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The ADRICOSM Pilot Project: a coastal and river basin prediction system for the Adriatic Sea
Acta Adriatica , 2006,
Abstract: The ADRICOSM project was launched in October 2001, and ended in March 2005, with the main objective of demonstrating the feasibility of a near real time operational marine monitoring and forecasting system at the shelf and coastal scales, with connections to river basin runoff and coastal town sewer systems. The basic system consisted of an efficient network for the collection of marine data such as in situ temperature and salinity profiles and satellite sea surface temperature, a regional (AREG) and shelf scale modeling system, a data assimilation system and finally a coastal scale modeling system. Every week AREG releases 7 day marine forecasts at 5 km horizontal scales, which are used to nest other hydrodynamic models toward the coastal scale. Two shelf models (ASHELF-1 and ASHELF-2) at a 1.5 km horizontal scale were nested in AREG in order to simulate (and in the future to forecast) shelf scale oceanographic features. Another important aspect of ADRICOSM was the integration of the Cetina river (Croatia) and urban sewage monitoring/ modeling (Split, Croatia) systems with the shelf marine model. This integrated model system was used to simulate the dispersion of sewer discharges from the urban area in the coastal waters for water management performance studies. ADRICOSM is one of the first integrated land and marine waters operational oceanographic systems able to meet the urgent needs for reliable integrated coastal forecasts for the effective management of marine areas.
Embolización arterial de miomas uterinos: resultados morfológicos y funcionales a corto y mediano plazo
Lucino,Sergio; ?a?ez,Mónica Liliana; Castellari,Mario; Oulton,Carlos;
Revista argentina de radiolog?-a , 2010,
Abstract: introduction: uterine myomas are the most frequent solid tumours of the female reproductive system. in a high percentage of cases patients are asymptomatic; however, when clinical manifestations occur such as abnormal uterine bleeding, pain or compressive symptoms, some kind of therapy must be initiated. uterine artery embolization (uae) is an alternative to conventional surgical therapy. purpose: the objective of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of uae as treatment for symptomatic myomatosis at short and intermediate term, to evaluate the safety of this technique and to compare its results with other alternative treatments. material and methods: prospective study of 28 selected patients who underwent uae from december 2000 to april 2005 and followed up until april 2008 whose average age was 41 years. all the patients presented with symptomatic myomatosis with menstrual bleeding disorders. all the patients desired to keep their uterus. the embolizing material was polyvinyl alcohol particles of 500-1000 μm. results: twenty seven patients were discharged 24 hours after the uae. one patient remained hospitalized 12 more hours and 1 was readmitted 48 hours after the procedure, both due to pelvic pain. all the patients returned to their usual activities 7 + days after the uae. none of the patients presented complications. all the patients remained satisfied with the results of the procedure at the 6-month control. conclusion: uae is an outstanding alternative to conventional treatment, with high technical success and safety. it should be considered for patients with symptomatic uterine myomas.
