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Three-Dimensional Electric Field Analysis and Measurement Inside High Voltage Substations
Sayed A. Word,Samy M. Ghania,Essam M. Shaalan
International Journal of Electrical and Power Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/ijepe.2011.150.156
Abstract: The exposure to electric field now-a-days is an integral part in the design area of electrical power apparatus and systems. Moreover, the electric field produced by power lines, busbars and all high voltage equipments inside High Voltage (HV) substations is receiving more and more concerns to guarantee the life insurance of workers inside these substations. Therefore, the possible effect of the electric field exposure raises the question of how electric fields are created and what effects they may have. Therefore, monitoring the electric field inside Air Insulated Substation (AIS) and Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) is achieved in this study. This study not only depict the electric field distribution inside AIS using Charge Simulation Method (CSM) in three Dimensional (3D) and many Matlab M-files modeling programs developed by the researchers but also measured it inside AIS under 500 and 220 kV busbars and inside GIS nearby the 500, 220 and 66 kV busbars. The simulation results of AIS are compared with the measured values and the simulation results are matched with the measured values with very small tolerance about 1.4% for 220 kV model and about 4.4% for 500 kV model.
Molecular investigation of the Arabian horse breeds of racing, productivity and longevity  [PDF]
Mohamed M. Ahmed, Sayed A. M. Amer, Samy. M. Sayed
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2011.26066
Abstract: The Arabian; horse Equus caballus is belonging to family Equidae that all of its species are in danger of extinction. We sequenced 1059 nucleotides from three mitochondrial DNA protein coding genes for some breeds of the Arabian and English horses designated for race, productivity and longevity in order to investigate their genetic variation. The sequenced genes were NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 (ND2), cyto-chrome C oxidase subunit 1 (CO1) and ATPase subunit 6 (ATP6). ATP6 discriminated among the different breeds where seven substitutions were recorded of which 2 were non-synonymous. The other loci recoded 8 synonymous substitutions of transitions most of which were among the breeds of longevity. The data of CO1 gene were used to construct the relationship of the Arabian horse to the thoroughbreds. Maximum-likelihood (ML) and Neighbor-joining (NJ) analytical methods were used. The two analytical methods showed clustering of the Arabian breeds in one group and the non-sister relationship within the thoroughbreds. One of the thoroughbreds clustered within the Arabian breeds suggesting the possibility of their out breeding. Increasing tendency in the variation of the studied genes was proportional to the utility of these genes in energy production within the mitochondria. The present study is therefore a preliminary step in the conservational efforts of the Arabian horse of equestrian..
Experimental Study of Heat Transfer to Flowing Air inside a Circular Tube with Longitudinal Continuous and Interrupted Fins  [PDF]
Saad A. El-Sayed, Sayed A. EL-Sayed, Mohamed M. Saadoun
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control (JECTC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jectc.2012.21001
Abstract: Experimental investigations have been performed to determine the detailed module-by-module pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient of turbulent flow inside a circular finned tube. The tubes are provided with longitudinal fins continuous or interrupted in the stream wise direction by arranging them both in a staggered and in-line manner. Experiments are carried out for two different fin geometries, with two numbers of fins (N = 6 and 12). All tested finned tubes have 16 modules each with length equal to the tube diameter (L = D = 30 mm). The thermal boundary condition considered here, is a uniform heat flux. The module-by-module heat transfer coefficient is found to vary only in the first modules, and then attained a constant thermally periodic fully developed value after eight to twelve modules. The results also showed that in the periodic hydrodynamic fully developed region, the value of the pressure drop along the tube with continuous fins is greater than that of the in-line arrangement, and lower than that of the staggered arrangement. Furthermore, the results showed that in the periodic fully developed region, the tube with continuous fins produces a greater value of the heat transfer coefficients than that the tube with interrupted fins, especially through a high range of Reynolds number (5 × 104 > Re > 2 × 104). The tube with Staggered arrangement of fins produces a greater value of the heat transfer coefficient than the tube with continuous fins and the in-line arrangement finned tube at low Reynolds number (Re < 1.2 × 104).). It was found that the fins efficiency is greater than 90 percent; in the worst case (maximum Reynolds number with continuous fins tube).
Molecular Relationships among Different Seryian Aegilops Species (Poaceae)  [PDF]
Abdallah M. Sliai, Sayed A. M. Amer
Natural Resources (NR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2013.41009

Aegilops has been considered a complex genus with as many as 22 species in Syria. The current study has used 585 nucleotides from 5.8S nuclear ribosomal DNA gene and internal transcribed spacer 2 for these different species. These data were aligned manually and subjected to bioinformatics manipulation in order to construct the genetic relationship among these species. Three statistical methods (maximum-parsimony-MP, maximum-likelihood-ML and neighborjoining-NJ) were used to execute the most likely relationship. The constructed genetic relationship showed homogeneinty in clustering of the species of the same plant type (A, B or C) with each other. A single NJ tree and a single ML tree were obtained with slight difference in topology within each plant type. Both trees disagreed with our previous finding in that A. searsii, speltoides and A. longissima clustered in one group and the first two species were sisters while A. caudata was out. Therefore, A. speltoides was not the oldest among them and these differences could be related to the difference in taxon sampling size. This study, however, supported our previous molecular finding and did not support the previous karyotypic study in that A.

On Links between Rough Sets and Digital Topology  [PDF]
El-Sayed A. Abo-Tabl
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.56089

Rough set theory is a powerful tool for dealing with uncertainty, granularity, and incompleteness of knowledge in information systems. In addition, digital topology deals with properties and features of two-dimensional or three-dimensional digital images that correspond to topological properties of objects. So, we try to describe the relationship between rough sets and digital topology. Firstly, we will study the classifications of topologies in rough sets. Secondly, we will use the upper approximation operator to span the digital line, which is the basic building block of the digital spaces.

