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Computer simulation of the stochastic dynamics of super-paramagnetic particles in ferrofluids
Scherer, Claudio;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332006000500018
Abstract: several papers have been written on the complex problem of the stochastic dynamics of the magnetic moments of super-paramagnetic particles, simultaneously with the stochastic rotation of these colloidal particles in a ferrofluid [1-3]. none of these works, however, is sufficiently general and conveniently simple and clear to be used in sumulational works to appropriately describe the experimental super-paramagntetic resonance lines. we have a new proposal for the equations of rotational motion, which is appropriate for simulations. those equations are stochastic differential equations with multiplicative noise. therefore, they have to be interpreted as stratonovich-langevin equations and the roles of stochastic calculus have to be used in the simulations. for this reason we will briefly present the essence of the numerical algorithms used in the solutions of stratonovich equations. finally, the simulational results for the magnetic response functions, and the corresponding dynamic susceptibilities, will be shown and their consequences will be analyzed.
Stochastic Molecular Dynamics of colloidal particles
Scherer, Claudio;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332004000300023
Abstract: colloidal particles move in the carrier liquid under the action of several forces and torques. when the particles carry a dipole moment, electric or magnetic, as in ferrofluids, the rotational and translational motions are coupled because the field on a particle depends on the spatial and directional distribution of the others and the force and torque on it depends on the field. moreover, there is brownian, as well as dissipative forces and torques on each particle. consequently, the numerical solution of the equations of motion requires, besides the techniques of classical molecular dynamics, those of stochastic dynamics. the algorithm is explained in some detail and applied on a typical ferrofluid. for different values of the temperature, the possibility of the formation of structures is examined.
Recent Progress in Effective Field Theory in the One-Nucleon Sector
Scherer, Stefan
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s00601-008-0229-3
Abstract: Chiral perturbation theory (ChPT) is the effective field theory of the strong interactions at low energies. We will address the issue of a consistent power counting scheme in a manifestly Lorentz-invariant formulation of baryon ChPT. As applications we show how the inclusion of vector and axial-vector mesons in the calculation of the nucleon electromagnetic and axial form factors, respectively, lead to an improved description of the empirical data. Finally, we will outline a systematic implementation of the Delta(1232) resonance into the effective field theory program.
O processo de implementa o do Sistema único de Assistência Social no Município de Entre-Ijuís/RS junto à prote o integral das crian as e adolescentes
Scherer, Caroline
Textos & Contextos (Porto Alegre) , 2009,
Abstract: Este artigo objetivou analisar o processo de implementa o e implanta o do Sistema único de Assistência Social – SUAS, focalizando-se nas a es previstas em rela o à prote o integral das crian as e adolescentes no município de Entre-Ijuís/RS (Pequeno Porte I). Com este direcionamento, estabeleceu-se o seguinte problema de pesquisa: Como vem sendo desenvolvido o processo de implementa o do SUAS, no que se refere às a es previstas na prote o integral às crian as e adolescentes, no município de Entre-Ijuís/RS (Pequeno Porte I)? O estudo foi realizado tendo como embasamento para a leitura da realidade o Método Dialético-Crítico – com sua concep o de homem e de mundo – utilizando-se as categorias teórico-metodológicas: Historicidade, Totalidade e Contradi o. Para a coleta de informa es, além da revis o bibliográfica, foi realizada também a análise documental dos seguintes documentos: Plano Plurianual de Assistência Social do Município de Entre-Ijuís; Leis Municipais referentes ao Programa Primeira Infancia Melhor; Projetos; Política Nacional de Assistência Social; e Norma Operacional Básica – NOB/SUAS. Também foi realizada observa o simples da realidade pesquisada que envolve o Centro de Orienta o à Crian a e ao Adolescente e Programa Primeira Infancia Melhor, sendo relatado em um diário de campo. Posteriormente foi desenvolvida a análise das informa es coletadas, utilizando a técnica de análise de conteúdo baseada em Bardin. Constatou-se por meio desta pesquisa que o SUAS rompe com a organiza o dos servi os com base nos segmentos populacionais e articula em redes de prote o social, estabelecendo a garantia de seguran as que devem perpassar pelas a es desenvolvidas pela Política de Assistência Social.
