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Pulsed ultrasound therapy accelerates the recovery of skeletal muscle damage induced by Bothrops jararacussu venom
Saturnino-Oliveira, J.;Tomaz, M.A.;Fonseca, T.F.;Gaban, G.A.;Monteiro-Machado, M.;Strauch, M.A.;Cons, B.L.;Calil-Elias, S.;Martinez, A.M.B.;Melo, P.A.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2012007500033
Abstract: we studied the effect of pulsed ultrasound therapy (ust) and antibothropic polyvalent antivenom (pav) on the regeneration of mouse extensor digitorum longus muscle following damage by bothrops jararacussu venom. animals (swiss male and female mice weighing 25.0 ± 5.0 g; 5 animals per group) received a perimuscular injection of venom (1 mg/kg) and treatment with ust was started 1 h later (1 min/day, 3 mhz, 0.3 w/cm2, pulsed mode). three and 28 days after injection, muscles were dissected and processed for light microscopy. the venom caused complete degeneration of muscle fibers. ust alone and combined with pav (1.0 ml/kg) partially protected these fibers, whereas muscles receiving no treatment showed disorganized fascicules and fibers with reduced diameter. treatment with ust and pav decreased the effects of the venom on creatine kinase content and motor activity (approximately 75 and 48%, respectively). sonication of the venom solution immediately before application decreased the in vivo and ex vivo myotoxic activities (approximately 60 and 50%, respectively). the present data show that ust counteracts some effects of b. jararacussu venom, causing structural and functional improvement of the regenerated muscle after venom injury.
Compara??o do Coeficiente Global de Perdas de Calor para casa de vegeta??o aquecida usando diferentes técnicas para eficiência energética
Oliveira, Celso E. L. de;Garcia, José L.;De La Plaza, Saturnino;Chaya, Carolina;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162006000200003
Abstract: the global heat loss coefficient (u) allows some answers about thermal requirements of climatic greenhouse. this trial determined this coefficient for a greenhouse in madrid (spain) where night measurements of inside and outside air temperature as well as energy consumption to heat were used. comparisons were accomplished among the used heating techniques as: radiant floor and heat fan combined with two techniques aiming to promote a better thermal which means the use of a plastic covering forming a double couple or the use of a plastic tunnel. the lowest coefficients for the use of radiant soil with tunnel and heat fan with double couple were respectively 7.19 w m-2 oc-1 and 9.11 w m-2 oc-1 and the largest value was 15.13 w m-2 oc-1 for the heat fan use without plastics. therefore, the results registered best thermal efficiency for the tested techniques.
Amália Saturnino Chaves,Rafael Caputo Oliveira,Gil Pessoa Junior,Ant?nio de Azevedo Carvalho Viana
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2009,
Review of "Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software" edited by Feller J, Fitzgerald B, Hissam SE and Lakhani KR
Saturnino Luz
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-5-23
Abstract: Perspectives on Free and Open Source SoftwareCambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005538 pages, ISBN 0-262-06246-1Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software is a collection of articles by researchers, advocates and critics of the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement and its way of building and distributing software. The book represents a serious attempt to assess the current state of FOSS and discuss its future.The volume is structured along 5 parts, some containing cohesive sets of articles, some loosely related ones. The three chapters that make up part 1 report on attempts to explain the FOSS phenomenon from the perspective of the psychology and sociology of its main actors. In particular, these articles try to explain what leads FOSS developers not to sell the software they create, but rather regard that software as free. The question appears to be framed initially in terms of explaining "free as in free beer" rather than "free as in freedom" [1], presumably in order to keep the attention of the business reader. However, detailed investigation soon reveals the complexities of the issue and the inadequacy of that frame of reference. Part 2 discusses issues relating to FOSS evaluation, where the term "evaluation" is used in a broader sense than in software engineering. The term here designates an attempt to ascertain not only the value of open source as a development methodology but its worth and long-term prospects as a movement. Three of the chapters address technical questions, including interesting discussions of the effects of public access to source code on security. The remaining three chapters contain analyses and (at times extravagant) responses to (similarly extravagant) claims about the inherent superiority of FOSS found in the literature, particularly those by Raymond [2]. Part 3 counters the impression left by part 2 that software engineering these days is mostly about politics, economics and anthropology by presenting actual software engineering to
A importancia da act-psychology de Franz Brentano
Ramón, Saturnino Pesquero;
Psicologia: Reflex?o e Crítica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-79722006000200021
Abstract: this article attempts to redeem franz brentano's paternity of his intentionality theory, which sustains his act-psychology, which postulates, among other thesis, the indissociabitity between idea and action for explaining the specificity of human behavior. for that, he is considered one of the creators of modern psychology, as emancipated from philosophy. this assumption is subjacent to psychoanalysis, gestalt-psychology and cognitive-phenomelogical psychology.
