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Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: nsan do as n n ve zorunluluklar n sonucunda ortaya kan yeni bulu lar, teknikler ve yakla mlar modernli i yarat rken, teknolojinin en g rkemli ve yayg n ara lar olan medya da modernli in ba at unsurlar olarak ya am n i inde yerini alm t r. Modern ya am ideal olarak benimseyip teknoloji temeli üzerinde ya amaya al an az geli mi toplumlar n bireyleri, medyadan edindikleri verilerle ya amlar na y n verirken, tüm ya am dinamiklerini de medya temeli üzerinde bi imlendirmektedir. Haz r dü ünce ve imge paketleriyle insanlar n pek ok i ini kolayla t rma, s k nt lar n giderme, sorunlar n zme y ntemleri neren medya, insanlar n daha az dü ünüp daha az hayal kurarak dü ünce ve imgelemlerinin daralmas na da neden olmaktad r.AbstractNew inventions and technics and approaches which were emerged atthe end of human nature and necessities created modernism and media that are the most enormous and common instruments of technology got involved in modern life as main components. People who are persons of societies and who adopted modern life as an ideal sometimes direct their lives via datas from media and shape their life dynamics on media base. Media that facilitates lives of people and resolves problems of people and advise solutions for their problems sometimes causes contraction in think and imaginations of people. Media are naturally concerned with thinking
Effects of Age and Storage Duration on Relationships among Albumen Quality Traits and Egg Weight in Japanese Quails
Sedat Aktan
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.3340.3344
Abstract: A total of 154 Japanese quail eggs which were stored throughout 0, 1, 4 and 7 days at 18°C and 60% RH from 10, 15 and 20 weeks of age were used to investigate relationships among different measures of thick albumen quality and Egg Weight (EW). Eggs were weighed and broken onto a glass surface and Albumen Height (AH), albumen pH, logarithm of AH, Haugh Unit (HU) and Internal Quality Unit (IQU) were determined. It was also determined that the correlation coefficients and linear regressions among the examined measurements. Both the decreases in AH, log of AH, HU and IQU or the increase in pH denote any deterioration in thick albumen characteristics by the age of hen and/or the storage duration. The regression coefficient of the albumen pH on age of the quail hen was merely found to be insignificant and rest of the albumen quality parameters were negatively affected by the hen age increased with low R2 values. On the other hand, all of the regression coefficients of the albumen quality parameters on storage duration were found to be significant. While the albumen pH increased by increasing storage duration, rest of the other quality parameters were decreased by the prolonged storage. The R2 values for storage duration were found to be relatively higher and more respectable than for hen age. There is no significant and/or fixed association among the examined measurements. Thus, it is not possible to develop any generalized (i.e., valid in all cases) formula which assumed any fixed association such in HU or IQU. In conclusion, albumen quality variables must be used without any adjustment especially for the appropriate comparisons among diverse groups of eggs.
Variation of Thermal Conditions and Heat-Moisture Balance in Caged-Poultry Houses with Different Roof Insulations
Sedat Karaman
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2012.2359.2366
Abstract: This research was carried out to investigate the impacts of different roof installations on heat-moisture balance and indoor thermal conditions of the poultry houses in cold seasons. Experiments were conducted in 3 different commercial type caged-poultry houses with the same capacity and characteristics but different roof insulations. Indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity values were measured for 5 months (October, November, December, January, February) to evaluate the effects of roof insulation on heat-moisture balances of the poultry houses. Results revealed the significance of insulation level of roof cover materials to keep the heat loss through structural elements at low levels. The heat loss from uninsulated roof (5.66 Wm-2 K) was almost 10 times higher than the heat loss from well-insulated roof (0.53 Wm-2 K).
