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Resultados del Programa de Rehabilitación Cardíaca Fase II, desarrollado por el Centro Nacional de Rehabilitación, Costa Rica
Wong,Manuel; García,Miriam; García,Adriana; Carrillo,Severita;
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2011,
Abstract: aim: due to the importance of the cardiovascular disease in costa rica, and the lack of information about cardiac rehabilitation programs in our country, the objective of this study is to determine the results of a phase ii cardiac rehabilitation program at the national center of rehabilitation. methods: retrospective study based on a review of the clinical records of patients with coronary artery disease referred for the phase ii cardiac rehabilitation program from march 2009 to may 2010. of a total of 158 patients, 131 finished the phase ii. we compared the results of maximal functional capacity estimated by a treadmill stress testing, and lipid profile at the beginning and the end of the 10 - 12 week program. results: we found a significant statistical increase in the functional capacity of metabolic equivalents (mets) in average of 29,7% at the end of the 10-12 week program (p<0,05) estimated by a treadmill stress testing; the group that obtain the bigger increase was the “high risk” patients with 64,37% and with less increase the younger patients with 19,15%. we found a lowering in average of total cholesterol of 4.44mg/dl (-2.9%) (p = 0.145), ldl-coholesterol of 0.96 mg/dl (-1.1%) (p=0.746), triglycerides of 19.41mg/dl (-11.2%) (p=0.016) and increase in hdl-cholesterol of 0.95mg/dl (2.5%) (p= 0.181). conclusions: the phase ii cardiac rehabilitation program of the cenare reported an increase in the functional capacity of patients with coronary artery disease in average of 29,7%, been this increase higher in the “high risk” patients and a lesser increase in the ones with less age. we did not find significant changes in the lipid profile at the end of this training period.
Resultados del Programa de Rehabilitación Cardíaca Fase II, desarrollado por el Centro Nacional de Rehabilitación, Costa Rica Results of the Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Programat the National Center of Rehabilitation, Costa Rica
Manuel Wong,Miriam García,Adriana García,Severita Carrillo
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2011,
Abstract: Objetivo: Debido a la importancia de la enfermedad cardiovascular en Costa Rica y a la escasa información de los programas de rehabilitación cardiaca a nivel nacional, el presente estudio buscó describir los resultados del Programa de Rehabilitación Cardiaca, Fase II, en el Centro Nacional de Rehabilitación. Métodos: Se trata de un estudio retrospectivo de revisión de expedientes clínicos de pacientes portadores de enfermedad arterial coronaria, remitidos a un programa de rehabilitación cardiaca desde marzo de 2009 a mayo de 2010. De un total de 158 pacientes, 131 finalizaron la fase II. Se comparó la capacidad funcional máxima -estimada mediante una prueba de esfuerzo en banda sin fin- y el perfil de lípidos. Estas pruebas se realizaron al inicio y al final de esta fase II, la cual consta de 10 a 12 semanas de duración. Resultados: Se obtuvo un aumento significativo de la capacidad funcional estimada en Equivalentes Metabólicos (METs), con un promedio equivalente a un 29.7% al finalizar las 10 a 12 semanas (p<0,05), valorado mediante una prueba de esfuerzo en banda sin fin; mayor en pacientes de “riesgo alto” con 64,37% y menor en pacientes de menos edad equivalente a 19,15%. Se encontró una disminución promedio en el colesterol total de 4.44mg/dl (-2.9%) (p = 0.145), en las LDL de 0.96 mg/dl (-1.1%) (p=0.746), en los triglicéridos de 19.41mg/dl (-11.2%) (p=0.016) y un aumento de las HDL en 0.95mg/dl (2.5%) (p= 0.181). Conclusiones: El programa reportó una mejoría de la capacidad funcional de los pacientes portadores de enfermedad arterial coronaria en promedio de 29.7%, con un mayor impacto en pacientes de “alto riesgo” y menor en los pacientes de menor edad. Con respecto al perfil lípido, no se obtuvieron cambios significativos en la medición al cabo de este periodo de entrenamiento. Aim: Due to the importance of the cardiovascular disease in Costa Rica, and the lack of information about Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in our country, the objective of this study is to determine the results of a phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation program at the National Center of Rehabilitation. Methods: retrospective study based on a review of the clinical records of patients with coronary artery disease referred for the phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Program from March 2009 to May 2010. Of a total of 158 patients, 131 finished the phase II. We compared the results of maximal functional capacity estimated by a treadmill stress testing, and lipid profile at the beginning and the end of the 10 - 12 week program. Results: we found a significant statistical increase in the
