of the Turkish-German Gynecological Association , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: This study was undertaken to determine whether the addition of extra-amniotic saline infusion improves the efficacy of the Foley catheter in nulliparous woman undergoing cervical ripening and induction of labor with an unfavorable cervix.Material and Methods: 152 nulliparous women with a Bishop score less than ≤4 with singleton gestation, vertex presentation, intact membranes referred for labor induction were randomly assigned to 2 groups: Foley catheter alone or extra-amniotic saline infusion (EASI). All women received concurrent dilute oxytocin infusion.Changes in the Bishop scores, interval to active phase and to vaginal delivery, cesarean rate, and outcomes of labor were assessed. Data were analyzed using analysis or the student t-test.Results: 146 women were studied after 6 exclusions, 73 were assigned to Foley alone and 73 to EASI. At randomization the groups were similar in potential confounders including: maternal age, gestational age, and indications for induction. The EASI group had a significant improvement in Bishop score, 6 hours after induction. The mean time to active phase was 337±141 minutes and 462±183 minutes for the EASI and Foley group respectively (P<0.0001). The mean time to vaginal delivery was 541±265 minutes and 890±259 minutes for the EASI and Foley group respectively (P<0.0001). The cesarean rate and indications for cesarean were not significantly different between the two groups. There were also no differences in mean neonatal birth weight, low Apgar scores and complications including chorioamnionitis, hyperstimulation and neonatal morbidity.Conclusion: Our study showed that preinduction cervical ripening by extra-amniotic saline infusion with concurrent oxytocin resulted in greater changes in Bishop score, shorter time to active phase and vaginal delivery than the Foley catheter alone in nulliparous women without increasing the cesarean rate and maternal or neonatal morbidity.
Pediatric Sutureless Circumcision Without Using Skin Closure Adhesives A New Technique for Poor Setting
Seyyed Alaeddin Asgar,Mandana Mansur Ghanaie,Siavash Falahatkar,Hassan Niroomand
Urology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: No Abstract
Urology as a Specialty in the History of Contemporary Medicine in Iran
Alaeddin Manuchehri
Urology Journal , 2007,
Investigation of the Performance of a Heat Pump Using Waste Water as a Heat Source
Ali Kahraman,Alaeddin ?elebi
Energies , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/en20300697
Abstract: In this research, a water-water heat pump system using waste water as a heat source, a type that is not often used in Turkey and the World, was experimentally modeled. The experiments were performed under the conditions of simulated waste water temperature values of 20 °C, 30 °C and 40 °C. Inlet and outlet water temperatures of the evaporator and condenser, water flow rates in the evaporator and condenser circuits, pressures at the compressor inlet and outlet and power consumption of the system were measured. The heating coefficients of performance were calculated based on the measurements. It was found that the maximum temperature in the energy storage tank was about 50.6 °C. For the heat source temperatures of 20 °C, 30 °C and 40 °C, the heating coefficients of the performance of the system became 3.36, 3.43 and 3.69, respectively, 6 min. after the start time of the experiments and then they were decreased to 1.87, 1.83 and 1.77 with increasing water temperature in the condenser tank. The mean uncertainty value of the measurement parameters was found to be about ±2.47%. Finally, for the purpose of meeting hot water need as well as floor heating system requirements, it is seen that energy quality level of a waste low grade temperature heat source can be increased by using a heat pump system.
The Attribution of Unity of Consciousness over Time  [PDF]
Seyyed Bahram Borgheai
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2019.91001
Abstract: There is hardly a consensus over attribution of unity to consciousness in terms of experience duration. Mainly, there are two major accounts of the unity over the course of time: diachronic and synchronic. However, the main problem with each of these stances is transitivity problem; that is, one cannot stand with one of these accounts without admitting the other. The way that Tye describes his diachronic account of unity is transitive to the synchronic type. Similarly, Bayne’s confinement to mere synchronic unity faces transitivity problem from synchronic to diachronic type. Dainton’s co-consciousness, also, fails to offer a coherent account to include both synchronic and diachronic unities. To resolve the problems around unity attribution over time, a holistic view, here called “network unity” model is proposed. Using the network account, a coherent scheme of unity relation can be achieved in such a way that both synchronic and diachronic unities can be subsumed by a single conception.
On the Basis of Theoretical and Conceptual Approaches, the Alienation Issue in the Edcation of Inter
Alaeddin Yal??nkaya,Ertan Efegil
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2009,
Abstract: In Turkey an alienation issue in the education of International Relations has been seen. In particular, most of the topics covered in textbooks, research subjects and theoretical approaches are used in that field have been imported from Western countries, because of this approach, academic researches and curriculum taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels have not taken into consideration the Turkey’s needs and demands. In this case, the academic researches have a descriptive nature rather than being theoretical studies. But a new education mentality that take care of the Turkey’s needs and demands has to be developed and it has to make contribution to the theoretical studies by using factual developments in Turkey.
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