Effects of Age and Strain on Relationships among Albumen Quality Traits and Egg Weight in Commercial Brown Layers
Sedat Aktan
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.3345.3349
Abstract: A total of 240 eggs from two commercial layer strains (ATAK and ATAK-S) at 30 and 40 weeks of ages were used to investigate relationships among measures of thick albumen quality and Egg Weight (EW). Eggs were weighed and broken onto non-reflective glass surface and Albumen Height (AH), Albumen Index (AI), Haugh Unit (HU) and Albumen Area (AA) were determined. The AA was calculated by digital image analysis. The correlation coefficients among AH, AA and EW and the linear regressions of EW on AH and AA were determined. Regression coefficients of the AH on the EW were insignificant and were ranged 0.02-0.059 mm g-1 showing that the fixed regression of 0.05 mm AH per gram of egg implied by the HU is wrong. The R2 values were ranged 0.4-4.5% and were fairly poor. The regression of the AA on the EW was significant but a bit higher than of the AH. The slope was always positive and was ranged 0.611-1.430 cm2 of AA g-1 of egg. The R2 values were ranged 7.5-21.1%. The EW was insufficient to determine both of AH and AA with a well fitted model. The fixed HU regression of AH or AA on EW is not adequate for diverse strain and age groups of eggs. The AH or AA alone will give a measure that is at least more accurate. However, image analysis to calculate irregular AA will provide an opportunity to easier and time-independent evaluation.
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: Text linguistics, constructions of the text, structure, viewing the contents of the branch of science. Cohesion is a piece of text "text" of being one of the most important criteria. In this study provides information about the cohesion and cohesion properties of Dede Korkut Narratives were examined. Metin dil bilimi, metinlerin kurgulan n , yap s n , i eri ini inceleyen bilim dal d r. Bir yaz par as n n “metin” olabilmesinin en nemli l ütlerinden biri ba da kl kt r. Bu al mada ba da kl k hakk nda bilgi verilmi ve Dede Korkut Kitab ’n meydana getiren hikayelerin ba da kl k zellikleri incelenmi tir.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Writing skill is one of the most effective tools in expressing himself / herself of an individual by a correct and appropriate way to his / her aim, and communicating. So it is needed that writing skill should be earned to students in education period by applications and right good samples. In this study, firstly Yaz n n Us l-i Tedrisi, written by famous thinker, pedagogue and calligrapher smay l Hakk Baltac o lu, and including his thoughts on writing and writing education, has been translated to modern Turkish and it has been aimed to evaluate the significance and education of writing skill. As a result of this evaluation, it has been determined that the work includes the significance of writing, the method used in writing education, details of hat as a writing art and benefits of calligraphy. Yazma becerisi, bireyin kendini do ru, amac na uygun olarak ifade etmesini ve ileti im kurmas n sa layan en etkili ara lardan biridir. Bu nedenle yazma becerisinin e itim sürecinde renciye, uygulamal ve do ru-iyi rneklerle kar la t rarak geli tirebilece i bir ekilde kazand r lmas gerekir. Bu al mada, ünlü dü ünür, pedagog ve hattat smay l Hakk Baltac o lu’nun yaz yazma ve retimine y nelik dü üncelerini i eren Yaz n n Us l-i Tedrisi adl eserinin günümüz Türk esine aktar larak yazma becerisinin nemi ve retimi a s ndan de erlendirmesi ama lanm t r. Kitap ile ilgili olarak yap lan de erlendirme sonucunda, eserin yaz yazman n nemine, retiminde ba vurulacak y ntemlere ve güzel yaz yazman n faydalar na y nelik bilgiler i erdi i tespit edilmi tir.
The Socioeconomic and Demographic Features of Children with Cerebral Palsi Applied to our Centre from Southern Eastern Anatolian Region
Sedat Nacitarhan
Dicle Medical Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Cerebral palsy is a general term which is used to describe a group of disorders that define muscle control impairment due to lesion in the developing brain. The aim of the present study was to indicate the common features of the children with cerebral palsy and their families in South Eastern region of Turkey, the most underdeveloped community in our country. In addition, the rate of marriage between the relatives (consanguineous marriage) is higher in this region than the other regions.A total of 258 children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy were enrolled to our study. These children were born in South Eastern Anatolian region and live here throughout their childhood. Their families were also living in this region. The members of the families were interviewed with the questionnaire to obtain information. Statistical analysis of the results was performed with Graphpad Prism Ver percent of the patients in our study were men, and 31.01 percent were women. They were between the ages of 10-375 months, average was 75.43±59.15 months. Rate of people, who was not under any social security guarantee, was 15.5%. 50.3% of mothers were not literate. Families’ income was 8.5% good, 42.6% poor. In families, there was 33.3% rate of relationship between partners (consanguineous marriage). In 15.5% of families, there was another retarded child. 55 percent of mothers were never been under health check in pregnancy period. Retarded child was usually from first delivery (26.3%). 3.1% of our patients had twin pregnancy. Only 59,6% of the whole births were given at the hospital or by the help of a midwife. Children were suckled along 6.4±6.4 months. Only 8,5% of the children were being educated.Finally, we concluded that reducing convertible risk factors caused by the low education level of our region, underdeveloped socioeconomic conditions and some traditions (e.g. consanguineous marriage and delivery in house instead of health organization) has potential importance in the meaning of reducing the number of children with cerebral palsy