Study of Similarity Measures with Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition  [PDF]
Mohamed A. El-Sayed, Kadry Hamed
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.89046
Abstract: Face recognition systems have been in the active research in the area of image processing for quite a long time. Evaluating the face recognition system was carried out with various types of algorithms used for extracting the features, their classification and matching. Similarity measure or distance measure is also an important factor in assessing the quality of a face recognition system. There are various distance measures in literature which are widely used in this area. In this work, a new class of similarity measure based on the Lp metric between fuzzy sets is proposed which gives better results when compared to the existing distance measures in the area with Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). The result points to a positive direction that with the existing feature extraction methods itself the results can be improved if the similarity measure in the matching part is efficient.
PP and PP Multi-Particles Production Investigation Based on CCNN Black-Box Approach  [PDF]
El-Sayed A. El-Dahshan
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2017.56115
Abstract: The multiplicity distribution (P(nch)) of charged particles produced in a high energy collision is a key quantity to understand the mechanism of multiparticle production. This paper describes the novel application of an artificial neural network (ANN) black-box modeling approach based on the cascade correlation (CC) algorithm formulated to calculate and predict multiplicity distribution of proton-proton (antiproton) (PP and PP ) inelastic interactions full phase space at a wide range of center-mass of energy \"\". In addition, the formulated cascade correlation neural network (CCNN) model is used to empirically calculate the average multiplicity distribution <nch> as a function of \"\". The CCNN model was designed based on available experimental data for \"\"= 30.4 GeV, 44.5 GeV, 52.6 GeV, 62.2 GeV, 200 GeV, 300 GeV, 540 GeV, 900 GeV, 1000 GeV, 1800 GeV, and 7 TeV. Our obtained empirical results for P(nch), as well as <nch> for (PP and PP) collisions are compared with the corresponding theoretical ones which obtained from other models. This comparison shows a good agreement with the available experimental data (up to 7 TeV) and other theoretical ones. At full large hadron collider (LHC) energy ( \"\"= 14 TeV) we have predicted P(nch) and <nch> which also, show a good agreement with different theoretical models.
Interior-Point Methods for Estimating Seasonal Parameters in Discrete-Time Infectious Disease Models
Daniel P. Word, James K. Young, Derek A. T. Cummings, Sopon Iamsirithaworn, Carl D. Laird
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0074208
Abstract: Infectious diseases remain a significant health concern around the world. Mathematical modeling of these diseases can help us understand their dynamics and develop more effective control strategies. In this work, we show the capabilities of interior-point methods and nonlinear programming (NLP) formulations to efficiently estimate parameters in multiple discrete-time disease models using measles case count data from three cities. These models include multiplicative measurement noise and incorporate seasonality into multiple model parameters. Our results show that nearly identical patterns are estimated even when assuming seasonality in different model parameters, and that these patterns show strong correlation to school term holidays across very different social settings and holiday schedules. We show that interior-point methods provide a fast and flexible approach to parameterizing models that can be an alternative to more computationally intensive methods.
Numerical Investigation of the Geometric Phase and Entropy Squeezing for a Two-Level System in the Presence of Decoherence Terms  [PDF]
Moustafa M. Salama, Ahmed O. Elnubi, Sayed Abdel-Khalek, Mohamed A. El-Sayed
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2013.59057

In this paper, we have presented the numerical investigation of the geometric phase and field entropy squeezing for a two-level system interacting with coherent field under decoherence effect during the time evolution. The effects of the initial state setting and atomic dissipation damping parameter on the evolution of the geometric phase and entropy squeezing have been examined. We have reported some new results related to the periodicity and regularity of geometric phase and entropy squeezing.

Advances in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma
Word ZH, Matasar MJ
Blood and Lymphatic Cancer: Targets and Therapy , 2012, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/BLCTT.S15554
Abstract: dvances in the diagnosis and management of lymphoma Review (2253) Total Article Views Authors: Word ZH, Matasar MJ Published Date February 2012 Volume 2012:2 Pages 29 - 55 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/BLCTT.S15554 Received: 16 November 2011 Accepted: 06 December 2011 Published: 09 February 2012 Zachary H Word1, Matthew J Matasar1,2 1Lymphoma Service, Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center, 2Department of Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY, USA Abstract: The lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of cancers that have played a prominent role in the history of oncology, being among the first cancers to respond to radiotherapy or systemic chemotherapy. Progressive improvement in the understanding of the biology and natural history of these diseases has led to changes in both classification and management. Because of the heterogeneity present among the lymphomas, accurate diagnosis and staging are essential prerequisites to their effective management. Lymphoma stage frequently informs treatment decisions, but in contrast with solid tumor malignancies carries limited prognostic value. This has led to the development of prognostic models in lymphoma, which use patient and disease characteristics to stratify patients by risk. Modern approaches to Hodgkin's lymphoma include chemotherapy only, combined-modality therapy with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and risk-adapted approaches that modify treatment based on initial response. Management of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) varies widely depending upon histology. Use of rituximab, the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody, is included in the management of most B cell lymphomas and has improved outcomes in these diseases. The T cell lymphomas are less common and generally less well understood than the B cell diseases, and their management has only recently become disease-specific. Though effective therapy is available for many types of lymphoma, relapse remains common in a number of subtypes, and management of relapsed and refractory disease remain research priorities.
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