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Antibacterial, antioxidant and acute toxicity tests on flavonoids extracted from some medicinal plants
Akroum Souad,Bendjeddou Dalila,Satta Dalila,Lalaoui Korrichi
International Journal of Green Pharmacy , 2010,
Abstract: Flavonoids are well-known for their many therapeutic and pharmaceutical effects. In this study, we tested the antibacterial activity of 11 flavonoids extracted from some medicinal plants by the agar diffusion method. Then, we measured their antioxidant activity using the DPPH (2,2′-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) radical assay and we also tested their acute toxicity effect on mice. The results showed that apigenin-7-O-glucoside was more active against the Gram-positive bacteria and quercetin was more active against the Gram-negative ones. Also, quercetin and diosmin showed the best antioxidant activity. Quercetin, apigenin-7-O-glucoside, luteolin-7-O-glucoside and luteolin-3′-O-glucuronide gave the best acute toxicity values. It can be concluded that quercetin was the most interesting compound for all the tested activities. Also, we observed that the presence or the absence of substitutions in flavonoids influenced significantly the results obtained, whereas the substitution type had a low impact.
Siamo stati tutti bambini per un tempo della nostra vita”. Insidie e potenzialità dei ricordi d’infanzia nella ricerca etnografica con i bambini
Caterina Satta
[email protected]@ , 2012,
Abstract: A partire da alcune esperienze etnografiche di ricerca con bambini e bambine, questo intervento mira ad indagare in chiave metodologica il tema dei ricordi d'infanzia del ricercatore coinvolto in ricerche empiriche con bambini, analizzando riflessivamente il ruolo giocato da pezzi della sua personale autobiografia nella comprensione dell'infanzia. Se l'attenzione all'aspetto autobiografico è sicuramente cresciuta in tutte le ricerche che adottano metodologie di analisi qualitative, la questione si fa ancora più delicata nel caso di ricerche etnografiche che riguardano i bambini. Non solo per le rappresentazioni sull'infanzia diffuse sia nel senso comune sia in quello più tradizionale delle scienze sociali - ancora non pienamente coinvolte, specialmente in Italia, dal cambiamento di paradigma introdotto dall'approccio della new childhood sociology - ma più specificamente perché, come ben sottolinea Philo, anche il ricercatore è stato nel passato un bambino. Ciò che interessa qui sottolineare è proprio il coinvolgimento del ricercatore che non solo con le sue conoscenze ma con la sua stessa esperienza di vita accede al mondo dei bambini. Il ricordo della propria condizione durante l'infanzia può creare "frammenti di connessione" tra il ricercatore e i bambini, facendo leva sul senso di comunanza dell'aver vissuto quella fase ma senza per questo affermarne una coincidenza e negare le differenze temporali e spaziali esistenti tra le diverse infanzie. Può altresì generare l'effetto opposto, di mitizzazione dell'infanzia del passato e di sradicamento dell'esperienza specificadei bambini dai loro contesti di vita quotidiana.
Caterina Satta
Poiésis , 2011,
Abstract: This article describes an ethnographic study exploring children’s everyday life in a leisure place for children led by a small group of play-assistants. In particular it focuses on child-adult relations within this place and aims to discover, through the observation of play activities, the grounds of this relation. Findings suggest that the relation between adults and children is always performed within an educational framework, where the adult knows better than the child what is best for him/her. Based on the main assumptions of the sociology of childhood and of the cultural studies pertaining to this field, the proposal aims to interpret child-adult relations as an intercultural relation rather than an educative one.
The mystery of the process / O mistério do processo
Salvatore Satta
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 2010,
Abstract: Narram as histórias que, em 2 de setembro de 1792, enquanto otribunal revolucionário há poucos dias constituído (tinha no seu ativo somente três cabe as) julgava o major Bachmann, da guarda suí a do rei, um barulho surdo e longínquo invadiu a grande sala de audiências, que tomava o nome de Saint Louis.