A Discussion on the Fundamentals of “New Media"
Sedat ?ZEL
AJIT-e : Online Academic Journal of Information Technology , 2012, DOI: 10.5824/1309-1581.2012.2.003.x
Abstract: New millennium came along with the formation of the new media. Soon after, new systems different than the common tools of mass communication media participated in the routine of our lives. Today, we receive a wide range of communication services and we follow the streams by our tools which we carry in our pockets or in our bags. The “new” in the new media appears to be a differential term in order to literally understand these services and flows. On the other hand, new media as evaluated by the truth behind the transformation process to the “new” represents a network of different relationships. Many people argue that these systems are more independent and more democratic, and advocate that they are necessary for the societies for the transformation process. However, the reality of expectations blurred when the developments and policies that led to the emergence of these systems taken into account. The new media, which suits well to the information societies by the expansionist policies of liberal politics, turns out to be a system in which capitalism legitimizes itself when it is seen as the output of innovative tendencies which it is based on. In this context, our paper handles the new media in the innovation-information-technology triangle and discusses the main factors in the rise of the new media.
Temel Dil Becerileri E itiminde Kullan labilecek Aktif renme retimsel /Taktikleri
Sedat Maden
Ana Dili E?itimi Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Bilgi birikiminin h zla artmas bilgiye ula may ona sahip olmaktan daha nemli hale getirmi tir. Bu ihtiya renenin aktif oldu u bir retimin ve bilgiye ula may kolayla t r c strateji, y ntem ve tekniklerin e itim alan nda kullan lmas n gerektirmi tir. renme süreci i erisinde renciyi daha etkin hale getiren y ntemlerden biri de aktif renmedir. Bilgiye ula ma konusunda temel dil becerilerinin nemi dikkate al nd nda Türk e retimiyle aktif renme ili kisinin kurulmas zorunlu g rünmektedir. Bu ili kilendirme, renenlerin hem dil becerilerinin geli imine katk da bulunabilecek hem de renmeyi renmelerine fayda sa layabilecektir. Bu nedenle bu al mada aktif renme y ntemine ait retimsel i ve taktikler ile 2005 Türk e Dersi retim Program ’ndaki temel dil becerileri (dinleme/izleme, konu ma, okuma, yazma) ama /kazan mlar e le tirilmi ; ayr ca bu i ve taktiklerin Türk e retiminde ne ekilde kullan labilece ine y nelik rnekler sunulmu tur.
Soka Büyülemek: Gündelik Hayat n Seküler Temelleri üzerine Bir Soru turma (Enchanting the Street: Investigating the Secular Foundations of Everyday Life)
Sedat Do?an
?nsan & Toplum Dergisi , 2012, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12658/human.society.2.4.m0052
Abstract: The process of secularization has produced many issues that will be discussed in a great number of disciplines for a long time to come. In order for social science’s range of interest and influence to be narrowed, especially for its inclination toward works focusing on Everyday Life, it has been necessary to wait for significant doubt toward modernity to appear in society. Together with the ripening of this doubt, the different goals and pre-suppositions at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as works dealing with Everyday Life, mutual conclusions have been reached implying that Everyday Life is a secular construction. The goal of this article is three fold; the first is to follow the trail of belief, the second is to investigate Everyday Life’s secular foundations through an alternative conceptual framework, and the third is to discuss Everyday Life’s theory of transformation. The converging points of such a discussion lie in the separation of religion and state, discussions on secularism, secularization and rationalization theories, and the literature on Everyday Life. An alternative reading of the relations between these concepts and theories will be performed, and in doing so, the actions and implementations used for transformation by Everyday Life (the concept of sta-tactic implementation) will be presented. As will be the focus of this article, Everyday Life’s theory of transformation includes the current pattern of Everyday Life, the conditions for the existence and survival of this pattern, and finally, the concept of intention and being an actor in daily life through Everyday Life’s transformation perspective. For this reason, discussion will be opened up regarding Islamism’s being an active agent in Everyday Life.

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