Embolización arterial de miomas uterinos: resultados morfológicos y funcionales a corto y mediano plazo Uterine fibroid embolization: morphologic and functional results at short-to-medium term
Sergio Lucino,Mónica Liliana ?a?ez,Mario Castellari,Carlos Oulton
Revista Argentina de Radiología , 2010,
Abstract: Introducción: Los miomas uterinos son los tumores sólidos más frecuentes del aparato genital femenino. En un alto porcentaje son asintomáticos, pero cuando se acompa an de sangrado uterino anormal, dolor o síntomas de compresión, se debe aplicar un tratamiento. La Embolización Arterial Uterina (EAU) se presenta como una alternativa al tratamiento quirúrgico. Objetivo: El objetivo de este trabajo es medir la eficacia de la EAU como tratamiento de la miomatosis sintomática a corto y mediano plazo, evaluar la seguridad y comparar los resultados con otros tratamientos. Material y Método: Se realizó un estudio prospectivo de 28 pacientes seleccionadas entre diciembre de 2000 y abril de 2005, cuya edad promedio era 41 a os y que presentaban miomatosis sintomática, con alteraciones en el sangrado menstrual y deseos de conservación del útero. Las EAU fueron realizadas con partículas de polivinil alcohol de 500 a 1000 μm. A todas se les hizo un seguimiento posterior mayor de 2 a os. Resultados: En 27 pacientes, el alta médica se otorgó a las 24 horas post EAU. Una paciente permaneció internada por la persistencia de dolor pelviano y una se reinternó por la misma causa a las 48 horas post procedimiento. Todas las pacientes reanudaron sus actividades rutinarias a los 7 ± 4 días post embolización. No se presentaron complicaciones. Luego de un seguimiento de 6 meses, el 100 % de las pacientes se manifestaron satisfechas con el procedimiento. Conclusión: La EAU es una excelente alternativa a los tratamientos clásicos y una opción terapéutica para las pacientes portadoras de miomas uterinos sintomáticos. Introduction: Uterine myomas are the most frequent solid tumours of the female reproductive system. In a high percentage of cases patients are asymptomatic; however, when clinical manifestations occur such as abnormal uterine bleeding, pain or compressive symptoms, some kind of therapy must be initiated. Uterine artery embolization (UAE) is an alternative to conventional surgical therapy. Purpose: The objective of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of UAE as treatment for symptomatic myomatosis at short and intermediate term, to evaluate the safety of this technique and to compare its results with other alternative treatments. Material and methods: Prospective study of 28 selected patients who underwent UAE from December 2000 to April 2005 and followed up until April 2008 whose average age was 41 years. All the patients presented with symptomatic myomatosis with menstrual bleeding disorders. All the patients desired to keep their uterus. The embolizing material
Divine regie e umane variazioni. Bibbia e teatro in George Tabori
Marco Castellari
Altre Modernità , 2011,
Abstract: The present contribution outlines George Tabori’s career as a playwright and a director in the time span between 1947 and 2007 in American and European theatre, emphasizing his position as a ‘wise stranger’ in German post-war culture. Then, the intertextual and metaphorical presence of the Holy Scriptures in his plays The Cannibals (1969), Mein Kampf (1987), and especially The Goldberg Variations (1991) is examined with respect to the key issues of his production: anti-Semitism before, during and after the Holocaust and its representation on the contemporary stage.
La ciudadanía italiana y los descendientes de ciudadanos italianos emigrados en Colombia: La eliminación de una injusticia social
Castellari,Massimiliano; Mellone,Marco;
Estudios Socio-Jurídicos , 2011,
Abstract: law is often the source of social discriminations, but, at the same time, it can be the key to delete these social discriminations. the authors try to give an example of this phenomenon, by analyzing the impact of the italian citizenship's rules over the descendants of the italian citizens emigrated abroad and, especially, in south america. indeed, according to the former italian law, only fathers could transmit iure sanguinis the citizenship to their children: moreover, women automatically lost the italian citizenship if they get a foreign citizenship by concluding a marriage with a foreign husband. these rules hardly discriminate the italian women emigrated abroad and, especially, their descendants who were prevented to get the italian's citizenship. these discriminatory rules were finally deleted by the italian constitutional court in the seventies and in the eighties: however, the effects of those rules still persisted, since the decision of the constitutional court could not overcome the temporal limit of the entry into force of the constitution (01.01.1948) and, therefore, could not "cover" the discriminatory facts occurred before that date. finally in 2009, the italian supreme court, by extending the effects ratione tempo-ris of the decisions of the constitutional court, "reopened the doors" of the italian citizenship to a huge number of italian citizenship born from italian women before the 01.01.1948. therefore, the authors focus on the social impact of this decision for all the potential italian citizens living in south america and try to assess its juridical effects over the italian law.
