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The Limits to Transforming the Environment and the Limits to Sociological Knowledge
Ralph Schroeder
Sustainability , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/su2082483
Abstract: This paper argues that the social sciences are fragmented in addressing the environmental challenge of increasing resource depletion. To address this problem, the paper puts forward a framework which encompasses several disciplinary approaches, and above all a long-term historical perspective and a realist sociology of science and technology which, in combination, provide a means of understanding the disruptive changes in the transformation of the environment. The paper then focuses on energy and gives an overview of the various social forces that can potentially counteract the future tensions arising from the foreseeable depletion of energy sources. It argues that only some of these countervailing forces—namely state intervention and technological innovation—provide viable potential solutions to these tensions. However, these solutions themselves face severe constraints. The paper concludes by arguing that a realistic assessment of constraints is the most useful, though limited, service that social science can contribute to our understanding of the relation between social and environmental transformation.
A importancia da física nas quatro primeiras séries do ensino fundamental
Schroeder, Carlos;
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-11172007000100015
Abstract: this paper suggests that the importance of physics lessons during the first four years of elementary school lays on the possibility of fostering the development of the children's self-esteem and 'learning-to-learn' skills, rather than on utilitarian purposes, such as preparing students for secondary school studies. a sample of the activities proposed for children in the age bracket seven to ten years old is presented together with a discussion of the observed results. at this age the possibility of exploring physical phenomena may be useful for the development of 'learning-to-learn' skills.
South African Capital in the Land of Ujamaa: Contested Terrain in Tanzania
RA Schroeder
African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie , 2008,
Abstract: No
Incidence, prevalence, and hybrid approaches to calculating disability-adjusted life years
Schroeder S
Population Health Metrics , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1478-7954-10-19
Abstract: When disability-adjusted life years are used to measure the burden of disease on a population in a time interval, they can be calculated in several different ways: from an incidence, pure prevalence, or hybrid perspective. I show that these calculation methods are not equivalent and discuss some of the formal difficulties each method faces. I show that if we don’t discount the value of future health, there is a sense in which the choice of calculation method is a mere question of accounting. Such questions can be important, but they don’t raise deep theoretical concerns. If we do discount, however, choice of calculation method can change the relative burden attributed to different conditions over time. I conclude by recommending that studies involving disability-adjusted life years be explicit in noting what calculation method is being employed and in explaining why that calculation method has been chosen.
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music: Pop, Rock, and Worship
Joy Schroeder
Theological Librarianship , 2010,
Moisture transfer and change in strength during the construction of earthen buildings
Schroeder, H.
Informes de la Construccion , 2011,
Abstract: A number of rammed earth projects constructed in recent years in Germany and abroad testify to the high level of architectural interest in this material, not only in our country. Rammed earth has been “rediscovered”, in particular by young architects, due to its unique materiality and fascinating and individual surface aesthetics. In connection with the realisation of two rammed earth projects realised in Thuringia, Germany, in 2003/2004 some questions arose concerning the process of moisture transfer and changes in strength properties during construction. The earthen building standards detail only very rough estimates of drying times for rammed earth walls. The idea arose to develop a test programme for investigating the aspect of drying time with regard to the change in material strength in rammed earth walls, as well as for elaborating general aspects of testing procedures for rammed earth in standards. The paper presents results of a laboratory programme that attempts to approach this very complex problem. A series of test specimens were produced and the unconfined compressive strength was determined after different drying times varying from 7 to 90 days. The moisture content of the test specimens also was varied: at OMC (Proctor test) and above and below the OMC. Una serie de proyectos de tierra apisonada construidos en los últimos a os en Alemania y en el extranjero dan testimonio del alto nivel de interés arquitectónico en este material, no solo en nuestro país. La tierra apisonada ha sido “redescubierta”, en particular por los arquitectos jóvenes, debido a su materialidad única y fascinante y la estética singular de su superficie. En relación con la realización de dos proyectos de tierra apisonada realizados en Turingia, Alemania, en el período 2003/2004 surgieron algunas preguntas sobre el proceso de transferencia de la humedad y los cambios en las propiedades de resistencia durante la construcción. Las normas de construcción de tierra indican solamente estimaciones muy aproximadas de los tiempos de secado para muros de tierra apisonada. Surgió la idea de desarrollar un programa de pruebas para investigar el aspecto del tiempo de secado con respecto al cambio en la resistencia del material en muros de tierra apisonada, así como para establecer los aspectos generales de los procedimientos de ensayo de tierra apisonada en las normas. El documento presenta los resultados de un programa de laboratorio que intenta abordar este complejo problema. Se elaboró una serie de muestras de análisis y se determinó la resistencia a la compresión no confinada d
Post-trial obligations - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v2.Sup1.210en
Doris Schroeder
RECIIS : Electronic Journal of Communication, Information & Innovation in Health , 2008,
Abstract: In its essence, post-trial obligations describe a duty by research sponsors to provide a successfully tested drug to research participants who took part in the relevant clinical trials after the trial has been concluded. In some instances, this duty is extended beyond the research participants. This article is divided into three main parts. The first part outlines the legal basis for post-trial obligations by looking at international guidelines, including those issued by the World Medical Association. National legislation is exemplified through resolutions and guidelines issued by Brazil and South Africa respectively. The second part analyses the ethical foundation for post-trial obligations, in particular the attempt to minimize exploitation of research subjects. The third part raises obstacles and challenges for the implementation of post-trial obligations. The jury is still out on whether post-trial obligations in the form of access to drugs for clinical trial participants is the best, or even a good way, to avoid exploitation in medical research.
Mas allá de los platos típicos: el proyecto matemática intercultural en el Perú
Joachim Schroeder
Cuadernos Interculturales , 2005,
Abstract: La Reforma Educativa del Perú tiene sus bases teóricas en una conceptualización de la interculturalidad bastante compleja y amplia, siendo una de las innovaciones más significativa la integración de las ciencias naturales y de la matemática en la educación intercultural. En este contexto, el siguiente trabajo presenta las líneas generales del enfoque educativo peruano, el cuál se viene implementando desde el a o 1991, y describe como se ha intentado materializar, en base a las experiencias concretas derivadas de la formación docente, una matemática intercultural que tome en serio la diversidad cultural, social y lingüística del alumnado para la construcción del aprendizaje.
Religion and Violence: Philosophical Perspectives from Kant to Derrida
Schroeder, Brian
Ars Disputandi : the Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion , 2003,
Proprietary vs. General Data Formats: Opportunity for Librarians
James Schroeder
Journal of eScience Librarianship , 2012,
Abstract: A commentary on concerns raised in Jen Ferguson's article in this issue, "Lurking in the Lab: Analysis of Data from Molecular Biology Laboratory Instruments."

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