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Black Body Quantum Fluctuations and Relativity  [PDF]
Sebastiano Tosto
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.713152
Abstract: The paper introduces a simple theoretical model aimed to provide a possible derivation of the quantum fluctuations of the black body radiation. The model offers the chance of inferring and linking contextually quantum and relativistic results.
Reappraising 1907 Einstein’s Model of Specific Heat  [PDF]
Sebastiano Tosto
Open Journal of Physical Chemistry (OJPC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojpc.2016.64011
Abstract: This article emphasizes that the Einstein and Debye models of specific heats of solids are correlated more tightly than currently acknowledged. This correlation is evidenced without need of additional hypotheses on the early Einstein model. The results are also extensible to the case of a system of fermions; as an example, the specific heat of the electron sea in metals is inferred in the frame of the proposed approach only.
Many Electron Atoms: Ionization Energies of Transition Elements  [PDF]
Sebastiano Tosto
Open Journal of Physical Chemistry (OJPC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojpc.2017.73007
Abstract: The paper introduces a theoretical model aimed to calculate the ionization energies of many electron atoms and their ions. The validity of the model, which implements the statistical formulation of the quantum uncertainty to infer a simple formula of ionization energy, has been already proven in a previous paper comparing systematically experimental and calculated values for elements with atomic numbers 2Z≤29, whose electron configurations include all ions with numbers ne of electrons 2neZ. The present paper enhances and extends the results previously obtained; the approach is now generalized to include even the transition elements and in particular the lanthanides and actinides. The validity of the proposed model is proven examining all experimental data of ionization energies of these elements and their ions available in literature.
Evolution, Quantization, Relativity: An “Ab Initio” Model  [PDF]
Sebastiano Tosto
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.914161
Abstract: “\"\"= everything flows”, Eraclitus, (Ephesus, 535-475 B.C.). If really in Nature everything changes and progresses, then at least two questions arise: 1) how can be these changes entropic but nonetheless somehow predictable without risk of oxymoronic behavior; 2) how can Science conform itself to follow this requirement of the Nature. To attempt an answer to these questions, the present paper introduces an ab initio theoretical model aimed to show that physical information is actually nothing else but straightforward quantum and relativistic implication of the concept of evolution.
Novel approach for old results on plasma physics: what new do we learn about?
Sebastiano Tosto
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: The present paper proposes a simple model aimed to point out the link between basilar concepts of plasma physics and fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. The model shows in particular that Debye lengths and plasma frequency are actually straightforward consequences of the indistinguishability of identical particles and the exclusion and uncertainty principles.
An Analysis of States in the Phase Space: From Quantum Mechanics to General Relativity
Sebastiano Tosto
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: The paper has heuristic character. The conceptual frame, based on the assumption of quantum uncertainty only, has been formerly introduced in two papers [S. Tosto, Il Nuovo Cimento B, vol. 111, n.2, 1996 and S. Tosto, Il Nuovo Cimento D, vol. 18, n.12, 1996]. Instead of attempting to increase the accuracy of some existing computational model through a new kind of approximation, these papers acknowledge since the beginning the lack of deterministic information about the local properties of the constituent particles, considered random, unknown and unpredictable and thus ignored in principle. The leading idea is that the physical properties of quantum systems could be inferred merely considering the delocalization ranges of dynamical variables, rather than their local values. In effect, despite the agnostic character of the approach proposed, both papers show that the kind of physical information reachable reproduces exactly in all cases examined that obtained solving the pertinent wave equations. The concept of quantum uncertainty is further extended in the present paper to both space and time coordinates, considering thus a unique spacetime delocalization range and still discarding since the beginning the local values of the conjugate dynamical variables. The paper shows an unexpected wealth of information obtainable simply extending the concept of space uncertainty to that of spacetime uncertainty: the results are inherently consistent with that of the operator formalism of wave mechanics and with the basic postulates of special relativity, both inferred as corollaries. Moreover, even the gravity appears to be essentially a quantum phenomenon. The most relevant outcomes of special and general relativity are achieved as straightforward consequence of the space-time delocalization of particles using the simple quantum formalism first introduced in the early papers.
A Heuristic Approach to the Relativistic Angular Momentum
Sebastiano Tosto
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: The relativistic angular momentum is introduced as an extension of the non-relativistic analysis of allowed states in the phase space for a quantum particle. The paper shows the conceptual basis of the approach. An interesting feature of the present point of view is that the indistinguishability of identical particles and the Pauli principle are found as corollaries.
Quantum Correlations: Entropy, Wave/Corpuscle Dualism, Bell Inequality  [PDF]
Sebastiano Tosto
Open Journal of Physical Chemistry (OJPC) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojpc.2019.92005
Abstract: The paper shows that the second law of thermodynamics and Pauli principle are implications of the Bell inequality.
Interactive media platform for knowledge and preservation of environmental and architectural heritage in the Mediterranean area, with particular reference to the Maghreb region. Piattaforma multimediale e interattiva, per la conoscenza e la salvaguardia del patrimonio Ambientale ed Architettonico in area Mediterranea con particolare riferimento alla regione del Maghreb.
Domenico Tosto
Abstract: Today the system of global communication is the most important information tool. Inside are and will be provided numerous application areas, among them certainly occupies a place of great importance to safeguard cultural heritage. Interaction between cultural and new technologies, surely, will create many opportunities in conservation, ommunication and economic development for what concerns the rich historical and artistic heritage in the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean basin, and particularly the area of the Maghreb have a vast repertoire of useful cases to test survey methods, theories and techniques for understanding, recovery and preservation of architectural works of significant historical and cultural importance. The term Maghreb (Arabic for “West”) identifies the region of North Africa that includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. La salvaguardia del patrimonio culturale, storico e architettonico occupa un posizione di rilievo all’interno dei diversi campi di applicazione che riguardano la comunicazione globale. La società attuale trova al giorno d’oggi nella comunicazione globale il più importante strumento di informazione. Dall’interazione tra beni culturali e nuove tecnologie, sicuramente, potranno crearsi numerose opportunità a livello conservativo, comunicativo e di sviluppo economico per quello che riguarda il ricchissimo patrimonio storico-artistico presente nel Mediterraneo. Il bacino mediterraneo ed in particolar modo l’area del Maghreb offre un vastissimo repertorio di casi utili per sperimentare metodi di indagine, teorie e tecniche utili per la comprensione, il recupero e la salvaguardia di impianti architettonici di rilevante importanza storico-culturale. Con il termine Maghreb (che in arabo significa “occidente”) si identifica l’intera regione dell’Africa settentrionale che comprende Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libia, Egitto.
Quantum Uncertainty and Fundamental Interactions
Tosto S.
Progress in Physics , 2013,
Abstract: The paper proposes a simplified theoretical approach to infer some essential concepts on the fundamental interactions between charged particles and their relative strengths at comparable energies by exploiting the quantum uncertainty only. The worth of the present approach relies on the way of obtaining the results, rather than on the results themselves: concepts today acknowledged as fingerprints of the electroweak and strong interactions appear indeed rooted in the same theoretical frame including also the basic principles of special and general relativity along with the gravity force.
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