El concepto kantiano de ciudadanía
Carrillo Carrillo,Lucy;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2010,
Abstract: abstract: in the prologue to fundamental principles of the metaphysics of morals kant brings to notice the difference between a reflection on the fundamental principles of morale and the idea of how to "apply" the principle of morality to the everyday life of humans. according to his own point of view, the question on how to implement morale in practical life supposes the necessity of adopting the perspective of a pragmatic anthropology. in this sense, the object of this essay is to make a pragmatic reading of the kantian concept of citizenship, with which one can better understand his conviction that the political should be constructed on the basis of morale: the respect for human dignity. this pragmatic point of view will enable me to clarify: a) why kant thinks that the grave difficulties of politics reside in the task of knowing and being able to establish the necessary measures to guaranty the respect for fundamental rights, and b) in what manner the kantian concept of citizenship lays the foundations of the idea of mutual recognizance of rights and obligations. due to this i divide the essay in three parts: 1) the ideas of human rights and citizen rights, and the concept of cosmopolitan right. 2) the concept of citizenship in the light of his concept of a republican state; and 3) how the notion of citizenship was conceived by kant for simple people, with a common sense.
Modeling of a Contaminant Plume in a Tidally Influenced River Using Domenico’s Equation  [PDF]
Luis E. Lesser-Carrillo
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.43048

Currently, the mathematical code Modflow is widely used to simulate groundwater flow in aquifers. Due to the ease which exists today to create mathematical models through Modflow visual Interfaces, it is possible to obtain contamiant transport results which may not have much support, especially when simulating the transport of contaminants with little groundwater flow information. Domenico’s equation is an analytical solution for transport of contaminants in groundwater that can be used when not much groundwater flow information exists. The objective of this study is to model, using Domenico’s equation, a groundwater contaminant plume that discharges into a tidally influenced river. The study area was a wood treatment facility located on the bank of a river which is influenced by tides. Previous studies have found the presence of creosote in the subsurface and the formation of a groundwater plume that apparently discharges into the river. Domenico’s equation was selected to model this site because of the limited piezometric data available at the site to properly simulate the daily hydraulic gradient inversion due to the river tides. Domenico’s equation was successfully used to model this plume and reproduce the field distribution of naphthalene, benzene and 1-methyl-naphthalene. Two sources 40 minland had to be defined to properly simulate the plume behavior. It was determined through modeling that biodegradation plays an important role on the plume’s behavior. These were key issues in the conceptual model understanding of the plume at this site.

13C/12C Isotope Fractionation during Aerobic and Anaerobic Biodegradation of Naphthalene  [PDF]
Luis E. Lesser-Carrillo
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.52022

Microcosm experiments were conducted to determine the fractionation of stable carbon isotopes during biodegradation of naphthalene. The microcosms were performed under aerobic conditions, anaerobic (amended with sulfate, amended with nitrate and with no amendments) and sterile controls. The liquid phase was analyzed to determine naphthalene concentration and stable carbon isotope signature. Aerobic microcosm showed that naphthalene degraded aerobically within 60 hours. The δ13C increased from -25.5‰ to -25.1‰ (enrichment of 0.4‰ ± 0.08‰) in a single sample in which 95% of the naphthalene was biodegraded. Anaerobic microcosms show that after 288 days, the microcosms with no amendments, amended with nitrate and amended with sulfate had consumed respectively 30%, 50% and 60% of naphthalene on average, compared to control microcosms. Under the denitrifying conditions, the δ13C of naphthalene increased from -25.2‰ to -23.9‰ (enrichment of 1.3‰ ± 0.3‰) after a 95% of naphthalene biodegradation. For the unamended microcosms, a slight enrichment on δ13C napththalene was detected, from -25.2‰ to -24.5‰ (enrichment of 0.7‰ ± 0.3‰) after a biodegradation of approximately 65% of naphthalene (after 288 days). For sulfate reducing microcosms, no significant changes were detected on the δ13C during naphthalene biodegradation.