Appearance Descriptors for Person Re-identification: a Comprehensive Review
Riccardo Satta
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In video-surveillance, person re-identification is the task of recognising whether an individual has already been observed over a network of cameras. Typically, this is achieved by exploiting the clothing appearance, as classical biometric traits like the face are impractical in real-world video surveillance scenarios. Clothing appearance is represented by means of low-level \textit{local} and/or \textit{global} features of the image, usually extracted according to some part-based body model to treat different body parts (e.g. torso and legs) independently. This paper provides a comprehensive review of current approaches to build appearance descriptors for person re-identification. The most relevant techniques are described in detail, and categorised according to the body models and features used. The aim of this work is to provide a structured body of knowledge and a starting point for researchers willing to conduct novel investigations on this challenging topic.
Thermomechanical Stress in the Evolution of Shear of Fiber-Matrix Interface Composite Material  [PDF]
Dalila Remaoun, Ahmed Boutaous
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2011.25051
Abstract: This work aims to describe the behavior of the interface using the method of load transfer between fiber and matrix in a composite material. Our contribution is to track the Evolution of the thermomechanical behavior by establishing a new mathematical model that describes the variation of shear stress along the interface. This model has been implemented in code in C++. The results revealed that the shear of the interface increases with temperature. This increase is partly due to the difference in expansion coefficient between fiber and matrix. The composite studied is T300/914; Carbon-Epoxy.
Recovery of Heavy Metal Using Solvent Impregnated Resin (SIR) Coupled with Donnan Dialysis  [PDF]
Dalila Berdous, Djamel Eddine Akretche
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.310103
Abstract: A membrane process for metal recovery from aqueous solutions was studied. Metal ions diffused from the feed compartment to the stripping compartment through an hybrid Donnan dialysis which consists to combine two ion exchange membranes with solvent impregnated resin (SIR). The aim of this work is to study the recovery of Pb(II), Ag(I) and Cu(II) from nitrate solutions by using SIR combined with classical Donnan dialysis. The resin has been prepared by impregnating the Amberlite XAD-4 using three different extractants namely: di-2-ethyl hexyl phosphine acide (D2EHPA), tris-octyl phosphine oxide (TOPO) and Diphenylthiourea (DPT). Experiments were performed as a function of nature of the extractant impregnated on the XAD-4 resin as well as the concentration in the resin phase, the stripping pH, the concentration ratio of metal ions in the feed compartment and the nature of the counter ions in strip compartment. The results show that the D2EHPA is the better extractant for the metal ions used in this work, and it’s shown a good selectivity for the separation between ions.
A missa e a fábrica: tentativas de controle dos espa?os das igrejas pelos bispos coloniais paulistas (1745-1796)
Zanon, Dalila;
História (S?o Paulo) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-90742009000200005
Abstract: the pastoral letters of the colonial bishops and the registered chapters of pastoral visits in the bishop's tumble books, both located in the bishop's towns, tell us, among other subjects, about the implementation of tridentine decrees in the setecentista colony. such decrees, proceeding from the concil of trent and carried through by the catholic church in the 16th century, had to guide the performance of all the elements of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in the catholic kingdoms. the bishops were responsible for the implantation of the tridentines' devices, and for their execution. they were also responsible for demanding that all the scope of its jurisdiction was observed. when reading and analysing the pastoral visits in s?o paulo - between 1745 and 1796 - we find an episcopal orientation lined up with the tridentine decrees. in this article we will focus on two aspects of the administration of s?o paulo bishops: the ceremony of the mass and the administration of the church factories.
Images d’écrivaines chez Le la Sebbar : de l’auteure à ses personnages
Dalila Mekki
Synergies Algerie , 2012,
Abstract: Le la Sebbar revient dans plusieurs de ses textes situés dans l’Algérie de la période coloniale, sur des personnages féminins aux parcours singuliers. Leur marginalité rappelle les propos tenus par l’écrivaine, par ailleurs, sur l’exil, au féminin. Nous nous proposons d’interroger en particulier les images d’écrivaines suggérées, leurs jeux de correspondances, de l’auteure à ses héro nes, à partir de la nouvelle la fille dans l’arbre , publiée en 2003.
El psicólogo en el campo empresarial. Problemas y perspectivas
Dalila Platero
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología , 1978,

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