La ciudadanía italiana y los descendientes de ciudadanos italianos emigrados en Colombia. La eliminación de una injusticia social
Massimiliano Castellari,Marco Mellone
Estudios Socio-Jurídicos , 2011,
Abstract: El Derecho a menudo es fuente de discriminaciones sociales y a la vez puede ser la herramienta para solucionarlas. Los autores tratan de dar un ejemplo de este fenómeno, al analizar el impacto de las normas en materia de ciudadanía italiana sobre los descendientes de ciudadanositalianos emigrados al extranjero y más precisamente a América del Sur. Así, en aplicación de la vieja normativa italiana, solo el padre transmitía iure sanguinis la ciudadanía a sus descendientes: además, las mujeres perdían automáticamente la ciudadanía italiana si hubiesen adquirido una ciudadanía extranjera por matrimonio con cónyuge extranjero. Estas normas discriminaban a la mujer italiana emigrada al extranjero y especialmente a sus descendientes, quienes no podían adquirir dicha ciudadanía. Las normas discriminatorias fueron por fin abrogadas por parte de la Corte Constitucional en los a os setenta y ochenta: sin embargo, los efectos de estas seguían persistiendo, considerando que las sentencias de la Corte Constitucional no cobijaban hechos ocurridos anteriormente a la entrada en vigor de la Constitución (01.01.1948)y así no daban solución a las discriminaciones acontecidas antes de esa fecha. En el 2009, la Corte Suprema Italiana, al extender los efectos ratione temporis de lasdecisiones de la Corte Constitucional, “abría las puertas” de la ciudadanía italiana a un número considerable de ciudadanos italianos nacidos de mujeres italianas antes del 1o de enero de 1948.Así, los autores focalizan su atención sobre el impacto social de la decisión para todos los potenciales ciudadanos que viven en América del Sur y buscan evaluar sus efectos jurídicos sobre el ordenamiento italiano.
Climatic features of the Mediterranean Sea detected by the analysis of the longwave radiative bulk formulae
M. E. Schiano,M. Borghini,S. Castellari,C. Luttazzi
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2003,
Abstract: Some important climatic features of the Mediterranean Sea stand out from an analysis of the systematic discrepancies between direct measurements of longwave radiation budget and predictions obtained by the most widely used bulk formulae. In particular, under clear-sky conditions the results show that the surface values of both air temperature and humidity over the Mediterranean Sea are larger than those expected over an open ocean with the same amount of net longwave radiation. Furthermore, the twofold climatic regime of the Mediterranean region strongly affects the downwelling clear-sky radiation. This study suggests that a single bulk formula with constant numerical coefficients is unable to reproduce the fluxes at the surface for all the seasons. Key words: Meteorology and Atmospheric dynamics (radiative processes) – Oceanography: general (marginal and semienclosed seas; marine meteorology)
Desirability of a standard notation for fisheries assessment  [PDF]
Sergio Ragonese, Sergio Vitale
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.48057

The worldwide increase of the publications concerning the assessment of marine renewable living resources is highlighting long-standing problems with symbols and annotations. Starting from the symbols presented within the classic fisheries masterpieces produced, mainly in the fifty of the last century, a first “Milestone” list was organised. Thereafter, the pertinent literature was (not exhaustively) browsed in order to integrate this Milestone list on the base of a set of decisional criteria. The present contribution consists in using the Latin letters as well established symbols for the corresponding parameters, leaving free to specific use (with few historical exceptions) the Greek letters in view to open a discussion among all the fisheries scientists and bodies in order to move towards a common language and better communication standards.