Macho Buddhism: Gender and Sexualities in the Diamond Way
Burkhard Scherer
Religion and Gender , 2011,
Abstract: Western Tibetan Buddhist movements have been described as bourgeois and puritanical in previous scholarship. In contrast, Ole Nydahl’s convert lay Karma Kagyu Buddhist movement, the Diamond Way, has drawn attention for its apparently hedonistic style. Focussing on the interpretation of Nydahl’s approach to gender and sexualities, this paper addresses the wider issues of continuity and change during the transition of Tibetan Buddhism from Asia to the West. Nydahl’s pre-modern gender stereotyping, the hetero-machismo of the Diamond Way and the mildly homophobic tone and content of Nydahl’s teaching are interpreted on the background of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist sexual ethics and traditional Tibetan cultural attitudes on sexualities. By excavating the emic genealogy of Nydahl’s teachings, the paper suggests that Nydahl’s and the Diamond Way’s view on and performance of gender and sexualities are consistent with his propagation of convert Buddhist neo-orthodoxy.
Gender transformed and meta-gendered enlightenment: Reading Buddhist narratives as paradigms of inclusiveness
Burkhard Scherer
REVER : Revista de Estudos da Religi?o , 2006,
Abstract: The analysis of the crossing of genders within Buddhist narratives as contrasted with Hindu evidence provides a fresh insight into the Asian paradigms for non-binary gender identities. The early monastic discipline (vinaya) relates the Buddha's non-judgemental and pragmatic approach to sex-change. The agent of causality (karma) prevails in Buddhism above the Hindu paradigm of the agency of divine intervention. The change of the Early Buddhist inclusive approach into the later multi-voiced and often exclusive viewpoints is exemplified and analysed. Especially the many and often contradictory Mahāyāna Buddhist voices highlight the diverse cultural adoption of Buddhism throughout Asia. This paper argues that Buddhist narratives can provide an empowering opportunity for a Modern Buddhist inclusive anthropology and spiritual 'metagenderism'.
Analysis of the technical quality of environmental impact studies done on the Atlantic Rain Forest of Santa Catarina: a faunistic approach
Marinez Scherer
Biotemas , 2011,
Abstract: Alterations in components of an ecosystem might modify ecological interactions, which are sometimes irreversible, and could cause a loss in biodiversity. In order to control ecosystem alterations caused by human activity, public policies and control tools, such as environmental licenses, have been developed. This work carried out a critical analysis of aspects related to the fauna from fi ve Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) prepared in the context of the Atlantic Rain Forest biome. The following deficiencies were found in the studies analyzed: (i) absence of information about terrestrial invertebrates; (ii) absence of identification of reproduction and feeding areas; (iii) superficial identification of migration and behavior aspects; (iv) superficial characterization of ecological interactions; (v) absence of identification of community structure and key-species; and (vi) absence of the identification of bioindicators. The EIAs did not adequately diagnose the biological system in order to point out subsequent impacts. Similarly, the environmental impact evaluations did not relate ecological interactions with the human activities that were planned in the development proposals. Therefore the ecological aspects of the EIAs in Santa Catarina could be (and should be) substantially improved in order to provide more accurate data during the decision-making process.
Chiral Perturbation Theory: Introduction and Recent Results in the One-Nucleon Sector
Stefan Scherer
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.ppnp.2009.08.002
Abstract: We provide an introduction to the basic concepts of chiral perturbation theory and discuss some recent developments in the manifestly Lorentz-invariant formulation of the one-nucleon sector.
Virtual Compton Scattering--Generalized Polarizabilities of Nucleons and Pions
S. Scherer
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: Virtual Compton scattering off nucleons and pions at low energies is discussed. Predictions for the generalized polarizabilities of the nucleon are presented within the framework of heavy-baryon chiral perturbation theory and the linear sigma model. First results for the generalized polarizabilities of the charged pion in chiral perturbation theory at ${\cal O}(p^4)$ are shown.
Real and Virtual Compton Scattering at Low Energies
S. Scherer
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1023/A:1022872211333
Abstract: These lectures give a pedagogical introduction to real and virtual Compton scattering at low energies. We will first discuss real Compton scattering off a point particle as well as a composite system in the framework of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. The concept of electromagnetic polarizabilities is introduced. We then address a description of the Compton-scattering tensor within quantum field theory with particular emphasis on the derivation of low-energy theorems. The importance of a consistent treatment of hadron structure in the use of electromagnetic vertices is stressed. Finally, the reader is introduced to the notion of generalized polarizabilities in the rapidly expanding field of virtual Compton scattering.
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