Ni?as y ni?os involucrados en procesos de sustracción familiar en México
Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Ni?ez y Juventud , 2011,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to provide elements for a broader discussion of the challenges faced by children who are involved in family disruption, and in particular, custody battles and abduction by a family member. to do this, there was analyzed the configuration of the familiy disruption from the narratives of the parents and the government employee located in the instances that have interference on this issue. the article seeks to demonstrate that although children are supposedly at the center of the dispute, in actuality their best interests are often times not taken into account. this is because instead of placing the wellbeing, of children first, gender and power relations between the adults involved overshadow children’s concerns in both public and private spheres.
Estudios constitucionales , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-52002010000200017
Abstract: the constitutional reform of2008 has had a moderate incidence in the system of rights and freedoms. on the one hand has ratified rights already recognized with a constitutional formulation of a certain normative density and it has incorporated new rights the contents of which depend on the future organic law. however, the most important advance has been produced with the incorporation of the question of unconstitutionality, of the incidental control a posteriori of the valid laws that attempt against the rights and freedoms. this way the constitution reinforces its hierarchy about the law the french constitutional jurisdiction itapproaches to the european continental model.
La ense?anza de la Medicina Legal en Sevilla (1824-2006): nómina de catedráticos
Cuadernos de Medicina Forense , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S1135-76062005000400003
Abstract: the present article is a new contribution to the knowledge of the genealogy of professors who have taught forensic medicine in the various schools existing in seville from 1824 up until today.
Jairo Carrillo
Revista Colombiana de Psicología , 2003,
Abstract: Este ensayo busca mostrar cómo la analogía y la metáfora constituyen recursos metodológicos adecuados para describir y comprender aspectos centrales de la dinámica organizacional, no accesibles por otros métodos. Como ilustración se hará énfasis en la metáfora que asocia las organizaciones con el concepto de prisión psíquica o cárcel virtual.
Gènere i educació en valors. Realitat i polítiques educatives en el context espanyol
Isabel Carrillo
Temps d'Educació , 2004,
Abstract: Este artículo analiza, a partir de una visión global de la realidad de los derechos humanos y de las problemáticas de las mujeres, las políticas públicas promovidas en los últimos a os, por el gobierno conservador del Partido Popular que culminaron con la entrada en vigor, el a o 2002, de la LOCE. Una lectura del texto legislativo evidencia que no se avanza en la igualdad de oportunidades para eliminar las prácticas de desigualdad y discriminación de las mujeres. Los planteamientos neoliberales de las economías capitalistas se reflejan en el discurso de la Ley, que plantea abiertamente la necesidad de ajustes que, con estas perspectivas, no garantizan el poder avanzar en la lucha contra la exclusión. El actual gobierno socialista se encuentra delante del reto de plantear cambios legislativos profundos a través de políticas integrales que consideran la complejidad de las problemáticas derivadas del género construido. En este sentido se propone volver a dar valor a la reflexión ética en el currículum, estructurando una educación en valores que, a través del diálogo y el reconocimiento de las diferencias, haga posible la igualdad en contextos de democracia moral. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ à partir d’une vision globale de la réalité des droits de l’homme et des problématiques des femmes, cet article analyse les politiques publiques promues au cours de ces dernières années par le gouvernement conservateur du Partido Popular qui ont eu leur summum avec l’entrée en vigueur, en 2002, de la LOCE (Loi organique portant sur la qualité de l’enseignement). Une lecture du texte législatif met en évidence le fait que l’on ne progresse pas dans le sens de l’égalité des chances pour éliminer les pratiques d’inégalité et de discrimination des femmes. La conception néolibérale des économies capitalistes se reflète dans le discours de cette loi. En effet, celle-ci envisage ouvertement la nécessité d’ajustements qui, dans cette perspective, ne garantissent pas la possibilité d’avancer dans la lutte contre l’exclusion. Le gouvernement socialiste actuel se trouve donc face au défi d’envisager des changements législatifs profonds au travers de politiques intégrales qui prennent en compte la complexité des problématiques découlant du genre constitué. De ce point de vue, il se propose de redonner une valeur à la réflexion éthique dans le cursus, en structurant une éducation aux valeurs qui permette l’égalité, au travers du dialogue et de la reconnaissance des différences, dans des contextes de d
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