Comparison of ECMWF surface meteorology and buoy observations in the Ligurian Sea
R. Bozzano, A. Siccardi, M. E. Schiano, M. Borghini,S. Castellari
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2004,
Abstract: Since numerical weather prediction (NWP) models are usually used to force ocean circulation models, it is important to investigate their skill in reproducing surface meteorological parameters in open sea conditions. Near-surface meteorological data (air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction) have been acquired from several sensors deployed on an offshore large spar buoy in the Ligurian Sea (Northern Mediterranean Sea) from February to December 2000. The buoy collected 7857 valid records out of 8040 during 335 days at sea. These observations have been compared with data from NWP models and specifically, the outputs of the ECMWF analysis in the two grid points closest to the buoy position. Hourly data acquired by the buoy have been undersampled to fit the data set of the model composed by values computed at the four synoptic hours. For each mentioned meteorological parameter an analysis has been performed by evaluating instantaneous synoptic differences, distributions, daily and annual variations and related statistics. The comparison shows that the model reproduces correctly the baric field while significant differences result for the other variables, which are more affected by local conditions. This suggests that the observed discrepancies may be due to the poor resolution of the model that probably is not sufficient to appropriately discriminate between land and ocean surfaces in a small basin such as the Ligurian Sea and to take into account local peculiarities. The use of time- and space-averaged model data reduces the differences with respect to the in situ observations, thus making the model data usable for analysis with minor requirements about time and space resolution. Although this comparison is strongly limited and we cannot exclude measurement errors, its results suggest a great caution in the use of the model data, especially at high frequency resolution. They may lead to incorrect estimates of atmospheric forcing into ocean circulation models, causing important errors in those areas, such as the Mediterranean Sea, where ocean circulation is strongly coupled with atmosphere and its high variability. Key words. Oceanography; general (marginal and semiclosed seas; marine meteorology; numerical modelling) Full Article (PDF, 4361 KB) Citation: Bozzano, R., Siccardi, A., Schiano, M. E., Borghini, M., and Castellari, S.: Comparison of ECMWF surface meteorology and buoy observations in the Ligurian Sea, Ann. Geophys., 22, 317-330, doi:10.5194/angeo-22-317-2004, 2004. Bibtex EndNote Reference Manager XML
Biodegradation of phenol in static cultures by Penicillium chrysogenum ERK1: catalytic abilities and residual phototoxicity Biodegradación de fenol en cultivos estáticos por Penicillium chrysogenum ERK1: habilidades catalíticas y fitotoxicidad residual
Erika A Wolskm,Viviana Barrera,Claudia Castellari,Jorge F González
Revista argentina de microbiolog?-a , 2012,
Abstract: A phenol-degrading fungus was isolated from crop soils. Molecular characterization (using internal transcribed spacer, translation elongation factor and beta-tubulin gene sequences) and biochemical characterization allowed to identify the fungal strain as Penicillium chrysogenum Thorn ERK1. Phenol degradation was tested at 25 °C under resting mycelium conditions at 6, 30, 60, 200, 350 and 400 mg/l of phenol as the only source of carbon and energy. The time required for complete phenol degradation increased at different initial phenol concentrations. Maximum specific degradation rate (0.89978 mg of phenol/day/mg of dry weight) was obtained at 200 mg/l. Biomass yield decreased at initial phenol concentrations above 60 mg/l. Catechol was identified as an intermediate metabolite by HPLC analysis and catechol dioxygenase activity was detected in plate assays, suggesting that phenol metabolism could occur via ortho fission of catechol. Wheat seeds were used as phototoxicity indicators of phenol degradation products. It was found that these products were not phytotoxic for wheat but highly phytotoxic for phenol. The high specific degradation rates obtained under resting mycelium conditions are considered relevant for practical applications of this fungus in soil decontamination processes. Un aislamiento fúngico capaz de degradar fenol como única fuente de carbono y energía fue aislado de suelos agrícolas. La caracterización molecular (basada en el empleo de secuencias de espaciadores de transcriptos internos, de factores de la elongación de la traducción y del gen de la beta-tubulina) y la caracterización bioquímica permitieron identificar a esta cepa como Penicillium chrysogenum Thom ERK1. Se estudió la degradación de fenol a 25 °C en cultivos estáticos con 6, 30, 60, 200, 350 y 400 mg/l de fenol inicial. El tiempo requerido para completar la degradación de fenol aumentó al elevarse las concentraciones iniciales de dicho compuesto. La máxima tasa de degradación específica (0,89978 mg de fenol/día/mg de peso seco) se obtuvo con 200 mg/l. El rendimiento en biomasa disminuyó con concentraciones Iniciales de fenol mayores de 60 mg/l. Se identificó al catecol como intermediarlo metabolico por HPLC y se observó actividad de catecol dioxigenasa en placa, lo que sugiere que el metabolismo de degradación del fenol ocurre vía orto fisión del catecol. Se utilizaron semillas de trigo como indicadores de fitotoxicidad de los productos de degradación. Estos productos no fueron fitotóxicos para trigo, mientras que el fenol mostró una alta fitotoxicidad. La alta tasa de degr
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