Antonio Saturnino Braga
Philósophos : Revista de Filosofia , 2010, DOI: 10.5216/phi.v14i1.9121
Abstract: A cognitivist and discursive ethics must distinguish itself from two other metaethical positions: on one side, a cognitivist but non-discursive ethics; on the other side, a noncognitivist but communicative, argumentative and procedural ethics. The aim of the present work is to use Habermas’ reflections on the topic of truth to develop an ideal-typical scheme which could be helpful in explaining those distinctions. This scheme will contain three typical conceptions about the truth of theoretical statements: realist-intuitionist conception, objectivist-semantic conception and discursive-consensual conception. The distinctiveness of the cognitive-discursive ethics will then be explained by relating the cognitivist but non-discursive ethics and the noncognitivist but procedural ethics to their respective conceptions of truth: the realist-intuitionist conception and the objectivist-semantic conception. Uma ética cognitivista discursiva precisa se diferen ar de duas outras posi es metaéticas: por um lado, uma ética cognitivista mas n o-discursiva; por outro lado, uma ética anticognitivista mas comunicativa, argumentativa e procedimental. O objetivo do presente trabalho é aproveitar as reflex es de Habermas sobre o tema da verdade para elaborar um esquema ideal-típico que possa ajudar no esclarecimento dessas diferen as. Este esquema conterá três posi es típicas sobre a verdade dos enunciados téoricos: concep o realista-intuicionista, concep o objetivista-semantica e concep o discursivo-consensual. A especificidade da ética cognitivista discursiva será ent o esclarecida correlacionando-se a ética cognitivista n o-discursiva e a ética anticognitivista procedimental às suas respectivas concep es da verdade: concep o realista-intuicionista e concep o objetivista-semantica.
A psicoterapia dialógica de Martin Buber
Ramón, Saturnino Pesquero
Psico , 2010,
Abstract: A doutrina buberiana sobre os efeitos humanizadores do seu principio dialógico, que define o genuíno diálogo, estabelece a base para se alcan ar tanto uma realiza o pessoal plena quanto uma sociedade construída sobre as rela es interpessoais. Num primeiro momento, sua elabora o teórica e aplica o prática estiveram mais voltadas para o campo da sociologia e da educa o. A partir da década dos anos 50, no entanto, privilegia seu viés psicológico e psicoterápico. O presente artigo objetiva expor os principais conceitos e postulados de seu modelo psicoterápico assim como a convergência do mesmo com o da Psicoterapia Centrada na Pessoa de C. Rogers.
The importance of Franz Brentano's act-psychology / A importancia da act-psychology de Franz Brentano
Saturnino Pesquero Ramón
Psicologia: Reflex?o e Crítica , 2006,
Abstract: This article attempts to redeem Franz Brentano's paternity of his Intentionality Theory, which sustains his act-psychology, which postulates, among other thesis, the indissociabitity between idea and action for explaining the specificity of human behavior. For that, he is considered one of the creators of modern psychology, as emancipated from philosophy. This assumption is subjacent to Psychoanalysis, Gestalt-Psychology and Cognitive-Phenomelogical Psychology.
Artes y ciencias en la formación de Fray Luis de León y uso que hace de ellas
álvarez Turienzo, Saturnino
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2002,
Abstract: Not available No disponible
La Agenda 21 Local como respuesta integrada hacia la sostenibilidad. Avance sobre su aplicación en la provincia de Málaga
Moreno Borrell, Saturnino
Estudios Geográficos , 2005,
Abstract: The sustainability is applied in urban systems throught an integrated treatment, analysing the well-being conditions in the urban areas and surroundings. The challenge of the urban sustainability tries to solve the problems inside and outside. The first world, the sustainability of the cities implies different issues: unsustanaible of the urban metabolism and landscape fragmentation, with negative effects in the sustanaible process of the natural systems and changing environmental connectivity. The Local Agenda 21 (LA21) is a model of diagnosis and a tool to make sustainable political programmes, among environmental, social and economical issues. The methodology and objectives imply sustainability indicators (IDS) with an independent monitoring and multidisciplin observatory, as to obtain tendencies and priorities and produce an action plan. [es] Un ámbito clave de aplicación de la sostenibilidad son los sistemas urbanos a través de un tratamiento integrado, analizando las condiciones de vida en los núcleos urbanos así como la influencia sobre el resto del territorio. De esta forma el desafío de la sostenibilidad urbana apunta a resolver tanto los problemas experimentados en el seno de las ciudades, como los causados por ellas. En el denominado "mundo desarrollado" la sostenibilidad de las ciudades tiene como ejes básicos la insostenibilidad de los procesos implícitos al metabolismo urbano y la fragmentación del territorio, con efectos negativos sobre el funcionamiento sostenible de los sistemas naturales, alterando las relaciones de conectividad ecológica. Las Agendas 21 Locales (A21 L) son un modelo de diagnóstico y formulación de políticas para la sostenibilidad, a través un equilibrio entre los aspectos ambientales, sociales y económicos. En consonancia con el propósito de la sostenibilidad y como metodología de trabajo, se debe establecer un panel de indicadores de sostenibilidad (IDS) objetivamente verificables, a través de un observatorio multidisciplinar, para determinar las tendencias así como priorizar y abordar los déficits mediante un plan de acción. [fr] Un secteur clef d'application du développement durable (ou soutenable) ils sont les systèmes urbains à travers un traitement intégré, analysant les conditions de vie dans les centres urbains tellement que son influence sur le reste du territoire. De cette forme le défi de développement durable urbain indique à résoudre tant les problèmes expérimentés en l'intérieur des cités, que les causés par elles. Dans le nommé "monde développé" le développement durable des cités a comme des axes basiqu
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